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Weasels are little mammals and appear like cute furry animals, however, they are in reality bloody and ready to eat their own weight day by day, once killing their prey. They belong to the Mustelidae family-like polecats, ferrets, minks, and stoats. In this article, we will know about what do weasels eat, their diet and their eating behavior.

Size and Description

The average size of the weasel measures 11–26 cm (4–10 inches) long and weighs solely twenty-five grams (0.9 ounces). Larger kinds of equivalent species occur in Russia and adjacent countries, wherever they’re somewhat longer and significantly heavier.

The vary of the short tail weasel and therefore the least weasel overlap, and in those areas the species are often differentiated by the stoat’s black-tipped tail. In North America, the biggest musteline is that the weasel; in South America, it’s the tropical musteline (M. Africana). Each live 25–30 cm (about 10–12 inches), excluding the 10–20-cm (4–8-inch) tail; weight is 85–350 grams (3–12.3 ounces). With most weasels, males are typically double the scale of females.

Taxonomy Or Classification Of Weasels:

GenusMustela Linnaeus

What Do Weasels Eat?

Weasels prefer eating prefer voles and mice, besides that they love eating frogs, rabbits, birds, snakes, worms and insects. They are conjointly best-known to be capable of carrying animals the maximum amount as 10 times their own size and can travel 2.5 km to hunt for food.


The musteline could be a practiced and violent hunter that’s able to truly enter the burrows of its prey that are a few things that almost all predators area unit unable to try and do. By chase little mammals victimization the tunnels that they create through the underbrush and even underneath the snow, the musteline is in a position to follow its victim back to its burrow then catches it within. Rodents like Mice and Voles, together with Lemming’s additional north, form up the majority of the Weasel’s diet together with the occasional bird. They are additionally famous to eat eggs and are able to kill animals larger than themselves like Ducks and Rabbits.

Weasels are daring and aggressive predators. They often hunt alone, feeding primarily on mice, voles, rats, and rabbits; however, they additionally take frogs, birds, and bird eggs.

Owing to their slim bodies, weasels area unit ready to pursue and capture rodents in their burrows and to chase them through holes and crevices, underneath the dense herbaceous plant, up trees, or into the water. Though skillful at catching mice, weasels are ill-famed for marauding chicken coops. as a result of they cannot accumulate fat and therefore should eat often, weasels usually kill additional prey than they’ll square off consume and can store excess food for later use. This explains the slaying usually seen once they discover captive gallinacean.

Hunting Behavior of Weasels

Weasels kill their class prey equally to jaguars, by pouncing and biting through necessary blood vessels within the prey’s throat and spine. Weasels begin feeding by licking the blood of their prey then peeling the skin back to access the brain. The skin is entirely turned by the time the mustelid is finished.


The musteline mammal is a solitary animal. It spends a good deal of its life attempting to find tiny mammals on the bottom throughout each day and night. We know what do weasels eat, they are territorial animals that patrol home ranges that adjust in size counting on the home ground and also the convenience of food and though the house ranges of males and females are glorious to overlap, the 2 tend to avoid one another except once a sexual practice. Inside their territory, Weasels are glorious to create nests in crevices, tree roots, and abandoned burrows that are lined with grass and fur and are wherever the musteline mammal is ready to soundly rest.

Though the musteline is also the right form to urge into little burrows. Their long body covers a comparatively giant expanse then loses heaps of body heat. So as to make sure that they need enough energy, Weasels should eat around a 3rd of their weight daily to survive to result in them being such prolific hunters.

Weasels are implausibly robust and powerful for his or her size. They are ready to catch and kill animals that are abundant larger than themselves, before carrying it back to their burrow. so as to create certain that they need the most effective read of their surroundings, Weasels are glorious to take a seat informed their hind legs exposing their white face.

Where are weasels found?


Weasels live in various habitats, mostly in open fields. The most common and most generally distributed species are the short tail weasel (called the short-tailed musteline in North America) and therefore the least weasel. The vary of each extends into Polar Regions.

The short tail weasel was introduced into New Sjaelland to manage rabbits. However, instead, it became hard and currently endangers several of the country’s native birds. The smallest amount musteline is that the smallest living carnivore; the tiniest race inhabits North America. Weasels usually make their homes in tree stumps and holes. They create nests of leaves and grass available around them.

What Do Long-Tailed weasels eat?

The long tail weasel is a carnivore. It has a really high rate of metabolism and chuck concerning four-hundredth of its weight each day! Most of its diet is created from little mammals like mice, voles, rabbits, gophers and chipmunks. It’ll sometimes eat birds and insects. It crushes its prey’s bone with its canines. It uses scent and sound to trace its prey. It’s long, the skinny body makes it simple for it to follow prey into burrows.


The long-tailed weasels are mostly found in the United States. They are not found in parts of southeast California and Nevada and most of Arizona. It also lives in Canada, Mexico, and Central and South America. According to the Natural Resources Research Institute, Long-tailed weasels are the largest (total length 300-350 mm).

The long-tailed weasel is a fearless and aggressive hunter which can attack animals way larger than itself. Once stalking, it waves its head from aspect to aspect so as to choose up the scent of its prey. We have read about what do weasels eat but long-tailed weasels hunt little prey, like mice, by dashing at them and kills them with one bite to the top.

With massive prey, like rabbits, the weasel strikes quickly, taking its prey off guard. It grabs the closest part of the animal and climbs upon its body, maintaining its hold with its feet. The weasel then maneuvers itself to communicate a deadly bite to the neck.

Weasels are small but very cruel creatures. Do you know anything about weasels or what do weasels eat?…you can share the information with us. let us know if this article is informative and helpful for you below in the comment section.


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