What Do Shrimp Eat In The Ocean | The Smartest Invertebrates


What Do Shrimp Eat In The Ocean | The Smartest Invertebrates

Many of us eat shrimp in our daily life or maybe occasionally but do we guys know what do shrimp eat in the ocean? I am going to share some very crucial and interesting information about it.

Let us begin by saying, shrimps are an omnivore and consume a large variety of food in the ocean. Their main prey is algae, plankton, and plant particles but shrimp love eating small fishes. There are over 3000 caridean species exist. The favourite food of shrimp is tiny fishes. Besides that sometimes shrimp can eat other shrimp.

The scientific name of shrimp is caridea, which is found worldwide. Shrimp are found in almost every watery environment in the world. There are thousands of species of them and adapted to a wide range of habitats. They can be found on the ocean floor deep inside, inside river beds and almost in every water world on this planet.

It is a versatile species and can survive both freshwater and saltwater conditions. The majority of shrimp is found in the ocean or sea, besides that one-fourth of their population is found in freshwater. Cherry or red cherry shrimp is one of the very known species which people keep in their fish tanks.

What Do Shrimp Eat In The Ocean?What-Do-Shrimp-Eat-In-The-Ocean

  • Plankton: –These are the various and diverse organisms that are live and found in the large bodies of water. They are very small and microscopic and float in the sea or fresh water.
  • Algae: –Algae is a typical and non-flowering range of plants that includes seaweeds and many single-celled forms. It is easily available in the large amount for the shrimp.
  • Small fishes: –There are many small and tiny-sized fishes in the water. This is the favorite diet of shrimps. They eat these tiny fishes usually and there are so many varieties of these small fishes exist inside deep of the ocean.
  • Carcass: –Carcass is a dead body of animals. Shrimp eat dead animals that are much larger animals such as sea snails, clams, fish and whales. By eating the dead animals they contribute to cleaning ecosystem.

Lifecycle Of Shrimp

The lifespan of a shrimp is 1 to 2 year. Female is capable of storing the sperm from multiple partners.Shrimp-baby

A female shrimp will produce a large number of offspring. Mother shrimp lay 50000 to 1 million eggs which are fertilized on the bottom of the water. It takes only 2 weeks in the hatching of eggs.

The little larvae float up to the surface of the water. There are several larval stages they will go through, to become a tiny version of adult shrimp.  Then they go back to the bottom of the ocean or water to survive and become an adult shrimp. Shrimp eat mainly small fishes in the ocean. It can survive up to more than 16000 feet, on the bottom of deep water.

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Features Of Shrimp

Shrimp look slender with long muscular abdomens.  The carapace of shrimp looks cylindrical. They look somewhat like lobster and prawn but have so much difference amongst them.Features-Of-Shrimp

Shrimp eat the number of things in the ocean. The antennae of shrimp are usually long, reaching more than twice the body length in some shrimp species. They have well-developed pleopods(swimmerets) and slender walking legs and are more adapted for swimming than walking.

Difference Between Shrimp And PrawnDifference-Between-Shrimp-And-Prawn

Shrimps are very closely related to the prawns. Generally, people get confused differentiating both because having similar looks, but both are different creatures. They vary in gill structure and structure of second abdominal segment structure. Sometimes prawns are said to be large shrimp or freshwater shrimp.

How Shrimp Help To Clean Water?Shrimp-Help-To-Clean-Water

Shrimps are doing a lot of work to clean water and preserving the ecosystem. In the water, there are so many small particles and other things which pollute the water. These scavengers pick each and every small material on the bottom and clean the water by digesting the insects which are polluting the water.

Shrimp As A Food

Shrimp is the most common seafood since a long ago. There are thousands of species of shrimp in which 20 species are most commercial and edible.

Shrimp is very low in total fat which is about 1.5 grams per serving.  That is with almost no saturated fat at all and that is good for the arteries. It contains omega-3fats which are very important for cardiovascular health.Shrimp-As-A-Food

As per the studies, even shrimp does increase bad LDL cholesterol, but it actually increases good HDL cholesterol slightly more.

Shrimp is a heart smart diet as long as it enjoyed in modernization. It can be good for health eaten boiled, baked or grilled and not served fried or drowning in butter.

Shrimp is high in calcium, iodine, and protein but on the other hand, it is low in food energy. A shrimp based food contains a high level of cholesterol, from 122 mg to 251 mg per 100 g of shrimp, depending on the method of baking and serving.

Do you eat shrimp…? Let us know how you find this article about what do shrimp eat in the ocean. You can also share any information you have about shrimp in the comment section.



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