12 Best Spotting Scope for 1000 Yards 2022

The 1000 Yards spotting scopes are used by spotters, hunters, and wildlife observers for seen the objects which are so far from their range. It is really important for hunters to see a clear view to hit the target. A 1000 yards range is enough to see for a hunter and wildlife observer, so they usually tend to select the best long-range spotting scope for 1000 yards.Best Long Range Spotting Scope for 1000 Yards

Hunting is the favorite pass time and a source of food and income for people. According to Softschools, In North America hunters sometimes have to kill animals because they are threatening humans or livestock. Some of these animals that are hunted include coyotes, wolves, cougars, mountain lions, and bears.

For shooting and hunting you may also use the rangefinder, riflescope, binocular, etc, but to see the prey from so much distance, you required the spotting scope for target shooting.  Also, if you’re a hunter, bird watcher, target shooter, or engaged in associate degree activity wherever increased vision is a plus, a recognizing scope could be a fantastic investment.

List Of 12 Best Spotting Scopes For 1000 Yards

In this article, we will explore some tips and a few need-to-know info that you should know before buying a 1000 yards spotting scope. We have considered multiple factors before listing these best spotting scopes for 1000 yards like building material, durability, and performance in harsh conditions. It will definitely help you to select the best one for your Big or Small game hunting.

1. CREATIVE XP HD 1000 Yard Spotting Scope

CREATIVE XP HD Spotting Scope

Key Features

  • Bluetooth Photo Clicker:- The remote photo clicker helps you to take a crystal clear image without touch your phone. Because sometimes the image gets blurry when you touch the phone to click the photo. It works with both android as well as Apple phones.Bluetooth Photo Clicker
  • Durability:- It comes with IPX7 nitrogen purged and O-ring sealed properties resulting in protecting it from waterproof and shockproof activities. A study shows it can resist up to 60 minutes into the water so no need to worry about heavy rain. Due to its anti-fog technology the inner surface of the scope won’t foggy due to the change in the temperature and humidity. waterproof and fog proof
  • 2-Focus Knob:- Well other spotting scopes have one focused knob, but CREATIVEXP has a 2-focus knob. One is used for fine focus for extra details to locate your target and the other one is used to get a crisp clear image.
  • Sunshade:- Pretty extensive and nice during a sunny day and allows you to get the picture quality better.
  • Phone Adapter:- Trust me this phone adapter is safer than the other, while you taking pictures in the woods and mountains no need to worry about your phone’s safety. You can rely on this phone adapter as much as you rely on your hand while holding the phone. It works easier than other spotting scope models, is easy to mount over the eyes piece, and is easy to remove.Phone Adapter
  • Rotating Collar:- You are able to rotate the spotting scope while it is fixed on the tripod stand. So you can show your friends the exact view without switching the tripod stand or moving the whole spotting scope.
  • Tripod mount:- It is a standard tripod mount, so you can easily mount it on the other tripod stand.
  • Warranty & Support System:- 100% Money-back Guarantee & Lifetime Warranty with US-based customer care support system. They will reply to your mail within 48 Hours or you can call on this number for any query:- 646 600 8243.

 Main Specifications

  • Magnification:- 20x-60x
  • Prism Type:- Porro/BAK4
  • Exit Pupil:- 4-1.3mm
  • Detection Range:- 800 Yards
  • Objective lens:- 80mm
  • Field of view:- 114-60 ft/1000yds
  • Eye relief:- 17-12mm
  • Dimensions:- 20.5 x 9.2 x 5.1 inches


  • Bluetooth Photo Clicker
  • Phone Adapter
  • A metal Tripod
  • Protective case

Overall this is the best 1000 yards spotting scope for the money you can buy. I listed this scope in the first position due to its 4.8 Amazon rating and provides great features in that much amount. The GlassHawk HD Spotting Scope offers bright & clear viewing for your wildlife or hunting activities.

Porro BAK-4 Prism & Fully Multi-CoatedIts zoom starts from 20x and goes up to 60x, in most of the spotting scopes the pictures get blurry when you go up to 40x. But in this spotting scope, the picture stays clear even when you go over 40x magnification. A fully multi-coated lens with an adjustable eye Relief, 17-12mm provided you with a detailed vibrant image. The BAK4-Prisms offer brighter edges of the field view (38-20yds/1000yds). Rest of the features I already discussed above, don’t think to buy, buy it.

2. Vortex Optics 1000 Yard HD Spotting Scope

Vortex Optics Viper HD Spotting Scope

Key Features

  • It has an unbeatable price
  • The scope is fog proof and waterproof
  • The HD/ED glasses give crystal clear images
  • It is an O-ring sealed
  • It is a heavyweight spotting scope

Vortex Optics Viper HD Spotting Scope will match your expectations, in terms of features and has an incredible optical performance that absolutely suits the hunters and shooters.

The HD optical system of the scope is comprised of premium components and generates vivid high-definition images. It has XR anti-reflective coatings on exterior surfaces which helps to obtain brighter views even in low-light situations. The magnification of the scope is 20-60x with an angled viewing configuration. The length and the weight of the scope are 17.5 inches and 76.6 oz respectively.

Moreover, Armor Tek coatings protect the lenses from oil, scratches, and dirt and rubber armour enhances both durability and grip for the user. It has a  multi-position eyecup which provides proper eye relief while a locking collar allows the scope to rotate into different viewing positions. It is really a budget spotting scope.

3. Gosky 1000 Yard Porro Prism Spotting Scope

Gosky 20-60x80 Spotting Scope

Key Features

  • Advanced FMC and BAK4 Porro prism:- The 80mm objective lens is fully multi-coated with advanced Green film glass lenses, so you can get a smooth and bright image quality. Moreover, Gosky enhances the picture quality by providing the BAK4 Porro prism system inside the spotting scope which increases the rate of light transmission. More light means high-contrast images even in low light.
  • Rotatable Eyepiece & Retractable Sun Shade:- 45°angled eyepiece provides you with a better viewing angle with the help of a rotatable eyepiece collar. It helps you to rotate the spotting scope at a 360° angle. Moreover, the retractable sunshade reduces the sun’s glare and protects the lens from scratches.Gosky 20-60x80 Spotting Scope features
  • Tripod:- Comes with a tabletop full metal tripod stand that provides you a stable observation from any angle with the help of an adjustable collar. Frankly speaking, it’s not sturdy enough for stable photos and videos you need to buy a decent tripod stand.Gosky 20-60x80 Spotting Scope tripod stand
  • Durability:- Durable framework and high-quality rubber armor provide you non-slip grip, and protect it from external damage. Its nitrogen-sealed waterproof and fog-proof design ensures to withstand the toughest environmental conditions.
  • Smartphone Digiscoping Adapter:- The smartphone adapter allows you to take pics through the eyepiece. It’s a great way to capture a live distance view through your phone. The adapter is compatible with almost all smartphones on the market.Gosky Smartphone Digiscoping Adapter
  • Adjustment Collar:- Its is provides you with a different viewing angle without moving the tripod mounting.

 Main Specifications

  • Magnification:- 20x-60x
  • Prism Type:- BAK4 Porro
  • Exit Pupil:- 3.3-1.2mm
  • Detection Range:- 750 Yards
  • Objective lens:- 80mm
  • Field of view:- 82.9-48 ft/1000yds
  • Eye relief:- 17.9-15mm
  • Dimensions:- 17.32 x 5.12 x 3.94 inches


  • Digiscoping adapter
  • Tripod
  • 2 x Lens Cap
  • Carrying Bag

Well, Gosky 20-60×80 Spotting Scope is best for Target shooting, Archery, Moon observation, Animals & bird watching. It comes with 20x-60x magnification with a dynamic lens focusing system to zoom in on the target. Moreover, the focusing knob allows you to fine-tune your focal point easily. You can’t get a full-screen picture unless you zoom in on the camera to get the full-screen image.

Overall, it’s best to buy under a $150 budget. I listed it on 3rd spot due to its new addition in 2019 and a little low review over Amazon. 4.7 stars for its image quality, 4.5 stars for its accessories, and 3.5 stars for its tripod stand. Overall, 4.4 ratings. Recommend if you were familiar with the Gosky brand.

4. Vanguard Endeavor 1000 Yard Spotting Scope

Vanguard Endeavor HD 65A

Key Features

  • It has quick and precise fine-tuning adjustments
  • The scope is equipped with the universal mounting plate
  • Free repair and replacement with Premium Lifetime Warranty
  • 100% waterproof and fog proof
  • The body is not so much tough

The angled view Endeavor HD spotting scope is combined with nitrogen-filled magnesium housing. In fact, it comes with an absolutely amazing glass that has Vanguards’ own multi-coat recipe.

The multi-coated optical system is used to create a well-equipped zoom scope for intermediate to long-range observation. In fact, it has extra-low dispersion glass (ED) to ensure accurate color rendition and virtually eliminate color fringing. Also, the scope has an extendable rubber-covered eyecup and provides impressive eye relief even at the highest zoom settings.

Furthermore, it has a built-in sun shield to eliminate glare in direct sunlight that makes it more fine and useful to perform in harsh climates. The padded raincoat with sling makes the carrying and protection easy. It is an overall top-rating spotting scope for shooting.

5. Celestron 1000 Yard Spotting scope

Celestron 52268 C90 Mak Spotting scope

Key Features

  • Erect Image Finderscope:- Locate your target quickly and easily with the included 8×21 erect image finderscope. Choose a conspicuous object that is over 500 yards away. This will eliminate any possible parallax effect.Celestron C90 Spotting scope Finderscope
  • Durability:- Compact and Portable Tube Design with rubber armor at both ends protect it from external damage. It’s not waterproof and fog-proof properties.
  • Uses Astronomy Eyepieces:- You can use different eyepieces to achieve different powers, the field of view, etc. It accepts a wide range of 1.25” eyepieces for different power.Uses Astronomy Eyepieces
  • T-Mount Adapter:- You can attach a Digital SLR camera to the C90 spotting scope. Just remove the erect image diagonal and eyepiece from the rear cell of the tube and place the T-Ring onto the rear opening. After that you are able to mount your DSLR camera body on T-Ring.Celestron C90 Spotting scope T-Mount Adapter
  • Versatile Mounting Options:- Attach your spotting scope to a rigid photo/video tripod stand. The spotting scope mounting is designed with both a dovetail rail and a ¼-20 threaded mounting port, which allows the C90 spotting scope to easily mount on both astronomical and camera tripods.
  • Focusing knob:- After the magnification focusing mechanism controls the position. Rotate the focusing knob until the image is crisp and clear.

 Main Specifications

  • Magnification:- 39x (with included eyepiece)
  • Prism Type:- BK-7 Porro
  • Exit Pupil:- 3.2-0.64mm
  • Detection Range:- 600 Yards
  • Objective lens:- 90mm
  • Field of view:- 67 ft/1000yds
  • Eye relief:- 20mm
  • Dimensions:- 16 x 7 x 10  inches
  • Warranty:- Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Erect Prism
  • 32mm Eyepiece
  • Finderscope
  • Carry Bag

Moreover, 50 years of Celestron optics produce observatory great telescopes. The C90 is spotting scope is best for Astronomy, targeting, and terrestrial. C90 spotting scope comes with 90mm diameter spotting which gathers more light for better viewing quality.

The best I like about the C90 spotting scope is different eyepieces to achieve different powers. You use an optional eyepiece to look at different magnifications. With the help of a 12.5mm eyepiece, you look at Jupiter 100x magnification isn’t it great. Overall, this spotting scope is best for wildlife observers and for astronomical usage. Recommend to buy if you love to see the Univers at your doorstep.

6. NightForce 1000 Yard Spotting Scope

NightForce TS-80 20-60x80mm

Key Features

  • It provides clear images even at very long range
  • The scope is durable and long-lasting
  • It is strong and affordable
  • Waterproof, fog proof and shockproof optic
  • It has a single focus

The NightForce TS-80 20-60x80mm spotting scope is a branded and high-quality scope and if you decide to buy this one, then you won’t regret it. It has a Magnesium alloy body which provides strength to this high-quality scope. The scope comes with a locking center ring that allows it to rotate around 360 degrees.

This spotting scope, besides being built with the ED glass and has a roof prism design which is why it is special. Also, It has hydrophobic coatings which get rid of water and even smudges or fingerprints. The 80mm objective lens is provided for exceptional low-light performance. In fact, the NightForce TS-80 20-60x80mm spotting scope is built with aluminum and coated with shock-absorbing rubber.

Moreover, the total weight of the scope is counted as 4.25 pounds that are easy to carry, adjust and transport. The eyepiece has a magnification of 20-60x and an objective diameter of 80 mm. Also, it has a field of view at 104.8-56.77 feet/1000 yards which allows you to see objects clearly and at a large range. The O-rings make it waterproof and fog proof.

7. Bushnell Trophy XLT 20-60x 65mm

Bushnell Trophy XLT 20-60x 65mm

Key Features

  • It has fully multicoated optics
  • Water and fog proof
  • It is compact in size
  • The scope has a compact tripod
  • The provided tripod is weak and flimsy

If you are looking for a spotting spot under your budget and equipped with various amazing features, then Bushnell Trophy XLT 20-60x 65mm is the one you should try to have. No doubt that Bushnell is a renounced brand and has been the industry leader in high-performance sports optics for more than 50 years, so here you can rely on the product.

Moreover, the spotting scope has a magnification range of 20 to 60x with an objective lens of 65 mm. The trophy features premium fully multi-coated optics that magnify every minute of legal time. Also, it comes along with rugged, rubber-armored housing, which makes it 100-per cent waterproof.

In fact, the scope is 13.4 inches long so it is easy to adjust and carry. The scope comes with various accessories like a compact tripod, a Porro prism design, and a premium hard-side case. It is overall the best spotting scope for shooting and hunting and a quality optic with stunning HD clarity. It really is one of the top-rated spotting scopes.

8. Celestron 80mm Ultima

Celestron 52250 80mm Ultima

Key Features

  • It gives a sharp and clear view
  • The spotting scope is waterproof and fog proof
  • It has an excellent light transmission
  • It has a traditional crown and flints achromatic lens

Premium quality Celestron spotting scope with a decent glass to see with 20-60x magnification makes it stunning. In fact, it is a Waterproof & Soft carrying case and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The large objective makes a very bright image which is really great. Furthermore,  it includes a padded soft case with zippers on both ends so the scope can be protected even while mounted on a tripod. The Ultima 80 measures just over 18 inches long and weighs about 3.6 pounds, so it is absolutely easy for carrying and transporting.

In fact, you can focus up to the ranges from 27 feet to the horizon with just a few turns of the focus knob. It has a rubber eyecup that can be removed to expose a standard “T-thread” for attaching a camera. The multi-coated 80mm objective lens of the scope delivers 77% brighter views than a 60mm scope, and the built-in zoom lens produces sharp images from 20X all the way up to 60X magnification. It is the overall best spotting scope for 1000 yards.

9. Swarovski Spotting Scope HD-ATS 80

Swarovski Spotting Scope HD-ATS 80

Key Features

  • The eyepiece is Interchangeable and can rotate
  • It provides clear and sharp images
  • It is waterproof and fog proof
  • The scope is lightweight and comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Hunters and shooters find it a bit expensive

If you have intentions to buy higher-end spotting scope Swarovski HD-ATS 80 is one of the best among high-rated scopes. It is absolutely a High-definition aluminum spotting scope with an 80mm objective lens diameter which gives you a clear and sharp view of your target.

The Swarovski HD-ATS 80 offers such features as outstanding long-distance focusing with high light transmission and ultra-high magnification power. It has an 80mm objective lens with a focal length of 460mm which makes it stand different from other spotting scopes mentioned in the list. Also, Rubber armoring protects against shock and noise.

Moreover, the fluoride-containing HD lenses minimize color fringing (chromatic aberration) and deliver high-contrast images with precise outlines. The armoring seems sturdy and you can easily predict the minute it comes out of the box that this is a scope that will be useful and stay with you for many years.

10. Nikon Prostaff 5 Proscope

Nikon Prostaff 5 Proscope

Key Features

  • It has an adjustable eyepiece
  • The scope is waterproof and fog proof
  • It is durable and for a long time use
  • The Two tripod mounting locations are provided
  • Price issue
  • It seems a contrivance

The Nikon is an absolutely top brand in the field of scopes. So they have this Nikon Prostaff 5 Proscope for you and it is really a trustable and outstanding spotting scope, buying it really makes sense. The scope has an 82mm Objective Lens this is an ideal balance of size and brightness.

Moreover, the Multicoated Optics Provides a bright, high contrast image with true color rendition. The zoom is adjustable from 20 to 60 times and shows a clean and clear view even in tough climates and internal texturing minimizes reflective light loss inside of the scope. It has dimensions of 15.5 x 4 x 3.5 inches with a weight of around 4.1 pounds.

In fact, the design and formation of the scope allow the user to pull subjects out of their natural backgrounds and reveal every detail in brilliant color and with clear, edge-to-edge resolution. Also, it has a 16-48x zoom eyepiece which offers a field of view at 104.8 feet/1000 yards. The exit pupil of 4.1-1.4 mm makes it more user-friendly.

11. Leupold, Gold Ring Spotting Scope

Leupold Gold Ring Spotting Scope

Key Features

  • It has a gold ring guarantee
  • It is fully waterproof and fog proof
  • The scope is compact and strong
  • It is expensive

Leupold builds some terribly prime quality recognizing scopes and these are a really reliable operating system. It has the Magnesium Housing and Extended Twilight Lends System with Front Focal Plane (FFP) and that is why this is really a quality and special spotting scope.

This spotting scope achieves a level of resolution even in low light and that’s a major advantage. Also, it has an MOA scale in the front focal plane for fast and accurate shot calling and trophy measurement at any magnification. It has the Twilight Factor: 69.30 along with Angular FOV (degrees) which you can adjust at Low/High: 2.30/0.80.

Moreover, it Offers large magnification in a compact design with folded light path technology. It performs efficiently even in tough to the roughest conditions with scratch-resistant lenses. The Xtended Twilight Lens System optimizes the transmission of low-light wavelengths. With this, you can see the details of low-light scenes in greater, brighter detail than with any other scope available.

12. Pentax PF-80ED 80mm ED

Pentax PF-80ED 80mm ED

Key Features

  • It is lightweight and easy to carry
  • It comes with interchangeable eyepieces
  • The scope has an unbeatable price
  • It is fog proof and waterproof
  • It is single-focused

If you are going to buy Pentax PF-80ED then you don’t really need to do so much research about this amazing spotting scope for hunting and shooting. It has а lоng fосаl lеngth wіth 80mm ЕD оbјесtіvе lеnѕ. Also, it is a hіgh-quаlіtу аnd lаrgе оbјесtіvе lеnѕ which рrоvіdеѕ thе vіеwеr wіth ѕhаrр rеѕоlutіоn, ѕnарріng соntrаѕt, ехсеllеnt brіghtnеѕѕ, аnd truе соlоr reliability frее оf сhrоmаtіс аbеrrаtіоn. The scope will prove to you that this is the best spotting scope for 1000 yards.

Moreover, the receptacle has a special “O” ring assembly, which allows the body of the scope to be filled with nitrogen, making it fog-proof and JIS Class 6 waterproof. The scope has a built-in lens shade that cuts excessive light and helps to prevent rain and other weather elements from interfering with viewing.

Further, it has a magnification of 20-60X with an 80 mm objective diameter. It provides a field of view from 108-56 ft/1000 yards. The scope has an eye relief and exit pupil of 20 mm and 4-1.3 mm respectively. In fact, it is a strong and sturdy spotting scope with 16 inches long body and a weight of 56.4 oz. It is overall an impressive and strong scope for hunting.


How To Select The Best Spotting Scope for Hunting?

Choosing a recognizing scope for your long vary target shooting has perpetually been a struggle for you. Since you bought several products however you have been discomfited anytime thanks to the caliber. Well, long vary target shooting, typically on top of a thousand yards wants an awfully convenient scope and prime quality optics to satisfy your necessities otherwise you won’t be ready to see those little bullet holes you’re trying to find.

There are many benefits of buying a scope over the eye, like having an increased read of an overseas object. Scopes don’t seem to be solely meant to be connected to smartphones, however, they are principally connected to rifles that are employed in looking. It is better to select the best compact spotting scope for hunting.

In fact, once it involves recognizing scopes, with the exception of respondent a way to buy a recognizing scope magnification for a 1000 yards, prospective consumers conjointly raise regarding the magnification that’s the foremost appropriate for his or her viewing vary. We have listed some top-rated spotting scopes that you may love.

What to See In a Spotting Scope Before Buying:

  1. The magnification should be up to zoom power 30x and up. The high magnification provides you with high-quality images and views so if your intention is to buy a scope with a large distance view, you should select a spotting scope with a higher magnification. A 20 to 60x magnification scope is enough to see the target under 1000 yards.
  2. When selecting a scope for 1000 yards, you furthermore may get to take into account the field of view. It’s a term wont to describe however wide of a distance you’ll be able to see through your scope. An honest field of view to possess for a 1000 distance is between a hundred thirty and one hundred seventy feet. This is often ideal for moving objects, particularly once looking.
  3. You should be brand-specific. Even if you are buying a low-budget scope, just choose the brand if you want to use a quality scope for a long period of time. Make sure the quality of the glass should be good and the scope should be water and fog-proof.
  4. The weight and the length of the scope is also very important factor in making it the best spotting scope for targeting. If it is lightweight, it will be easy to carry and you can take it along with you to various places even in the wild or in the mountains. Make sure the scope should be lightweight as well as sturdy and durable.
  5. There is a range of the objective lens, from 80 millimeters or more is recommended for a clear view on high power. It is more beneficial if it has a dual or fast focus system for sharp images with clarity.


It may be a bit difficult for you to select the best spotting scope for hunting and capturing wildlife. There are several points that you should keep in mind before buying any spotting scope. We are going to make the selection a bit easier for you by sharing some very crucial information. If you want to select the best spotting scope for 1000 yards, then you may follow and consider this small but very vital knowledge that we are providing you down below.

If you love hunting, shooting, and wildlife observing, then spotting scope is the appliance you must have. Share your experience with us while buying a spotting scope for hunting and shooting. Let us know if this article is helpful and informative for you below in the comment section.


By George Perkins

He is an expert in wildlife specialty and a little in hunting. He has been spending most of the time in North America for two decades. So, he is going to teach us about animal wildlife and outdoor gear. Born & raised in Austin TX, and lives with his wife and 2 sons.

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