Do Coyotes Travel In Packs: Ultimate Traveller & Hunter

Well, the life of a coyote is full of many adventures and dangers too. It’s easy to survive with a pack as compared to be alone. The pack is the power of a coyote. No matter at what age a coyote is, if it is with the pack there are fewer chances to be killed by other predators and live a better life than an alone coyote.

do coyotes travel in packs

The study about a coyote is not really easy as far as I have known while researching about them. They are not fussy feeders. Food that coyotes eat and knowing about their diet selection is really interesting.

Many people misunderstood the urban coyotes rely on garbage food only, but let me clear a coyotes fact that they are hunters and ready to hunt any time either in a pack or alone to get the food. A coyote can survive with or without the pack.

Coyotes belong to the dog family and act as the same as other dog family members like the wolf, fox, and wild dog. They often travel in packs. Hunting and traveling for them are the two most common tasks they do throughout life to get food. In addition to saving their life from other big sized animals and predators in the wild. In the urban area, humans are the most frequent and dangerous predators for them.

Travelling and Hunting Study Of Coyotes

Coyotes do travel with packs, recent studies have shown coyotes will maintain their territory as groups. Mostly travel in pairs or with the pack. But it doesn’t mean they are always with a pack, coyotes travel alone sometimes. A lone coyote may travel for miles to find its pack. The composition of a pack generally is made by alpha male and female pair and a few other coyotes.

All packmates are usually closed relatives, except for the alpha pair. On the other hand in the wild or rural areas, where trapping and hunting are allowed, there can be an only alpha pair and pups consist in the pack.


The scientific name of the coyote is Canis latrans which means a “barking dog” because of producing many different vocalizations. Prairie wolf, brush wolf, cased wolf, little wolf and American jackal are the alternative English names of the coyote. I call them “ghosts of the city” because they are nocturnal. It is a solitary animal and sometimes travels and hunt alone and in a loose pair.  In the population of urban coyotes, there are many live packs and will look forward to joining other groups or create their own pack or territory.

Do Coyotes Travel In Packs?

A coyote can be usually seen alone but it really doesn’t mean that they have abandoned the pack. Roaming sometimes alone brings us this misinterpretation that coyotes do not travel and hunt with the pack. The reality is, this “Ghost of the City” is crafty and a smart animal. It can hunt and travel alone as well as with packs. When a coyote becomes adult either it remains with the pack or will leave to survive on its own.

If a coyote travels and hunts alone there are more chances to be attacked by other predators. Coyotes usually travel in packs. Besides that when it’s alone it will be more careful. Mostly female coyotes live with the pack. when they become an adult, male coyotes probably will find their own way. As per the recent researches, many of the male coyotes have seen reunited with their pack even after a long time.


It might be very amusing if you have seen a pack of coyotes traveling or hunting in your area or nearby. You may let us know your experience of how you felt about sighting them. you can also share your opinion and queries in the comment box.

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