6 Best Turkey Decoys 2022: Life Like Turkey Decoys

Nearly everyone who starts out turkey hunting believes that they must have a turkey decoy, especially in the spring season. Using a gobbler or submissive hen decoy with a turkey caller is great to attract the tom or the entire flock

To add a new level of excitement to this spring turkey hunting season, we bring you some more realistic, lifelike, and premium quality turkey decoys in this article. We researched on the basis of used material, realism on the field, ease of carrying, and durability to list these best turkey decoys.

Best Turkey Decoy

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List Of 6 Best Turkey Decoys

1. Avian-X Laydown Hen Turkey Decoy (Recommended To Buy)

Avian-X Laydown Hen Turkey Decoy

Key Features

  • Specialty:- This laydown hen turkey decoy features a perfect posture for the breeding position. The body, head, and wings in the squatting position send a compelling invitation to the turkey and stimulate them for breeding.Avian-X Laydown Hen Turkey Decoy Specialty
  • Movement:- It is a hen in a laydown position that does not require stakes. However, if a turkey comes closer and inspects with its toes or chest, the decoy seems more like a real hen because of fluffy rubber manufacturing.Avian-X Laydown Hen Turkey Decoy laydown position
  • Durability:- It is made with advanced dura-rubber material which is lightweight and resistant to degradation from moisture. Moreover, this is inflatable to hold air nicely and completely collapsible to ease of carrying. 

The Avian laydown hen decoy is a lifelike collapsible decoy(LCD) that is designed for the ultimate in turkey attraction. The ultra-realistic position and paint approach make it a highly realistic dusting hen during mid-morning setups that is ready to mate

It is 15% smaller than a real turkey which mimics the natural reflection of a real hen to any gobbler. Moreover, this decoy blends in well with its surroundings like a real turkey. This is perfect for spring turkey hunting as gobblers search for a hen to meet, and this decoy creates a great sense of authentic breeding position. 

Highly recommended to put in use with the quarter strut jake decoy. It will create a scene that a boss gobbler just won’t tolerate and surely the real gobbler will come close to your range. However, it is a bit difficult to collapse. Overall, fairly rigid rubber retains its shape if it gets hit with pellets, but don’t do that as it costs you $80

2. FlexTone Turkey Decoy (Best Under Budget)

FlexTone Turkey Decoy

Key Features

  • Specialty:- The smaller scale and strutting appearance of this turkey decoy attract the attention of other turkeys. This gesture is slightly less threatening so gobblers get confidence to come around and dominate this game turkey.FlexTone Turkey Decoy less threatening
  • Movement:- This comes with a flexible carbon stake which makes insertion easier and moves easily with even a little gust of wind. When a gobbler comes near and tries to hit with a paw shot, it stays in the position
  • Durability:- The material which is used in manufacturing is not clear. However, it is blended and seems quite rigid and long-lasting. The compact design makes it easy to carry, and the folding fantail is easy to attach and remove.

The Thunder creeper of FlexTone is the most strutting decoy to attract the attention of any tom out there. Designed with ultra-realistic paint schemes and feather detail, which make the turkeys believe that it is ready to try out comparative strength

However, a smaller scale makes him slightly less threatening so incoming turkeys are more likely to approach and there is no chance of running away. To make your trap more realistic, put FLEXTONE Game Calls Turkey or in use with this creeper. It will create a perfect scene where any tom won’t be able to avoid heading in their direction. 

Overall, really nice, realistic, and sturdy decoy, no worry to lose the stake, it folds in a hole. Also, you can attach a real turkey fan with it to put some more movement like a real turkey. It is a great turkey decoy under a $60 budget.

3. Avian-X Feeder Hen Turkey Decoy (High Review Rating)

Avian-X Feeder Hen Turkey Decoy

Key Features

  • Specialty:- The feeder hen gives confidence to turkey and other birds to feed the bait. You just need to spread some fruits and nuts around the decoy to call a tom or the entire flock close to your shot range.
  • Movement:- It comes with a one-piece folding stake which gives this decoy movement without spinning and provides it lifelike looks. Stakes are flexible so that they move with the light breeze to give the decoy a realistic look. 
  • Durability:- This is made with dura rubber which prevents creasing or denting, and ensures a long time usage. Also, the print quality is great which doesn’t faint even in moisture or sunlight. These are inflatable and collapsible which makes them easy to carry.Avian-X Feeder Hen Turkey Decoy East To Carry

This feeder hen turkey decoy is perfect to bait during the noontime. Mostly, the Turkeys look for food in mid-noon, you can easily place it near 15 to 20 yards distance from your position. 

I spotted the Avian-X Lookout Hen Turkey Decoy which is dominant, relaxed and challenges other hens. It will be a great strategy if you place them both together. Surely the gobblers or other hens will be attracted toward them. 

The Avian-X hen comes with a carry bag that is big enough for 2 decoys, and the stake folds. Overall, easy to blow up but takes time to air down and best turkey decoys for run and gun. A great realistic look seems like a real hen in the early morning and noon sunlight. I will highly recommend this for a solo turkey hunter.

4. MONTANA Turkey Decoy (Adjustable Head)

MONTANA Turkey Decoy

Key Features

  • Specialty:- It has an adjustable head and can be in a position in three ways, standing, feeding, and breeding. This designing method makes it a versatile and three-in-one turkey decoy. So you can change the position according to the season and time to attract any tom.MONTANA Turkey Decoy Adjustable head
  • Movement:- The folding wind stake provides it nice movement during even a light air breeze. This seems lifelike and more realistic when any motion takes place because of air. It makes it more promising for any gobbler to take a look and come closer.
  • Durability:- However the construction material is not disclosed but it looks more like a fabric that is sturdy. The feather-cut cloths give it realism. It is easily collapsible and slips into a small backpack for extremely quick setup and takedown in the field. You should avoid hitting it with the pallets for long-lasting use.

The Montana turkey decoy is made using an actual photo of a turkey hen which makes it 3D  and lifelike. I liked the feather cuts which provide more realism and subtle movement than plastic decoys. This condenses down into an easy fold and is wrapped up with the nylon buckle which is included with the package

Before it, I encountered Primos Jake Turkey Decoy which allows gobblers to get personal and has a mini camera mount. If you like to capture close activities of a tom while he is aggressive then primos Jake is great. Otherwise, the different poses of Miss furr will get a gobbler’s attention to bring him in. 

Overall, most mobile turkey decoys on the market and collapses easily to fit in a pocket-no bulky bag is needed. It flutters in a breeze and provides a life-like soft edge to the profile.

5. 4 Ultimate Cherokee Turkey Decoys (Inexpensive)

4 ultimate Cherokee Turkey Decoys

Key Features

  • Specialty:- The 4 Self-inflating decoys, thief Jake, call girl hen, billy bad act strutting tom, and submissive hen make a perfect trap to induce an individual turkey or a group. The jake comes with a 12″ beard dangling from its breast like a real one intended to attract mates.
  • Movement:- This delivers with high and low wind stakes that provide real 3D movement. The sharp and pointy ends make it easy to ground. Also, the stakes are flexible enough to move even in the slight wind which makes these decoys act like a real turkey.  
  • Durability:- These are made with a plastic material that lasts somewhere for a few years. Moreover, these are lightweight and fold up like a napkin, you may simply put them into your pocket after use. They are inflating so you need to keep stakes or other pointed items separate to avoid punctures.

The flock of these quick setups and easy-to-carry turkey decoys are ideal for solo hunters. If you notice a turkey in a big field, and you need to get that bird closer to you to take the shot, this is deadly.

It will attract even a 2-year-old gobbler to strutting gobbler and walk around these decoys. All are self-inflating, you can give them a lifelike shape just by blowing. It costs you under $50 which is the cheapest on our list.

It will go great if you hide about 15-20 yards to take the shot. Else, you need not inflate much especially when you are setting them in the hot sun, and be patient while inflating them to avoid any leaks from the seams.

6. Dave Smith Strutter Turkey Decoy (Premium Quality)

Dave Smith Strutter Turkey Decoy

Key Features

  • Specialty:- This strutter is a boss gobbler which surely makes a tom run across the field to attack it deadly. You just need to dress him up with a real tail fan, beard, and small front wings to give a more realistic look. This is a great solution for dominant toms that don’t see a jake decoy as a worthy threat.Dave Smith Strutter Turkey Decoy Boss Gobbler
  • Movement:- It comes with a well-adjustable ground stake which allows rotation in all directions. The real tail fan moves smoothly during even low wind conditions and a flexible stake provides some extra motion to add realism.
  • Durability:- The strutter is made with elastomer which is highly durable and weatherproof. The A.C.E technology built allows self-healing and to take a beating from any turkey or other birds, and even shot pallets

This Dave smith turkey decoy is the most strutting and best-looking gobbler in the market. It comes with a white face or a red face. Both have the same carves and molds but the red face means a little bit more aggressive, while the white face indicates the readiness of breeding. 

The ultra-realistic paint and texture detail simulate the reflections and iridescence of actual turkey feathers for a true-to-life look. I also noticed the Thugs Turkey Decoy Upright Hen, if you place it with the white face strutter, surely it will make sense for a tom to come and compete with this decoy

Overall, Incredibly durable but costly than other turkey decoys in the market. You get a Camo Bag with Shoulder Strap and stake, but this decoy does require the addition of a real tail fan which is not included. Also, you have to arrange a beard and small front wings if you want to attach them.


By David Grey

David Grey is born & raised in Bozeman Montana, USA. He has been hunting & fishing since 2009. And used most of the outdoor gear during his 12 years of hunting experience. He likes to spend most of the time in the woods, on the trail, or by the water. He taught us about his outdoor journey and equipment experience.

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