6 Best Tree Stand For Hunting 2022

Modern types of equipment are helping hunters to become more advanced and trained. A Wisconsin study shows that during the 2020 hunting season, 188,712 deer were harvested in the USA, which is 16% more than in 2019. This number is increasing every year due to improved hunting tools. One in-demand out of these tools is a tree stand that makes your hunting easier with more visibility and time to prepare for a kill shot without being noticed. 

There are several types of tree stands, but hunters mostly prefer climbing and hang-on treestands. Each is designed for a purpose and situation. A climbing stand is more advanced and a mobile bowhunter’s best friend. It eliminates the need of carrying heavy climbing sticks and ladders. On the other hand, a hang-on tree stand requires climbing sticks but fits trees as well. However, a climbing stand is highly recommended for quick setup and transportation.

Best Tree Stand

The Department of Environmental Conservation reported 13 treestand accidents that resulted in severe injuries during the 2020 fall hunting season. To avoid such injuries, you must wear a safety harness and buy a quality tree stand. If you don’t know which one is suitable for you, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. In this article, we have listed the best tree stands after deep research as well as making a comparison on material quality, weight, capacity, and comfort. Our recommendation is to go through the complete article to choose the best tree stand for you. 

List Of 6 Best Tree Stand


1. Summit Viper SD Tree Stand (Recommended To Buy)

Summit Viper SD Tree Stand

Key Features

  • Capacity:- This can hold up to 300 lb without any problem. You can sit on the front rail and pull up your standing platform to adjust it according to your height. The platform size is 20” W x 26.5″ D, providing enough space to adjust your body.Easy To Adjust Height On Summit Viper SD Tree Stand
  • Fall Arrest Harness:- It comes with a full-body fall arrest harness system that makes your safety a priority. However, the harness is not very fancy but does its work very well.Summit Viper SD Tree Stand With Fall Arrest Harness
  • Ergonomic:- It has an 18” W x 12” D fully adjustable padded seat which is very comfortable and soft for long hours of sitting. Also, padded zippered arm pads feel soft to your arms when you are tired of holding a bow or gun.
  • Portability:-  Folds down so compact that you can carry it on your shoulders like a backpack. The overall weight of the tree stand is 20 lbs which is not much heavy to carry for a few meters. Also, it is easy to set up and doesn’t require much instruction.Light Weight And easy to carry Summit Viper SD Tree Stand
  • Durability:- Made with quality aluminum material and SummitLokt Technology, it is corrosion-resistant and durable. The seat is constructed of standard fabric and seems durable with quality stitching. Moreover, you get a 5-year warranty on this tree stand.


  • Lightweight construction allows easy transportation
  • Foam padded seat
  • Stirrups keep the boot attached to the platform
  • Equipped with sound-deadening technology for minimal noise



  • Not ideal for a quick climb
  • Vague assembly instructions

The Summit Viper SD is a comfortable tree stand that keeps you concealed, quiet, and safe. The full perimeter frame makes it an easy climbing treestand and allows you to sit down or stand up when required. I like the suspended foam-padded seat that lets you sit comfortably all day long. makes it an easy climbing treestand

It has adjustable RapidClimb stirrups that fit in any hunting boot and keep your boot securely attached to the platform. Moreover, the fastest and quietest cable attachment system. You just need to put the cable into the bracket and adjust it to the tree diameter. After that pull the lug to the back of the bracket till the trigger locks automatically at its place. 

I also liked Summit SU81119 Treestand, which has the capacity of holding 350 lbs weight but costs $30 extra.  However, the Viper SD is the best hang-on tree stand for bow hunters and gun hunters. Also, it is highly recommended if you want to capture wildlife activities from too close. This will cost you around $300, a bit pricey but can be a game-changer on the hunting field

2. Guide Gear Extreme Climber Tree Stand (Under Budget)

Guide Gear Extreme Climber Tree Stand

Key Features

  • Capacity:- It is capable of holding up to 300 lbs weight. The platform size 19″W x 26″ D, is sufficient to stand in any direction and change your position while keeping your eyes on prey. 
  • Cam-buckle Straps:- It comes with cam-buckle straps that lock foot and seat platforms stable in place. Moreover, the adjustable nylon foot straps help you to adjust and move the platform on a tree.
  • Ergonomic:- The tree stand has a sling seat (17″W x 10′ ‘D) with a backrest (14″W x 18″H). It feels very comfortable because of 1” padding on both seats and backrest. Also, the padded arrests add more solace to your arms while you hold a bow or gun.
  • Portability:- The portable design that folds down flat for transportation. You can hang it on your shoulder using shoulder straps. However, it weighs 33 lbs which is heavy to carry on your shoulders during a long walk. Guide Gear Extreme Climber Tree Stand easy To carry
  • Durability:- It has a sturdy steel construction that offers you safety for years during hunting. The nylon straps have good strength that serves you safely for a longer period of time. Guide Gear provides a lifetime guarantee against defects in material or workmanship.


  • Can be easily assembled
  • Buckle straps keep your foot locked in place 
  • Robust construction
  • Reasonably prices



  • Cannot be transported single-handedly
  • Vague instructions

Guide Gear extreme hunting tree stand is specially designed for deer hunters who prefer to hunt using a bow or gun. It is built with strong and sturdy steel, so you can use it season after season. The 1″ thick padding on the seat, backrest, and armrests adds comfort while your eyes are looking for that one shot of years. 

This has nested for easy transport and storage. However, assembling this one is a bit challenging because of lacking instructions. It may consume a lot of time for getting everything ready. The price of this best climbing tree stand is $100 which is under budget price.

However, if you want to go for cheaper, you can check out Guide Gear Hang On. Overall, the Extreme Climber Stand is a bit heavy but has a full-body safety harness. I will highly recommend it to deer hunters. Also, if you are a beginner and looking for a budget tree stand, you must give it a try.

3. Rivers Edge Big Foot Tree Stand (Widest Platform)

Rivers Edge Big Foot Tree Stand

Key Features

  • Capacity:- It can bear up to 300lbs weight easily. The platform size of this tree stand is extra-large (37.5″ x 24″), providing your legs with enough space to fit and move in any direction. Also, it is ideal for hunters having chubby body shapes.
  • Ultra Quiet Attachment:- The noiseless strap attachment system avoids metal-on-metal contact. It helps to make installation very quiet and eliminates the chance of losing your game because of excessive sounds. Rivers Edge Ultra Quiet Attachment
  • Ergonomic:- It has an ergonomic seat mesh that feels very comfortable to sit for hours. It has a seat size of 20.5″ x 13″ that feels good for all-sized hunters. I also liked the padded armrests and backrest, they take good care of your comfort.
  • Portability:- It weighs 26lbs which takes good effort at carrying and transporting. The stand does have a flip-up seat and armrest, but it is not very portable because of lacking a good carrying approach.
  • Durability:- Made out of quality steel material that makes it durable and trustable. The padded seat and backrest have double stitching which stays for years. Also, you get a one-year warranty from River Edge.


  • Unprecedented stability
  • Noiseless attachment 
  • Thick padding for extra comfort
  • Subjected to stringent quality test before marketing



  • Shorter strap
  • A tad bit expensive 

The Big Foot TearTuff XL is designed sturdy and thoroughly tested before serving to the hunters. You can trust this tree stand to focus more on your surroundings. The extra-large platform provides you enough space to look in all directions and take down a deer in a single shot. 

Moreover, you can lift up the seat and make more space in order to take a more clear kill. It comes with a good quality safety harness which is important to tie for safety. To set this up on a tree, you need climbing sticks and some screws in order to get it to the required height

I won’t suggest to those who want a tree stand that is for setting up frequently or many times a day. This hang-on tree stand is for hours of use on the hunting field because you cannot remove and set it up multiple times a day. Overall, it costs you $120 and serves for many hunting seasons. This one is best for public land hunting and is highly recommended if you hunt for long hours.

4. Lone Wolf Assault II Tree Stand (Lightest)

Lone Wolf Assault II Tree Stand

Key Features

  • Capacity:- It has a lifting capacity of 350lbs. The platform is pretty much wide with a dimension of 26″ x 19.5″.  It fits trees sized 4″ – 22″ in diameter and provides you ample space when you move around the area to locate prey.
  • Fall Arrest System:- This tree stand has a 6-point fall arrest that prevents you from colliding with the ground, stand, or any other obstacle during a free fall
  • In Cast Bow Holder:- It has an in-cast bow holder system that easily holds most parallel limb bows. Also, attaching the bow to the bow holder improves your efficiency by giving some relief to your arms.Lone Wolf Assault II Tree Stand With In Cast Bow Holder
  • Ergonomic:- It has a 14”x12” soft padded seat which feels relaxing. However, the seat is not comfortable for hours of sitting. You can get an Alpha Tech seat pad or some other thicker pad to sit comfortably for hours.
  • Portability:- The overall weight of this tree stand is just 11 lbs that are super lightweight and portable. The seat folds down making the stand super flat. You can carry it on your shoulders for miles with help of nylon shoulder straps attached on the platform side.Lone Wolf Assault II Tree Stand Easy To Carry
  • Durability:- The platform and seat base is one-piece cast aluminum that is weatherproof, corrosion-resistant, and durable. It has a strong metal center rod that holds both the seat and platform sturdily.


  • Comes with optional padded straps
  • Superior strength and stability
  • Pin-drop silent 
  • Easy to assemble



  • Uncomfortable seat 
  • Might not include a safety harness

The Assault II Hang On treestand is the lightest and most portable hang-on treestand on our list.  It weighs hardly 11 pounds and allows you to fit in the nastiest trees you’ll find. It doesn’t matter how far you want to go inside the woodland, it will be super easy to carry

The leveling system and offset brackets help you to adjust the level of the platform in case you want to hang this stand on a tree that leans left or right.  It is best for those who hunt in a variety of locations and situations. 

I also encountered Alpha Hang On-ll of Lone Wolf which has a larger platform and costs $10 extra than Assault Hang On-ll ($270). Overall, the Assault II is an ideal tree stand for mobile hunters who want the lightest setup for deer hunting and public land hunting.

5. Millennium M100U Ultralite Tree Stand (Innovative Design)

Millennium M100U Ultralite Tree Stand

Key Features

  • Capacity:- This tree stand is built to hold up to 300 lbs weight. It has a large platform that measures 20” wide and 38” deep. Also, if you are a bowhunter, you can fold up the seat and make proper room to take a position.
  • Included Safelink:- It has a 35-foot rope with a Prusik knot and carabiner that provide ultimate safety to a hunter. Also, it comes with a full-body harness that meets the industry standards recognized by TMA
  • Ergonomic:- It has a nice ergonomic 22” W x 16” D fabric seat which is very comfortable to sit for hours. The seat height is 17” above the platform which allows your legs to be in a suitable position. Also, the backrest adds more comfort during the long hour of sitting. 
  • Portability:- The M100U is designed to quickly fold flat for backpacking. It weighs 13.5 lbs, which is very lightweight for transportation. Also, it has included backpack straps, that allow you to carry it safely on your shoulders.
  • Durability:- Fabricated with rugged aluminum that is resistant to corrosion and works fine in all weather conditions. Also, it features a powder-coated finish which adds more durability to the frame. Also, you get a limited warranty of one year on this tree stand.


  • Lightweight construction
  • Chain receiver ensures slick mounting
  • Comes accessorized with backpack straps
  • Sling seat alleviate pressure points



  • Requires additional strap or buckle
  • Upper part is not adjustable

The M100U combines the features of the M100 which is one of the classic and most popular tree stand designs in the market. The aluminum frame gives it a weight of only 13.5 pounds making it extremely lightweight and portable

It has a patented ComfortMAX seat with a relaxing backrest and side straps that take good care of your comfort. Moreover, the seat folds up for bowhunters making extra space when they want to stand up for a shot. The M100U can be mounted with the M101 optional shooting rail for guns or crossbow hunters

Overall, this is one of the portable and most comfortable trees stand for bow hunting under different circumstances. However, this is a bit expensive ($260) but is suitable for both bow and gun hunters, season after season.  A highly recommended tree stand for mobile hunters.

6. XOP-XTREME Vanish Evolution Tree Stand (Premium Quality)

XOP-XTREME Vanish Evolution Tree Stand

Key Features

  • Capacity: Built to support 350 lbs weight without putting a lot of tension on the frame. The platform dimension is 27” x 19” that providing a bow hunter ample space to take down the prey in a single shot.  
  • Fall Arrest System:- It comes with a 6 point fall arrest system that makes sure you are safe during any mishappening. The system allows you free movement along the horizontal anchor line so you move freely in all directions with safety.XOP-XTREME Vanish Evolution With Fall Arrest harness
  • Ergonomic:- It has a fully leveling seat with tri-layer compression foam that feels so comfortable for hours. You can adjust the platform according to the tree shape with the help of cables. However, there is nothing to comfort your arms and back.
  • Portability:- This 12 lbs tree stand folds down flat for transportation and relocation. It has backpack straps that allow you to carry the setup on your shoulders and find the right tree for you. 
  • Durability:- It is crafted using high-quality cast aluminum which is durable, solid, and weather resistant. The UV-treated fastening straps serve you longer. Also, XOP provides a 1-year limited and 3-year manufacturing defects warranty.


  • It has got patented locking climbing sticks
  • Accommodates crooked trees with ease
  • Portable 
  • Available in different sizes



  • Not so comfortable seating
  • Not as light as you expect it to be 

Vanish Evolution is one of the most popular tree stands of XOP-Xtreme Outdoor launched in October 2011. The reduced taper design makes the stand easier to hang and allows you to hunt on a variety of tree shapes.  It has a comfortable foot platform and an ultralight I beam design that allows it to fit the needs of hunters who love to hunt on a tree stand. 

This is a perfect choice for the run and gun style of hunting because of its lightweight and compact design. The XOP patented cast aluminum reduces the unwanted noise during the transportation and setting up process so your prey will be unknown of your arrival. 

It integrates flawlessly with XOP climbing sticks to ensure easy and quick climbing. Overall, it costs you $160 which is not too much to pay for a super portable and lightweight. This is the best treestand for bowhunting and I will highly recommend it if you need an easy-to-set-up tree stand for mobile hunting.


Tree stands provide a hunter with a longer range and visibility to take a kill shot. Above we went through some of the best tree stand available in the market. Both steel and aluminum manufacturing work great. However,  steel is more solid but adds more weight while you carry the tree stand. On the other hand, aluminum tree stands are more compact and lightweight. Also, they work great in cold regions. Choose a tree stand wisely considering your budget and if you want a permanent or a portable one.


By David Gray

David Gray is born & raised in Bozeman Montana, USA. He has been hunting & fishing since 2009. And used most of the outdoor gear during his 22 years of hunting experience. He likes to spend most of the time in the woods, on the trail, or by the water. He taught us about his outdoor journey and equipment experience.

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