6 Best Steel Shooting Target 2022

Shooting is one of the famous sports in the US. According to Statista, In 2017,  approximately 9.38 million people took part in shooting sports in the US. This number is huge and increasing every day. Traditionally the target shooters would use those paper targets to work on their skills and during the competition

The problem with traditional shooting targets is, they are required to be changed after each round and tear up easily. Whereas today you have steel shooting targets that don’t require care and are durable for years. 

Best Steel Shooting Target

In this article, we are listing the best steel shooting targets to help you practice better. We researched on the basis of used material, portability, and size of these targets. We will suggest you go through the complete article to buy the right steel shooting target for you.

List of 6 Best Steel Shooting Target

1. ShootingTargets7 AR500 Steel Shooting Targets (Yellow Zinc Plating)

ShootingTargets7 AR500 Steel Shooting Targets

Key Features

  • Target Combination:- It is a combo of 6 Gong shooting targets with sizes 3’’, 4’’, 6’’, 8’’, 10’’, and 12’’. Also, there is an option to buy Torso, Bullseye, Complete shooting gallery, or a single one out of Gongs. Also, you can select out of thickness options 3/16’’, ¼’’, ⅜’’, and ½’’. I will recommend the ½’’ that withstands almost every round type.
  • Elite Laser Cutting:- The steel is cut using a high-power laser cutting machine. It minimizes the heat into the targets while cutting to provide a tougher edge to targets and avoid edge chipping during your shooting session.
  • Portability:- These are easy to carry and can adjust well with the rest of the shooting target system. The large and strong mounting ears resist harmonic vibration during use. The targets have ½’’ mounting holes that don’t allow cracking even if the bullet hits close to the holes or ear area.
  • Durability:- The AR500 steel manufacturing lasts longer than your expectations. Also, the yellow zinc plating makes the surface of targets clean, ready to paint, and corrosion-resistant. You also get a money-back lifetime guarantee from ShootingTargets7 on buying these targets.

The AR500 steel targets of ShootingTargets7 rank top on our list because of the SSAB test certified to design and the outstanding value it gives to your shooting practice. This set of 6 Gongs is perfect for both beginners to expert shooters. These made in USA targets have cleared all the chemical and physical tests performed by the steel mill’s quality lab

The AR500 steel is bead blasted front and back to remove mill scale during the laser cutting. If you buy targets with ½’’ thickness, they perform well with rifles larger than 308 up to 338 Lapua. However, if you are a beginner, you can start off with 3/16’’ that can bear .22, .25, .32, and 9mm rounds. 

This also comes with a complete shooting target system except for the target stand. If you want a complete setup at a comparatively low price then Spinning Targets of ShootingTargets7 will be a fine choice. Otherwise, this set of 6 Gongs will cost you around $180 which is comparatively expensive but worth paying for quality targets.

2. Caldwell Steel Shooting Targets (Compact Design)

Caldwell Steel Shooting Targets

Key Features

  • Target Combination:- The set comes with five 2.5’’ circle targets that rotate on the pipe and come back to their position. These are perfect for .22 Rimfire. Also, there are options to select out of handgun and airgun shooting targets. 
  • Target Stand:- These targets are attached all the way to the stand. The stand is well balanced with the help of a brace and stable legs. I like the movable legs that make targets aim towards the shooter to ensure a complete target view.
  • Portability:- The complete dimension of this shooting target system is 16.8” Wx 22.5” Hx 1.8” D which is very compact. The compact design makes transportation and setup easier than other shooting targets on the list. Also, It is ready to shoot on arrival and doesn’t need assembling or disassembling
  • Durability:- This complete system is constructed with heavy-duty steel to perform well in all weather and shooting situations. The unique design of ring targets helps you to stand strong even if your bullet hits the joint part. Also, Cadwell provides you with a limited lifetime warranty on this shooting target system.

Caldwell Resetting Targets take the second position on our list to give you an interactive shooting experience with noise confirmation. This set is easily portable and makes plinking and target practice fun for shooters. The targets feel made of heavy-duty steel that lasts longer. However, the rest of the frame seems a bit flimsy and may damage if you hit on the frame with high caliber rounds. 

The resetting targets come with holes that are punched in the clamshells for hanging them on peg hooks. I also encountered Double Mag .44 Action Spinner of Birchwood Casey which is ideal for .44 magnum handgun shots. The Cardwell is perfect for .22 and 20 gauge shotgun rounds. 

If I compare the size then these are a bit small if you shoot from 200 yards or more. The price is something that will blow your mind. This set of 5 along with the target stand will cost you $25 which is absolutely unbeatable. It is perfect for intermediate and expert shooters to shine up their skills.

3. High Caliber AR500 Steel Shooting Targets (Premium One)

High Caliber AR500 Steel Shooting Targets

Key Features

  • Target Combination:- This is the set of two 12″ x 1/2″ Gong targets. Also, there is an option to choose among various target styles like Silhouette, Slaymaker, Circle, and Half Gong. All of these come including 2 targets in a set. Targets have 5/8″ holes and are ready to hang with arrival.
  • Guideline Chart:- You get a guidelines chart along with the shooting targets. It informs you a lot about the recommended round types and guns that go well with these shooting targets. The instructions are clearly mentioned to help you start in case you are a beginner.
  • Portability:- The number of Gong targets is 2 which won’t let you face any problems while carrying. However, a target is not only the thing you need to carry, you have to buy a target stand and mounting system separately. You can simply put these Gongs in your backpack or somewhere with the complete kit that you already have.  
  • Durability:- These targets are made of high-quality AR 500 steel material that is hardened to withstand repeated shots. The targets are painted flat black to avoid rust or corrosion and put in use for quite a long. However, it is recommended to never shoot steel core ammo on it to avoid pitting.

Next on our list is High Caliber thick targets especially designed to take repetitive shots without shaping out. The high carbon steel manufacturing bounces off the bullets so they don’t harm the targets in any way. These targets are crafted using CNC High Definition plasma tables that provide a clean and precise shape. The targets can be hung using chains, using bolts, and clevises. 

However, some people prefer to hang them using a cable, rope, or any alternative methods, which are less professional and may affect your shooting accuracy. The best is you can use High Caliber Pipe Target Hanging Hook or Fullbow AR500 Steel Target Hangers hook. If you are shooting a handgun, don’t shoot from closer than 10 yards. For rifles, you must shoot at least from a distance of 100 yards to not get hurt. 

Also,  it is suggested to use at 200 yards minimum for the guns with velocity over 3000fps MV. Overall, this is a perfect deal for a beginner shooter to have some precision practice. Moreover, if you already have a complete shooting target kit but lack the Gongs or broke that you already have then this is highly recommended.

4. Dragon Targets AR500 Steel Shooting Targets (Anti-Reflective Surface)

Dragon Targets AR500 Steel Shooting Targets

Key Features

  • Target Combination:- These are 5 Gong targets with 12″, 10″, 8″, 6″, and 4″ size. You can buy either ⅜’’ or ½’’ that supports more round types. Also, if you don’t need them all, you have an option to buy a single Gong or a pack of three 8’’ Gongs.
  • Non-Reflective Paint:- The Dragon targets have an anti-reflective white paint that doesn’t shine in the sunlight like other shooting targets. This adds some more accuracy and helps you practice batter without being bothered about light reflections.
  • Portability:- These are super easy to carry and mount with your target stand. Pretty stable Gongs and do not take much time to come back in the position because of square holes. Each target has three 9/16’’ square holes for mounting. You can mount it from the ears as well as using the hole in the top middle.
  • Durability:- The Dragon targets are crafted with high-quality and durable American-made AR500 steel. This is highly corrosion resistant and performs well for years of target shooting. The AR500 steel is shaped with the help of a Mitsubishi CNC laser cutter to make the ends stronger in case a bullet hits the corners.

The Dragon shooting targets were first launched in march 2021 and are getting popular every day among target shooters. I like the three mounting holes that give you the freedom to mount with ears or a middle hole. The center mounting hole is most secure and stable for steel rounds. If you use side ears then it may lead to a lot of instability

You can shoot rounds like 22LR, 17HMR, and 300WM from 100 yards to 500 yards using a rifle. Also, this goes great with 9mm pistol and 12G shotgun slug rounds. When a bullet hits the targets, it produces a loud ‘dinging’ noise that lets you know during shooting practice. This eliminates the need to walk towards the target to check for shots and lets you shoot more rounds in one session

These targets are durable and thick enough to take multiple shots of 4x caliber and larger magnum. Also, the targets are very safely angled downwards to let ricochets hit the ground and to you. These shooting targets will cost you $150 which is a very reasonable price for high-quality manufacturing. 

5. KRATE Tactical AR500 Steel Shooting Targets (Under Budget)

KRATE Tactical AR500 Steel Shooting Targets

Key Features

  • Target Combination:-  The bundle includes 6 shooting targets with size 4″, 6″,  8″,  10″,  12″, and 20″. It has 1 Torso target sized 20’’ and the rest are Gongs. Also, you can buy any one separately if required. All targets have 5/8″ mounting holes cut with very precision. Targets come in three different thickness sizes, ¼’’, ⅜’’, and ½’’.  
  • Instant Feedback:- When your bullet hits the target you hear a very sharp sound or clank that instantly confirms where the bullet hits. Even if you are hitting from more than 600 yards, the sound is very clean. Moreover, you can paint these targets in white color to know where the exact hit of the bullet is.
  • Portability:- These are 6 shooting targets ranging from small Gong to large Torso. They all are easy to carry with your other shooting kit. If you don’t have the entire mounting system then you must buy KRATE Tactical 13″ Chain Kit
  • Durability:- The AR500 steel makes the targets highly durable even if shot rapidly or multiple times. It also vaporizes and crushes the bullet’s impact so it won’t harm the target surface. However, the ear part is not much bigger which may cause more vibration if the bullet hits near the mounting holes.

The KRATE Tactical shooting targets bundle is tested and approved by marine U.S. veterans. These are made in the USA with shooting targets that are suitable for both long and short-range shooting practice. However, you are suggested to shoot from more than 10 yards while using a handgun, and for rifles, you must fire from more than 100 yards of distance. 

Also, avoid using armor piercing or steel core rounds as they may damage the surface or hurt you while ricocheting. You need to make sure that your bullet’s speed is below 3000 fps to avoid pitting. The targets are visible very clear in daylight because of their pitch-black color. This set of six costs you around $130 which is quite a budget price. 

In case you are any military, law enforcement, and first responder personnel, Krate offers amazing discounts. Overall, this is a perfect bundle to start your shooting practice and keep it continuing for years. These are highly recommended shooting targets for security personnel, hunters, military soldiers, and target shooters.

6. Highwild Steel AR500 Shooting Target (Complete Kit)

Highwild Steel AR500 Shooting Target

Key Features

  • Target Combination:- The package comes with four 3/8″shooting targets. Of which 3 are Gong targets in orange color having a size of 4″, 6″, and 8″. Also, you get a 7″x 12″ Torso target in yellow color with a larger shooting surface which is perfect to have some warm-up before hitting the small ones.
  • Target Stand:- It has an easy assemble target stand with dimensions of 63’’x35’’. All parts of the stand can be replaced separately with the help of extension legs, beams and adjustable brackets
  • Chain Mounting Kits:- You get 4 chain mounting kits to adjust targets on the stand. The targets are very easy to attach with the chain using a carriage bolt and extra flat washers. Also, washers have larger holes that avoid any damage if you hit around the carriage bolt area.
  • Portability:- This shooting target system is completely collapsible for carrying and transporting. You can detach the chain, and stand parts, and put it in the back of your truck without much effort. However, the kit is weighty to carry and you have to take everything separately.  
  • Durability:- The shooting targets are made with AR500 steel which is specially used for targets and armored applications to provide longevity. Moreover, the powder coat finish makes targets resistant to corrosion and requires little to no maintenance.

The Highwind is known to design top-quality shooting and hunting accessories. This steel shooting target system was launched in March 2020, especially for target shooters. The AR500 steel targets are capable of taking multiple rounds without dispersing or deforming the shape. This is perfect if you shoot .308, .223/.556, 9mm, .22 or .45 round types. 

The quick and easy assemble elements don’t waste much time in getting everything ready. You can attach all the targets at the same time with keeping an equal gap among them. The targets are perfectly visible to shoot from 100 to 500 yards without any issue. Moreover, the orange and yellow color makes them appear even in the late evening or early morning. 

Overall, this is a heavily built shooting target system that is perfect for practicing your shooting skills. It costs you $200 which is worth paying for the sturdiness and durability. However, if you want to purchase a single shooting target of Highwind, then must check this Thick Gong Silhouette Metal Target.



We hope we have helped you to choose the best steel shooting targets for your shooting practice. We also provided you with enough details in this article about every single shooting target that we listed. Furthermore, our recommendation is to outline the shooting requirements and to choose the one which is under your budget.

If you are a beginner with a low budget, you may buy a single Gong. If you further have any doubts or questions related to steel shooting targets, then please do comment below. We will be happier to help you.

By David Grey

David Grey is born & raised in Bozeman Montana, USA. He has been hunting & fishing since 2009. And used most of the outdoor gear during his 12 years of hunting experience. He likes to spend most of the time in the woods, on the trail, or by the water. He taught us about his outdoor journey and equipment experience.

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