6 Best Spotting Scope Under $500

I am listing the best spotting scope under the $500 budget that is currently trending in the field of spotting scope brands. I know as a bird watcher, hunter, wildlife lover, or astronomical observation you need spotting scope for a better viewing experience and also, view the distant world closely.spotting scope under $500 I listed them on the basis of their ability like the diameter of the lens, type of prism, magnification, material durability, whether the scope is waterproof, shockproof, fog-proof, etc. I am going to explain each and every feature of the under $500 spotting scope, so it will help you in your buying decision. I am sure you will get the best one or at least you know the ground facts or features about the spotting scope after reading the article.

Before, we start I am explaining to you a few things that you should know before diving into the best spotting scope list. Also, read our 1000 yards spotting list.

Which one is better, a straight spotting scope or angles spotting scope?

It depends on how you wish to use it. If you are going for a hunt, a straight spotting scope is easier to pack and leads to faster target acquisition. Also according to our research, most people end up buying a straight variant because it is cheaper than the angled variant.

However, professionals buy the angled variant because it is more versatile as you can set it up higher and it is easier to look downwards with it.

List of 6 Best Spotting Scope Under $500


1. CREATIVE XP HD Spotting Scope (Most Reviewed)

CREATIVE XP HD Spotting Scope

Key Features

  • Bluetooth Photo Clicker:- The remote photo clicker helps you to take a crystal clear image without touching your phone. Because sometimes the image gets blurry when you touch the phone to click the photo. It works with both android as well as Apple phones.Bluetooth Photo Clicker
  • Durability:- It comes with IPX7 nitrogen purged and O-ring sealed properties resulting in protecting it from waterproof and shockproof activities. A study shows it can resist up to 60 minutes into the water so no need to worry about heavy rain. Due to its anti-fog technology the inner surface of the scope won’t foggy due to the change in the temperature and humidity. waterproof and fog proof
  • 2-Focus Knob:- Well other spotting scopes have one focused knob, but CREATIVEXP has a 2-focus knob. One is used for fine focus for extra details to locate your target and the other one is used to get a crisp clear image.
  • Sunshade:- Pretty extensive and nice during a sunny day and allows you to get the picture quality better.
  • Phone Adapter:- Trust me this phone adapter is safer than the other, while you taking pictures in the woods and mountains no need to worry about your phone’s safety. You can rely on this phone adapter as much as you rely on your hand while holding the phone. It works easier than other spotting scope models, is easy to mount over the eyes piece, and is easy to remove.Phone Adapter
  • Rotating Collar:- You are able to rotate the spotting scope while it is fixed on the tripod stand. So you can show your friends the exact view without switching the tripod stand or moving the whole spotting scope.
  • Tripod mount:- It is a standard tripod mount, so you can easily mount it on the other tripod stand.
  • Warranty & Support System:- 100% Money-back Guarantee & Lifetime Warranty with US-based customer care support system. They will reply to your mail within 48 Hours or you can call on this number for any query:- 646 600 8243.

 Main Specifications

  • Magnification:- 20x-60x
  • Prism Type:- Porro/BAK4
  • Exit Pupil:- 4-1.3mm
  • Detection Range:- 800 Yards
  • Objective lens:- 80mm
  • Field of view:- 114-60 ft/1000yds
  • Eye relief:- 17-12mm
  • Dimensions:- 20.5 x 9.2 x 5.1 inches


  • Bluetooth Photo Clicker
  • Phone Adapter
  • A metal Tripod
  • Protective case

Tough decision to choose between Glasshawk CreativeXP and Gosky for the top position, but I listed CreativeXP due to its recently gaining popularity among the spotting scope brand in the market.

Overall this is the best spotting scope to buy under $500, value for the money. I listed this scope in the first position due to its 4.8 Amazon rating and provides great features in that much amount. The GlassHawk HD Spotting Scope offers bright & clear viewing for your wildlife or hunting activities.

Porro BAK-4 Prism & Fully Multi-CoatedIts zoom starts from 20x and goes up to 60x, in most of the spotting scopes the pictures get blurry when you go up to 40x. But in this spotting scope, the picture stays clear even when you go over 40x magnification. A fully multi-coated lens with an adjustable eye Relief, 17-12mm provided you with a detailed vibrant image. The BAK4-Prisms offer brighter edges of the field view (38-20yds/1000yds). Rest of the features I already discussed above, don’t think to buy, buy it.

2. Gosky Newest Dual Focusing Spotting Scope (Cheap & Best)

Gosky Newest 20-60x80

Key Features

  • Dual Speed and Dynamic Lens Focusing System:- It comes with a coaxial design that provides you a smooth and accurate focusing. One lens helps you to get a fast focus with the target locking system and the other one is used for fine focusing on the located target in detail.Gosky Newest spotting scope knob
  • 80mm Lens With BAK4 Porro Prism:- The objective lens is fully multi-coated with BAK4 Porro prism and 9pcs/5groups lens. Resulting in providing a crisp and clear image in low light conditions by increasing the light transmission.
  • Smartphone Digiscoping Adapter:- Well you can explore the distant world easily through your smartphones by clicking the photos and making videos.
  • Durability:- It has a rubber armor that provides a shockproof and non-slip grip. Moreover, the magnalium framework also makes it extremely durable during harsh weather conditions. The IPX7 nitrogen purged and O-Ring sealed properties make it waterproof and fog-proof during humidity, rain, and high temperature.
  • Adjustment Collar:- Its is provides you with a different viewing angle without moving the tripod mounting

 Main Specifications

  • Magnification:- 20x-60x
  • Prism Type:- Porro/BAK4
  • Exit Pupil:- 4.25-1.4mm
  • Actual Detection Range:- 800 Yards
  • Number of lenses:- 9Pcs/5Groups
  • Objective lens:- 80mm
  • Field of view:- 147-69ft/1000yards
  • Eye relief:- 19.5-18mm
  • Dimensions:- 20.5 x 9.2 x 5.1 inches


  • 2 x Lens Cap
  • Smartphone Digiscoping Adapter
  • Carrying Bag

The Gosky Newest 20-60×80 Dual Focusing Spotting Scope is best to buy under a $500 budget. It was launched recently by Gosky brands and gets 2nd place in our list due to its long-lasting life and newest design of dual coaxial focusing lens system. Resulting in exploring the distant world with a closer look and creating memories of each view by clicking photos and making videos.Gosky Newest magnification The 20X-60x focusing allows you to view a wide field of view in a quick, easy, and accurate way. Perfect for hunting, shooting, wildlife activities, outdoors, astronomical observation, etc. Moreover,  you can clearly view an object at 6m/18ft. If you are looking for a spotting scope that lasts for a while, buy this one.

3. Leupold Ventana Spotting Scope (Quality product)

Leupold SX-1 Ventana Spotting Scope

Key Features

  • Twilight Light Management System:- Well it adds up to 10 extra minutes of glassing light to the spotting scope, provides you better image quality in low-light.Twilight Light Management System
  • Coaxial-knob:- Provides ultra-smooth focus with crystal clear image.
  • Retractable Lens Shade:- The sunshade provides you a glare-free image in sunny conditions.
  • Durability:- Comes with Leupold pioneered waterproofing technology and still leads, resulting in to withstand in any harsh weather condition and prevent it from the waterproof and shockproof activities. the Rubber armor is durable with lightweight polycarbonate housing that provides you superior ruggedness.Leupold SX-1 Ventana Spotting Scope waterproof and shockproof
  • Edge-to-Edge Clarity:- The Leupold Ventana SX2 15-45 x 60 provides you incredible clarity at all magnification levels along with your choice of a straight or angled eyepiece spotting scope.Leupold SX-1 Ventana Spotting Scope Edge-to-Edge Clarity
  • Warranty:- Leupold spotting scope designed and monitored by the best engineer designer, resulting in a reliable performance for a long time. Leupold Ventana comes with a full lifetime guarantee. for any query you can contact Leupold product service telephone number:- (800) 538-7653. No warranty card is required and there is no time limit applies. Warranty is void if damage results from unauthorized repair, alteration, or misuse.

 Main Specifications

  • Magnification:- 15x-45x
  • Prism Type:- Guard-ION
  • Exit Pupil:- 4-1.3mm
  • Actual Detection Range:- 700 Yards
  • Weight:- 30.60 oz
  • Objective lens:- 60mm
  • Field of view:- 121-36ft/1000yards
  • Eye relief:- 20-21.5mm
  • Dimensions:- 21 x 6 x 15 inches


  • Compact Adjustable Tripod
  • Smartphone Digiscoping Adapter
  • Soft Carrying Case with Neoprene Strap
  • Lens Covers
  • Built-in 1/4-20 Tripod Adapter Port

This is a nice entry-level spotting scope designed by Leupold, best to buy under a $300 budget. This is a great combination for the occasional range warrior and hunter. If you are looking for something bright and clear with decent eye relief, then I recommend this for you. It provides smooth and better wildlife and scenery viewing.

Where most of the spotting scope has the same quality at 60x, the Leupold Ventana provides the same image clarity at 45X. Apart from this, the Guard-ION lens coating repels everything from water to fingerprints. The fully multi-coated lens ensures brightness, clarity, and light transmission resulting in providing better image accuracy during dawn/dusk lighting conditions. This is one of those things that you “get what you pay for “.

4. Vortex Optics Diamondback Spotting Scope (Premium One)

Vortex Optics Diamondback Spotting Scope under $500

Key Features

  • Adjust The Viewing Angle:- The collar mount allows you to rotate your spotting scope body without moving the tripod mount. It provides you greater viewing flexibility even when you sit in your car and view through the window.
  • Focus Dial:- After adjusting the magnification of the diamondback, some refocusing is usually required. The adjustment focus dial allows you to see the detailed image and also ensures fatigue-free viewing.
  • Sun Shield & Eyecups:- Sun glare shield provides you extra light transmission and a clear image. Also, it prevents your lens from a little mesh-like scratch and fingers touching on the lens. Moreover, if you were the glasses then twist it down the eyecups or otherwise twist back the eyecups for a better viewing experience.Vortex Sun Shield & Eyecups
  • Durability:- The Vortex Diamond spotting scope is a Nitrogen purged and O-ring seal which provides lifetime waterproof and shockproof properties. Apart from this, the body is protected with rubber armor which gives added grip and durability.
  • Warranty:- Vortex optics have currently a maximum number of service centers worldwide. They offer an unlimited unconditional lifetime VIP warranty.

 Main Specifications

  • Magnification:- 20x-60x
  • Close Focus:- 22 feet
  • Prism Type:- Multi-Coated
  • Exit Pupil:-4-1.3 mm
  • Actual Detection Range:- 900 Yards
  • Weight:- 47.1 oz
  • Objective lens:- 80mm
  • Field of view:- 105-51 ft/1000 yds
  • Eye relief:- 20-16.5 mm
  • Dimensions:- 21 x 6 x 15 inches


  • Tabletop Tripod
  • Lens Cover
  • Soft & Hard Case

Well, it’s the cheapest one made by Vortex Optics. It cost you around $400 or you can say best spotting scope to buy under $500. It beats out the spotting scope at a range of $1000 to $1500. Well, it comes in two types of objective lens 60mm and 80mm. I would recommend you buy the 80mm objective lens spotting scope because it gathers and allows more light as compared with a 60mm lens. The zoom is between 20x to 60x, at low light once you reach 60x it struggles a little bit.

Overall, the spotting scope is good to go with wildlife activities, hunting, shooting, astronomy, etc. Also, it comes in two versions straight and angled the choice is your no difference between the prices. Buy it if you want a lifetime product, I know the price is a little high but they designed their product so well with a lifetime warranty.

5. Celestron TrailSeeker Spotting Scope(Old & Best)

Celestron 52332 TrailSeeker Spotting Scope

Key Features

  • T-Mount Adapter for Digiscoping:- Well this is an additional feature from the other spotting scope, letting you attach the DSLR camera with an optional T-ring.T-Mount Adapter for Digiscoping
  • Lens Coating:- Lens is fully multi-coated with XLT coating, the same coating is used on observatory class telescopes. Resulting in maximum light transmission at low light conditions.
  • Focus Dial:- The ergonomic focus dial lets you bring the image crisp and clear. One focus dial is used to focus the image and the next one is used for the finner setting of the full image view.
  • Eyecup and Lens Shade:- A twisted Eyecup is helpful for both eyeglasses and without eyeglasses. If you wear the eyeglass then twist it down or if not then twist it up for a better field of view. The sunshade protects the glare from entering the lens and provides you with better image quality. Also, prevent your lens from small scratches.
  • Point and Shoot Photography:- The NexYZ features have two knobs (X & Y) which lets you adjust the center of the phone and the Z-adjustment used to move up and down, providing you a precise shot with accuracy in it.Point and Shoot Photography
  • Durability:- I really like its rubber armor coating which makes it’s more protective against hard use in the field. The Celestron 52332 TrailSeeker spotting scope is filled with dry nitrogen gas and sealed, which protects it from internal fogging and water resistance properties.
  • Rotating Tripod Mount:- Most of the scope has these features nowadays, easy to mount on a tripod stand, and also you can rotate it to 360° for better viewing posting.
  • Warranty:- They offer 2 year or limited lifetime warranty, rubber, and other materials are fully covered for 5 years but the blemishes and small scratches are not covered.

 Main Specifications

  • Magnification:- 20x-60x
  • Prism Type:- BaK4
  • Close Focus:- 24.6 feet
  • Exit Pupil:- 4-1.3mm
  • Actual Detection Range:- 600 Yards
  • Weight:- 54.60 oz
  • Objective lens:- 80mm
  • Field of view:- 105-52ft/1000yards
  • Eye relief:- 18-15mm
  • Dimensions:- 23 x 5 x 9.5 inches


  • Storage Covers for Eyepiece and Eyepiece Port
  • Smartphone Digiscoping Adapter
  • Objective and Eyepiece Cover
  • T-mount adapter
  • Padded View-through Case

Well, it’s difficult for me to choose between the Celestron Regal M2 80ED and Celestron 52332 TrailSeeker 20-60x80mm Spotting Scope. Both are good to go with under a $500 budget, but the TrailSeeker is cheaper than the Regal and both have most of the features similar in nature.

The TrailSeeker spotting scope comes with a 20x-60x zoom and 80mm objective lens. Like me, you also want to watch the birds, hunting animals nice and close to get a good view of it. The zoom is very good up to 40x everything is crystal clear, but when you reach 60x the image gets a little blurry and from my perspective 60x, a bluish tinge starts to appear at the outer edges of your subject. Moreover, you can use 1.25″ astronomical eyepieces to enhance the viewing experience.

Overall, the spotting scope is good for bird watchers, photographers, hunters, animal watch, etc. The outer part of the scope is designed so fine and with hardened material for its long-lasting life. The rest of the features I explained above, quite a powerful spotting scope for the price buy it.

6. BARSKA AD12162 Blackhawk (Quality Material)

BARSKA AD12162 Blackhawk

Key Features

  • Lens coating:- Multi-coated lens with a larger objective lens delivers a greater light transmission resulting in amazing clarity for the perfect viewing experience.
  • Focus Knob:- Comes with one focus knob for the finner image setting of the view.
  • Sun Shield:- The sunshade reduces glare for better image quality.
  • Durability:- The rubber armor protective coating safeguard it against impact. Yes, it is fog proof, shockproof, and waterproof spotting scope.
  • Tripod Collar:- The 360° rotating collar provides you perfect viewing experience.
  • Warranty:- They offer a limited lifetime warranty, terms and conditions apply.

 Main Specifications

  • Magnification:- 20x-60x
  • Prism Type:- BaK4
  • Close Focus:- 33 feet
  • Exit Pupil:- 3.09-1.3mm
  • Actual Detection Range:- 600 Yards
  • Weight:- 56 oz
  • Objective lens:- 80mm
  • Field of view:- 102-51ft/1000yards
  • Eye relief:- 17.5mm
  • Dimensions:- 16.5 x 4 x 7.5 inches


  • Storage Covers for Eyepiece and Eyepiece Port
  • Smartphone Digiscoping Adapter
  • Objective and Eyepiece Cover
  • T-mount adapter
  • Padded View-through Case

The Barska Blackhawk angled spotting scope has powerful 20-60x magnification with an 80mm objective lens. The BAK-4 Prisms and Multi-coated lens provide you with a crisp and clear image. Working smoothly up to 40x and after that, the picture gets a little blurry.

Overall, the scope is good for hunters, wild animals, and bird lovers, hitting the trail, etc. The design and material used in this spotting scope are good as compared to other brands. Built for heavy-duty function. The shock-absorbing armoring prevent it from wear and tear. Recommend if you are familiar with this brand.


I listed the best spotting scope under $500, which currently dominates the other brands. These are the best under your budget, believe me, you gonna love the review. If you find any other brand that is good and better than these listed spotting scope comment below. The suggested scope is good and has advanced features and technology I will definitely list that scope so it will benefit others too.

Frequently Ask Questions:-

1. Why Spotting Scopes is Better Than Binoculars?

The biggest difference between a spotting scope and a binocular is that while a binocular has two lens and two eyepieces, a spotting scope has one lens and one eyepiece.

A spotting scope is taller, longer, and wider than a binocular and has better and long-range magnification.
Hence it is able to aid viewing at long distances while the range of binocular is limited to short and mid ranges.


By David Grey

David Grey is born & raised in Bozeman Montana, USA. He has been hunting & fishing since 2009. And used most of the outdoor gear during his 12 years of hunting experience. He likes to spend most of the time in the woods, on the trail, or by the water. He taught us about his outdoor journey and equipment experience.

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