5 Best Shooting Tripod 2022: Steady Your Gun Shot Aim

If you are looking for a shooting tripod that provides durability and reliability for all of your hunting and shooting outdoor activities, then you are in a right place. There is quite a lot of shooting tripods on the market and it can be overwhelming to pick the right one that suits your needs. A shooting or hunting tripod can offer you the right shot each time. They can be adjusted to fit your height and allow you to switch between optics to guns easily.

Best Shooting Tripod

For frequent hunters, a shooting tripod is a must-have. I love using them and some use them to trophy hunt while others use the freezer. Either type of hunter you are, you will benefit from a hunting tripod. There are various factors to consider when buying a hunting tripod: build quality, material, adjustability, versatility, and dimension and weight ratio.

I have listed the top ones available and they can be used in rough, rocky, and mountainous terrains and also on flat plains. Although all tripods are made equal, specific models come with unquestionable quality. The best lightweight shooting tripod can last you for years and is suitable for use in adverse conditions year after year. Also, it is essential to know what to look for that is why I have gone over the top picks.

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List Of 5 Best Shooting Tripod

1. BOG DeathGrip Shooting Tripod (Excellent Tripod)

BOG DeathGrip Shooting Tripod




Key Features

  • Stability:- The retractable steel spikes and non-slip level locks keeps this gear stable and secure. It’s also quiet and easy to adjust during that vital moment.BOG DeathGrip Shooting Tripod Provide Stability Steel Spike
  • Ease of Use:- The hunting tripod is easy to use with the clamping design and provides a decent grip for the firearms.
  • Tiltable Head:- The head can also be adjusted and tilted both horizontally and vertically with a couple of knobs on the sides. BOG DeathGrip Shooting Tripod With Tiltable Head
  • Versatile:- This shooting tripod is the most stable and precise one on the market. Features a 3-position leg lock which is suitable for standing shots, sitting, and kneeling.
  • Lightweight Design:- The legs of this tripod are super light and stable. Built with aluminum and carbon fiber for creating a portable shooting rest that is ready to take anywhere. 

Main Specifications

  • Head Type:- Tiltable DeathGrip Head
  • Maximum Height:- 31 inches
  • Minimum Height:- 17 inches
  • Leg Lock Type:- Flip Lock
  • Weight:- 8.5 lb
  • Max. Carry Load:- 33lb

This tripod is crafted to help stabilize hunters while they want to take a shot. This tripod comes in both carbon fiber and aluminum bodies, with the carbon fiber being more expensive. I am reviewing the aluminum version of the Bog Deathgrip Tripod. 

The tripod is pretty easy to work with and weighs just 8.5lbs which is great when compared to other heavy-duty hunting tripods. You can adjust the legs completely at three different angles. The first is 85 degrees which are suitable for standing shots, the 45-degree angle is for sitting shots, and the 20-degree angle is for a prone shooter. You can also adjust the head both vertically and horizontally easily with the 2 knobs on the sides.

The only drawback I consider is that the head is not tilted able but it is not a huge issue. I tested three different rifles with various weights to test the strength and durability of the BOG Deathgrip. I was able to connect on various 300-yard shots on an eight-inch gong while standing the RPR. Considering the weight of the rifles, I was impressed. I feel that this tripod will make an excellent addition to your gear selection. 

And I suggest this specific model to hunters willing to take a lot of standing shots or for the one who is in the predator and hog scene. This tripod is affordable when compared to the other models available. The innovative clamping design tightens to almost all size forend to make sure a solid grip on the rifles. The product is covered by a limited 1-year warranty by the BOG. 

2. PRIMOS Hunting Shooting Tripod (Solid Trigger Stick)

PRIMOS Hunting Shooting Tripod




Key Features

  • Versatility:- This trigger stick takes just a few seconds to set up and can be adjusted easily. You can also lock the height for rapid deployment. 
  • V-Yoke System:- The quick yoke system with integrated lock allows you to switch from gun options and back again. PRIMOS Hunting Shooting Tripod With V Yoke System
  • Stability:- The contoured grip with a no-slip backbone provides you the much-needed stability and reduces fatigue. Includes a rubber strap that maintains legs well. 
  • Adjustability:- Equipped with a wide range of adjustable positions. And an excellent choice for taller supported prone positions. Within a few seconds, you can adjust heights from tall to short.

Main Specifications

  • Head Type:- V Yoke
  • 1/4″ Screw Plate:- Yes
  • Maximum Height:- 62 inches
  • Minimum Height:- 30 inches
  • Leg Lock Type:- Flip Lock
  • Weight:- 5 lb
  • Max. Carry Load:- 36lb

While shooting sticks are a famous option to consider as it offers a solid platform, this trigger stick from Primos works wonder for most shooting and hunting situations. This stick can take seconds to set up and enables you to adjust swiftly and lock the height for rapid deployment. The legs instantly drop and touch the ground or if you release the trigger. This locks the leg in place, so you can immediately set the sticks to the right height regardless of position

Trigger sticks can adapt to shoot from a wide range of positions. Although, this specific model will not drop low enough for a low-prone shooting. But an excellent choice for a taller supported prone position in the field. It is also suitable for low rocks, grass, and vegetation. To enhance the position, you can put it under the check or elbow for enhanced stability and reduced fatigue.

What I love the most about this trigger stick is that offers much-required stability and is super adjustable. It can go from tall to short in just a few seconds. It also has an adapter that is attached to a non-slip joint and rotating. This can also work for optical gear and camera and it is also easy to be strapped outside of the pack. This trigger stick works with various shooting positions and includes a rubber strap that maintains legs neatly together when packed.

Overall, I am pleased to use this shooting stick and will highly suggest it to shooters and hunters who are in search of a top-quality and adaptable trigger stick. There is an optional attachment from Primos and it can be attached to the trigger stick or tripod easily. You can also adjust the height and tilt when required. It has two-point gun rest and is suitable for youth and disabled hunters. 

3. Vanguard Shooting Tripod (Stable)

Vanguard Shooting Tripod




Key Features

  • Accurate:- The shooting stick provides a unique ability to tilt and pan with the help of a joint ball. This can also accurately shoot a variety of angles ensuring perfect shot while in the field. 
  • U-Yoke:- Equipped with a rotatable 360 degrees U-Yoke and includes a rubber fin to ensure the product is secure and stable. You can also remove the yoke to convert the stick into a usable monopod.Vanguard Shooting Tripod With U Yoke System
  • Stability:- The product comes with stable and anti-slip rubber feet that can easily fold up and lock in mere seconds. This ensures you take the right shot every time you use it.
  • Tri-stand Base:- This shooting stick is equipped with a tri-stand base that can be adjusted for crossbow and gun support. Also suitable for the outdoorsman.Vanguard Shooting Tripod With Tri Base System
  • Twistable Legs:- The aluminum quarter-twist leg locks offer ultimate load capacity. There is also a soft rubber handle that offers an excellent grip that makes the gear suitable for all weather. 
  • Other features:- There is also a rubber handle that provides you with a better grip while aiming for a target. The tripod is also suitable for crossbow users. 

Main Specifications

  • Head Type:- Pan Head and Ball Head
  • 1/4″ Screw Plate:- Yes
  • Maximum Height:- 63.8 inches
  • Minimum Height:- 16.9 inches
  • Leg Lock Type:- Flip Lock
  • Weight:- 46.4 oz
  • Max. Carry Load:- 33lb

The Vanguard VEO shooting stick with an aluminum body with a tri-stand base is an excellent shooting tripod. It is super light and adjustable. You can also use it for a crossbow and suitable for the outdoorsman who is looking for versatile gear. This is also available in carbon fiber bodies, so if you are a looking for durable shooting tripod then make sure to check them out.

The strong quarter-twist leg snaps offer a load capacity of up to 11 pounds. The soft rubber handle also offers an unbeatable grip and is suitable for all weather. The ball joint feature enables smooth pan and tilt options and it is also stable enabling you to use it as a tripod. U-Yoke rubber fins and 360-degree rotation secure your crossbow or rifle and can be removed to accommodate spotting scopes or cameras. The soft rubber handle also offers an excellent grip as mentioned and includes a carabineer and a hand strap.

As the product weighs less than two pounds, you can take it with you anywhere with ease. Four sections, 23 mm aluminum leg which are foldable up to 24.4 inches and extendable up to 64 inches makes this product an ultimate choice among hunters. The product is also moderately priced for the features you get.

4. Leader Accessories Shooting Tripod (3 in 1 Model)

Leader Accessories Shooting Tripod




Key Features

  • V-Yoke:- The V-Yoke enables a 360-degree tiltable function for shooting opportunities and it can also be removed when it is not required. Leader Accessories Shooting Tripod With V Yoke Head
  • Versatile:- This shooting stick can be used as a tripod, bipod, and also monopod. Aluminium being the built material, it features a stable and foldable design. 
  • Stability:- This shooting tripod is highly stable as it includes a visual gear mount. The product weighs less and is easy to carry around. Leader Accessories Shooting Tripod With Stability
  • Foldable Legs:- The 3-section legs are easy to extend and fold. You can adjust the legs for better posture which eventually helps for better aiming. 

Main Specifications

  • Head Type:- V Yoke
  • 1/4″ Screw Plate:- Yes
  • Maximum Height:- 63 inches
  • Minimum Height:- 19.5 inches
  • Leg Lock Type:- Flip Lock
  • Weight:- 2.1 lb
  • Max. Carry Load:- 30lb

If you are looking for a 3 in 1 model shooting stick, then the Leader Accessories will be a great choice. Although there are others available which provide the same function, this one remains the best and top one. This shooting stick works are a tripod, bipod, and also a monopod depending on your needs. Made from solid and lightweight aluminum, the foldable design makes the product compact making it easy to carry around. 

There is a visual gear mount that also includes a V-shaped yoke that can be separated. The Yoke can turn around up to 360-degrees so that you can aim the target without altering the base position. It includes 3-sections legs that are easy to fold and can be extended with ease. The height of the stick can be adjusted from 19.5 inches to 63 inches. There is also a velcro strap that is attached with a couple of legs to make sure utmost security. 

You can place the stick with comfort either by kneeling, standing, or sitting and the quick-leg locks will get adjusted as per your posture. The safe and smooth foam gives a contoured handgrip on all legs so that you can have extra authority on your rifles. Overall the product has features that greatly help you to improve your consistency and shooting accuracy. 

5. Thunder Bay Shooting Tripod (Affordable)

Thunder Bay Shooting Tripod




Key Features

  • V-Shape Yoke:- The stand is equipped with a V-Shape yoke that can rotate 360 degrees. The fast adjustment will make sure you to shots from all angles.Thunder Bay Shooting Tripod With V Yoke System
  • Versatile:- Hunters and shooters prefer Thunder bay for its affordability, design, adjustability, and durability. 
  • Foldable & Adjustable:- The gear can be folded and adjusted up to 4 times and can be extended for up to 18.1 inches to a maximum of 60 inches.Thunder Bay Shooting Tripod With Foldable & Adjustable Legs
  • Easy Locking System:- You can adjust the gear by pulling the legs to maintain their height. There is also an easy locking system for perfect and safe shooting.

Main Specifications

  • Head Type:- V-Yoke
  • Maximum Height:- 60 inches
  • Minimum Height:- 18.1 inches
  • Leg Lock Type:- Flip Lock
  • Weight:- 2lb
  • Max. Carry Load:- 33lb

Developed by Velbon corporation, the Thunder Bay shooting tripod is well known for its top-notch quality of tripod shooting sticks. It is preferred by many shooters and hunters for its design, adjustability, and durability. The stand is equipped with a V-Shape yoke that can rotate 360 degrees. The fast adjustment will make sure you to shots from all angles. Also, grip rubber ridges make an excellent rest for your firearm stock. 

The steady V-Shape yoke can be removed liked other hunting tripods and enable you to use other attachments and accessories like a shooting scope and a camera. The gear can be folded and adjusted up to 4 times and can be extended for up to 18.1 inches to a maximum of 60 inches. To maintain the desired height, you can adjust the gear by pulling the legs. There is also an easy locking system for perfect and safe shooting. 

There are column legs for the height adjustment. There is also a foam grip which offers excellent stability during the hunt. The only drawback of this product is that it cannot be used while standing up. Apart from it, the geat is value for money and durable. I highly suggest you the Thunder Bay tripod, if you are looking for affordable gear with minimal features. 

Frequently Ask Questions:-

1. What are the types of hunting and shooting tripods?

There are various types of a tripod for hunting and shooting available on the market. Depending on the situation you use it, it can vary from monopod shooting stick, bipod, tripod, and a 3-in one shooting stick. 

2. What to look for when buying a hunting tripod?

Check the yoke, you might often see V and U-shaped yokes. This offers the stability of your firearm for an immediate shot. Some yokes also include ribs to aim steady. The adjustment, head adjustments, and range of movement and rotation must also be considered when buying a hunting/shooting tripod. 

3. What are the checklists for buying a hunting stick?

The weight, durability, adjustability, and several legs are some of the essential checklists to consider when you are a hunting stick. Usually, the legs of the hunting stick offer more stability. But in turn, a higher leg count might need more space. 

4. Do hunting sticks help?

Hunting sticks like bipods, tripods, and monopods help enhance your aim while shooting. You can be an expert in hunting, but a hunting tripod can still benefit you. They offer you are a stable platform and help to rest your firearms. With these, you can drastically enhance long-distance shots. 


By David Grey

David Grey is born & raised in Bozeman Montana, USA. He has been hunting & fishing since 2009. And used most of the outdoor gear during his 12 years of hunting experience. He likes to spend most of the time in the woods, on the trail, or by the water. He taught us about his outdoor journey and equipment experience.

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