6 Best Shooting Rest 2022: Steady Your Gun & Pistol Aim

If you having trouble keeping your aim steady, then you need to invest in the best shooting rest. Aiming your gun can be hard no matter what type of fixed position you are hunting from. Many recreational shooters and hunters prefer shooting rest. They are handy devices that not just keep them steady when using them but also reduce your arms fatigue as well. Some are also made to stop your gun’s recoil.

Best Shooting Rest

With shooting rest, your gun can stay in place. So all you have to do is take a shot. That’s the only thing you need to work on. I have also used other kinds of shooting gear and ammunition. They are considered to be essential when you wish to check the functionality and quality of the gun equipment. You need long-lasting material for your shooting rest. 

The grip has to be also coated and solid with foam for longer recoil absorption. No matter how strong your shooting rest is you need to take care of it and clean it regularly. Also, if you have kids around, always put the shooting rest concealed and away from the kids. With all this in mind! You are just a step away from getting new gear for your next hunt. 

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List Of 6 Best Shooting Rest

1. Caldwell Steady Shooting Rest (Accuracy)

Caldwell Steady Shooting Rest




Key Features

  • Accuracy:- The vertical adjustability, a front, and rear cradle, and a neoprene hand support. This shooting rest is made for durability and comfort. 
  • User Friendly:- This rest comes with 3 sections that can be connected or disconnected to make the right length for your guns.Caldwell Steady Shooting Rest comes In 3 Section
  • Durability:- This specific model from Caldwell is engineered for perfection to take your shooting to a new level. Whether it’s a recreational or competition it offers you solid performance and unmatched precision. 
  • Stability:- The non-marring material on the front and rear support are so gentle and firm that offer a stable shooting surface. The front rest can also be used as a handgun rest, offering a solid cushion base.
  • Suitable For:- You can also shoot full-sized hunting rifles, shorter guns, pistols, and shotguns.Caldwell Steady Shooting Rest Used For All type Of Guns
  • Easy to Use:- Adjustment knobs are placed well to enable quick adjustments that don’t require removing the gun from the rest.

It is one of the best shooting rest, I have ever used. I have used fences, bipods, and others, there are various guides on my blog do check them out. Also, this is about as bottom end as you can get when it comes to shooting rests. When I first saw the box, I start to wonder what I just bought. As it was too small approx. 12”x12”x4” but with this, it is still alluring packaging. One of the many reasons I want to buy this is its ability to change for whatever function you want. 

You can also shoot full-sized hunting rifles, shorter guns, pistols, and shotguns. By taking out the middle connector you can adjust the length or use just the front rest to suit all shooting needs. What I love about this shooting rest is that is so versatile and compact. It weighs less and is small so that you can carry it wherever you want without any issues. And if you want to save space, you can strip it apart in just a few minutes and put it back in the box. 

Also, the ability to use it as an adjustable firearm rest and rifle rest was a huge benefit! The quality of this gear seems to be “perfect” for what you pay. I did not see any quality issues unless you have any screw issues. When you open the box, you see some plastic screws and a few sticky pads. If you believe in using the manual they have that as well. But you can assemble it in just a couple of minutes and it will be ready to shoot. 

If you want to experience steady, elevation adjustment then I highly recommend you to try the Cladwell Steady Rest NXT. It comes with a 3-piece design enabling you to shoot the rest in 1 or 2 piece configurations. Enabling it to adjust to any length long gun and handguns. The non – marring material on the front and rear support is so gentle and firm that offers a stable shooting surface. The front rest can also be used as a handgun rest, offering a solid cushion base. 

Also, check out Caldwell Lead that comes with elevation adjustments with oversized wheel and recoil reduction. 

2. BOG Fieldpoint Shooting Rest (Multi-Purpose)

BOG Fieldpoint Shooting Rest




Key Features

  • Multiple Options:- Non-marring supports can hold different weapons from Muzzleloaders, shotguns, and much more. 
  • Adjustable:- The knobs are situated near the shooter and can be adjusted when needed. Also comes with removable footpads and legs with rubber support. 
  • Hands-Free Use:- The Bog FieldPod is designed securely to hold your weapons at the ready while calling or using binoculars.BOG Fieldpoint Gun Rest With Hand Free Use
  • Rubber Cradle:- Includes a rubber cradle for ultimate support and stability. The pliable rubber can hold any kind of handguard. 
  • Lightweight:- Engineered with durable aluminum and suitable for long hours of waiting for a clear shot and sitting. It is portable and collapsible.

If you are looking for an affordable standing rifle shooting rest, then this one from the BOG comes with a rugged appearance and is suitable for a game trail for a long-distance range. This equipment is designed to carry a lot. It’s incredibly lightweight as it is built with polymer and aluminum construction. Beefier tripods can use stainless fasteners for extra weight. 

Aluminum is lighter and does not corrode. The legs and main hub feel strong and it locks with an excellent tactile feel. Also equipped with removable footpads and legs and includes three large conical rubber pads which offer extra grip on the hardball surface and they can sit well into sand and gravel easily. You can also replace the feet, which are held by a small fastener on the inside. The diameter of the legs and the fasteners look like they are suitable for all Harris-style bipod feet. 

This specific model has its own spiked feet and well- built. They are durable and made of billet aluminum and sports an anodized finish. The center leg brace offers so much rugged. The whole assemble is made from stainless hardware and aluminum. It works great keeping the legs stiff and spaced well on uneven terrain with no wobble or slop. 

There is also a rubber cradle that provides stability and support. The cradle is simple and that is how it must be for fieldwork. The soft, pliable rubber that’s extra supportive can hold metal, wood, and polymer handguard tacked in place. This helps to mitigate recoil with 0.30-caliber loads perfectly. 

3. Primos Hunting Gun Rest (Stable)

Primos Hunting Gun Rest




Key Features

  • Accuracy:- Comes with a 2-point gun rest is 40 cm in length, Also includes sliders that help in adjusting the resting points. 
  • Stability:- Provides great comfort and stability for uses when aiming a target out of the field. Primos products are tested and approved in their labs and by hunters.
  • Truth Tested Badge:- This signifies that the Primos 65808 is tested by the manufacturer. So you can rest assured and trust it for your next hunt. 
  • 360-Degree Yoke:- The 360-degree rotating V-yoke ensures that you stay on your target. Also, the additional handle that is twistable keeps the target locked. 
  • Adjustability:- You can adjust the resting pegs to the height you want with the help of screws. 
  • Suitable:- Unlike other brands Primos has designed this shooting rest for youths and disabled hunters as well.

The Primos 65808 has a gun rest trigger stick attachment, which speaks truly the hunter’s language. It is quite popular for its adjustable height and tilting feature. It can get attached the trigger stick to the tripod with a 1/4 – 20 thread mount. Primos is also suitable for youth and disabled hunters which makes the gear unique. This two-point gun rest is 40 cm in length total but has a couple of sliders within to adjust the resting points.

You can also adjust the resting pegs with the help of a screw to your desired height. This rest truly provides excellent comfort and stability when scoping in on a target out in the field. Built with aluminum that assures you strong legs and a lightweight design for easy movement. I have also used other hunting gear from Primos and they never disappoint their buyers. Every product they make is tested and approved by hunters. 

This shooting rest also got a Truth Tested Badge from the manufacturer. Which signifies that these are tested truly by a real hunter. So you can rest assured and trust it for your next hunt. The Primos 2 – point gun rest also allows you to take a shot from any angle. For the performance and price, I like its accuracy and it’s one of the best shooting sticks for hunting. Unlike other brands, Primos has gone a little further, making its products suitable for the disabled. 

Some users have complained about the attachments wobbling. But I did not face it I suggest users who face such issues replace the screws. The 360 – degree rotating V yoke makes sure that you stay on your target. Also, the additional handle that is twistable keeps the target locked. An alternative version of Primos bench anchor comes with an all-steel body with a butt plate guard to help eliminate recoil. 

4. MTM K-Zone Shooting Rest (Lightweight)

MTM K-Zone Shooting Rest




Key Features

  • Adjustable:- The shooting rest is movable and detachable in the center and can be adjusted for most of the handguns. MTM K-Zone Shooting Rest With Pistol Adjustment
  • Suitable For:- The MTM K-Zone is perfect for sighting in a scope, this rest is so versatile and user-friendly. 
  • Lightweight:- It weighs just 4 pounds and comes with compartments to add weight if you want. 
  • Accuracy & Bench Style Rest:- This shooting rest also offers a bench-style rest handwheel elevation system with a precision dialed screw pedestal that adjusts the forearm level for accurate positioning.MTM K-Zone Shooting Rest With Bench Style Base
  • Rubber feet:- Non-marring molded rubber pads that come with front, middle and rear offer quick and easy support.  

The MTM is ideal for sighting in a scope, this shooting rest is so versatile which is suitable for both handguns and rifles. With movable and detachable rests in the middle, it can be adjusted for various sized handguns and also enable use with magazine-fed rifles such as a famous AR 15. There is also an adjustable center rest which can be extended up to 7.5 inches to enable the countless various handgun sizes. 

With the ability to add weights, this rest is suitable for use with various caliber rifles, which a lot of other rests in this price tag will find hard to provide. You will get much out of pocket and you don’t have to worry whether it’s suitable for the rifle due to the mentioned adjustments. The forearm level can be adjusted perfectly with the help of a screw-pedestal. This means that you can set up the rifle the way you want without having to find a preferred base or adjust. 

This shooting rest is so affordable if you want precision sight the scope. It does exactly what you expect affordably. The two-piece unit is suitable for both handgun and rifle users and it weighs just 3.5 pounds. The non-marring rubber shooting pads offer solid gripping support to barrels and gun stocks. The shooting rest is also supported with rubber feet for a slip-free stance on all shooting benches for an excellent solid hold. Check out MTM predator, if you are looking for a lighter version. 

5. CTK Precision Shooting Rest (Versatile)

CTK Precision Shooting Rest




Key Features

  • Convertible:- The CTK can also be converted as a shooting rest into a gun vise in just a few seconds.
  • 3-Point Levelling System:- The shooting rest comes with a 3-point leveling system that thumb locks offer a sturdy shooting platform.CTK Precision Shooting Rest With 3 Point Levelling
  • Solid-Body:- Heavy duty steel body comes with a strong E-coat finish inside and out and the set-up of this rest is different.
  • Limbs:- The limbs of the shooting rest are long enough to secure with clamps on the bench or with lead at the range and bag of shot.

CTK makes solid shooting rest crafted to minimize the potential of your guns. Their P3 ultimate model comes with a steel T with a padded Y on the barrel. It also has an adjustable pad for the seat. Every aspect of this piece is adjustable. The seating pad slides back and forth, up and down. It can also be tuned according to the angle of a stock. There are three T-star-shaped dials at the end. These raise and lower the rest and helps in making adjustments and leveling out uneven tables.

There is also a locking bolt that locks the shooting rest. The limbs of the gear are long enough to secure with clamps on a bench, or with lead at the range and bag of shot. Unlike other models, the setup of this rest is different. There is no end of the stock for the seat pads, so you can easily get down on the gun. This shooting rest is made to keep on action position and the rest can handle the weight of the guns.

As the CTK has various parts, you can adjust these parts swiftly with your hands by tweaking some handheld screws. This flexibility allows you to handle all-sized guns without any modification. The jaws are tugged and tight that can turn work as a shooting rest for your gun. This rest is also able to take some light or medium kicks. You can also see a hook attached on the sides, so you hand all kinds of stuff closer which might help you with the cleaning.

6. Allen Company Shooting Rest (Maintainable)

Allen Company Shooting Rest




Key Features

  • Adjustable:- The Accutrak is coming with adjustable steel and rubber front and rear support shooting rest. It provides the user with a top-notch strength polymer front tripod.
  • Sturdy:- The molded gun rest is soft and can grip your gun which protects it from scratches and dings.Allen Company Shooting Rest With Sturdy Grip
  • Easy to Adjust:- The rest is easy to adjust with the help of fine-tuning elevation screw and locks well for that extra support.
  • Easy to Maintain:- This product is also easy to assemble and maintains an accurate and steady shot.

This shooting rest from the Allen Company is adjustable and comes with steel and rubber front and rear support shooting rest. It also offers you top-notch strength and a polymer front tripod. It also comes with a rubber rear, steel spine that helps you to shoot accurately. The shooting rest is molded and offers your gun an excellent grip.

This protects your barrels from dings and scratches. There is also a fine-tuning elevation screw that enables you to make fast and easy adjustments. This shooting rest is easy to assemble and weighs just 8 lbs, and enhances your skills on the range while assisting you to maintain an accurate and steady shot. No matter your skillset, this gear will take you to the next level.

The black and gray body makes the rest suitable for all-sized hunters and it fits your budget.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. What to look for when buying a shooting rest?

The first thing to consider when you buy a shooting rest is to look for an adjustable height. It must be able to suit all-size hunters. Also check the sturdiness, material, and durability. 

2. Does CTK precision have leveling system?

Yes, CTK precision comes with a 3-point leveling system that thumb locks offer a sturdy shooting platform.

3. What does a 360-degree yoke does?

The 360-degree rotating V-yoke ensures that you stay on your target. Also, the additional handle that is twistable keeps the target locked. 


By David Grey

David Grey is born & raised in Bozeman Montana, USA. He has been hunting & fishing since 2009. And used most of the outdoor gear during his 12 years of hunting experience. He likes to spend most of the time in the woods, on the trail, or by the water. He taught us about his outdoor journey and equipment experience.

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