6 Best Rangefinder For Long Range Shooting 2021

The human desire to see clearly beyond their expectations is only possible when they are using any optical product. Like binoculars, spotting scope, rangefinder, riflescope, etc are using to see the distant object. Whether on the shooting range, hunting, or out in the wild, knowing the exact distance will help you to hunt faster.  Well, the rangefinders take your target accuracy to the next level. For a precision long-range shooting, absolute accuracy is much required.

Best Rangefinder For Long Range Shooting

There are many rangefinders available in the market that claims to range beyond 1000 yards but start struggling to hit a precise target at long range shootings. If you enjoy long-range shooting or want to get a rangefinder for yourself that is capable of measuring objects distance then you are at the right place.

As a hunter, before you take the final shoot, mistakes you could be making like the speed of wind, distance between you and target, angle of shooting, target moving speed, etc. We have done our in-depth research and found out some of the best rangefinders for long-range shooting. Nonetheless, trust me, the rangefinders on this list offer great accuracy and distance considerations along with many premium features.

List of Best Rangefinders For Long Range Shooting 2020

1. Leupold RX-i (1300 Yard)

Leupold RX-1300i

[fac_icon icon=”cog” font_size=”20px”]Key Features

  • Quick-set menu option
  • Comes with True Ballistic Range (TBR) technology
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Scan mode
  • 100% waterproof, fog-proof

The Leupold RX-1300i Laser Rangefinder is fully durable and comes with the quick-set menu. It is 100% waterproof, fog-proof, and backed with a Leupold gold ring. It is accurate and very easy to use provided you take it along with the instructions and practice for 15 or 20 minutes.

It offers fast accurate ranging up to 1300 yards, which are quite good suitable for hunting. The RX-1300i comes with Rifle & Bow Modes that allows you to select between rifle or bow modes. On the downside, I found this rangefinder very costly over other rangefinders but its a solid choice if you are looking for a good rangefinder that stays long with you.


2. Vortex Optics Ranger (1800 Yard)

Vortex Optics Ranger 1800


[fac_icon icon=”cog” font_size=”20px”] Key Features

  • Ranges up to 1,800 yards
  • Multiple modes
  • Rubberized coating for secure grip
  • Very Portable
  • Water and dirt proof

The vortex optics ranger 1800 accurately measure distance upto 1800 yards. Its equipped with both horizontal component distance(HCD) and line of sight(LOS).

It also comes with scan mode that displays the distance of a moving target across a landscape. The lens of this rangefinder offers an anti-reflective coating for better views. It is very portable and can easily be clipped to your belt or backpack.

Thanks to the O-ring sealed, the vortex rangefinder is fully waterproof and resist discrimination from moisture and dirt. Overall the Vortex ranger 1800 is ideal for gun hunters and long-range shooting.


3. Leupold RX-i TBR Laserfinder (1600)

Leupold RX-1600i TBR Laserfinder

[fac_icon icon=”cog” font_size=”20px”]Key Features

  • Intuitive displays and menus
  • Up to a 1,600-yard range
  • 6x magnification
  • Digitally enhanced Accuracy
  • Comes in many colors

The Leupold RX-1600i is one of the best strategic rangefinders with a maximum range of 1600 yards. It offers up to 6 times magnification. It comes with Digitally enhanced Accuracy (DNA) that gives more accuracy to this rangefinder.

This rangefinder has an advanced OLED technology display that can be adjustable according to your needs, making it perfect for any environmental or light conditions.

It comes with 3 Reticle Options – Plus Point, Duplex, and Duplex with Plus Point. Overall a power-packed rangefinder that one can buy for long-range shooting.


4.  Bushnell Elite Rangefinder with CONX (1760 Yard)

Bushnell Hunting Series Elite 1

[fac_icon icon=”cog” font_size=”20px”]Key Features

  • Instant results display with CONX app
  • Optics are good and has good eye reliefs
  • Connects with smartphone
  • Perfect one if you need to range 1760 yard or less
  • Special horizontal shape for rifle hunting

The Bushnell hunting rangefinder comes with maximum distance ranges from 5 to 1760 yards. The 7X magnification promises bright and clear views. It is n high level long rang shooting rangefinder that can also be used tactically.

The good thing I found in this rangefinder is that it comes with the CONX app that allows you to load up to three Custom Ballistic curves.

To show clear views, high-quality optics are inserted. It comes in horizontal shape which makes it suitable to be used for rifle and bowhunting. It can be easily used with one hand with its simple button design.

If pricing is not an issue for you then this is the best long-range hunting rangefinder.


5. Nikon Black RANGEX 4K (4000 Yard)

Nikon Black RANGEX 4K

[fac_icon icon=”cog” font_size=”20px”]Key Features

  • Tru-Target Technology
  • High Contrast Red OLED Display
  • Hyper Read
  • Nikon Optical Performance

Nikon black rangex 4k is capable enough to range upto 4000 yards. This rangefinder uses hyper reading that is immersively fast and gives positive distance measurement in 0.3 seconds, regardless of the distance. The Nikon black rangex 4k is a little costly but offers great features in its price range. This product is expensive models too because of its capability.


6. ATN Laser Ballistics (1500 Yard)

ATN Laser Ballistics 1500

[fac_icon icon=”cog” font_size=”20px”]Key Features

  • 1500/1640 yard range
  • You can connect to the phone or Smart Scope
  • Small In Size
  • Maximum accuracy with +/- 1-yard accuracy

The ATN laser rangefinder is one of the best rangefinders for long-range shooting in the market. The ATN ballistics 1500 is a smart rangefinder that is connected with your smartphone Bluetooth. ATN is well known for its electronic optics in the range finding, night vision, and scope industries.

The ATN ballistics 1500 comes with Smart Ballistic Calculator that calculates all the things in the background through the ATN smartphone app. It also calculates the distance between you and the object from the distance of 1500 –  1640 yards with maximum accuracy. It comes with 6X magnification that gives you gorgeous images. Overall it is a power-packed rangefinder that money can buy.


So these are the best rangefinders for long-range shooting that is swinging the year 2020 with their great work. I would love to hear your feedback on any of these rangefinders. Alternatively, you can comment us your choice of best rangefinders that we may have missed in our list.

By David Grey

David Grey is born & raised in Bozeman Montana, USA. He has been hunting & fishing since 2009. And used most of the outdoor gear during his 12 years of hunting experience. He likes to spend most of the time in the woods, on the trail, or by the water. He taught us about his outdoor journey and equipment experience.

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