6 Best Range Bag 2022: Safe & Organized Your Shooting Accessories

It is always fun to head to the shooting range. Whether you are new to shooting or a seasoned veteran. You are going to be hauling the gear to the gun range for some time of practice and most likely to catch up with your shooting mates too. Getting your ammo, guns, and accessories to and from the range is very essential. Especially, if you adore shooting and have seen your collection grow a lot. 

Best Range Bag

You will need your gear safe, organized with space for all of your shooting accessories like an ear protector and optics. This is where a range bag comes into play. There are designed for organized firearm transportation and make sure your shooting gears are safe and ready to be used. There are various types of range bags available on the market and choosing the right one that suits your needs is not that easy. 

There are specific things to consider while choosing a good-quality range bag. Check for the zippers and it must be durable and water-resistant. Check whether it has a compartment for ammunition and the handles should be rugged. It must also include internal pockets that allow you to keep smaller items organized and must be reachable. It must also have exterior pockets for extra items. 

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List Of 6 Best Range Bag


1. Reebow Tactical Range Bag (Lifetime Warranty)

Reebow Tactical Range Bag




Key Features

  • Durability:- This gun range bag is made of 600D nylon fabric which is durable and heavy-duty. It is also water-resistant. 
  • Main Compartment:- It comes with lock-style zippers for the main compartment with 3-dividers in the interiors. Reebow Tactical Range Bag With Main Compartment
  • Multiple Compartments:- This bag has multiple padded compartments that are spacious enough to hold all your hunting supplies like ammo, goggles, earmuffs, and others. There is also a removable inner partition. Reebow Tactical Range Bag With Multiple Compartments
  • Features:- Include a study and padded shoulder straps and rows are molled webbed on the side for hooking extra pouches.

As a top pick, this range bag from Reebow is an excellent one that has compartments to hold your magazines, handguns, earmuff, and other supplies required for target shooting or hunting. You can also store ammunition as much as you need. It is super durable as it’s made of 600 D nylon fabric. What’s more, there is also the main compartment to hold pistols.

There are also dividers in the interior and comes with a sturdy shoulder strap. Color options available are black, Army green, Pink and tan. The Reebow is made with scratch-resistant material, so you can rest assured about the quality. You can also use this bag as a photography bag. In short, you get a lot of other options with this well-pocketed and organized tactical bag. There is also a zippered pocket in the front and back. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. 

This bag is not for large guns and books and is a great pick if you are looking for a bag that is lighter to carry. Comes with an exterior dimension of 15” L x 12” W x 10” H and an interior dimension of 14” L x 8” W x 9” H. I liked the row being molle webbed on the sides for secure storage and hooking of extra pouches. The main compartment is large enough to hold your MREs and other stuff you want to place. 

The snap button on the back can also be opened to another pocket that includes a water tank. You can also adjust the shoulder strap that comes with a decent amount of padding as well. This makes it feel more comfortable when you load it fully. I am considering this piece an excellent choice for both men and women who want to carry it when a large one is not an option. I suggest it for its quality, portability, and price.  

2. Smith & Wesson Range Bag (Sturdy)

Smith & Wesson Range Bag




Key Features

  • Mag Pockets:- The Smith & Wesson M&P pro tactical range bag comes with 3 double pistol mag pouches, two external zippered pouches, and two internal padded pistol pockets. Smith & Wesson Range Bag With Pistol Mag Pockets
  • External Zipper:- The 2 external zippered pockets of dimensions 6” W x6” H x 1” D provides you easy and quick access to things stored in the bag.Smith & Wesson Range Bag With 2 External Pockets
  • Main Compartment:- Each internal pocket is made to handle handguns up to 8” barrel length. The loop dividers and adjustable hook allow organizing so much easier.Smith & Wesson Range Bag With Main Compartment
  • Durable:- Built with heavy-duty ballistic fabric, bottom and back are padded. Includes nylon handles for security and can withstand all weather conditions. 

I prefer brands when it comes to range bags. Not always, but most often the brand can tell a lot about what you need from a bag. This range bag from Smith and Wesson is so popular among the firearms industry. With this being the brains behind shooting bags, you can bet the functionality and design were done well. The Smith and Wesson bag is crafted with durable material, weather-resistant, and ballistic fabric to withstand any condition. 

It is not often to see a bag that is strong and also functional. This one does it all. It is super functional enabling plenty of space with 8 pockets, pistol mag pouches, and padded. There is also an accessory pocket that comes in a full-length and removable padded ammo bag with loop dividers and an adjustable hook to organize the gear you want. 

Also, the dual zippered top opening enables easy and quick access to all compartments and offers a secure fit for rugged activities. There are two versions of the bag, a double handgun and a single handgun to choose from. I like how each internal pocket is made to handle two guns up to 8” barrel length. Hold an internal dimension at 14: x 16” and external dimensions at 15.5” W x 10.5” H X 4” D and the external pockets at 6” W X 6” H X 1” D. So you can store a couple of handguns. 

Overall you can never go wrong with the Smith and Wesson range bag. Designed by a well-known manufacturer in the firearms industry. It’s a sturdy bag with functionality that enables easy organizing. Also, check out their other version M&P by Smith & Wesson MP Officer Tactical Range Bag.

3. Allen Compact Range Bag (For Women)

Allen Compact Range Bag

Key Features

  • Pockets:- Equipped with a lined internal handgun pocket and 4 elastic magazine loops. You can place your earmuffs in it as it offers a strop for holding it. Allen Compact Range Bag With Pistol Mag Pockets
  • Compartments:- The main compartment provides enough space for your ammo, pistols, and other essentials. It also includes a soft-lined pouch for accessories. 
  • Zippers:- Includes a couple of zippered openings to quickly access and comes with 3 outside pockets with zippers. Allen Compact Range Bag With 3 External Pockets
  • Durable:- This bag is durable and comes with webbed handles with padded support for that extra support.
  • Shoulder Straps:- The shoulder straps are adjustable and removable when not required. Also, it is padded and has a mesh lining.

If you are a women hunter, then you probably know how tough it could be to find the right shooting range bag. This one from the Allen company store is a thing to consider if you love shooting and were in search of a girly range bag that doesn’t snag a lot. This compact bag features a dual-zippered opening to the main compartment. And provides an excellent organizing option for storing the gun. There is a lined internal handgun pocket and 4 elastic magazine loops.

You can place your earmuffs in it as it offers a strop for holding it. The main compartment provides enough space for your ammo, pistols, and other essentials. It also includes a soft-lined pouch for accessories. The design is neat throughout and can hold Molle accessories with various rows of Molle straps on the exterior. There is also a hook and look patch that’s easy to add your morale patch or name. 

The bag has three outside pockets for storing accessories and is zippered for efficient securing. You can also carry your glasses, gloves, and other more inside the exterior. There are also heavy-duty web handles with padded grip for a comfortable carry. You can also adjust the shoulder straps or remove them when not needed. It also comes with a cool mesh back and is padded as well.

Hold a dimension of 14 x 2.5 x 11.25 inches and weighs just 0.75 kgs. The bag does not come with a pistol rug, apart from it it’s a decent–looking bag for women. It doesn’t disappoint you as it is functional and durable. 

4. ProCase Range Bag (Durable)

ProCase Range Bag




Key Features

  • Pockets:- Equipped with padded compartments, pockets, and removable dividers that offer a lot of storage space to hold your hunting supplies. There are also 6 elastic loops for storing magazines.ProCase Range Bag With Pockets
  • Durability:- Rugged with solid premium 600D oxford fabric and comes with full padding and is water-resistant. Also, include high-density antiskid feet to keep your bag from dust and dirt.
  • Main Compartment:-  The adjustable dividers enable you to customize the main compartment to up to 3 sections for storing ear muffs and others. There is also a padded compartment that comes with adjustable and removal inner partitions. It allows you to customize it accordingly to store your items.ProCase Range Bag With Main Compartment
  • Shoulder Strap:- The sturdy wrap-around handles are also removable and can be adjusted. The shoulder straps are padded for that extra support.

 The ProCase bag comes with reinforced material and is tear-resistant. It comes with a 600D Oxford cloth that is weatherproof as well. And it is super durable and lasts long. This bag has a dimension of 16.9 x 9.84 x 9.84 inches. As a result, this bag comes with a huge load capacity and can carry up to 44 lbs of range. If you are looking for a perfect divider range bag, then this is an excellent choice. 

Comes with a fully padded main compartment with adjustable and removable inner partitions. There is also a hidden large pocket in the main compartment that can store up to three to four pistols. The padded material inside the bag offers an extra level of protection and makes sure your guns and safe and secure. The quality material and supreme protection of this bag make it a unique buy. It consists of 5 heavy-duty slip-proof feet designed on the bottom and keeps your bag from dirt and dust.

This is a best shooting range sports bag and is equipped with 6 built–elastic magazine holders in the front. The hook and loop on the front allow for decorating your personal tags. The grab–and–go handles are removable and adjustable. It also comes with a sling shoulder strap for carrying options. The well-padded shoulder straps do not strain your shoulders. There is also an insulated bottle holder that can hold up to 1L bottles which keep liquids cold or warm for a longer time. 

5. AUMTISC Pistol Range Bag (Spacious)

AUMTISC Pistol Range Bag




Key Features

  • Pockets:- This bag offers a lot of compartments, pockets for pistols, and gun accessories. Also, includes 10 magazine pouches and elastic to store guns and pistols.AUMTISC Pistol Range Bag With 10 Mag Pockets
  • Spacious:- It is large enough to hold up to 3 handguns and your gear and offers space to hold your magazine and other auxiliary equipment. 
  • Main Compartments:- Includes adjustable and removable inner partitions to customize the main compartment. Offers a lot of padded and organized compartments. AUMTISC Pistol Range Bag With Main Compartments
  • Durable:- Designed from 600D polyester fabric and heavy-duty zippers, the bag is also double sewn for that extra sturdiness. 
  • Weather Resistance:- The bag can withstand all climatic conditions and provides superior protection for your shooting supplies. 

Also a well-known brand for its best outdoor sports gear and provides options for those who wish to buy gun cases and range bags. Offers excellent quality range bags that are durable and weights light. This bag is super spacious and comes with top-notch protection for your equipment. This pistol bag is massive and comes with an 18” x 14” x 10” profile and has various compartments. It is spacious and you can easily store your ammo and pistols in there. 

The main compartment is sectioned into 3 separate areas with a lot of pockets and pouches to help keep your shooting gears secure and organized. Plenty of side compartments complements the Amustisc and provide so much space to hold the magazine and other auxiliary equipment. The bag is highly durable as its made from 600D polyester fabric. It is also weather-resistant, hence suitable for all weather conditions be it winter, rainy, or summer.

 The foam padding that comes along the outer layer helps protect your gears from any wear and tear and the bag can handle anything. You can easily carry the bag with its carry-on handle and the detachable shoulder sling which is also adjustable. Though the bag is not made for tactical use, it is an excellent multi-function bag that can be used for your next range. It is perfect for hunting expeditions outdoors and a weekend adventure with your peers. Available in various colors to choose from, I prefer the C –tan.

6. GunMate Range Bag (Basic)

GunMate Range Bag




Key Features

  • Compartments:- There is a side compartment and pockets which are spacious and zippered which can hold a couple of full-sized handguns and accessories.
  • Main Compartment:- The movable dividers insider the bag provides better organization and offers a plethora of padding support.GunMate Range Bag Withh Main Compartment
  • Spacious:- This bag is super spacious and fully zippered, with a basic and affordable look this bag can fulfill your shooting training.  

GunMate range bag is affordable yet strong enough to accommodate all your gun accessories to the range. If you are on a limited budget, then I would highly recommend this bag for your tactical range. As it is designed well for the same and an excellent option to consider. Not – so – classy, but it can still provide you the best. The bag comes with a basic look and works well more than those flashy high-end range bags out there. 

Measuring 16” x 8” x 7” inches, this bag weighs just 0.9 kgs and provides enough space to fit 2 – full-sized handguns and accessories, and gears. The movable dividers insider the bag provides better organization and offers a plethora of padding support. So you can rest assured that your hunting gear is protected against impact damage. Also, there is a side compartment and pockets which are spacious and zippered. All these features contribute to making this bag one of the best yet affordable bags available. 

For such a moderately priced product, this is surprisingly durable. The zippers are extremely sturdy so is the material. I liked the built quality of this bag which means that it will not wear out or rip that sooner. 

Frequently Ask Questions:-

1. How to choose the best range bag?

The best range bag is one that is made from high quality and sturdy materials like polyester and nylon. It must also offer enough room for storing your ammo, firearms, and other supplies related to hunting. This will make sure success when you visit the range. 

2. Are range bags useful while hunting?

They are very useful while hunting to load your hunting supplied. And there are specific things to consider before buying it, look for the camouflaged exterior so that it blends well into nature. Also, make sure whether it’s weather resistance. 

3. Are range bags waterproof?

Not all have weather and waterproof material. Most of the best ones however do offer a bit of both. Thanks to their polyester and nylon material. 

4. How many firearms can a range bag hold at once?

Even a small range bag can hold around 2 full-sized handguns or pistols. Larger bags can accommodate 3 guns along with the ammunition, spotting scopes, and earmuffs. These can be stored in the interior pockets and exterior pockets and other areas throughout the bag. 


By David Grey

David Grey is born & raised in Bozeman Montana, USA. He has been hunting & fishing since 2009. And used most of the outdoor gear during his 12 years of hunting experience. He likes to spend most of the time in the woods, on the trail, or by the water. He taught us about his outdoor journey and equipment experience.

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