7 Best Night Vision Scope For Coyote Hunting 2022: +200 Yards

Well, as a hunter you always dream of converting your night vision shooting into a long-range shooting. As you know most of the big and small hunting game animals are nocturnal (hog, coyotes, etc,) and active at night. With the help of a night vision scope and a predator decoy, you can easily hunt the target between 200-400 yards in the nighttime.

Best Night Vision Scope I thoroughly understand your feeling as a hunter and your requirements regarding the best night vision scope. After researching and testing different rifle scope brands on the field, I choose the best 7 for you.

Well, I listed the best night vision rifle scope for coyotes hunting on basis of their Night/Day range, Battery Consumption, Field of View, Magnification, recoil rate, IR illuminator wavelength, etc. I will suggest you buy the best one rather than invest in different hunting gear.

Let’s get started,

List of 7 Best Night Vision Scope


1. ATN 4K PRO Night Vision Scope (Recommend to Buy)


Key Features

  • Fully waterproof:- Weather resistant
  • Extreme Operating Temperatures:-  -28°C to 48°C
  • One-Shot Zero:- After taking the shot correct your reticle and you are good to goOne-Shot Zero
  • Smart Range Finder:- Allows you to estimate the distance and height of your target to adjust your reticle’s Point of Impact instantaneouslySmart Range Finder
  • Ballistic Calculator:- Helps you in to take a perfect shot each time in the wind, Humidity, Barometer Pressure, Altitude, and Temperature, etc. The best way to use this mode is by using Obsidian App with a WiFi/Bluetooth connection to your scopeBallistic Calculator
  • Smart Mil-Dot Reticle:-  According to your load, you can change the variance between hash marks into a smart Mil-dot reticle. You can use it with the ATN Ballistic Calculator. 1 mil = 10cm @ 100mSmart Mil-Dot Reticle
  • Dual Stream Video:- Obsidian  IV Dual Core Streams Video at HD resolution and simultaneously record the video inside the SD card
  • Recoil Activated Video:- After turn on RAV, you never miss a single hunting moment, because of the X-Sight Record directly to your SD card. All the heavy lifting is done by Obsidian Core you need to relax and just focus on the gameRecoil Activated Video


  • Excellent quality diopter system and internal visual screen
  • Night vision works well
  • Looks great
  • Scope works fine
  • Easy to use



  • Constant freezing

 Main Specifications

  • Display:- HD 1280 x 720
  • Magnification:- 5-20x
  • Built-in memory:- No SD card (support up to 64GB)
  • IR wavelength:- LED 850 nm
  • Day time Range Performance:- 350 Yard
  • Night Vision Detection Range:- 250 Yards
  • Weight:- 1.01 kg
  • Battery:- Internal Lithium-Ion Battery (Up to 18hrs)
  • Field of view at 1000 yds:- 240 ft (5°)
  • Eye relief:- 90mm
  • Dimensions:- 379 x 76 x 76 mm


  • Sun-Shade Sheild
  • Eyecup
  • 3 Mounting Ring Base
  • 2 Battery for IR illuminator
  • USB-C Cable
  • Scope Cover

Now let’s dive into the ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 5-20X, really has a great scope in terms of everything especially the onboard video recording, ballistic calculator, and one-shot zero. Overall it’s the cheapest and excellent quality night vision scope, you get what you paid for.

The body of the ATN X-Sight 4K Pro is built with hardened Aluminium alloy with impact-resistant electronics. Due to this its recoil resistance is increased that allowing withstand the pressures of High Caliber weapons.

The more you are used to the IR illuminator the more you like it. After testing it on the field, I got the following figures, the maximum night vision range it attains is up to 250 yards. Besides that, you can adjust the IR illuminator beam by rotating a focused lens clockwise resulting in narrowing the beam to its maximum power. In the daytime, you can hit a 350-yard target easily. And I am highly recommending you to use wind mode if you plan to shoot at ranges beyond 250 yards.

Night Mode Vision Range

Full HD mode video recording with audio, allows you to record your hunting adventure. For better video quality of Night Vision mode, turn on light sensitivity settings to Low.  They organized all the things in a manner so you get easy access to each function while you are on a hunt.

The feature I like the most is ultra-low battery consumption power. The Dual-Core processor allows it to run cool and lasts its battery for up to 18 hours as I told you to get what you paid. Recommend to charge your scope with a 2A USB charger.

Download the latest updated firmware from the official website, and enjoy the ATN X-Sight new features.

ATN Auxiliary Ballistic Smart Laser Rangefinder

ATN Auxiliary Ballistic Smart Laser Rangefinder


The Auxiliary Ballistic Laser sends a distance signal to the ballistic calculator between you and the target. Simple installation of ABL and One button programming will make you into the deadliest predator. Turn your ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 5-20x into a long-range hunter’s dream.


2. Sightmark Wraith Night Vision Riflescope (Best in Budget)

Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32x50 Digital Riflescope

Key Features

  • Fully waterproof IP55:- Water-resistant
  • Wide-angle eyepiece:- Eyepiece delivers a precise and rich image perception.
  • Updatable software:- Download the latest firmware to update
  • Maximum recoil rate:- Upto .308
  • Protection accessory:- Picatinny rail
  • 10 reticle options and 9 different colors:- Allows you to see rich and deep image perception10 reticle options and 9 different colors
  • Extreme Operating Temperatures:- -15°C to +50°C
  • Elevation /Windage Range of Adjustment:- 70/170 MOA


  • Easy and fast mounting
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent color choices
  • Great daytime use
  • Battery life is as good as advertised



  • Big in size

 Main Specifications

  • Display:- FLCOS 1280×720
  • Magnification:- 4-32x
  • Micro SD card slot:- support up to 256GB SD card
  • IR wavelength:- LED 850 nm
  • Range Performance:- 550 Yard
  • Night Vision Detection Range:- 200 yards
  • Weight:- 1Kg
  • Battery:- AA x4
  • Field of view, m @ 100 m/[email protected]:- 7/21
  • Eye relief:- 60 mm
  • Dimensions:- 266 x  63 x 75 mm

I am thoroughly impressed with the Sightmark Wraith’s night vision scope features they provide for that amount of money. Except for one loophole which I mentioned below is almost negligible in this budget. This scope is good for both day and night vision. After testing it in the field, we were satisfied with the following figures. The Sightmark Wraiths take accurate shoots up to 350 yards in day vision and up to 200 yards in night vision.

Night Vision Range

Well, you can imagine or video record with a 1920 x 1080 HD sensor and a 1280 x 720 high-resolution FLCOS display. Also, you can easily switch between video recording and photo mode. The loophole in this night vision riflescope is no voice recorder in the video mode.

IR illuminator is the most important part of the night vision scope it comes with 850nm and it is removable. You can adjust the angle of the illuminator power by loosening the two holding bolts of the IR illuminator. It comes with 3 brightness levels (High, Medium, and Low). Also, you can adjust the beam width by twisting the focus adjustment.

Let’s talk about the top side of the night vision riflescope, they provide a  quick menu access button. Which helps you to zoom, zero the scope, resolution setting, etc.

As you know all human eyes cylinders curved differently. So the  Sightmark Wraith’s eyepiece is designed with diopter adjustment, resulting in seeing a crisp and sharp image. You can focus the image with focus adjustment until it becomes clear.

The battery is the backbone of the night vision riflescope,  Sightmark Wraith’s battery comes with 4 AA batteries that last for 4.5 hours. But you can charge them with an external Micro USB power input. Besides that, Sleeping mode helps you to save the battery. The IR illuminator has its own 2 CR123a batteries.

To update the firmware, you need to download the latest firmware update from the official website:- http://sm-wraith.com/firmware. Copy the file in the root of micro SD with the name SD_UPDATE.BRN and run the program. This will take a few minutes.

3. BESTSIGHT Night Vision Rifle Scope (Inexpensive)

RHYTHMARTS Night Vision Rifle Scope

Key Features

  • Camera:- The 3MP ultra HD hunting camera offers you a 16 mm focal length to offer an ultra-wide angle of view. The camera has a macro focusing approach which can focus from infinity to 1:1 magnification to see things crystal clear even from too close.RHYTHMARTS Night Vision Rifle Scope With 3MP Camera
  • Range & Accuracy:- If you are aiming at small targets like rats or squirrels, it will work excellently in 30 to 40 yards. However, large targets like elk, deer, and coyotes can be taken down from more than 100 yards. It has a working range of up to 200m [ 218 yards] distance.
  • IR Illuminator:- It has a high-power IR light that is invisible to a human or animal’s eye. Moreover, this 850NM 5W IR is zoomable so you can use it with a night vision device to enhance your viewing range.RHYTHMARTS Night Vision Rifle Scope With 850nm IR
  • Battery Life:- You need a total of three 18650 batteries to operate this night vision rifle scope, 1 for IR light and 2 for the display. Batteries are not included. Remember that turning off the IR while hunting in the daytime will improve the battery life.
  • Display:- You see things widely and clearly with the help of a night vision 5.0-inch screen. It sounds pretty convenient but you cannot record videos in it. Also, everything feels so perfect until the display light starts illuminating your face.RHYTHMARTS Night Vision Rifle Scope With 5 inch Display
  • Portability:- Overall weight of this product is 34 oz which may feel a bit heavy while holding on to your rifle with scope for hours. But that’s what the HUNTERS DO! Make sure you have a scope with tubular ends to not face mounting problems. Also, there is no mention of a carrying bag.
  • Durability:- This NV has an aluminum body that is corrosion-resistant and durable. It is recommended to carry it safely and avoid encountering water. Furthermore, it is covered with 1-year free warranty services from Rhythmarts.


  • Good night vision
  • Sharp resolution
  • Excellent quality picture
  • Easy to use
  • Looks nice



  • Night vision scope comes with limitations

 Main Specifications

  • Magnification:- 5.0-inch HD LCD Screen
  • IR wavelength:- LED 850 nm
  • Range Performance:- 200 Yard
  • Night Vision Detection Range:- 100 yards
  • Weight:- 35 oz
  • Battery:- 3×18650 Battery
  • Field of view, m @ 100 m/[email protected]:- 21
  • Eye relief:- 16 mm
  • Dimensions:- 230 x  127 x 76 mm

Launched in March 2019, the Rhythmarts NV rifle scope is gaining popularity among hunters and nature lovers. It is Generation Ⅲ NV that offers you the best resolution, cleanest and brightest image, and best low-light performance. The features do not end here. 

You can switch it in both day and night mode using a quick button during dusk and dawn. Additional accessories like scope tube clamp, Camouflage tape, and Scope connection barrel give you a hustle-free assembling while saving a lot of time.

Overall, these super awesome features cost you only $150, VERY AFFORDABLE. It is a highly recommended device for various outdoor activities like hunting, shooting, exploring, and observing.

4. Firefield 3×42 Night Vision Rifle Scope (Old One)

Firefield 3x42 Night Vision Rifle Scope

Key Features

  • IR Illuminator:- It has a built-in high-powered Infrared illuminator with an IR wavelength of 850nm (nanometer) that enhances the image quality. You get an improved viewing range even in complete darkness.Firefield 3x42 Night Vision Rifle Scope With 850nm Wavelength
  • Range & Accuracy:- This NV rifle scope ensures a field of view of 21ft at a 100m distance. It has a lens diameter of 42mm with 3x magnification which is an optimum combination to view detailed images at night. Additionally, it has a range of detection for 150m/165yd distance which is stunning to hunt up to 100 yards at night. 
  • Battery Life:- It is powered by 2xAA lithium batteries which are easily replaceable. The battery lasts for 20 hours if you run it with IR. While using in dusk and dawn, or turning off IR, it may last up to 50 hours.
  • Image Quality:- The scope has an incremental brightness adjustment with an illuminated red duplex reticle. These features combined help a hunter to adapt to his surroundings very quickly to deliver crystal clear views. Furthermore, the multi-coated optics offer you an adequate amount of light so you see quality images in low-light conditions.Firefield 3x42 Night Vision Rifle Scope With Multilayer optics
  • Portability:- The NV scope weighs 30oz which is heavy but manageable to carry. It has an ergonomic design that allows easy mounting (Weaver Mount) on your rifle. Moreover, you get a carrying case for the safe and secure transportation of this product.
  • Durability:- The titanium body of this night vision riflescope makes it highly durable and long-lasting. The water-resistant properties with IPX4 Rating protect the scope from splashing water in any direction. Finally, the product was covered with defects in materials and a workmanship warranty for 3 years


  • Cheaply priced
  • Durable and well-constructed
  • Clear reticle
  • Common sense placement of adjustment
  • Reticle brightness intensity adjustable



  • Heavy

 Main Specifications

  • Magnification:- 3×42
  • IR wavelength:- LED 850 nm
  • Range Performance:- 150 Yard
  • Night Vision Detection Range:- 100 yards
  • Weight:- 31 oz
  • Battery:- AA x2
  • Field of view, m @ 100 m/[email protected]:- 21
  • Eye relief:- 45 mm
  • Dimensions:- 230 x  127 x 76 mm

The complete need for your nighttime hunting is Firefield NVRS 3×42 gen1. WHY? Because it is cost-effective ($350), robust, and most importantly delivers high-resolution views. It is perfect for medium to long-range target kills. 

The flip-up lens covers to protect the lenses from scratches and adverse weather while it is not in use. Moreover, the quick-detach weaver mounting system allows you to change optics, or shift to another rifle. Overall, the final takeaway is, that you get more than you pay for. It is better to opt for this budget night vision rifle scope than to spend dollars on cheap quality optics out there and get conned.

5. Pulsar Ultra N455 Night Vision Riflescope (Premium One)

Pulsar Digisight Ultra N455 Digital Night Vision Riflescope

Key Features

  • “Picture-in-Picture” mode:- This allows to see both: The full field view and the aiming view with target and reticlePicture-in-Picture
  • Fully waterproof IPX7:- Tested submersion in 1 m of water for up to 30 min.
  • 6 lens Wide-angle eyepiece:- Eyepiece delivers a precise and deep image perception.
  • Updatable software:- Stream Vision mobile application helps you to check updates and install new firmwareUpdatable software
  • High caliber recoil resistance:- 12 gauge., 9.3×64, .375H&H
  • Scalable ballistic reticles:- Helps you to measure quick distance and adjust at various shooting range.
  • 10 reticle shapes in 6 color modes:- Allows you to see rich and deep image perception.
  • Instant start-up:- Within 3 Seconds.
  • Extreme Operating Temperatures:- -25°C to +50°C
  • Stadiametric rangefinder:- Determine the range to objects with heights of 1.7 m to 0.3 m.
  • Elevation angle sensor:- Pulsar N455 automatically shutdown when resting in a non-shooting position.


  • Easy to sight in
  • Learning curved menu
  • Good included light
  • Low light conditions work great
  • Well-constructed



  • Large and heavy

 Main Specifications

  • Display:- AMOLED 1024 x 768
  • Magnification:- 4.5x to 18x
  • Built-in memory:- 16GB
  • IR wavelength:- LED 940 nm
  • Range Performance:- 550 Yards
  • Night Vision Detection Range:- 250 yards
  • Weight:- 0.83Kg
  • Battery:- Li-Ion Battery Pack IPS5 with 5000 mAh
  • Field of view (HxV), degrees / m @ 100 m:- 6.2 x 4.7 / 10.9 x 8.2
  • Eye relief:- 50mm
  • Dimensions:- 370 x 73 x 74 mm


  • Pulsar Ultra-X IR Illuminators:- Interchangeable IR for Digisight Ultra N400th riflescopes
  • APS Charger:- For charging the APS3 / APS2 batteries
  • IPS Batteries:- Interchangeable standard power supplies for Helion / Accolade / Trail / Digisight Ultra
  • PB8I Battery:- Power Bank helps you to extend the operating time of Pulsar devices

The best about Pulsar Digisight Ultra N455 is its high-definition 1024×768 resolution sensor with an Amoled display. This will give you a crystal clear view while you hunt a target. Besides that, they enhanced the product digitization and lower the price as compared to N355.Unique B- pack rechargeable batteryOn the other hand, installing and removing the Unique B- pack rechargeable battery is super easy. You just need to lift the lever and insert or remove the battery after that pull down the lever. These batteries do last for over 5 hrs of operation on maximum mode.

On the top side of the Pluser night vision scope, you will see 4 menu buttons that provide you with an easy access control system. These buttons play different functions like zoom in, zoom out, brightness, contrast, etc. Apart from that, a lens focusing knob buttons next to menu buttons helps to see a crisp image of the observed object.

Night vision range picture

On the left side, they provide an IR Illuminator attachment point which helps you to improve image quality in total darkness conditions. The High nighttime sensitivity gives you ultra clear target detection at distances of 500+ meters. You will also see a Micro USB port that helps you to transfer the data, that you videoing at the time of observation.

6. Night Owl Night Vision Rifle Scope (Budget Friendly)

Night Owl Night Vision Rifle Scope

Key Features

  • Display:- The scope lets you see objects in a high-resolution 640×480 display. It is far better than other scopes as you can track the movements of your game on-screen to achieve a successful kill. 
  • IR Illuminator:- It works with a high-power IR illuminator which is not included. Yea, that’s shocking, but you can buy it separately by paying some extra bucks.Night Owl Night Vision Rifle Scope With 850 nm
  • Image Quality:- You can get crystal clear views by utilizing 3x magnification and 52 mm focal length. The bigger and quality objective lens ensures maximum light supply, in case you haven’t bought an illuminator, you may still hunt during dusk and dawn. 
  • Range & Accuracy:- You can see fine up to 100-200 yds in typical nighttime environments. However, if you are hunting in twilight or in too dark, it will work great in 75 to 100 yards. Also, the scope has a focusing distance of 10ft to infinity allowing you an instant focus.
  • Reticle Types:- It has 3 types of reticles, that can be configured in black and white color to suit the existing hunting environment. You can keep the reticle white at night time and black during daytime hunting.
  • Battery Life:- This product functions on 4 x AA or lithium batteries which are not included. It is recommended to get quality alkaline batteries for long hunting hours at night. The battery lasts for 4 hours with IR on High and 7 hours with IR on Low.
  • Portability:- It weighs around 27oz which is lightweight to carry with your rifle. However, the box does not include a carry bag for safe transportation. Weaver mount fits well with this night vision rifle scope.
  • Durability:- Made with high-quality plastic material, this scope is durable for years. Also, it is weatherproof to perform well in a wide variety of environments. The scope is covered with a one-year limited warranty from NightOwl against defects in materials and workmanship.


  • Works well during the day
  • Amazing in pitch black darkness
  • Pretty amazing visibility
  • Moderate price range
  • Super easy to focus



  • Battery door location is not good

 Main Specifications

  • Display:- 640X480 display
  • Magnification:- 3x
  • IR wavelength:- 850 nm
  • Range Performance:- 300 Yards
  • Night Vision Detection Range:- 150 yards
  • Weight:- 27 oz
  • Battery:- 4xAA
  • Field of view (HxV), degrees / m @ 100 m:- 640X480 display
  • Eye relief:- 52 mm
  • Dimensions:- 380 x 127 x 76 mm

NightShot Night Vision Rifle Scope is a power-packed solution for your night hunting needs. You can go with a range of 100 in complete darkness. The best part is, that it has 4 different IR levels low, medium, high, and off to fit the needs of your hunting environment. 

It costs you $400 for this piece of device, sounds expensive but not your passion. This optic withstands the recoil of .30 rifle calibers, 20ga and lower, non-magnum rifles, and shotguns. 

Overall, this is one of the best night vision scopes that fulfill the hunting, paintball, airsoft, and spying requirements of an individual. Highly recommended for a hunter who hunts for hours with no fixed time of getting back home.

7. Sniper Day/Night Vision Rifle Scope (Premium One)

Sniper Day Night Vision Rifle Scope

Key Features

  • Fully waterproof IPX6:- Water-resistant
  • Extreme Operating Temperatures:- -15°C to +50°C
  • Maximum recoil rate:- Up to 0.308


  • Impressive build quality
  • Fine reticle
  • Great image quality
  • Phenomenal light gathering
  • Night vision works well



  • Digital NV unit can be upgraded

 Main Specifications

  • Display:- CMOS 750 x 560
  • Magnification:- 4.5 – 18x
  • Micro SD card slot:- support up to 32GB SD card
  • IR wavelength:- LED 850 nm
  • Range Performance:- 250 Yards
  • Night Vision Detection Range:- 200 yards
  • Weight:- 1.1 Kg
  • Battery:- 1 lithium battery (Up to 3H)
  • Field of view (HxV), degrees:- 4.6 x 3.7
  • Eye relief:- 60 mm
  • Dimensions:- 262 x  82 x 114 mm


  • 1x AV Video Cable and USB Cable
  • 1X8GB TF card
  • 1x Power Adapter
  • 2x Battery
  • 1x Cleaning Cloths

This is a great entry-level sniper night vision rifle scope. It was difficult for me to choose the best one for this spot. Among these 3-night vision rifle scope Sniper, Firefield NVRS, and Night Owl. After doing ground-level research, I concluded and listed Sniper’s night vision scope. Because of its night vision range, picture quality, and product price.

So here is what I have experienced, the range in the daytime for a good shoot is 250 yards. While in the night mode the IR illuminator helps you take a fine shoot up to 200 yards, after that it starts a little grainy. Moreover, it is best to take a shoot in black and white rather than the green mode.

Let’s talk about its other feature, rechargeable lithium battery life is good to last for up to 2.5 hours. I suggested you keep separate ones. Micro SD card slot store date up to 32GB. On the left side of the Micro SD slot is an audio jack slot. A USB port is also there for transferring the data.

The thing which I don’t like about this product is the weight of the product is a bit more and no WiFi. Overall the product is good in terms of quality and features. The nighttime range of the riflescope is good that’s why I listed it here.


Well, I have done my work now it’s your time to choose the best night vision rifle scope for your rifle. I listed 7 rifle scope brands that I like the most. They have all are in this field for a long time and enhancing their technology to dominate over other brands.

From my point of view, all 7 are best, now it depends on your budget and requirement. As above I mentioned all of the features of each night vision rifle scope. Trust me these 7 are best to buy and let me know in the comment which one you choose for your night hunting. For any query do comment I definitely reply and suggest you according to your needs. Thanks


By David Gray

David Gray is born & raised in Bozeman Montana, USA. He has been hunting & fishing since 2009. And used most of the outdoor gear during his 22 years of hunting experience. He likes to spend most of the time in the woods, on the trail, or by the water. He taught us about his outdoor journey and equipment experience.


  1. Would have been nice if you would have given recommendations for matching a caliber of rifle for these scopes.

  2. I would be interested in one of these. Problem cats pigs coyotes. All of course can be taken with small caliber. But larger caliber for cats long distance and pigs tough armor. Any caliber would be ok for coyotes the larger caliber .308 .338 do you recommend one of these or something else? I was looking at ATN thermal also. My Dads calf moms cats have come up missing.

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