11 Best Meat Grinder For Deer Hunter 2021

For all the passionate Deer Meat enthusiasts, one of the most challenging tasks is searching for a reliable meat grinder for deer processing. Well, HunterHunts listed the best meat grinder for deer on the abilities of, motor power, grinding meat per hour, storage, design, etc.  According to GARNER INSIGHTS, the demands of meat grinders for deer are increasing till 2025. So, buy the best one for your meat processing. Also, read our post about the best meat grinder for bones and buy the best one.

Best Meat Grinder For Deer

As you know prepackaged meat contains various chemicals for preservation. Due to pre-packing, your meat taste differs from fresh meat. You can have better control over the taste and flavor of the meat and you’ll be sure about the healthy meat bite you are taking.

Deer love to eat plants, flowers, vegetables, fresh grasses, fruits, etc…, as they are herbivores. The deer meat contains slightly fewer calories and protein and is also a bit lower in micronutrients like niacin, thiamine, iron, and riboflavin. It is overall considered a healthy meat diet for humans as well as for some of your pets like cats and dogs.

According to Dr. Axe not only does deer meat taste good, but it’s also jam-packed with nutrients, leaner than regular beef and loaded with health benefits.

Deer meat is one of all the delicious and attractive meats that are healthy too. You’ll be able to relish varied completely different recipes of deer meat by buying the right meat grinder. 

After doing deep research Hunterhunts listed the best meat grinder for deer for you, I assure you will buy the optimal one under your budget. Later on, I will explain how to chooses the best meat grinder. 

Lets Started,

List of 11 Best Meat Grinder for Deer


1. LEM Electric Meat Grinder For Deer(550W)

LEM Products W779A Electric Meat Grinder



Key Features

  • Lightweight 38.9 pounds with a robust body and easy to carry.
  • You can grind larger cuts of meat faster without clogging up the machine.
  • Cleaning kit which makes cleaning easy and handy.
  • To stop clogged an auto shut off feature is provided.

Weak Point

  • The small feeding tube doesn’t allow put the big pieces of meat
  • No medium grinding plate

This LEM brand perpetually brings innovation to the game process. LEM Products W779A meat grinder is one of the best meat grinders for deer right now in the market. Permanently lubricated, 110V motor (60HZ) of 250 watts makes the grinding smooth. The grinder is ETL certified with UL Standards

All the gears are made of metal having a roller bearing, which helps in long-lasting performance. The product comes with a five-year factory warranty and lifetime customer support. Grinds approximately 7  pounds of meat per minute. The food tray has a diameter of 11-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ x 2-1/4″ that allows accommodating a large quantity of meat.

The product includes 1 meat stomper, 1 stainless steel knife, 1 stainless steel stuffing plate, 2 stainless steel plates (Coarse, Fine), and 3 stuffing tubes.


2. Sunmile Meat Grinder For Deer(250W)

Sunmile SM-G33 ETL Meat Grinder



Key Features

  • It is simple to assemble, destruct, and clean
  • The meat grinder light-weight and moveable readily
  • It has a reverse switch to avoid impeding and a circuit breaker for safety

Weak Point

  • Sometimes you may face clogging issues
  • The plastic gears make it less durable
  • The parts of the grinder are not dishwasher safe

This grinder is budget-friendly and a tough meat grinder for deer or wild meat. This grinder has a moderately heavy body with a high-powered motor. The grinder is equipped with a 400W motor and 800W max locked power, which is capable of grinding 170 lbs of meat per hour. 

The grinder is Fully Functional to Prepare Food.  The meat grinder comes with 3 different stainless steel cutting plates for coarse, medium, and fine. Cutting plates that make stuffing and filling and 3 sausage stuff to help to meet all your sausage stuffing needs. All cutting plates and the cutting blade can be washed in the dishwasher.

Complete Accessories of the product include 1 stainless steel cutting blade, 3 various stainless steel cutting plates, 1 plastic food pusher, 3 Sausage attachments.


3. Weston Pro Series Meat Grinder for Deer (1500W)

Weston Pro Series Meat Grinder



Key Features

  • Auger Grabbing Stomper for simple disassembly and cleanup
  • Built-In Knife Sharpener for sharpening your favorite butcher knife
  • It has a great balance with non-slip rubber on the feet
  • Tray cover to store the grinder safely and securely
  • The reverse function of this meat grinder prevents the clogging issue
  • The grinder is easy to carry with its sturdy handle

Weak Point

  • The weight of the meat grinder is 73 pounds, which is considered heavy

Weston is a struggling brand that manufactures high-quality meat Kibbler robustly. The Weston (10-3201-W) Pro Series Electric Meat Grinder is permanently lubricated with a 2 HP / 1500 watt air-cooled motor (120 volts, 60 Hz) and runs smoothly for a long time. The meat grinder easily grinds 12-18 lbs of meat per minute.

It has the tray-Nested Accessory for storing your plates, knife, stomper, and sausage stuffing kit. Two stainless steel grinding plates, Coarse (7mm) and Medium (4.5mm)  with  Sausage Stuffing Kit. Set of three funnels: 20mm, 30mm and 40mm, 10mm Snack Stick funnel. The overall dimensions are 17 x 25 x 15.5 inches with a high-speed auger and tufting spacer.

The steel gear enhances performance & rug durability. It is easy for carrying and transportation because of the strong handle attached to it. It easy to disassemble for cleaning up. The Tray guard helps to keep your hands safe & warrantied for grinding raw deer meat.


5. Della Industrial Electric Meat Grinder For Deer (1400W)

Della Industrial Electric Meat Grinder



Key Features

  • Convenient storage for attachments inside the stomper
  • Wide throat which is convenient in processing large meat cut
  • Compact design, so it doesn’t take much place
  • Assembling the grinder attachments does not require any tools
  • The Safety circuit breaker prevents the motor from burn out the issue

Weak Point

  • You can face a loud noise while operating the grinder

Strong grinder in a low budget for processing your meat, then Della 1400Watt Meat Grinder is really a good alternative.  It comes with the best-optimized features that make meat grinding easy.

Della meat grinder makes the hard job of grinding meat easy. The Stainless steel design is durable which makes cleaning easy. The motor is 1400 watt powerful which allows fine grinding of meat. The overall size of the grinder is 13-1/2″(L) x 6-1/2″(W) x 13-1/4″(H), which is easy to carrying and transporting. The appliance has 3 Different Cutting Accessories (coarse, medium, fine grinds of meat). It grinds up to 4 pounds of meat per minute.


5. KWS SL-8 Commercial Meat Grinder For Deer (450W)

KWS SL-8 Commercial Meat Grinder



Key Features

  • It is CE Approved
  • The grinder is easy to clean and operate

Weak Point

  • Sometimes you may face clogging issues

This meat grinder KWS SL-8 has been marketed by the corporate as being a heavy-duty meat grinder. Specifically for the aim of grinding wild game and deer meat, which might clearly embody the game. 

It comes with various accessories like 4 sausage stuffing tubes, a replacement knife, a plastic pusher, Gasket, Stainless steel meat tray, and 1/4” and 5/16” grinder plates. The SL-8 is capable of grinding 165 pounds of meat each hour.  It is a perfect and one of the strong meat Kibbler for any type of meat.

The product is manufactured with high-quality stainless steel. It has 450 watts of motor power or 1/2HP. Additional features embrace a 5-foot long electric cord, a water-proof cowl, and a chrome steel meet receptacle. Hands down, this is often one of all the most effective meat grinders for deer the cervid amount.


6. STX  Megaforce Heavy-Duty Deer Meat Grinder (3000W)




Key Features

  • Compact size, easy  to  adjust, and reliable for home use
  • Steel gears are used, which makes it sturdy and usable for a long time
  • The weight of the item is just 12 pounds which is very light as compared to the other grinders
  • It operates quickly
  • The maintenance is easy and handy

Weak Point

  • The parts of the meat grinder are not safe to wash

STX 3000-MF meat grinder is really a high-quality meat grinder that offers various functionality and durability. The Air Induction Cooling System feature makes it different from the other meat grinder. Which prevents the motor from overheating. It is one of the tough meat grinders for deer meat.

The grinder has a locked motor of 3000Watts with 3 speed functions high, low, and reverse.  The 2 ½ inch output diameter and feed tube having a 2-inch diameter look perfect and suitable with the design. It can easily grind over 200 pounds of meat in an hour.

The tempered stainless-steel grinding plates consist of three sizes- coarse, medium and fine. The appliance Includes 3 Tempered Steel Grinding Plates, A Beaner Plate, 3 Stainless Steel Cutting Blades, 3 Piece Set of Sausage Tubes, and a Kubbe Attachment.


7. Avan-Pacific ETL Meat Grinder For Deer(400W)

Avan-Pacific UMG-1801 Meat Grinder



Key Features

  • The stainless steel body makes cleaning easy
  • Simple to operate with the lightning button control system
  • A circuit breaker system prevents, excess current or overload
  • Lightweight compact design easy to adjust
  • Designed with a high level of safety for users

Weak Point

  • This grinder has no strong plunger and makes a loud nice while it is used

Avan-Pacific UMG-1801 ETL#8 is a powerful & Efficient Meat Grinder. It is ETL certified and offers over 80%longer life than other meat Kibbler available in the market. With the stylish two-tone metallic design, it looks more attractive and elegant in your kitchen.

The 400W motor allows grinding all kinds of meat very finely. Grind up to 3lbs per min and Fire-Proof housing strictly comply with US Safety Standard. The brand provides you 1 Year Warranty with the unconditional replacement of new products. The appliance comes with 3 grinding plates and 3 sausage tubes that enable you to control the grind of meat.


8. Best Choice Product Meat Grinder For Deer(1200W)

Best Choice Products Meat Grinder



Key Features

  • Additional kubbe and sausage attachment, meat pusher, and cover
  • Grind fruits and veggies also
  • The reversal setting prevents clogging and makes it work smoothly

Weak Point

  • Sometimes you may face rusting problems after a long time

Economical and budget-friendly deer meat grinder with 1200W powerful motor. High-grade stainless steel blades are capable to cut any kind of meat. The tough game like beef, pork, and turkey can be ground easily. 

It is perfect for the home cook who wants to make homemade sausages and patties. The overall dimension of the meat grinder is 14″(L) x 10″(W) x 13.25″(H). It Includes 3 different grinders plates for coarse, medium, and fine grinds of meat. You can easily adjust the speed to grind meat at 3-4 pounds per minute, along with a reversal setting for easy unclogging.


9. Waring Pro Housing Meat Grinder (350W)

Waring Pro MG855 Housing Meat Grinder



Key Features

  • This grinder comes with a hopper that is larger than usual meat grinders
  • A back up of the 5-year warranty is provided
  • It doesn’t wobble throughout the operation and allows smooth and stable grinding of meat
  • As it is flexible enough, you can grind fish, poultry, meat, vegetables, and sausages

Weak Point

  • Internal gears are made of plastic so it is less durable.
  • It makes a lot of noise while grinding.
  • The parts of the grinder are not dishwasher safe.

Waring Pro MG855 is a skilled, professional and quality meat grinder with a solid and durable body design. It’s filled with 350W motor power and having 1000W high peak output.

Its big hopper is made up of aluminum. The grinder comes with three cutting plates of the coarse, medium and fine grind. It’s 2 sausage attachments for skinny and fat sausages. These sausage attachments you’ll store within the pusher. It weighs regarding twelve pounds, thus it’s a conveyable device. The user guide and sausage recipes are supplied with the grinder.


10. Sunmile Electric Meat Grinder For Deer (1000W)

Sunmile SM-G73 Electric Meat Grinder



Key Features

  • This is a light-weight appliance
  • The reverse function is provided for avoiding clogging
  • It is one of the optimal among the simplest meat grinders available at affordable prices

Weak Point

  • The internal gears are made of plastic which considered less durable

Sunmile SM-G73 meat grinder is the best grinder for a low budget. The device comes with an associate in a nursing Aluminum body having stainless-steel wrapping with smart ventilation. It’s equipped with 600W rated motor power and 1000W most power.

The grinder has enough power to grind ruminants, pork, and different kinds of meat. It’s capable to grind 185 lbs of meat per hour.

The grinder comes with the protection feature of a fuse that forestalls the motor from warming. This grinder incorporates a massive capability meat receptacle and feeding tube that are made from Al. its 3 buttons to control- on/off, reverse, and a reset.

The grinder comes with the accessories like one stainless-steel grinder blade, three cutting plates, three sausage attachments, and one food pusher.


11. Shield Distribution Meat Grinder For Deer (2000W)

Shield Distribution 2.6 Hp Meat GrinderShield Distribution 2.6 Hp Meat Grinder



Key Features

  • It’s easy to place inside your kitchen because of its small size
  • It is easy to clean

Weak Point

  • You may face a loud noise while grinding the deer meat

Shield Distribution 2.6 Hp 2000W Meat Grinder comes with a compact and attractive size. Because it has a pair of.2.6 Hp 2000W motor, so it will grind giant batches of meat quickly. You’ll grind pounds of meat while not impeding. It’s a utile meat grinder.

It is economic and one of the best meat grinders for deer. This will grind meat course, medium and fine with completely different cutting accessories come with the grinder. It’s made of white plastic and a metal base that has cupboard space for attachments.


Buying Guide of Best Meat Grinder For Deer

For a healthier lifestyle, meat is a good diet. For grinding deer meat, a meat grinder is the best appliance that you will have. If you belong to the category of those individuals who loves to prepare and cook their food, a deer meat grinder can turn out to be one of the best options for you.

Purchasing a quality Deer Meat Grinder can help you to enjoy all your meaty dishes in the comfort of your home. Yeah. From great designs to high-end functionality, you will get loads of alternatives to choose from.

Therefore, to accomplish well-organized meat grinding moments, you need to purchase a grinder that is particularly designed to allow you to do your meat grinding activities conveniently. With so many meat grinders, sometimes, it becomes hard to purchase the best as per your particular needs. Here, at Hunterhunts, we are providing you a simple guide to choose the best meat grinder for deer that fits your needs perfectly. 


Two Types of Meat Grinders

  1. Manual Meat Grinders

Manual Meat Grinder For Deer

You might be wondering manual deer meat grinders would be an odd purchase. Isn’t it? Well! This traditional style is still used by most of the owners because of the overall simplicity of the design as well as the fact that they are much smaller than the other one. The manual meat grinders are used for processing relatively small quantities. These grinders are well built to be clamped to a table, counter, or hand-cranked to grind around 2 to 3 pounds of meat per minute.


  1. Electric Meat Grinders

Electric Meat Grinder

One of the biggest advantages of an electric meat grinder for deer is, they are incredibly easy to use. Yes, you just have to plug them in, load the feed tube with your cubed deer meat, and then you can turn ON the power switch. These grinders make cutting up meat with bones a painless experience. The powerful motors will make it possible for you to work through larger and tougher meat from the game such as deer, elk, beef, pork, and chicken, etc.


The Top Factors You Should Consider While Purchasing Any Meat Grinder For Deer:

To rest assured you are purchasing one of the best Deer meat Grinder, here we are rolling up some of the top factors which you should always consider while purchasing any Meat Grinder for Deer:

  • Quantity of the meat 

Before you fix your search to any of the grinders, you must ensure that you are considering the amount of meat you want to grind. Well! If you don’t have a large family that doesn’t require a large amount of ground meat, then you should go for a smaller-sized deer grinder. It will become easier for you to grind your desired amount of meat without any hassle. 

  • Ease of cleaning and safety

To maintain the quality of your grinder in the best possible manner, it’s very essential to keep your electric grinder clean. For this reason, you should always look for a quality grinder that is quite easy to clean. There are so many meat grinders that come with cleaning options that won’t put you at the risk of slicing or hurting your fingers. Purchasing such a grinder will give you peace of mind that you have the safest meat grinder that won’t harm you in any way. 

  • Grinder plates 

Meat Grinder Plates

The electric deer meat grinders come with a wide range of grinding plate sizes that match the diameter of the specific grinders. While some machines come with just a single grinding plate, others come with as many as three plates to boost up the convenience of users. The meat grinders which come with several grinding plates are usually more advantageous as they enable the users to have more meat grounding options. 

  • Budget 

Once you have decided on the top features which you want in your grinder, you need to figure out how much you are ready to pay for it. Your budget will help you to narrow down your search to the top categories that suit your budget needs. Therefore, with the help of online research, you will be able to explore the top grinders that will suit your budget needs while meeting your grinder needs as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the standard meat grinder sizes and how to measure the size?

Size of the Grinder 

Outlet Diameter


2 1/8’’


2 1/2’’


2 3/2’’


3 1/4’’


3 7/8’’

  1. What are grinder plates and how to use them?

Grinder plates, also known as cutting plates, with a round carbon (stainless steel plate) with various holes in it. They set at the end of the meat grinder. When the meat is forced through the holes of the grinder plates, a spinning blade cuts across the hole numerous times per second. These cutting plates need to be replaced periodically as they get dull. Therefore, we suggest you replace your plates and cutting knife at the same time.

  1. Can I also grind bones in a meat grinder?

There are very rare manufacturers who confess that their grinders will do bones as bones can be very hard on motors and can even break the internal gears or can overhear the grinder motor as well. However, we have found that there are so many quality grinders that are capable of grinding smaller animal bones and soft bones, etc. When you purchase the best grinder from the top certified professionals, they will provide you all the guidelines about how to grind bones in their meat grinders without any hassle.

  1. What are the other food options I can process with the meat grinders?

Doesn’t matter whether you want to buy a manual or electric meat grinder, they are used for all sorts of food. You can use them for grinding meat pate, nut butter, make baby food, fruit sorbet, cheese crumbles, bread crumbs, grinding fruits and vegetables, making burger patty, grinding cookies, nuts, and stews, etc.


As we have presented various grinders above in the list but you may be confused about which one is to be selected. Well, let us make it more simple for you by sharing the details about what should you see in a meat grinder before buying it:

  1. There are numerous meat grinders and so many brands available in the market but if you have a low budget, you should not buy or select any of them randomly without searching the details about the product. Try to purchase brands as alternatives are available.
  2. The construction of the grinder is the most significant factor in making it sturdy and durable. Most grinders are manufactured with aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic, stainless steel is considered long-lasting and strongest among the three. So make sure to buy the grinder manufactured with stainless steel to use it for a long time.
  3. The maintenance of the grinder is so important to avoid rusting and keeping it clean so that it could work smoothly. Make sure the grinder you are buying should be lubricated and easy to maintain.
  4. The grinding capacity should be considered when you make a decision of purchasing the appliance. Some grinders grind 200 pounds of meat in an hour and some can 165 pounds per hour, it varies from product to product. Here you need to decide according to your needs how much deer meat you will be grinding.
  5. The motor of the deer meat grinder ranges from 350 to 750 watts. If you want to grind much quantity of deer meat or other large games, select the grinder with a powerful and heavy motor.
  6. There are different accessories provided with different meat grinders. compare the product and accessories you are getting and select the best one.

If you love hunting deer and deer meat, then a grinder is the appliance you must have. Share your experience with us while buying a grinder for deer meat. Let us know if this article is helpful and informative for you below in the comment section. 

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