7 Best Hunting Headlamp 2022: Rechargeable battery

Whether you are going for a hunt, fishing, camping with friends, or evening walk with your dog, a headlamp is an essential tool for any outdoor activities. Nowadays, many brands have been innovated new LED technology, rechargeable batteries, focused adjustable beam, or the most important distance and battery backup.

The pace of innovation of hunting headlamp is really impressive, due to this reason low-cost headlamp is available in the market. Picking the right one is critical between these newly-coming headlamp brands. For hunting purposes, I prefer to go with a 150-500 lumens headlamp with a rechargeable battery.Best Hunting Headlamp

Well, Hunterhunts analyze all technical data like headlight lumens, battery backup, vision of the light, headband material quality, adjustable headlamp angle according to your vision, etc. Our team researched and tested dozens of hunting headlamps to put together, so you buy the best one this time.

Note:- Always keep an extra pair of batteries in your back before you go for any long outdoor activities.

List of 7 Best Hunting Headlamp


1. Elmchee Hunting Rechargeable Headlamp (Premium Quality)

Elmchee Hunting Rechargeable headlamp



Key Features

  • 8 Different Working Mode:- Well, it comes with 6 LEDs out of which 2 LEDs are providing you a red light effect. Moreover, you can adjust the full range of light when needed and change the mode via pressing the mode button. It provides you high, low, all, and SOS strobe modes or you can choose the high, low, red light, and SOS red strobe.Elmchee Hunting Rechargeable headlamp 8 different modes
  • Battery:- The rechargeable 1500mAh Li-polymer battery lasts for 100,000 hours with 6 Super bright LEDs. It comes with 1 USB cable which is compatible with a computer, power bank, power socket, etc. But I suggest you keep always another pair of batteries while you go for a hunt.
  • 90° Rotatable Head:- The Elmchee hunting headlamp is made of cotton elastic braid which provides you  90° flexibility. Which reach different angles and ranges that suffice according to your lighting environment.Elmchee headlamp 90 degree rotation
  • Red Safety Taillight:- Press the button on the headlight battery box for red safety taillight. The red safety light comes in 2 modes full red light and strobe mode.Elmchee Hunting Rechargeable headlamp red safety light
  • Durability:- The Elmchee hunting headlamp is fabricated with adjustable cotton elastic braid which is convenient and comfortable to wear for both adults and children. Moreover, it’s built with IPX-4 water-resistant properties, which ensures its protection against water, rains, and snow.Elmchee Waterproof

Adjustable wrench free icon Main Specifications

  • LEDs:- 6
  • Battery:- 2 AAA (Rechargeable)
  • Material:- Aluminum alloy, ABS plastic, and Cotton Braid
  • Weight:- 9.6 Oz

In a nutshell, the Elmchee headlamp is a truckload of light that provides you with brighter light with a perfect big focus beam of light. Moreover, it comes in 2 different light modes one with 6 LEDs and another one is with 8 LEDs. The LED lightbox is built with hard plastic material for its lightweight and the forehead plate is fabricated with silicone rubber for smooth adjustment.

Overall, this one is best to buy under a $15 budget, good to go with camping, caving, climbing, mountaineering, fishing, hunting, car repairing, DIY works, or emergency. I recommend this one for hunters due to its immense brighter lighting at night and red light feature.

2. Bushnell 325L Hunting Headlamp (Blood Tracking)

Bushnell 325L Hunting Headlamp

Key Features

  • 4 Different Mode:- Comes with 1 main Cree LED and rests are red light and blood tracking LEDs. Bushnell 325 Lumens headlamp provides you 4 modes high, low, red light, and Blood tracking mode. Well, the blood tracking feature is doesn’t illuminate blood as it claims. The maximum distance cover by the high light mode is 90 meters and in lowlight mode around 40 meters.Bushnell 325L Headlamp Light Modes
  • Battery:- The 3 AA no rechargeable batteries come with the pack. Moreover, the batteries are last for 6 hours continuously in high light mode and around 3 days in low light or blood tracking mode.
  • 90° Rotatable Head:- The head is fabricated with Aircraft grade aluminum which ensures its lightweight properties and drops resistance. You can easily adjust the light direction according to your need up to 90°.
  • Durability:- The Bushnell 325L hunting headlamp fabricated with IPX-4 weather resistance properties, which protect it from anything mother nature throws at you.Elmchee Waterproof

Adjustable wrench free icon Main Specifications

  • LEDs:- 7 (1 led, 2 Red Light, 4 Blood Tracking)
  • Battery:- 3 AA
  • Material:- Aircraft-grade Aluminum and Cotton Braid
  • Weight:- 6 Oz

Overall, this hunting headlamp is equipped with full of multi-function features. The 4 different lighting modes with especially the blood tracking that illuminates blood to help during the hunt. The batteries are good enough for at least a 3-4 hunting game, if possible then keep another pair of batteries while going for a hunt.

Bushnell hunting headlamp features

Moreover, it’s nicely balanced on the head feels like you were a baseball cap. The top headband feels like little mashing on the head down, but if you adjust it correctly then it’s pretty comfortable. The price is a little higher as compared with other hunting headlamps. But the Bushnell provides you a premium quality product under a $30 budget which lasts for at least 5 years easily.

3. GearLight Hunting Headlamp-2 Pack (Cheapest One)

GearLight Hunting Headlamp




Key Features

  • 7 Different Mode:- Comes with 3 American technology LEDs (1 White and 2 Red LEDs), the white LED provides you 200 luminous flux which generates a daylight color brilliant beam and 2 red Led generates red light that preserves your night vision. 7 lighting mode controlled by one button, whitebeam provides you high, medium, low and strobe, whereas the red beam provides you low, SOS, and strobe.GearLight Hunting Headlamp light modes
  • Battery:- Powered by 3 AAA batteries which provides you a runtime of up to 35 hours on low mode and 3 hours on high mode. The batteries are not included in the pack.
  • 45° Adjustable Head:- The LED headbox is made of hard plastic material that tilts up to 45 degrees that provides you the freedom to aim the light exactly where you needed.GearLight Headlamp 45 degree tilt
  • Durability:- Drop tested to stand up in harsh conditions due to its lightweight properties. In addition, withstand harsh weather conditions and shock resistance. Moreover, it comes with a one-year warranty card

Adjustable wrench free icon Main Specifications

  • LEDs:- 3 (1 led, 2 Red Light)
  • Battery:- 3 AAA (Not Included)
  • Material:- Hard Plastic and Polymer
  • Weight:- 3 Oz

Well, it’s a lightweight and comfortable design engineered for the harshest elements. The polymer removable, washable, and adjustable headband easily fits children as well as adults. The single strap is comfortable to wear on the head with or without the hat underneath. The GearLight S500 hunting headlamp is suitable for rain, snow, or dust and any other outdoor or indoor activities.

Overall, this one is the brightest of all in single strap headlamp categories. It’s so inexpensive to buy with a pack of 2 under a $10 budget. These are really great and I would recommend them due to their price and quality.

4. Foxelli Hunting Headlamp (Rechargeable & Lightweight)

Foxelli Rechargeable Hunting Headlamp

Key Features

  • 5 Different Mode:- Comes with Cree-3W super bright Led technology (1 white led and 2 red LEDs), the white light has 3 different modes low (40 Lumens), high (180 Lumens up to 70 meters) and strobe mode offers an extra level of safety in emergency situations. The red mode is best to use when you want to avoid blinding others.
  • Rechargeable Battery:- This is USB rechargeable 1200Mah Lithium battery headlamp provides you up to 40 hours of constant light on a single charge. Included with a Micro USB charging cable and you can charge it fully from any USB port in 4 hours only. You don’t have to bring any AAA batteries again and again.Foxelli Rechargeable Battery
  • 45° Adjustable Head:- Well, the 45° tilts provide you to focus the light as you needed. the headlamp is made with high-quality lightweight plastic material and the push button fabricated with a rubber material.Foxelli Rechargeable Hunting Headlamp 45 degree Tilt
  • Durability:- The headlamp built to last, will withstand cold and impact resistance. The IPX5 industry-standard protects it against splashing or spraying water. The ergonomically designed headband makes this hunting headlamp perfect for running, camping, coyotes hunting, night hunting, etc. Moreover, it comes with 12 months warranty for repair and exchange.Foxelli Rechargeable haedlamp IPX5 properties

Adjustable wrench free icon Main Specifications

  • LEDs:- 3 (1 LEDs, 2 Red Light)
  • Battery:- Rechargeable Battery  (Included charging cable)
  • Material:- Hard Plastic and Rubber
  • Weight:- 2.4 Oz

Foxelli headlamp is famous for its compact and lightweight design. Well, I came across the 2 best Foxelli headlamps both are good to go. One comes with 3 AAA batteries and another one comes with a USB rechargeable battery. But there is a slight difference between these 2 hunting headlamps in the price and different lighting mode. I end up with the Foxelli rechargeable headlamp due to its performance, battery, and weight.

In a nutshell, the company provides you 120 days 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee with a 12-month warranty. Use this hunting headlamp for 120 days still, you don’t like any functionality without any doubt you will return the Foxelli rechargeable headlamp due to its 120-days question-asked money-back guarantee. I recommend this one due to its features and battery performance you gonna definitely love this one.

5. SLONIK 1000 Lumen Rechargeable Headlamp (Brighter One)

SLONIK 1000 Lumen Rechargeable Headlamp




Key Features

  • Different Brightness Level:- The Slonik is a 2nd generation headlamp with 2 American CREE XP-G2 LEDs which produce 1000-lumen light and are capable of reflecting 182 meters of the beam without any trouble. Comes with different brightness levels of 100-75-50-25-10-5 and SOS.
  • Rechargeable Battery:- Comes with 2200 mAH Lithium Ion 3.7V rechargeable battery. Easy to charge with the help of a user-friendly USB battery charge cable, conveniently charge anywhere in 2-hour recharge. The battery performs 8 hours in low light mode and 3.5 hours in high mode.SLONIK 1000 Lumen Rechargeable Battery
  • 120° Angle Adjustable Head:- The headlamp is built with Aero-grade aluminum alloy 6063 for extreme conditions. One of the things I really like is clickable angle adjustment up to 120°, it’s really firm and not going to drift on you.SLONIK 1000 Lumen Hunting Rechargeable 120° Angle Adjustable Head
  • Durability:- The headlamp is fabricated with aluminum alloy and the headband is constructed by nylon material so it’s easy to adjustable on your head. Well, this one is meet with the IPX8 industry standard which really gives a great advantage to this hunting headlamp. Yes, it’s waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof.   Moreover, it’s come with 4x hard hat clips to attach the headlamp to your hard hat or helmet. SLONIK 1000 Lumen Hunting Rechargeable Clips

Adjustable wrench free icon Main Specifications

  • LEDs:- 2 White LEDs
  • Battery:- 2200 mAH Lithium Ion 3.7V rechargeable battery
  • Material:- Aero-grade aluminum alloy 6063 and Nylon
  • Weight:- 4.2 Oz
  • Handy Storage Bag
  • 4x Hard Hat Hook
  • USB charging cable

The LED bulb is covered with impact-resistant tempered glass, which protects it from scratches, wear, and tear. Easy to charge without any intervention simply connect and charge. In addition, you can detach the light to fit in your pocket. If you turn it on and dim it at any brightness level and turn off the headlamp and then back on, it didn’t remember your last setting. This feature is really good for hunters, especially at night.

Overall, this one is a really good product for a brighter view with the longest range up to 183 meters. The company claims a 100,000 HRS lifespan with a 48-month warranty, which is really great. This one is best to buy for under $40 hunting headlamp. I really recommend this one if you really like the brighter view.

6. Energizer High-Powered Headlamp (Digital Focus)

Energizer High-Powered Headlamp

Key Features

  • 5 Versatile Lighting Modes:- The Energizer LEDs are 3 times brighter than the ordinary LEDs technology, these powerful compact headlights design enhanced the night vision quality. Comes with 3 different variants 260, 315 and 360 Lumens each is capable of illuminating up to 80 meters. Each variant has 5 different lighting modes high, low, red, Digital focus allows you to adjust the beam according to your field of vision, and full spot.
  • Battery:- The headlamp is powered by 3 AAA batteries that are long-lasting with up to 4 hours in full spot and up to 35 hours of light in low mode. Trust me this brand is best in terms of reliable vision and battery performance.Energizer High-Powered Headlamp Battery
  • 45° Adjustable Head:- Well, the headlamp is fabricated with hard plastic and rubber material. In addition, the handy 45° Adjustable pivoting function provides you the ability to control the light beam direction according to your line of vision.Energizer High-Powered Headlamp 45° Adjustable Head
  • Durability:- The durable construction that withstands up to a 1-meter drop test, a shatterproof lens, and the water-resistant to IPX4 industry standards. The soft comfortable adjustable strap fitted comfortably with or without a hat and provides you a non-slippery smooth adjustment

Adjustable wrench free icon Main Specifications

  • LEDs:- 5 (3 LEDs, 2 Red Light)
  • Battery:- 3 AAA
  • Material:- Hard Plastic and Rubber
  • Weight:- 3 Oz

Overall, it’s easy to assemble a headlamp, battery, and adjustable headband. The compact and powerful combination of these 3 accessories makes this headlamp the perfect rugged companion for both indoors and outdoors. The light beam is really brighter that can light up the campsite and a room with ease.

All, 3 variants are good to go with your requirements but I prefer to go either with the lower one or the higher one Lumens. The light works great with the one-button cycle through different settings. The quality of the headband is really premium and the overall is an average quality product. If you are looking for a brighter hunting headlamp with red light function then this is the best deal to buy under a $15 budget.

7. DanForce Rechargeable Hunting Headlamp (Best Battery)

DanForce Rechargeable Hunting Headlamp

Key Features

  • 4 Different Light Mode:- Capable of producing up to 1080 lumens with 4 lighting modes high, low, medium, and strobe. The red light headlamp makes it ideal for fishing, hunting, and other tactical works. In addition, provides you with red safety taillight with red light strobe function.DanForce Rechargeable Headlamp 1080 lumens
  • Rechargeable Battery:- Comes with 2×2200 mAH Lithium-ion 3.7V rechargeable battery, which runs up to 9 Hrs in high mode and 18 Hrs on low light mode. Easy to recharge with USB cable charger in 2-3 Hrs, also you can perform all function with one battery.
  • Adjustable Focus Beam:- This one is the best feature among the other hunting headlamp, adjustable focus beam for different circumstances.DanForce Rechargeable Hunting Headlamp Focus Beam
  • 90° Rotatable Head:- The head is fabricated with hard plastic and aluminum, the headlight glass is protected by the aluminum shroud. The head is a little bulky as compared with another headlamp, so while running the headlamp head is drift downward.
  • Durability:- The nylon headband feels like you wear a Golf cap, the strap is adjustable and easy to adjust on your head. Comes with IPX4 industry-standard withstand all work and weather conditions, from extreme heat to bone-chilling cold.

Adjustable wrench free icon Main Specifications

  • LEDs:- 3 LEDs
  • Battery:- 2×2200 mAH Lithium-ion 3.7V
  • Material:- Hard Plastic and Rubber
  • Weight:- 10.50 Oz
  • Charge with USB Cable
  • Carry Bag with Carabiner

In a nutshell, the DanForce headlamp is really a great product for hunting, fishing, camping, etc. Produce up to 1080 lumens of light which is way more than our expectation. The beam is cover up to 185 meters of viewable distance. The weight is a little bulky than others due to its 2 rechargeable batteries and proper helmet shape design. A great product to buy under a $40 budget recommend for those who love to see distant objects.


I listed the best 7 hunting headlamp that is perfect for any type of hunting. Out of which 4 come with a rechargeable battery and the rest come with AAA batteries. All, are best in their perspective but I recommend going with either Bushnell or Gearlight. Moreover, you can also let me know which one is your favorite and why, so it will help others to know more about hunting headlamps.

Frequently Ask Questions:-

1. What is the best hunting headlamp?

Well, I listed above 7 best hunting headlamps all are best for hunting purposes but prefer to go with the following:-

2. How many lumens do I need for a headlamp?

First of all, it depends on your area of interest, which means the function you perform after wearing it. After that, it is best to decide on lumens. For indoor use, it is good to go with 100 to 150 lumens for outdoor use it is best to go with 200-500 lumens and for photographers, it is best to go with 500-1000 lumens.

3. How many lumens do you need for hunting?

Well, hunters always prefer to shoot precisely with proper lighting, so for hunters, it is best to go with 150-500 lumens.

4. What is the best rechargeable headlamp?

Following are the best rechargeable hunting headlamp currently dominate the market.

5. Why do headlamps have red lights?

Well, the red light on the hunting headlamp preserves your night vision and provides you with some light so that you can see. Therefore, it is easy for your eyes to adapt to night vision and maintain the ability to see in the dark after turning off the light.


By David Grey

David Grey is born & raised in Bozeman Montana, USA. He has been hunting & fishing since 2009. And used most of the outdoor gear during his 12 years of hunting experience. He likes to spend most of the time in the woods, on the trail, or by the water. He taught us about his outdoor journey and equipment experience.

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