5 Best Hunting Gaiters 2021: Protect Leg & Boot With Gaiters

Injuries and scratches are common in hunters’ lives. The most common type of injury is lower leg injuries because of thorns, rocks, poisonous shrubs, and even snake bites. According to the CDC, 7000 to 8000 people are bitten by venomous snakes in the United States each year, in which hunters are also included. 

A large number of hunters are moving towards buying hunting gaiters to protect theirs below the knee area. The hunting gaiters not only protect from lower leg injuries, but also keep your feet dry by resisting water, mud, and dust

Best Hunting Gaiters

In this article, we are listing the best hunting gaiters that will protect your lower legs from injuries. To create the list of best-hunting gaiters, we considered various factors like comfort, closure type, used material and price. Make sure you read the complete article to end up buying the best hunting boot gaiters for you. 

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List of 5 Best Hunting Gaiters


1. Crackshot Men’s Snake Bite Hunting Gaiters (Recommended To Buy)

Crackshot Men's Snake Bite Hunting Gaiters



Key Features

  • Comfort:- The gaiters are super comfortable due to the soft fabric and 11oz weight. You will love the unique design which maintains air circulation between the leg of the wearer and these gaiters.
  • Snake Bite Protection:- Gaiters have metatarsal guards that provide lower leg protection from the most dangerous snake bites.
  • Closures Type:- These have plastic buckles to fit in your calf. Once you lock the buckles, pull the strap to adjust it. However, there is no buckle at the bottom to hold them down stable.Crackshot Men's Snake Bite Hunting Gaiters With Plastic Buckles
  • Durability:- The high-quality fabric is durable and weather resistant. The stitching quality feels good when it arrives. However, after a few days, it gets faded and rough. Also, there is no information given about the product warranty.

The Crackshot hunting gaiters rank first in our list due to the ultimate lower leg protection approach. These snake guards are 100% made in America and are the only available snake bite-proof gaiters in the market covered with a $1 million product liability policy. 

These gaiters not only save you from stinging nettle and nightshade, but also from the most dangerous snake bites. There is an option to choose out of various leg sizes ranging from small to 3X-large. Also, you can select your favorite color out of mossy oak, black, blaze orange, woodland camo, and more. 

The price is $45 which is not much for protecting your lower legs from snake bites. I will highly recommend these gaiters if you hunt in an area where it is common to encounter snakes

2. Pike Trail Leg Hunting Gaiters (Affordable)

Pike Trail Leg Hunting Gaiters



Key Features

  • Comfort:- These gaiters are very comfortable to wear all day long. The fabric feels soft and keeps your legs dry when you walk or chase your prey in the woods. Also, 15” tall and cover the maximum area of your legs to protect them. 
  • Closures Type:- The Velcro strap and metal press studs at the top and bottom make sure the gaiters can be worn easily. Moreover, the adjustable drawstring at the calf and the stainless steel buckle at the bottom lock the gaiters tightly.Pike Trail Leg Hunting Gaiters With Stainless Steel Buckles
  • Durability:- Polyester fabric manufacturing makes them durable and waterproof for any weather conditions. The fabric layers prevent water, dirt, and snow to offer you the best protection. Also, you get a 12-month satisfaction guarantee from Pike Trail.

Pike Trail hunting gaiters rank second in our list because of being the first choice of hunters. These were launched in October 2018 and sold in a large number. The best part is, they adjust very well in all sizes of calf with the help of velcro tape. Gaiters are lightweight and comfortable, thanks to the quality polyester fabric.

Also, you get a matching carry bag that helps you to keep everything organized in your backpack.  You can run freely or make a fast movement without being worried about briars, brambles, or insects’ bites. However, these are not made to save you from the snake bite

You get an option to select out various colors like camo, black, neon green, night blue and more. Also, I like the price, which is just $25 for the pairs. Overall, these are highly recommended leg gaiters for hunting, hiking, mountain climbing, and snowshoeing.

3. Qshare Leg Hunting Gaiters for Boots (Compact Design)

Qshare Leg Hunting Gaiters for Boots



Key Features

  • Comfort:- Gaiters have breathable fabric that ensures airflow to comfort your legs. Moreover, the polyurethane coating keeps your leg’s moisture and irritation-free when you step in puddles during rain. 
  • Closures Type:- The velcro strap in front helps you to tight gaiters on your calf. Also, the hook and loop tabs at the bottom keep the gaiters in place without fear of separation.Qshare Leg Hunting Gaiters for Boots With Plastic buckles
  • Durability:- These gaiters are made with 420D tear-resistant material which is very durable. Furthermore, the 3-layers of strong water repellent make it highly water-resistant.

The Qshare leg hunting gaiters are easy to wear and comfortable lower leg protection solutions. These can help you to keep warm, secure, and dry while hunting, hiking, gardening, or any outdoor activity

The gaiters fit very well in your boots allowing you to walk or run freely in shrubs and mud. These can protect your legs from thorns, ticks, dirt, small insects, and rocks. However, these are not secure for snake bites. You can select your size out of small, medium, large, and extra-large.      

Overall, these waterproof Leg Gaiters are for you if you want protection from thorns or basic small injuries. Also, if you love to hunt during winters or the rainy season, these are the best suitable pair of gaiters for you.

4. U.S. Solid Hunting Snake Gaiters (Snake Bite Proof)

U.S. Solid Hunting Snake Gaiters



Key Features

  • Comfort:- These gaiters feel comfortable even over the shoe and jeans pants. The 20” bottom fits over a boot very well and while making sure that air could pass in order to keep your legs dry. 
  • Closure Type:- The zipper closures with snap buttons lock the gaiters so perfectly. Each gaiter has two tabs at the bottom one on left and another on the right that fastens the strap under your boot.U.S. Solid Hunting Snake Gaiters With Zipper Closure
  • Snake Bite Protection:- The gaiters are tested and proved to stop snake bites.  If a snake bites you, all the venom remains on the hydrophobic top layer which you can wipe out later. 
  • Durability:- These are made of multi-layers woven materials which make them stay for years without tearing or fading. The stitching quality feels quite sturdy and very clean. There are no warranty details given about the product.

The U.S. Solid snake gaiters have remained 100% successful during a live copperhead snake bite test. The gaiters have multilayers of quality fabric material that keep your lower legs safe from thorns, rocks, ice, mud and even a snake bite

The 16.5” gaiters fit well to all-sized calves and cover the maximum area of your legs below the knees. However, we will recommend you to wear thick long pants and full boots to protect the area not covered by these gaiters. I also liked Ueasy Leg Hunting Gaiters which are cheap at $17 and superior leg protection. 

However, the fabric of Ueasy leg gaiters feels thin which probably can’t stop snake bites. On the other hand, the U.S. Solid snake gaiters cost $40 with quality fabric layers. Overall, these gaiters are highly recommended if you hunt in forests, swamps, grasslands, deserts of the areas prone to snake biting incidents.

5. First Lite Brambler Hunting Gaiter (Premium Construction)

First Lite Brambler Hunting Gaiter



Key Features

  • Comfort:- The 12oz gaiters are very stable and comfortable to wear in all situations. They stay fixed at their place no matter how far you walk in mud, rain, or snow, nothing can enter inside to discomfort you.  
  • Closure Type:- The main zipper closures lock perfectly on your boots. Moreover, the button lock and metal lace hook at the top and downside keep them stable while running. At the bottom, the metal buckle strap keeps gaiters in the center.First Lite Brambler Hunting Gaiter With Zipper Closure
  • Durability:- The combination of heavy-duty 37.5 technology fabric and Cordura panels makes gaiters bomb-resistant and waterproof. I also like the zipper quality that lasts longer. Furthermore, the product is covered with First Lite’s manufacturer defect warranty.

The First Lite Brambler hunting gaiters are designed to offer you leg protection for a lifetime. These have heavy-duty 3.5 layer construction that works great in all seasons and locations. The fabric keeps your legs dry in creek crossings or snowy conditions

If you wear long boots like Kenetreks, Danners, or Lowas then you will definitely love the LG size. However, for boots like Solomon, La Sportiva, or smaller calves up to 9 or less, the SM-sized gaiters will fit well. I also checked out the SITKA Gear Men’s Stormfront GTX Hunting Gaiters which are 100% polyester made but a bit expensive ($150). 

While the First Lite Brambler costs you $80 and has more options to select the perfect size for you. One drawback is, these are not snake bite proof. Overall, these are premium hunting boot gaiters are highly recommended to hunt in, rain, snow, and woodlands. 


Hunting Gaiters are essential wear to protect your legs from many injuries during hunting. Above, we have categorized the best hunting gaiters with different budgets and quality. We will recommend you to select one for yourself on the basis of your budget, hunting atmosphere, and the size of your calf. Let us know your hunting experience with or without leg gaiters in the comment section.


By David Grey

David Grey is born & raised in Bozeman Montana, USA. He has been hunting & fishing since 2009. And used most of the outdoor gear during his 12 years of hunting experience. He likes to spend most of the time in the woods, on the trail, or by the water. He taught us about his outdoor journey and equipment experience.

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