5 Best Hunting Book 2022: Wilderness Skills & Survival

If you wish to go hunting and whether it’s your first time or you’re dusting your bow or gun that is lying for a long time after a long gap of missed hunting seasons. It’s the right time to take it out and do some research. More than videos and podcasts, I believe books are a vital source of knowledge. You will get to know a lot and also in dept about hunting and more.

Best Hunting Book

While there are loads of hunting books available, the books I have mentioned here are super helpful for beginners to get in the field successfully and safely. The books listed below (no specific order) are some of my favorites and I have read every inch of them. These have helped me a lot in my learning process and developed my skills honestly. Also, these books increased my cravings for wilder hunting and places. They will do the same for you.

Being a veteran hunter, I always want my readers to know the style I follow and the types of equipment I use the most. While this is not just limited, I also share book reviews that I feel my readers must know as well. The list was a bit hard to compile, as there are so many best ones out there from well-known authors. Make sure to check them out and you will thank me later.

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List Of 5 Best Hunting Book


1. The Complete Guide To Hunting

The Complete Guide To Hunting

Why You Read This Book

  • Explains about rifle scope
  • 4.9 Star Rating on Amazon
  • Includes cooking techniques and recipes

 Main Specifications

  • Paperback:- 384 Pages
  • Author:- Steven Rinella
  • Publisher:- Random House
  • Publication date:- December 1, 2015 

The author of this book, Steven Rinella is well known for his TV show “MeatEater”. This is his first-ever complete guide to hunting, butchering, and cooking. He expresses his expertise and imparts techniques and strategies from the highly experienced hunters in the US as well. I love the book and his writing style which is down to earth. The author has written a lot of articles for many national magazines but not all are related to the outdoor.

If you are looking for a comprehensive big-game hunting book, then these will be my suggestions. Includes colorful images from John Hafner (A well-known outdoor photographer) and includes tips on equipment from clothing, gear, camping, and cutlery. It also includes basic and advanced hunting techniques which include topics like ambush hunting, still and drive hunting, and much more. I also learn to decoy effectively and call for the big game. This guide perfectly explains hunting locations and details on how to break down any big game.

I love how well the author has explained butchering your game animal and choosing the proper cuts for steaks, roasts, and others. The step-by-step pictures give readers clear illustrations and the guest sections offer experience and advice from experienced hunters. You get a lot out of this book, as no one knows everything about anything.

2. Bushcraft Hunting Book: The Art Of Survival

Bushcraft Hunting Book The Art Of Survival

Why You Read This Book

  • Includes useful information, tips, and advice
  • 4.7 Star Rating On Amazon
  • Highlights topics on knife sharpening

 Main Specifications

  • Paperback:- 256
  • Author:- Dave Canterbury
  • Publisher:- Adams Media; 1st edition
  • Publication Date:- September 1, 2014

Written by Dave Canterbury, Bushcraft 101 offers people an excellent guide to all things from wilderness, bushcraft, and survival. This guide is designed for hunters to prepare themselves for the unknown outdoors. It includes a wide range of survival skills you will have to adopt, like how to protect yourself from harsh weather and manufacturing tools. You will also get to know more about food collection, cooking, building your kit, and protection from the element.

Also, you get to know about wilderness survival but there is a lot more about Bushcraft suggestions which are highly useful for beginners wanting to enhance their survival skills. The author also explains about survival skills required in the wilderness and makes you prepared for various types of survival situations. He has also explained about fire making in his book, which made me shout WOW. After reading his book, I started to use a BIC lighter, as it’s refillable and fragile as well.

Canterbury also explains knife sharpening in one of the chapters and he says to sharpen it once and hone it forever. The only drawback of the book is that it does not have illustrations which can be a bit hard and not enjoyable to walk through. That said, I recommend this book for beginner hunters of all ages, as the wording of the book is understandable for all ages.

3. The MeatEater Hunting Book

The MeatEater Hunting Book

Why You Read This Book

  • Great for campers, hikers, and survivalists
  • 4.9 Star Ratings on Amazon
  • Realistic information

 Main Specifications

  • Paperback:- 464 Pages
  • Author:- Steven Rinella
  • Publisher:- Random House
  • Publication date:- December 1, 2020  

If you are going for an outdoor expedition then these books help you attain that. Whether or not you are keen to go camping and want to explore and survive the wilderness this book is so much fun. The author explains everything from what to wear and survival kits. This is highly helpful for beginners and I consider even a veteran must read the book to know more about the woods.

As the author is well known for hunting books, this book helps outdoor enthusiasts know how to source food and locate purified water. The book also contains medical information and includes pictorial guides and instructions. Also easy to understand and reads like a conversation with a mentor trying to explain a good skill. The only drawback of this book is that the recipes are just repeated info but it’s good.

4. That Wild Country Hunting Book

That Wild Country Hunting Book

Why You Read This Book

  • Vividly descriptive writing 
  • Star Ratings on Amazon
  • Explains approachable and relatable tips

 Main Specifications

  • Paperback:- 277 Pages
  • Author:- Mark Kenyon
  • Publisher:- Little A
  • Publication date:- December 1, 2019  

From the author of the most recognized deer hunting culture, Mark Kenyon delivers outdoor interests and shares some of his unforgettable hiking trips, camping, pack rafting, sightseeing, fishing, and RVing. This book is not just for hunters and not a hunting tips or tricks sharing genre. Instead, it explains with just 2 short stories and is suitable for all who wish to enjoy an outdoor adventure. 

However, there are a few hunting techniques mentioned like paying close to small environment details and a fresh sign of animal scat. These are expressed in words that capture your imagination. The chapters highlight the areas of public lands the author visited. I felt that the images could have been a bit better as they looked washed out and shrunk to less than half a page in size. 

The author has woven the stories of public land adventures and also including the history of public lands. If you love the outdoors, then is an excellent choice and suggest for those who take public land inheritance for granted or those who don’t know that they had such inheritance. 

5. Meat Eater Hunting Book: Adventures Of an American Hunter

Meat Eater Hunting Book Adventures Of an American Hunter

Why You Read This Book

  • Includes real-life instances 
  • 4.9 Start Ratings on Amazon
  • Shares vivid and clear text

 Main Specifications

  • Paperback:- 256 Pages
  • Author:- Steven Rinella
  • Publisher:- Random House
  • Publication date:- September 10, 2013  

The author shares his experience as a hunter. There is trapping and hunting and the relationship he followed along the way. I love how he expresses his interest in hunting with dedication through words. This book was an excellent read. The author also shares his mishaps, adventures, and success honestly. The stories were captivating and I appreciate the way he shared them with the readers. 

He takes you back to his roots through a historical record of how we learned to fish, hunt, and trap. The tales of battling between going to school and the weather bring so many memories. I was drawn into it, the way he says about the background of a specific situation or just expresses how many of the stories offer life to others of them was exciting to read. I can assure you that if you are a fisherman or hunter, this will keep you entertained.


These are some of the best hunting books that I have read so far, while there are loads to include. I felt these belong to the category the most and also make an excellent choice for beginner hunters. Make sure to read them and you will become an expert hunter.

Frequently Ask Questions:-

1. What is the best animal to hunt?

If you are a beginner, then try hunting a squirrel as they can be located easily and can be hunted with various methods and with small caliber rifles.

2. Does hunting require skill?

Yes, it will help you to hunt in woodsmanship. Also, it is one of the skills that modern hunters tend to lack a lot.

3. What makes a hunter successful?

Successful hunters are good at the first sot an animal offers them and making it count. Also, they are good at making decisions in a hurry. They are prepared and confident and they make decisions to execute them.


By David Grey

David Grey is born & raised in Bozeman Montana, USA. He has been hunting & fishing since 2009. And used most of the outdoor gear during his 12 years of hunting experience. He likes to spend most of the time in the woods, on the trail, or by the water. He taught us about his outdoor journey and equipment experience.

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