6 Best Hunting Backpack 2022: Backpack With Rifle/Bow Holder

Your gear plays a vital role in determining how successful your hunting trip goes. One of the most essential parts of the gear will be hunting backpacks. You will be taking all the important tools in your backpack and it must be offering you optimal performance. So, it does not distract you from your hunt. Many hunters prefer camo hunting backpacks that blend with the environment during their hunt.

Best Hunting Backpack

As the market is flooded with choices-external and internal features, tactical, fanny, and much more. It can take time to find out what is the right gear load and the body type. Not all hunting backpacks are specialized to handle the tough condition and rough terrains and extreme stress on the pack. If you are experienced you know where to go and what to carry. While bulky backpacks are not a good idea. It can sometimes catch on trees and woods.  

A best bow hunting backpack provides easy-to-use and innovative features that can make your while hunting experience unforgettable and enjoyable. I have listed the best hunting backpack with rifle holders that are also lightweight. I’m going to dive head-first into a complete guide on the best hunting backpacks available and their features.

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List of 6 Best Hunting Backpack 2022

1. ALPS OutdoorZ Hunting Backpack (Spacious)

ALPS OutdoorZ Hunting Backpack

Key Features

  • Design:- Camp pattern boxy Shape with wide waist and should straps. The pack comes with padded mesh material for breathability. Includes side pockets and can support a maximum payload of 44 lit.
  • Frame:- The backpack is made out of an aluminum frame which allows you to pack 60 to 80 pounds of meat.
  • Compartments & Capacity:- Comes with 11 small pockets and 2-large main compartments. It features a shelf-style design that can a lot of extra internal compartments where you can put your extra ammo, keys, and much more. The quiver holder comes to hand for bow hunters. And a drop-down rifle holder for compound bow holder.ALPS OutdoorZ Hunting Backpack Gun Holder
  • Material & Durability:- Durable fabric with mesh padding for the shoulder, back, and waist straps offer excellent support.
  • Other Features:- Includes a rain cover, D-ring clip to hang the backpack on a tree, and a bow/rifle boot. Also equipped with a 2L hydration pack, but it can hold up to 3L.ALPS OutdoorZ Hunting Backpack Bow Holder

I have been this backpack for years now and it’s been an excellent backpack for hunting. If you are a passionate hunter who stays outdoor then Alps Outdoor Z pursuit is my recommendation. It can carry most than other models and comes with many storage options and compartments. The backpack is extremely functional, durable, and comfortable to use.

I have put so much stress and use and it still looks incredible. Its nylon ballistic material all throughout the pack makes sure that this can do the beating. I can also do what it needs to do. I loved the pockets in the front, it’s easy and quick to access gear, and it is very organized. You also get blet pockets on the sides for a range finder and provide easy access to anything to put in there.

You can also put your extra jackets on the bottom. Its large cargo capacity is perfect for stock hunting. The foam design at the back of the pack is so comfortable from the belt and in the lower back of the lumbar. It sits perfectly in your lower back area and the padding on the upper area is equipped with thick padding and the shoulder straps have an enormous amount of padding as well.

I have tried wearing them the whole day and it was comfortable and not burdensome at all. The pack also includes a rain cover and can be used when if it starts to downpour. You need to unzip the cover and put it over the backpack so that things inside the pack are dry and do not get damaged.

The boxy shape includes ventilated systems with padded mesh materials for breathability. You can place your additional ammo, keys, knives, and ammo in the side pockets. With the aluminum frame in the middle, you can easily pack up to 80 pounds of meat in there.

If you are looking for a large capacity backpack from the same brand. Then check this out! Alps Outdoor Z Traverse. It comes with a 74L capacity with more or less the same features.

2. TIDEWE Hunting Backpack (Super Comfortable)

TIDEWE Hunting Backpack

Key Features

  • Durable & Lightweight:- This model is equipped with tough and strong high-quality polyester oxford material. So, it will stay pristine even after using it for many hunting trips.
  • Quick Access & Organized:- Includes convenient pockets where you can store your keys and extra ammo.
  • Multiple Pockets:- There are about 9 pockets to ensure separate storing and organization.
  • Saddle-Type Backpack:- The front lashing system is where you can store weapons like rifles and bows. And includes a little hook.TIDEWE Hunting Backpack With Gun And Bow Holder
  • Water Storage:- There is also a dedicated compartment for water storage that can hold up to 3.7 pounds weight.
  • Comfortable:- The product is equipped with padded breathable mesh that allows airflow. The waist belt and shoulder straps are also padded as well.
  • Other Features:- Equipped with a built-in rain cover, removable gun bandage, and wear-resistant fabric
  • Capacity:- Offers plenty of space for organizing and storing gear. Provider 35 L capacity (2200 cubic).

If you are looking for a good backpack with saddle hunting for an affordable price tag. It includes a bunch of nice features for saddle hunting, then the Tidewe is really a bet. Comes with a handle like other backpacks to hold or carry the pack. The stitching is perfect and water-resistant. The bag is 12 inches tall, 12 inches wide, and 10 inches deep. Also includes a gun holder which is a quicker hook and loop.

It also includes a rain cover like the Alps backpack. It is ergonomically designed with pockets where you can store your items. They are neatly organized, so you know where to place the item. So, you don’t have to search for the item when you need them immediately. The water storage compartment can hold up to 3.7 pounds weight.

The backpack is not definitely on the lighter side but overall, I love the product. As it has a ton of adjustability with camo print. Not to forget the zippers! It is very good! The saddle straps have a little flap and a little hook for guns. It also includes two compartments one for the bow and gun hanging and the other one for the rain flap.

The front lashing system which you use the most on the from comes with a nice compartment with zipper pockets. You can also place your camera gear and stuffs like that in the main compartment. The backpack is equipped with breathable mesh and is padded. You can wear them all day long and it doesn’t strain your shoulders. You will be comfortable the whole day!

3. Allen Terrain Hunting Backpack (Superior Quality)

Allen Terrain Hunting Backpack

Key Features

  • Capacity:- The capacity of the backpack is 30 liters and it can store all your hunting needs.
  • Zips:- It comes with five zippered compartments and mesh pockets that can hold your keys and other essentials.
  • Gun Carry System:- Equipped with integrated firearm and bow carrying system. You can carry them with ease and do not bug you.Allen Terrain Hunting Backpack With Gun and bBow Holder
  • Comfort:- Includes padded adjustable shoulder straps and sternum straps which can also be adjusted. Also includes a padded cool mesh back. The waist belt is also foam padded for extra support and can be adjusted up to 54 inches. 

This is a well-sized pack that is excellent for hunting or for a long hike. It comes with extra storage space. It carries a maximum of 30 liters (1853 cubic inches) which is more than enough to store your hunting needs. The pack also includes a lot of add on’s and it is been made to be durable and withstand all weather conditions.

There is an integrated firearm and bow carrying system so that the weapons don’t bounce when you walk while it is fully loaded. The 5-zippered compartments and interior mesh storage pockets are made for the real hunter to carry the most. You also get a built-in hydration pocket with easy-to-access waist pockets.

It also features a neat Mossy Oak Break upcountry camo outer material which blends well with nature and offers the right amount of depth and shadowing. Like other products, it also includes padded adjustable shoulder straps and padded cool mesh back. Thanks to the adjustable sternum strap, provides you ultimate comfort while carrying it.

Overall, it does all you want and is affordable as well. I’d say it’s worth the bucks you invest though. An excellent alternative for Elk hunting backpacks

4. Akek Alpha Hunting Backpack (Premium)

Akek Alpha Hunting Backpack

Key Features

  • Material:- The backpack is made of Cordura 500 D Nylon coated with special Durable Water Repellent (DWR) for maximum durability and its lightweight as well. The pack has YKK water-resistant zippers to ensure vital protection from the weather.
  • Carbon Fiber Frame:- It also includes a carbon fiber frame that offers mind-blowing strength to the pack. The frame is built so that the airflow around your back and also comes with comfortable padding as well.Akek Alpha Hunting Backpack With Carbon Fiber Frame
  • Compartments:- It is equipped with 7 zippered compartments and 2 side elastic snap sections that can be accessed from the sides and top for quick access.
  • Capacity:- It is super spacious and comes with a high volume pack of 3200 cubic inches and you can carry this pack to all adventures.
  • Shoulder Straps:- Cushioned and fully Adjustable shoulder straps allow you to carry with a case and stabilize your load.
  • Water Bladder Pockets:- There are also hydration water bladder pockets that have two separate compartments.Akek Alpha Hunting Backpack With Water Bladder
  • Other Features:- The Quick-release strap allows you to take your hunting gear in a hassle of seconds this allows you to secure your bow or rifle quickly when needed. It also comes with a removable daypack or stalking pack.

I have spent a lot of time testing this bag and it has now become my go-to lightweight hunting backpack. I have used this bag for big game and also for hunting turkey and I love the foundation of this bag made with a solid fiber frame that fits a wide range of packs. With the game on the ground, the backpack comes with separate shelves to carry meat, and it’s spacious which can hold up to 150 pounds.

Not to forget-the entire pack weights, just 5lb 110z with the carbon fiber frame which makes the pack versatile and ideally suited for all sized hunters. It is an all-in-one pack that allows you to carry a heavy load and still allows you to move freely. One of my friends also said that “the backpack maintains load close to the body and sits well on the hips”.

I also felt the same when carrying around and you will also get a waterproof YKK zipper that does not drip through making it highly water-resistant. 

It does not let a little snow or rain slow you down. I am always concerned about the material I choose when it comes to hunting backpacks, as it must not just be durable but also water-resistant. This backpack is designed the best.

Like other backpacks, this also comes with ventilated foam straps and adjustable shoulder straps. This allows you to carry the load comfier and easier than ever and helps you to stay cool and dry when the climate is humid. The hunting area I went to recently has very limited water sources. The Alpha 3200 also has water bladder storage pockets which saved me from water scarcity and one of the advantages that I love the most is that the pack can be machine washed.

5. Fieldline Pro Hunting Backpack (Affordable)

Fieldline Pro Hunting Backpack

Key Features

  • Capacity & Durability:- The product comes with a capacity of 32.7 liters with a hydration reservoir which is not included. It is also durable as the material is made of 600D x 300D polyester.
  • Material & Attachments:- Also made of fabric with durable polyester camo pattern and covered in MOLLE which provides rooms for attachments.  
  • Comfort:- The pack is designed with padded shoulder straps with an adjustable sternum strap. With Yoked straps for utmost comfortability.Fieldline Pro Hunting Backpack With Padded Strap
  • Pockets:- Includes 4 external pockets and front pocket for easy access with mesh.

The backpack is designed to carry all your essential for hunting & scouting. The pack is made of durable polyester camo fabric. The back panel is completely padded to allow air pass to keep you cool and dry. The shoulder straps are padded and contoured. You also get an adjustable sternum strap and side compression straps. It can balance well even if you load it fully for a day trip.

Equipped with 4 external storage pockets and a front pocket with mesh to hold all the hunting needs in an organized way. There is also an in-built bottom pocket where you can also place your mobile phones. The large zipper pocket comes in handy when you want to take your gear fast and easily. For great storage, there is also a side expansion pocket. Also, check out this from the same brand in case you want a day pack.

The capacity of the product is 32.7 liters (1995 cubic inches). The pack is covered in MOLLE and Yoked shoulder straps design make the product highly comfortable to wear. It also includes a hydration-compatible pouch with Velcro closures to help you well hydrated, although it is not included. Overall, the backpack is a great investment if you are a day hunter!

6. INSIGHTS Hunting Backpack (Better Support)

INSIGHTS Hunting Backpack

Key Features

  • Material:- It’s a versatile bowhunting pack suitable for a day hunt. It has easy-to-access gear pockets.
  • Spacious:- It is equipped with a wide main compartment that can fits low, parallel bow, optics, electronics, and D-loop.INSIGHTS Hunting Backpack With Bino Straps
  • Treestand Shelf:- It is also has a Treestand 3 front panel system that can be used in three different ways to use your storage, front pocket, basket, and shelf.
  • Support:- The padded back, cool mesh, shoulder straps, unibody chassis, and hideaway hip belt provide the needed support when you need to carry it for a long distance.
  • Weatherproof:- It is built to tackle any weather that nature throws at you.

Makes a go-to hunting pack with arrows and bows. Though it is not that big to hold all your hunting needs like the Alps and TideWe. But the MOLLE system allows you to bring anything you require. If you don’t like to carry things in your hand while you go for a hunt or hike, having a padded compartment dedicated to bows is awesome.

The bow pack comes with a huge compartment that can fit all sorts of bows. It also includes separate storage outside for arrows. You can easily reach over the shoulder and grab an arrow from the bag when you need one. You can wear them all day long and it weighs less even after you load it. The cool mesh padding and a sturdy hip belt offer ultimate support. The waterproof construction is perfect in the rain.

One of the best features of this pack is the tree stand shelf, it comes with a TS3 front panel system that can work in three different ways. The front pocket, storage, shelf, and basket. There is also an extra-large main compartment that can conveniently fit long, parallel bows, quivers arrows, electronics, and D-loops.

7. Badlands Superday Hunting Backpack (Durable)

Badlands Superday Hunting Backpack

Key Features

  • Material:- The fabric features KXO-32 material which is waterproof and light in weight. It is also equipped with premium quality zippers for silent operation.
  • Comfort:- Molded memory foam suspension is easy to carry for the long haul. It also includes a reverse tightening feature on the waist belts for that extra comfort. Also includes five compression straps.
  • Storage:- With a built-in detachable rifle/bow boot you can carry your rifle hands-free. It also includes a hip belt pistol holster.
  • Durability:- The packs are built with strong Aramid thread (yellow-colored reinforcing) for durability.

Features amazing design and durability. This one is easily the best hunting backpack for whitetail that you can invest in. with molded foam suspension that enables it to fit almost all human body frames. So, it can fit your body well. You don’t have to worry about backaches after using it! There is also a load lifter strap that prevents putting pressure on the shoulders.

It is also equipped with various convenient pockets and holsters to put the hunting gear and weapons. The carry boot is used to carry your bow and rifle and you can also store your small pistols on the pistol holders present on the sides. The 5 compression straps come in handy when you need more space storage.

The Camo pattern blends well with nature. And masks your presence helping you to be invisible from animals. When it comes to durability, these are the most rugged and sturdiest packs. With premium zippers, threads, and waterproof fabric, this is definitely a choice to consider. The Badlands Sprint is also an excellent option to consider if you are looking for an affordable alternative.

Frequently Ask Question:-

1. What are the essentials to pack in a hunting backpack?

The most important thing to carry is water, a first aid kit, rain gear, food, rubber gloves, and a knife. Make sure to take the hunting gears you need, depending on the location you are going.

2. How to choose the best hunting backpack?

Hunting backpacks should be capable of holding heavy loads, with adjustable torso length. You must also need to carry gear and should have ample space. Also, consider its adjustable straps and shoulder straps whether it’s padded and includes mesh for airflow.

3. Do a CAMO backpack is essential for hunting?

Camouflage or Camo is a feature to consider as it can blend well with nature. If you are a bow hunter then it is an essential feature to consider. Also, it provides better concealment. For predator hunting, a camo backpack will be helpful but is not required.

4. What is backpack hunting?

Over the past few years, backpack hunting has gained popularity with hunters. It is helpful if you want to live out of the packs and hunt the backcountry.


By David Grey

David Grey is born & raised in Bozeman Montana, USA. He has been hunting & fishing since 2009. And used most of the outdoor gear during his 12 years of hunting experience. He likes to spend most of the time in the woods, on the trail, or by the water. He taught us about his outdoor journey and equipment experience.

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