6 Best Hunting Arrows 2022: Toughest Hunting Arrows

If you are a hunter, shooting with a right arrow matters a lot. Toughest hunting arrows unleash the power of the bow at complete strength. It will result in a quick and clean kill. Hunting arrows and Broadheads is one of the most talked-about topics in the hunting community. Arrow manufacturers are growing more in tune which offering top-notch arrows that can kill the prey in just a shot.

For serious hunters, hunting arrows matters a lot. Whether you are going to buy your first bow or willing to replace your current one. This guide will fulfill your search! I have mentioned the best heavy arrows for hunting that offers high penetrating power. Hunting arrows can be expensive, but they are worth the purchase. They are available in various materials and weights.

Best Hunting Arrows

Carbon arrows are the most common ones used in the hunting industry. They have a straightness tolerance between 0.001 to 0.006 inches. Also, it can be expensive as well. The manufacturer measures them after the production line and divides them on the basis of straightness. This buying guide will look closely at the areas that have a huge impact on your decision.

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List Of 6 Best Hunting Arrows

1. Tiger Archery Hunting Arrows (Lightweight)

Tiger Archery Hunting Arrows

Key Features

  • Fletch:- Colored plastic fletching with nickel-plated stainless-steel tops. Offers perfect target practice and outdoor shooting.
  • Nocks:- Replaceable nocks and adjustable. You can replace it when it gets worn out.Tiger Archery Hunting Arrows With Nocks
  • Arrows:- Recurve, compound, and longbows with a draw weight of 40-63 pounds.
  • Features:- Suitable for compound bow 40-60 pounds
  • Construction:-The high-tech carbon construction can offer so much durability and weighs less
  • Tips:- The tips of the arrows is nickel-plated stainless steel which makes the product highly durable. And O-ring keeps the stability of the tips.Tiger Archery Hunting Arrows With O Ring Tip
  • Other Features: Provides minimal in-flight wind drift which is the uniqueness of the product.

 Main Specifications

  • Material:- Carbon
  • Spine:- 500
  • Full Length:- 31.5 Inch
  • Weight:- 35g each
  • Shaft diameter:- Outer 7.85mm & Inner 6.2mm
  • Package Includes:- 12 Carbon Arrows & 6 Nock For Free.

 Tiger Archery is known for its excellent accuracy. Weighs just 35g each and helps you to hit all crucial targets with ease. I loved the material; the manufacturer has ensured that is it blessed with a great deal of quality. The high–tech carbon construction provides excellent durability and weighs less. They also feature carbon shafts and rubber fletchers to help enhance the aerodynamics of the arrows in flight.

These arrows are priced reasonably for the quality you get. And one of the best arrows for big game hunting. I also suggest Tiger Archery as a durable target practice option. And if you are looking for a durable practice arrow then this will be the right option. It also has nickel-plated stainless-steel tips which make the product long-lasting. I also tried them in extreme weather conditions and it’s consistently good.

With minimal in-flight wind drift, the product stands apart from other hunting arrows. The plastic fletcher and steel tip can also combat environmental impact. The multi-layered design can reduce any risk of splintering but the nocks of the arrows are not fixed with glue. One reviewer also said that the nocks came out but applying a bit of glue can solve this issue.

Overall Tiger Archery arrows have top-notch quality for an affordable price tag. Various key features make this an ultimate choice. The durability and lightweight design make these a notable option. Available in various alluring colors that can make this an exciting sport as well.

2. Pointdo Hunting Arrows (Long Lasting)

Pointdo Hunting Arrows

Key Features

  • Nocks:- Bohning double lockPointdo Hunting Arrows With Double Nocks
  • Vanes:- 3-inch Peltate with 2 green and 1 white vanePointdo Hunting Arrows With 3 Inch Vanes
  • Construction:- The arrows are well made and comes in a decant well packaged. They are also good in quality. It also comes with a knurled surface for stronger bonding.Pointdo Hunting Arrows With Knurled Surface For Tighting
  • Tips:- 100 Grains with O-ring. You can also replace them and the insert is glued.Pointdo Hunting Arrows With O Ring Tip
  • Arrows:The arrows are well made with carbon fiber and suitable for hunting and target practice.

 Main Specifications

  • Material:- Carbon
  • Spine:- 500
  • Full Length:- 31.5 Inch
  • Weight:- 35g each
  • Shaft diameter:- Outer 7.8mm & Inner 6.2mm
  • Package Includes:12 Carbon Arrows & 6 Nock For Free.

One of the best hunting and practice targeting arrows. You need to fly the arrow-straight or else you might have to see serious casualties. These arrows are perfectly equipped with carbon fiber and are full of shafts. The fletching comes with two fluorescent green and one white vine. The vine is super bright and makes the product visible even in low light.

If you have a compound bow, you can also use this both for shooting and hunting. Unlike the previous product, this also comes without glued nocks. Which means you can adjust it. You get six pieces of nocks along with the products. Each arrow weighs 35 grams and they are long-lasting and durable.

These arrows come with a replicable stainless–steel screw pointer. You can replace them with broadheads or heavy pointers if you want deeper penetration. They also come with 3 inches long plastic vanes and the color combination looks pretty decent.

3. Musen Archery Hunting Arrows (Weatherproof)

Musen Archery Hunting Arrows

Key Features

  • Fletch:- Two black and one white TPU 3” vanes. Suitable for draw weight 30-55 pounds compound and recurve and longbow.
  • Vanes:- The vanes are equipped with TPU rubber which allows you to maintain a good balance and straight flight path.Musen Archery Hunting Arrows With 3 Inch VAnes
  • Suitable For:- The Musen arrows are suitable for hunting and target practice for both adults and youth.
  • Tips:- It is fabricated with stainless steel that prevents corrosion. Moreover, the tip is tightly screwed on 100-grain arrow tips with the help of a tiny “O” rubber ring.Musen Archery Hunting Arrows With o Ring Rubber
  • Weatherproof:- Suitable for all weather conditions in a wild environment.

 Main Specifications

  • Material:- Carbon & Stainless Steel
  • Spine:- 500
  • Full Length:- 31.5 Inch
  • Weight:- 35g each
  • Shaft diameter:- Outer 7.8mm & Inner 6.2mm
  • Package Includes:- 12 Carbon Arrows & 6 Nock For Free.

Musen arrows are available in excellent quality and great value. They are used for shooting and practice as well. These arrows are suitable for hunting small animals like squirrels and rabbits. Musen is also considered the best deer hunting arrow. The arrow is made of a pure carbon shaft with a 17” length. You can also get these for an affordable price on Amazon. Comes with a great swift speed which helps you to hit your target accurately.

 I liked the nocks which are tightly sealed to offer you a better bowstring grip. It also comes with a stainless-steel interchangeable head which ensures long life and durability. Another benefit that comes with the arrow is that it allows you to shoot further and in a straight motion. Its super lightweight design and carbon shaft are nicely strengthened up to a carbon grade level.

The vanes are equipped with rubber vanes which offer you a good balance and straight flight path. It can also perform well in various weather conditions in a wild environment. The field point is made of stainless steel and is suitable for anti-corrosion and target penetration. The orientation nocks are adjustable to fit both for recurve and compound bow. Use just a coin to rotate it.

4. Elong Hunting Arrows (Safe Design)

Elong Fiberglass Hunting Arrows

Key Features

  • Suitable For:- The Elong fiberglass arrows are suitable for beginners and children.
  • Vanes:- Colorful vanes available in green and orange are also equipped with TPU and comes with a plastic nook.Elong Fiberglass Hunting Arrows With 3 Inch Vanes
  • Nocks:- The nocks are made of plastic and glued for recurve bow and compound bowElong Fiberglass Hunting Arrows With Nocks
  • Arrows:- Comes in various sizes. The youth arrows are not suitable for hunting and include bullet tips and nocks.

Elong practice arrows are safe for children and beginner archers. These arrows are suitable for draw weight under 55 pounds recurve bow. Made of fiberglass, makes a best practice arrow to develop archery skills. The vane is equipped with TPU and comes with a plastic nook. The Elong fiberglass arrow comes in various sizes from 24 inches, 26 inches, 28 inches, and 30 inches.

They are durable and well made the arrow shaft size is 5mm inner diameter and 7mm outer diameter. The Grains per inch (GPI) is 14.66 inches and the special round bullet design is safe for all who want to start archery practice. The youth arrows which come with the package is not suitable for hunting and the bullet tips and nocks are glued so it is not adjustable.

The manual suggests that the arrows not be shot on concrete walls or any hard materials as this might damage the product. Available in two colors orange and green. If the vane shape is bent, put them in hot water (80 degrees Celsius to 90 degrees Celsius) for a few minutes.

5. Antsir Hunting Arrows (Toughest)

ANTSIR Target Hunting Arrows

Key Features

  • Nock:- Adjustable double lock nock for safety while using the product.ANTSIR Target Hunting Arrows With Double Lock Nocks
  • Compatibility:- Compatible with compound bows with a range of 40 pounds and recurve bows with up to 55 pounds
  • Arrows:- The material is superior and offers low hand shock. The arrows are made of top-quality material for utmost performance. 
  • Tips:- Includes a screw-in field tip and aluminum insert convertible. Moreover, the tip is tightly screwed on 100-grain arrow tips with the help of a tiny “O-Ring” rubber.Musen Archery Hunting Arrows With o Ring Rubber
  • Fletch:- The fletches are colored and made of plastic and the bullet tops are Nickle plated stainless steel. 

If you looking for the toughest hunting arrow with top quality material and good performance with excellent speed and low hand shock, then go for Antisir arrows. This arrow is also suitable for beginners who want to practice archery. The inserts and nocks are easy to repair. The nocks are not glues, so you can adjust them with a coin. Comes with colored plastic fletching and nock. The permanent nickel-plated stainless steel bullet tip offers you an accurate and straight shot.

The arrows come with safety explosion-proof ring main parts and it’s made of 85% glass fiber. Draw weight of 50 pounds both for compound and recurve bows. What makes this arrow the best is the screw-in field tip and aluminum insert convertible with a wide range of inch thread arrows. The total length of the arrow is 31.5 inch and the package includes 12 arrows in a pack. Available in two colors black -red and orange-yellow.

Each arrow weighs just 42 grams and with a GPI of 15.0 grains. This arrow is made of top-notch quality and makes its best choice for youths and beginners.

6. Pandarus Hunting Arrows (Affordable)

Pandarus Hunting Arrows

Key Features

  • Arrows:- The arrows come with a screw-on field point for easy hunting and beginners. The arrowheads are easy to remove and replace.  
  • Vanes:- The vanes are three inches long and include a rib to allow easy flying. Pandarus Hunting Arrows With Nocks
  • Anti Loosening Rubber:- Includes Automatic heart function which does not slip easily and provides precise flight balance.Pandarus Hunting Arrows With o ring rubbePandarus Hunting Arrows With o ring rubberr
  • Aluminum Base:- The adhesive surface with aluminum base comes with a decorative pattern and uses a special 3M company glue to offer a strong bonding. 
  • Fletch:- Crossbolt fletched arrows may bend a bit. You can soak them in hot water or use an air dryer to straighten them.

Pandarus arrows are available in various spine sizes from 350 to 500. The pack includes 12 arrows and 6 nocks. They are best for recurve and compound bows with a draw weight of 30 to 55 pounds. These arrows come with screw-on field points which are used for target practice and hunting. You can also remove and replace your arrowheads easily and swiftly. The vanes are three inches long.

One of the notable benefits of Pandarus arrows is the fact that it comes with ribs that can channel the air vortex to help arrows fly efficiently. Made of high-quality material and they are a highly durable and affordable option for hunters. You can also remove the nocks and replace them when needed. As the arrows are available with field points, they make an excellent product for beginners and as a practice arrow. Training with these can offer you enhanced consistency which can guide you in the hunt.

The material is carbon mix and the arrowhead Is machined by the precision CNC lathe to fit the aerodynamic model well. The anti–loosening rubber ring comes with automatic heart function, which does not lose easily and makes accurate flight balance. The adhesive surface of the aluminum base comes with a decorative pattern and is used with a special 3M company glue to offer a strong bonding. Do check out this arrow set from the same brand with 8mm fiberglass.

I also liked the Carbon express arrows but they fell apart after a couple of shots.


Frequently Ask Questions

1. What is the right weight for hunting arrows?

Hunting arrows must be between 375 – 1000 grains. It also depends on the length of the arrow and bow draw weight.

2. What does GPI mean?

GPI stands for Grains Per Inch. It is that standard measurement for the arrows to take and find the weight. The GPI is composed of the product’s diameter, thickness, and the measurement of the shaft.

3. Name of the part of a hunting arrow

The shaft, arrowhead, nock, and fletching are some of the important parts of a hunting arrow.

4. What does grain mean?

An arrow’s weight is measure in grains. It is a standard unit of measurement for all sorts of hunting arrows. They present the arrow weight when measuring on the scale.

5. Are heavier arrows more precise?

While they can absorb more of the energy which results in fewer vibrations and calm hunting bows. These can be more reliable, lighter, and durable.

6. How to choose the best recurve arrow?

When buying a recurve bow, the weight is related to the poundage of the bow. Lighter ones tend to work well with lighter arrows and vice versa.


By David Grey

David Grey is born & raised in Bozeman Montana, USA. He has been hunting & fishing since 2009. And used most of the outdoor gear during his 12 years of hunting experience. He likes to spend most of the time in the woods, on the trail, or by the water. He taught us about his outdoor journey and equipment experience.

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