6 Best Gun Cleaning Patches 2022: Best For All Guns

First of all, you need a gun cleaning kit for your firearm, on the other hand, you also need things like lubricating oil, cleaning rods, patches, bore guide, gun vise, etc. In this article, I am going to cover one of the most important parts of a gun cleaning kit is cleaning patches.

If your firearm was more exposed to particles in the atmosphere like rain, moisture, ice, or other damaging elements. Then this may lower the life of your gun you need to clean your gun from time to time and must have a gun case for safety.

Best Gun Cleaning Patches

Well, Hunterhunts listed the 6 best gun cleaning patches on the basis of their material strength, solvent absorbing properties, size of the patch, compatibility with gun type, the total number of patches, etc.

But, the patch size is based on the user preference and jag size, cleaning and lubricating the barrel effectively means that the last patch that comes out of the barrel or bore is clean.

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List of the 6 Best Gun Cleaning Patches

1. HOPPE’S No. 9 Gun Cleaning Patch (Most Selling)

HOPPE'S No. 9 Gun Cleaning Patch

Key Features

  • Material:- Hoppe’s No. 9 patches are fabricated with cotton and synthetic material. They are ultra-absorbent and uniformly woven, more feel like synthetic fabric than cotton. These cleaning patches come pre-cut.
  • Compatibility:- These are designed for use with a .38-.45 caliber/.410-20-gauge shotgun and 22 to 300 Win Mag. rifles. If one patch is not thick enough to clean the gun then add more. These are compatible with most of the guns but do not include 12 gauge shotguns.

 Main Specifications

  • Dimension:- 2 x 2 inch
  • Material:- Cotton & Synthetic Fabric
  • Package Include:- 500 patches

Frank August Hoppe mixed 9 chemicals and invent the world’s most effective gun cleaner in 1903. Since that time Hoppe’s advancing and evolving technologies and become one of the leading gun care companies. Cleaning patches are made with high-quality material and work fine to clean your gun. Moreover, it’s good to go with oiling and drying your firearm. Recommend to buy this one due to its low price and brand popularity.

Note:- This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

2. BOOSTEADY Gun Cleaning Patch (Different Size)

BOOSTEADY Gun Cleaning Patch

Key Features

  • Material:- Made of cotton fabric material that is lint-free and doesn’t leave any fiber thread behind after use. In addition, it’s a great absorbent and soaks up carbon fouling, dirt, left-over lubricant, etc.BOOSTEADY Gun Cleaning
  • Compatibility:- Due to its different size variety, it is compatible with almost every gun and rifle. The thick patches will not fall apart when you clean your barrels and fit easily in the gun’s tight area

 Main Specifications

  • Dimension:- 2-1/4 x 2-1/4 inch
  • Material:- Cotton & Synthetic Fabric
  • Package Include:- 1,000 patches

Overall, BOOSTEADY patches come in 6 different size variants from 1-to-3 inches. These patches are made of extremely durable, soft, and thick material. Due to its highly absorbent properties, it is great for polishing, cleaning, buffing, etc. comes with a carton box for storage and patches were pre-cut and fit easily in the tight areas of the gun.

3. Otis Gun Cleaning Patches (Used Up To 6 Times)

Otis Gun Cleaning Patches

Key Features

  • Material:- Fabricated with 100% cotton material due to its circular design used up to 6 times, offering 6 new cleaning surfaces. It is used with a slotted tip which is formed as a circular cleaning swab to allow 360°coverage.Otis Gun Cleaning Patches Used Method
  • Compatibility:- Comes in 2 inch and 3-inch size, the 2″ is compatible with .17-.25 caliber and 3″ is compatible with .243 cal or 12/10 gauge firearms.

 Main Specifications

  • Dimension:- 3 x 3 inch
  • Material:- 100 %Cotton
  • Package Include:- 100 patches

Well, these patches are best to use with the Otis cleaning method. Each patch has 6 slots that offer 6 times 6 new cleaning surfaces. Apart from this, you can also use these patches with jag. Yes, these patches are costly but a single patch can offer up to 6 cleaning surfaces.

After watching the video you will know how to use these Otis cleaning patches. They work really well I know a bit expensive but last for a long time.

4. Southern Bloomer Gun Cleaning Patches (Universal Patches)

Southern Bloomer Gun Cleaning Patches

Key Features

  • Material:- Southern Bloomer pistol/rifle cleaning patches are fabricated with 100% military cotton material. These are pre-cut patches and thick enough to clean a bore very well.
  • Compatibility:- These are designed for use with 38/357/45 cal. – 9mm/10 mm. Well, you want to clan your .22 pistol or revolver then you have to cut the patches into quarters or thirds maybe for an easy fit.

 Main Specifications

  • Dimension:- 2.5 x 2.5 inch
  • Material:- 100 % Cotton
  • Package Include:- 1,000 patches

Southern Bloomer gun cleaning patches are made with 100% cotton material that absorbs oil solvent and carbon fouling easily. They are versatile in nature and compatible with any caliber, cut the patches in half or quarters if the caliber is small. Work fine, lint-free and universal patches ver happy with them and the bag is huge. Try this one as a great product for your gun cleaning.

5. Marksman Precision Gun Cleaning Roll (Mega-Roll)

Marksman Precision Gun Cleaning Roll

Key Features

  • Material:- This mega roll is fabricated with 100% double-brushed cotton flannel material that provides you strong tensile strength and quality. The thickness of the material is perfect for all firearms and highly absorbent fabric works great than your T-shirts.
  • Compatibility:- Marksman Precision mega roll is best for cleaning all types of firearms. You can cut the patches according to your size so it easily fits in the jag size. 

 Main Specifications

  • Dimension:- 120 inches long and 4 inches wide
  • Material:- 100 % Cotton Flannel
  • Package Include:- Mega Roll

Marksman Precision gun cleaning mega roll is made with high-quality material that contaminates out your gun barrel. The double-brushed cotton patch material allows you to cut the size of the patch according to your need. It will provide you with different size patches for any type of handgun, rifle, or shotgun. Recommend to buy this one because you can also clean the outer parts of the gun with this material.

6. 360 Tactical Gun Cleaning Patches (Combo Pack)

360 Tactical Gun Cleaning Patches

Key Features

  • Material:- Well, the gun cleaning patches are made of 100% cotton flannel that effectively clean built-up residue, dirt, and carbon fouling easily. Patches are napped on both sides for maximum solvent absorbent.
  • Compatibility:- The pre-cut 500 patches pieces are compatible with .38-.45 caliber/.410-20 gauge and 9mm/10mm guns. Rest it matters how tight your jag is, so you can cut the patches according to the size.

 Main Specifications

  • Dimension:- 2.5 x 2 inch
  • Material:- 100 % Cotton Flannel
  • Package Include:- 500 patches

In a nutshell, these patches are excellent for cleaning the firearms very easily and provide you with great comfort. The thickness and quality of the patches are good for cleaning. Compatible with most the guns and also include a 6-inch tube cleaner. Buy this one if you are familiar with this brand.


Well, I listed the 6 best gun cleaning patches that are compatible with your handgun, shotgun, and rifles. Out of 6 patches, 5 are pre-cut patches but 1 is not pre-cut. Moreover, let me know in the comment below which one is your favorite patch and why. It will help others to know more about these patches and I will update the list if your best one is not on our top list.

Frequently Ask Questions:-

1. What are the best gun cleaning patches?

I listed the above 6 best patches that are compatible with almost every gun. Below I listed the 3 best gun cleaning patches for you. So, it is easy to choose which one is best for you.

  1. HOPPE’S No. 9  (Most Selling)
  2. BOOSTEADY  (Different Size)
  3. Marksman Precision Gun Cleaning Roll (Mega-Roll)

2. Is it bad to clean your gun after every use?

No, it is not bad to clean your gun after every use. Cleaning the gun is beneficial for you because you are familiar with your gun, preventing malfunctions, and knowing the failure to eject.

Rest it depends on how much you frequently shoot with your firearms. Well, a shotgun needs less care as compared to .22 or AR. If you shoot a full day with them then the next day it will start jamming.

3. What are gun cleaning patches made of?

They are made of cotton and synthetic fabric material because pure cotton is not a perfect lint-free material for cleaning.

4. What are gun cleaning patches used for?

These are used for cleaning your firearms like dirt, built-up residue, and carbon fouling, and used as a solvent absorber.

5. What is a cleaning jag?

Well, a jag is a cleaning tool that holds the gun cleaning patches in place while you push the rod through the barrel or bore.

6. What is the best gun cleaning rod?

Well, I am going to list the 3 best gun cleaning rods:-

  1. Tipton 1-Piece Gun Cleaning Rods
  2. HOPPE’S Elite 1-Piece Gun Cleaning Rod
  3. Dewey 1-Piece Gun Cleaning Rod


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