6 Best Ground Blind For Hunting 2021

Hunting has never been an easy task. Sometimes a hunter stays on the field for hours, to find prey, but it runs away because of a small movement or noise. While a quality ground blind can be a game-changer in your hunting journey. According to Fact. Mr, North America has boosted the sales of the hunting blinds market, which means hunters tend to buy more ground blinds than ever. Of course why not?.. It keeps a hunter concealed and helps to improve success even in unstable weather conditions. 

Many hunters use a hunting chair, blind heater or hunting stool to ensure comfort during long hours of sitting. They need to choose a ground blind with required opening views and appropriate height to take a kill shot. In this article, we are listing the best ground blinds that are not ideal only for hunting, but you can also use them for wildlife viewing activities. 

Best Ground Blind

All on the list are highly selling ground blinds recommended by experienced hunters. We list them on the basis of occupancy, ease of setting up, built material, and field of view. It is suggested to go through the complete article in order to select the best ground blind that will match your requirements.

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List Of 6 Best Ground Blind For Hunting


1. Ameristep Hunting Ground Blind (Recommended To Buy)

Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind

Key Features

  • Occupancy:- The dimensions of this ground blind are 55″ x 55″ x 60″ which is perfect for 2 people. There’s a kick out on either side to place other accessories like a gun, first aid kit, or backpack cautiously. Also, you get a mesh pocket to keep leftovers or other small items like a caller and a hunting knife.
  • Setting Up:- This is a breeze to set up and hardly takes less than a minute with the help of a pop-up system. Just lay the blind on the ground and pop up the roof part and then other sides. The pole handle allows you to pop out each side very easily. 
  • Stability:- Bind is stable enough with help of ground stake and high wind tie downs. They fasten the blind’s bottom to the ground and keep it steady even in strong wind conditions.  
  • Openings and Door:- It has 9 windows and 1 door. The windows have silent toggles to open and close them without any sound, while the door has nice zippers. Moreover, the windows have covers to stop unwanted light from hitting your eyes.Ameristep Hunting Ground Blind Windows
  • Portability:- The complete pop-up system collapses completely and fits so compact in a carry bag that comes along. Furthermore, it is very lightweight and easy to carry using a shoulder strap
  • Durability:- Made with durashell plus fabric this ground blind is durable and works in different weather conditions. Also, the black Shadow Guard coating inside avoids shadows and silhouettes to give away your hideout. The rest of the structure is made with steel which is quite robust. 


🔧 Main Specification

  • Material Use:- Durashell Plus Fabric
  • Occupancy:- 2 people
  • Windows:- 9
  • Door:- Zipper System
  • Weight:- 12 Pounds
  • Dimensions (LxWxH):- 55 x 55 x 60 inches

Ameristep is designing ground blinds & accessories for the past 20 years for hunters. Ameristep caretaker ground blind came in October 2020 and sold out in huge numbers. It has a mossy oak color that allows you to deploy it in a variety of environments such as heavily wooded or silhouette areas. There are enough windows to keep an eye on your prey and take a shot from maximum directions

However, there is no window at the backside. People complain that it is not fully waterproof and has small holes on the top, which is no trouble at all because you can use waterproof spray. Overall it is a $100 ground blind which is best for hunting and solo camping. I will highly recommend it if you are going on a solo hunting trip.


2. Rhino 3 Person Hunting Ground Blind (Maximum Occupancy)

Rhino 3 Person Hunting Ground Blind

Key Features

  • Occupancy:- It has a 66″ center height, hub to hub 75″ x 75″, and floor space 58″ x 58“. This ground blind can fit 3 people because of plenty of space. However, if you put in a lot of accessories like a gun kit and other stuff, it may be a little tight though. 
  • Setting Up:- The nice metal hub system is pretty much convenient to help you set up this ground blind in minutes. You need to pop up each side starting from the roof. It is recommended to read instructions if you don’t want to waste a lot of time on the field setting this up.Rhino 3 Person Hunting Ground Blind Metal hub
  • Openings and Door:- It has windows on all sides. I like the big windows on the 2 sides of the blind give you a 180-degree view, or you may break it up into smaller windows. There’s mesh all connected to windows on each side to keep bugs/mosquitoes out. Both the door and window have clips to close which is quite silent and impressive.Rhino 3 Person Hunting Ground Blind With Silent Clips
  • Stability:- The blind comes with stakes and tie-down ropes that hold it strongly with the ground in strong wind. It has a design to withstand various weather conditions like rain, snow, wind, and hail.
  • Portability:- The 13.8 Pounds blind comes with a nice carry bag with a shoulder strap attached to it. You can adjust it on your shoulder to transport it from the back of your truck to the set-up location.
  • Durability:- This ground blind is constructed with 150 denier polyester that makes it long-lasting. The 150 denier thread is in both the horizontal and vertical weave. Triple stitched corners and reinforcements prevent rods to pop through the fabric.

🔧 Main Specifications

  • Material Use:- 150Denier Polyester
  • Occupancy:- 3 people
  • Windows:- 2 Big windows 
  • Door:- Slient Clip System
  • Weight:- 13.8 Pounds
  • Dimensions (LxWxH):- 58 x 58 x 66 inches

Rhino blinds have been the most trusted and recommended ground blinds by many hunting professionals, wildlife photographers, and hunting guides. The R150 ground blind of Rhino is designed to ensure a reliable hunting experience for first-timers or avid hunters. The DWR (durable water repellent) and UV treatment make it perform well in all weather conditions. 

It is spacious enough for wildlife photographers to store their cameras and other accessories. However, if you are going on a solo hunting trip, I will suggest the R75-RTE ground blind of Rhino which costs you $70. Overall, R150 costs you $100 and sufficient for 3 people. I will recommend this ground blind for hunting, camping, and filming wildlife.


3. Yeacool Camouflage Netting Ground Blind (Cheap Blind System)

Yeacool Camouflage Netting Ground Blind

Key Features

  • Multipurpose:- This is camo netting with 16.4ftx5ft dimensions that you can use natural concealment for hunting, birdwatching, wildlife photography, army theme party decorations, and more. Yeacool Camouflage Netting Ground Blind For Multipurpose
  • Setting Up:- You can use it as a hunting blind by using woods and tying it up with the help of wires or rope. The camo netting is easy to cut in any size and fits anywhere according to your requirements. However, it may take an hour or more to set up.
  • 3-D leaf Pattern:- The 3D leaf pattern feels too real and helps you to achieve success in the hunting field. Moreover, the camo design adds more realism to keep you hidden from the eyes of the prey around.
  • Portability:- This is a lightweight netting that doesn’t require a heavy support system. You may roll it down and store it inside your backpack to carry on the hunting field.
  • Durability:- Made with 150D Polyester fabric, this ground blind netting is quick-drying, Non-glare, and weather resistant. However, it shrinks a bit after washing in the water. It is recommended to soak it in water with hunting-friendly laundry detergent for around 30 minutes, then let it dry before using.Yeacool Camouflage Netting Ground Blind With camo design

Yeacool camo netting is superlight, handy, and one of the budget-friendly netting systems that you can use as a ground blind. You can use it for hunting, outdoor sports, tactical, military applications, natural concealment, and wildlife viewing. The strong polyester material avoids rips and tears. Moreover, it doesn’t take much space in your backpack when stored. 

I also liked Auscamotek Woodland camo netting that has 300d polyester fabric and costs you $25. However, Yeacool camo netting will cost you $18 which is super cost-effective. You can simply hang it between two trees and use it as concealment to hunt using a gun or bow.  I will highly recommend this netting to those hunters who don’t have enough budget or don’t want to spend much on expensive hunting blinds.


4. Barronett Hub Hunting Ground Blind (Noise-Free Design)

Barronett Hub Hunting Ground Blind

Key Features

  • Occupancy:- This blind has a height of 67’’, shooting width 71’’x71’’, and a footprint of 55’’x55’’. It is spacious enough for two people with few hunting accessories. If you fit 2 people with a hunting chair, crossbow, bag and other items it may be a bit tight.
  • Setting Up:- Like other blinds in our list, it also has a pop-up system that allows everything to get set up so quickly. You can collapse it easily for relocation and set it up in a direction from where more deer are coming. 
  • Openings and Door:- It has silent windows with a loop and toggle button that avoid the nose while you open and close it. There are 3 windows on 2 sides of this blind and a small window at rest 2 sides that ensure 3 direction view. The door is at the corner with a zipper system.Barronett Hub Hunting Ground Blind With 6 Windows
  • Stability:- The blind includes ground stakes and tie-down ropes for ensuring stability during heavy wind. 
  • Portability:- It comes with a nice carrying bag making transportation easy. Also, the shoulder strap is pretty much comfortable to carry this 8 lb ground blind safely.  
  • Durability:- This blind is made with 150 denier oxford weave polyester material which is water-resistant and long-lasting. It has a strong structure built with quality metal. Moreover, the premium stitching quality stays for years.

🔧 Main Specifications

  • Material Use:- 150 Denier Polyester
  • Occupancy:- 2 people
  • Windows:- 6
  • Door:- Zipper System
  • Weight:- 8 Pounds
  • Dimensions (LxWxH):- 55 x 55 x 67 inches

The Prowler 200 of Barronett is one of the ultra-lightweight and quality hunting blinds on our list. It was launched in October 2020 and has amazing customer reviews. The windows are at a perfect height from where you can adjust your chair and take down as many deer or turkeys around you. It has a camouflage color with a Bloodtrail® Woodland™ touch that keeps you unnoticed in the woods. 

I also encountered Barronett Radar ground hunting blind which has quite the same specification but is $10 more expensive and weighty than Prowler 200. Overall, Road Runner will cost you $80 which is under budget and well suitable for beginners as well as pro hunters. This is a waterproof ground blind, best to hunt in tropical rain forests or in snowing areas.


5. Primos Double Bull Hunting Ground Blind (Surround View)

Primos Double Bull Hunting Ground Blind

Key Features

  • Occupancy:- The blind dimensions are 55’’x 55’’x 70’’ which is perfect for 2 people. It has a great big pocket right in the front where you can store your wallet, key, or phone. If you are a solo bow or gun hunter, it gives you ample space to keep your all accessory.
  • Setting Up:- It has a power hub framework that requires less force to pop up all sides and set up this blind quickly. Once you get habitual of setting this up, it will hardly take 7 seconds to get it ready.
  • Stability:- This blind is stable as it has a heavy fabric. Stakes are not included with it,  so you have to buy good ground stakes to keep it stable. I will suggest you PS60082 of Primos which is the best ground blind stakes.
  • Openings and Door:- It gives you a 270-degree view of the area with help of 3 one way see-through walls. The 3 windows on each side allow you to shoot a game. It has a nice zipper door, fairly easy to enter and exit. Primos Double Bull Hunting Ground Blind With 9 Windows
  • Portability:- The weight of this ground blind is 21 pounds which is a bit heavy to carry. Although, it comes with a nice carry bag having shoulder straps that somehow manage to transport it.
  • Durability:- It is made with legendary double bull materials that last longer. The stitching is very clean and strong to withstand different weather conditions. Moreover, you get a limited lifetime warranty along with this ground blind. 

🔧 Main Specifications

  • Material Use:- Legendary Double Bull
  • Occupancy:- 2 people
  • Windows:- 9
  • Door:- Zipper System
  • Weight:- 21 Pounds
  • Dimensions (LxWxH):- 55 x 55 x 70 inches

The Primos double bull SurroundView 270 blind is constructed with exclusive one-way see-through walls. You can spot all the movement in a 270-degree direction which you may miss with traditional ground blinds. The fabric has thousands of small holes that allow you to see a much broader view. While, outside, it has camo print and natural light force that makes you almost invisible inside. 

It is the best ground blind for recurve bow or bow hunting. I also liked Double Bull surround-view blind 360 of primos that give 360-degree view but have a $125 price. While Double Bull 270 will cost you $100 and has almost the same quality fabric. Overall, it is best for shooting wildlife, bow hunting, and gun hunting. Highly recommended if you want a larger surrounding view


6. Guide Gear Deluxe Hunting Ground Blind (Most Compact)

Guide Gear Deluxe Hunting Ground Blind

Key Features

  • Occupancy:- This ground blind expands into spacious 60″ x 60″ x 72″ dimensions. This much is fine for the accommodation of 1 to 2 hunters. You can store your camera, mic, and other accessories to make it work as a photography blind.
  • Setting Up:- It is very easy to set up with help of pop-up sides and a roof. To pop up the roof, there are separate poles that you need to put together across.  However, taking down is a little confusing which requires practice several times. 
  • Stability:- It stands stable with help of Included ground stakes and wind tie-downs. Also, the blind design blind is capable of staying still in good to moderate wind gusts.  
  • Openings and Door:- It has 3 large full-zip windows and 4 porthole-style windows that ensure maximum visibility and 360º view to shoot from any side. The nice zipper door provides you full access and locks very flawlessly.Guide Gear Deluxe Hunting Ground Blind With 3 large full zip windows
  • Portability:- This hunting blind tent comes in a backpack that makes carrying and transportation trouble-free. The shoulder straps adjust on both of your shoulders so comfortably. 
  • Durability:- It is constructed with heavy-duty 150-denier polyester material which is weather-resistant and stands up well to wear and tear. Moreover, the steel frame and the stitching seem tough to perform in adverse climates.

🔧 Main Specifications

  • Material Use:- 150-Denier Polyester
  • Occupancy:- 2 people
  • Windows:- 3 Large Full Zip 
  • Door:- Zipper System
  • Weight:- 11 Pounds
  • Dimensions (LxWxH):- 60 x 60 x 72 inches

Guide Gear Deluxe ground blind is on our list because of its affordable price and enhancing concealment design. It ensures a maximum field of view and provides ample space to improve your overall hunting success. The best part is the ease of setting up and transportation which saves you a lot of time on the hunting field. Moreover, the color/camo pattern looks better and blends completely with the surroundings of the hunting land. 

The price of $45 is unbeatable which makes a difference. I also noticed the Silent Adrenaline ground blind of Guide Gear which costs $70 with water and UV protection. However, the Deluxe 4- Panel ground blind is not fully waterproof but it has much better features compared to the price. Highly suggested hunting blind if you have a low budget or you are a beginner to the intermediate solo hunter



Ground blinds not only help in concealment but also allow us to continue hunting and wildlife capturing during rain, snow, or heavy wind gust. We hope you have chosen the one out of this best ground blind list. If not, then we will suggest you decide how much occupancy you need and then select the one wisely. Share your hunting experience using a ground blind with us in the comment section.

By David Grey

David Grey is born & raised in Bozeman Montana, USA. He has been hunting & fishing since 2009. And used most of the outdoor gear during his 12 years of hunting experience. He likes to spend most of the time in the woods, on the trail, or by the water. He taught us about his outdoor journey and equipment experience.

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