5 Best Deer Hunting Knife | For Any Type Of Hunting 2019

Most of the USA consumers are always looking for a better hunting knife brand because 80% of them still trust the brand value. Around 40% prefer the combination of sharpness and handling grip of the hunting knife, but we still don’t know the manufacturer of the brand.

We are going to list the top brands and best knives for skinning and gutting deer.  Hunting is a favourite pastime as well as an important food resource for people in the USA since a long ago. According to a study of U.S. Department of interior, 40% of the population of USA participated in fishing and hunting kind of things.

If you are a deer hunter, you already know the importance of a hunting knife. You may use the hunting gear like gun, Bow, rifle scope, spotting scope and other types of equipment to down the prey but when it comes to gutting and skinning, you really need a sharp and best quality knife.

Note:- Do you know what do deer like to eat in the woods..? While you go for a hunt you have to know about the eating behavior of the deer. Deer like to eat different type of fruits, nuts, acorns, vegetable, grass, flowers, etc..

The hunting knife is specially designed to help the hunters in the storage and consumption of the game in the field before it becomes bad. The gut hooks of a knife allow an easier opening of the carcass of the game in order to give a good dressing. Before we get into the best deer hunting knife review, there are some very important factors you should consider before buying a knife. Let us discuss them.

Hunting Knife Buying Instructions

Types Of Hunting Knives:

Fixed Blade Hunting Knife: A fixed blade knife is equipped with a blade that permanently remains in the open position. There are no moving parts in the fixed blade knife. It is generally considered strong, reliable and most popular kind. This is the majority of hunting knives.

Pocket Hunting Knife: Pocket hunting knife is sharp, easy to maintain and function. It can be easily fixed in your pocket, the most convenient and stress-free. It can be folded and may include scissors and files kind of things.

Folding Hunting Knife: Folding hunting knife is one of the best hunting knives for skinning the game. It comes out half of your pocket and very useful at the same time.

Lockback Folding Hunting Knife: It is lightweight and easier to carry. The Lockback knife has a rotation on a spring. When you open the knife, spinlocks in a notchback side of the blade. It has a very relevant position in the hunting zone after a fixed blade knife.


The blade is the main and most important part of a knife. A knife with sharp and strong blade works perfectly and long. There are various kinds of hunting knife blades, for example: Drop point, Gut hook, Hawkbill, Needlepoint, straight back, spear point, Sheepsfoot, Clip point and few more.


The most common and mostly used blades are clip point and drop point. The clip point can be straight or may have the concave fine point. It provides you with excellent control and balance. While the drop point has a convex spine that curves down from the handle to the point. It is durable and broad as well as more user-friendly.

Handle And Grip:

The handle of a knife is the part you are going to hold. The more comfortable handle it has, the easier and convenient it is to use. If the grip of a handle is non-slipping, rubberized and smooth, it will give you a safe operation of a hunting knife.


Nowadays, most popular handles in hunting knife markets are made of G10, Micarta and different types of natural woods. They are impressively long-lasting and comfortable. You are surely going to hold different knives with several kinds of handles before selecting the best deer hunting knife for you.

If a knife has a hollow handle, it won’t have a tang. Handles with tang makes the knife more durable and sturdy as well as provide you with good balance while you operate it.


The most frequently asked question of the customers…what is tang?…or what is full tang? Well, the tang is the blade or steel that doesn’t stop at the handle, it continues till the end of the handle without any interruption between. It is the most important thing you should see before buying any hunting knife.

If there is no full tang in the knife, it may get loose and sometimes disassembles. While a knife with full tang will give you more accuracy and remains strong even you use vigorously. So make sure best deer hunting knife should be with a full tang.



A rounded knob on the end of the handle is called Pommel. Pommel gives a knife an attractive look and makes it more users friendly. While a hunter hunts, there are many obstacles in the wild, so in modern knives, Pommel is playing a very crucial role to make a hunting knife survival knife also. It totally depends on how you like it, with or without Pommel. Sometimes a pommel makes it more worthy and impressive. So I will suggest you get a knife with the pommel.


In general language, a cover of the knife is called Sheath. A Sheath provides cover to a knife and makes carrying and transportation easier. Most of them come with a belt loop and remains side as same as like belt.


They can also be fitted in other spots like, can be strapped to your leg, pouches and backpacks. It allows you to carry your knife safely without hurting yourself. Many of the knives I am covering in this topic come with a Sheath. So make sure you buy your best deer hunting knife with a Sheath.

Best Deer Hunting Knife:

Buck-KnivesBuck Knives 0691BKG ZipperCHECK PRICE
ESEE-5P-Fixed-Black-Blade-KnifeESEE 5P Fixed Black BladeCHECK PRICE
Morakniv-Clipper-840-Fixed-BladeMorakniv Clipper 840 Fixed BladeCHECK PRICE
Cold Steel 49HSFS Mini TacCold Steel 49HSFS Mini TacCHECK PRICE
Best-Deer-Hunting-knifeOutdoor Edge Razor ProCHECK PRICE

1. Buck Knives 0691BKG Zipper



  • Type: Fixed Blade.
  • Blade: Guthook 420HC Steel Blade.
  • Handle: Anti-Slip Rubber.
  • Tang: Full Tang.
  • Sheath: Yes.
  • Weight: 6.3 oz.
  • Overall length: 21.6 cm.
  • Blade length: 10.5 cm.


If you ask me the best deer hunting knife with gut hook, I will be suggesting you the Buck Zipper Fixed Blade Knife. It is a razor-sharp and versatile knife and best deal for deer hunters. It has a 4 1/8″ blade of 420HC steel which provides excellent strength to this beautiful hunting knife. The full-bellied drop point is perfect for heavier tasks, the gut hook is essential while field dressing game. The pommel is a shiny brass that feels really sturdy and adds weight and balance to this tool.

Buck-KnivesBuck Knives 0691BKG ZipperCHECK PRICE

2. ESEE 5P Fixed Black Blade Knife



  • Type: Fixed Blade.
  • Blade: Black powder-coated carbon steel blade.
  • Handle: Micarta
  • Tang: Full Tang.
  • Sheath: Yes (Kydex).
  • Weight: 1.55 pounds.
  • Overall length: 11 Inch.
  • Blade length: 5.25 Inch.

The ESEE 5P Fixed Black Blade Knife is best for skinning and gutting. This knife is specially designed for survival, escape and hunting activities. It is the most attractive and sturdy knife for deer hunting and dressing.  The ESEE-5 options a black powder-coated 1095 blade, measured at 0.25″ thick and a 5.25″ long, this blade seems substantial. Canvas Micarta handles and full tang manufacturing allows a long-lasting use. It has glass breaker/pummels, bow drill divot and thumb jimping on the spine of the blade. The knife includes sturdy black Kydex carry sheath with removable clip makes it easy to keep and use.

ESEE-5P-Fixed-Black-Blade-KnifeESEE 5P Fixed Black BladeCHECK PRICE

3. Morakniv Clipper 840 Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife



  • Blade length: 4.1 inches. Type: Fixed Blade.
  • Blade: Carbon steel blade.
  • Handle: high-friction rubber grip.
  • Tang: 3/4 tang.
  • Sheath: Yes (Black Plastic).
  • Weight: 3.9 oz.
  • Overall length: 8.6 inches.


An adaptable knife with an attractive high-friction grip that makes the knife comfortable to hold and easy to handle. A carbon steel blade and plastic sheath with a belt clip allows carrying easier and looks great. The Knife with a 2.0 mm thick carbon steel blade is really sharp for skinning. carbon steel Clippers are easy to sharpen but the first sharpening can take a bit of time. Ergonomic handle with patterned high-friction rubber grip gives the best feel when you hold it. The knife feels very good in the hand, it is inexpensive.

Morakniv-Clipper-840-Fixed-BladeMorakniv Clipper 840 Fixed BladeCHECK PRICE

4. Cold Steel 49HSFS Mini Tac, Skinner with Faux G-10 Serrated



  • Type: Fixed Blade.
  • Blade: Japanese AUS 8A Stainless Material.
  • Handle: G-10 Griv-Ex Style
  • Tang: Full tang.
  • Sheath: Yes (Secure-Ex Neck).
  • Weight: 2.1 oz.
  • Overall length: 6 5/8″.
  • Blade length: 3 3/8”.

Mini Tac Skinner Provides an extended, curved leading edge with a pointy start. It’s ideal for cutting slashing and skinning strokes. Designed from AUS 8A stainless steel and reflecting state of the art heat treatment they’re honed to an edge and exhibit unimaginable toughness for such a small knife, due in part to their full tang construction. It is impressively tough and prepared for anything, they are available equipped with skinny high-quality black faux G-10 handle scales. This feature permits them to lie flat and shut against the body and provide an aggressive gripping surface.

Cold Steel 49HSFS Mini TacCold Steel 49HSFS Mini TacCHECK PRICE

5. Outdoor Edge Razor Pro



  • Type: Folding Blade.
  • Blade: 60XT blade Material.
  • Handle: ABS plastic.
  • Sheath: Yes.
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces.
  • Overall length: 7.25 inches.
  • Blade Length: 2.75 inches.

The razor-sharp completely appears like a surgical instrument, in a Folding Skinner. Long, wide, easy-grip handle for good control combined with a super-sharp 60XT blade. You don’t need any sharpening, just simply snap on a new blade for a clean slate. The sharpest Knife you may ever use, season after season. It is popular with taxidermists for its sharp exactness. Replaceable 2 3/4″l 60XT blade is simply right for each skinning and field dressing. The knife is so sharp they merely glide all the way through the flesh. as a result of the fine curved tips, and specially formed blades it’s a lot easier to separate the layers of muscle for a way cleaner skinning job.

Best-Deer-Hunting-knifeOutdoor Edge Razor ProCHECK PRICE


We have mentioned the best deer hunting knife in our article. After considering performance, steel quality, convenience, price, durability, and reviews of so many customers, I came across these best knives for hunting. Kindly keep the factors in your mind decision I have mentioned earlier while you are going to decide a deer hunting knife. Hope this content helped you.

Let us know which hunting knife you use and what your experience is with while you hunting. Let us know how helpful this article and share your thought to help others by providing a review of it. Comment Below.

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