9 Best Deer Hoist For Skinning 2021

Are you looking for the best deer hoist?… If yes, then in this article I am covering not only the best deer game hoist but also describing which one is suitable for you.

Now let’s understand the requirement of buying a deer hoist? Well, the answer is, when you take down a big game but face huge problems in order cleaning, transporting, and skin removing tasks in the same position. As a hunter I know these tasks are really time taking and need a lot of energy. Now deer hoist plays a great role here, in order to save you time and energy.

Best Deer Hoist

Type of Deer Hoist:-

There are mainly 3 types of Deer Hoists, Tripod hoist, Tree attachment hoist, and Vehicle hoist. However, a deer hoist is used for various purposes and by different people like hunters, auto mechanics, and taxidermists. After spending huge time in research, HunterHunts are breaking down the best deer hoists for you. But before moving forward, let us introduce you to all three types of Deer Hoist.

  1. Tripod Deer Hoist:-  These are the portable deer hoists that give you a facility of instant field dressing for the big game. Tripod deer hoists are advanced game hangers, easy to carry, and useful for the hunters who love to hunt multiple games as well as in the cabin.
  2. Tree Attachment Deer hoist:- A tree hoist consists of a cable and brake winch to raise or lower the attached game. You have to assemble it on the tree to pull up your game. It is transportable and best to use in the field while you are hunting.
  3. Vehicle or Hitch Deer hoist:- These types of deer hoists are useful to put the game into your vehicle. The hitch deer hoist simply attaches to your vehicle and allows you to carry the game from one place to another.

List Of Best Deer Hoist


3 Best Potable Tripod Deer Hoist

1. Kill Shot DRC-DTP Portable Deer Hoist (Best Budget Buy)

Kill Shot DRC-DTP Portable Deer Hoist

Key Features

  • Winch:- The reinforced manual winch prepared with tough steel to lift up to 500 lb hunting game easily. It is attached to one side of the tripod and has the capacity to lift a game maximum up to 8 feet without even bending your back. Kill Shot DRC-DTP Portable Deer Hoist Winch
  • Gambrel:- The triangular in the middle and V-shaped ends gambrel allows you to maintain a good amount of gap between the legs of deer. You just need to make holes in the legs of the deer, put the ends of the gambrel in both holes respectively and pull the deer up.Kill Shot DRC-DTP Portable Deer Hoist Gambrel
  • Durability:- This deer skinning game hoist is manufactured with the help of high-quality steel material. It has a strong cable constructed with metal which makes it work for a long period of time. However, the wire is not properly wound on the spool in the starting but after used it for 4-5 times it works smoothly.
  • Tripod:- The tripod of the killdeer hoist is 104 inches high and 72 inches distant from each leg. It is manufactured with powder-coated steel which provides a protective barrier to prevent corrosion. The extended plain feet help to keep it stable while you do skinning, irrigating, or loading tasks.

🔧 Main Specifications

  • Material:- Steel
  • Maximum Capacity:- 500 lbs
  • Height:- 104 Inch
  • Width B/w Leg:- 72 Inch
  • Weight:- 50 lbs

The Kill Shot tripod deer hoist is at the top of our list because of customer reviews and ratings on Amazon. This comes with all necessary setup hardware, so assembling and disassembling becomes easier for you. It is highly recommended for those who don’t have a good tree to hang a gambrel. Moreover, the price of the hoist is $110, but worth paying than to buy those cheaper blocks and tackle setups.


2. HME-TPH Portable Deer Hoist (Premium Quality)

Hunting Made Easy HME-TPH Portable Deer Hoist

Key Features

  • Winch:- The hand winch is manufactured with Alloy steel material which is tough. You are allowed to lift a 400lb game up to 98 inches of maximum height with this winch. Moreover, the handle of the winch is compact and gives you a good grip when you lift the game.  Hunting Made Easy HME-TPH Portable Deer Hoist Winch
  • Gambrel:- It has a broad gambrel that provides proper balance in the middle when you hang a deer. The shape of the gambrel is a triangle with T in the middle and deep V at both ends. This deep V shape doesn’t let the game fall if the tripod shakes when you adjust it.Hunting Made Easy HME-TPH Portable Deer Hoist Gambrel
  • Durability:- The maximum part of this portable deer hoist is constructed with tough steel. That makes it perform in different climate conditions. It has a strong and comparatively thin metal wire that lasts longer. You may face issues at fixing the cable in the pulley as the hook on the end of the cable is too large.
  • Adjustable Utility Tray:- This tray is really helpful to carry out necessary items like equipment, cooking material, meat, food, etc.Hunting Made Easy HME-TPH Portable Deer Hoist Tray
  • Tripod:- The tripod is lightweight which makes transportation easy. It has a compact design and takes less time to assemble. The dimensions of the tripod are 60 x 12.8 x 6.1 inches that easily fits into your truck after disassembling. It has attached square-shaped feet to every leg for impactful balancing.

🔧 Main Specifications

  • Material:- Steel
  • Maximum Capacity:- 300 lbs
  • Height:- 98 Inch
  • Width B/w Leg:- 70 Inch
  • Weight:- 51 lbs

The  HME-TPH tripod deer game hoist has quite less weight lifting capacity than Kill shot deer hoist that is why I placed it on 2nd rank. Launched in 2018, this lightweight deer hoist is the best accessory for avid hunters. The total weight of the hoist is 23 kg, so you won’t face any problem while placing it from your truck to the yard. I am recommending this because it takes just 15 minutes to assemble. Moreover, you get an adjustable utility tray to place cleaning supplies and other items with this hoist.


3. Guide Gear Portable Tripod Deer Hoist (Easy to Set Up)

Guide Gear Portable Tripod Deer Hoist

Key Features

  • Winch:- It has a metal winch with locking gears and works freely like a regular boat crank winch. This allows you to lift up to 500 lb game without any barrier and hang it at the height of 6 feet. It has a large handle that is strong enough to lift even a large-sized elk. Guide Gear Portable Tripod Deer Hoist Winch
  • Gambrel:- It does not include a gambrel. You have to buy one separately.  
  • Durability:- Steel manufacturing makes it sustainable and rust-free. It is usable for a long period of time and for various purposes like lifting a drum or placing a small-sized generator. However the plate on the top is not rust-free, so be careful before using it in rainforest and sea areas.
  • Tripod:- The tripod is 8 feet high and provides ample space among the feet to hang a game. Each leg disassembles into 2 pieces to carry from one place to the other. The feet are made in a square shape at the ends, that keeps the balance or your game in the middle.

🔧 Main Specifications

  • Material:- Steel
  • Maximum Capacity:- 500 lbs
  • Height:- 96 Inch
  • Width B/w Leg:- 75 Inch
  • Weight:- 35 lbs

The Guide Gear Tripod deer hoist is a great solution for field dressing and deer skinning. Not only for hanging a game but it is also used for lifting a pump from your tank, lifting a drum, or cooking and preparing other games like cougar and turkey. However, this is easy to put together but you may face issues to get the winch to reverse. It happens because of wounding the cable in the wrong direction. Well, this deer hoist is best to buy under a $120 budget. Overall it is comparatively expensive than other hoists in our list but much better than more expensive game tripods out there. It is best recommended for those who like to hunt other games along with the deer.


3 Best Truck Hitch Deer Hoists

1. Kill Shot Hitch-Mounted Deer Hoist (Recommend To Buy)

Kill Shot Hitch-Mounted Deer Hoist

Key Features

  • Winch:- It has a strong winch prepared with heavy steel that lifts up to 500 lb game without any hesitation. Moreover, this is sufficient to hang a deer at a height of 81 inches from the surface. Winch has a heavy-duty handle with an impactive grip to make lifting tasks quick.
  • Gambrel:- The gambrel is 24 inches long which is enough to hang even a big-sized red deer. It has a sturdy structure that allows you to keep a game in the same position for hours.Kill Shot Hitch-Mounted Deer Hoist Gambrel
  • Durability:- Most of the parts of this hunting game hoist are manufactured with powder-coated steel which is rust-free and can last up to 20 years. Unlike other hoists, it has a nylon strap cable that makes the operation smooth.
  • Hitch mount hanger:- It has a 360-degree swivel hanger with a receiver hitch deer hoist locking pin system. Moreover, this makes the game easy to rotate in any direction and place it in a TUV or truck by using a locking pin system.   

🔧 Main Specifications

  • Material:- Steel
  • Maximum Capacity:- 500 lbs
  • Height Adjustment:- 81 – 95.75 Inch
  • Weight:- 43 lbs

The SWIVEL hitch-mounted deer hoist is manufactured by The Kill Shot, which is best known for making innovative hunting gears. Well, this deer hoist is recommended for those hunters who have a budget of $200. This sounds costly but it is manufactured with premium quality material. Moreover, it has the capability to rotate into 360 degrees, so you don’t need to adjust your truck in order to position the game. However, the hoist takes time to deliver and quite heavy to attach with the vehicle. You may even hurt yourself if you don’t place it consciously. In a nutshell, it works well in the field and fits perfectly in the back of your truck.


2. HME Products Truck Hitch Deer Hoist(Average One)

HME Products Truck Hitch Deer Hoist

Key Features

  • Winch:- This game winch is very well built and allows you to lift up to 400 lb kill 8 feet high in less than a minute. The cable of the winch is quite long and manageable with the help of a rotating handle at the right hand. The ends of a winch cable are nicely crimped with metal ferrules that don’t let the wire loosen.
  • Gambrel:- This gambrel has a locking system to prevent swiveling when you initiate the deer skinning process. The gambrel is quite broad and extended from both ends. This makes the adjustment of deer on the gambrel easy.HME Products Truck Hitch Deer Hoist Gambrel
  • Durability:- The hoist is made up of strong steel material. It stands with different weather conditions and lasts longer. It has a strong cable manufactured with high-quality metal which is capable of holding your game in the air for hours.
  • Hitch-Mount Hanger:- The hanger has a 360-degree swiveling shaft with a locking pin system. This allows you to rotate your game in any direction and lock it at a certain suitable position. It has adjustable feet height, 74 inches to 102 inches to provide you vast accommodation options.

🔧 Main Specifications

  • Material:- Steel
  • Maximum Capacity:- 400 lbs
  • Height Adjustment:- 74 – 102 Inch
  • Weight:- 50 lbs

The HME truck hitch game hoist was recently launched in 2020. This is compact with rock-solid stability and gives you a convenient 360 degree swiveling. Also, it is extremely easy to set up without needing any instructions. Moreover, adjustable foot support enhances the balancing of this hoist. However, the foot is not much taller still it provides a good grip on the land. If you are an archery hunter and like to hunt alone, then this is highly recommended for you. This well-built hoist weighs around 50 lb so you easily pick and place it into your truck on your own.


3. Guide Gear Deluxe Deer Hoist (Cheapest One)

Guide Gear Deluxe Deer Hoist

Key Features

  • Winch:- This hoist has a manual crank winch that is made with steel. This allows uplift a 300 lb game up to 6 feet. The winch has a classic design with a thin handle in it. You have to crank the handle to go up and down as there is no freewheel for positioning.
  • Gambrel:- It has a top bracket lock gambrel to keep the load at the position. The width of the gambrel is 15’’ that is best suitable to attach the deer legs. The layer of powder-coated steel makes it long-lasting.
  • Durability:- It is a high-quality receiver lift system that is mastered to elevate a game as per its capacity (300 lb). The tubular steel construction of the hoist stays for years to use. Moreover, It has steel corner support which keeps it rust-free if you place it near a river or pond.
  • Hitch-Mount Hanger:- This gives you 360-degree rotation to unload the game as per your suitable position. This attaches easily and extends out 24’’ from the receiver hitch of your truck. The hitch has no support in the bottom, so you may face balancing issues. However, this gives a lot of space between the hitch mount and truck to adjust the posture of the game.

🔧 Main Specifications

  • Material:- Steel
  • Maximum Capacity:- 300 lbs
  • Height Adjustment:- 65 – 75 Inch
  • Weight:- 35 lbs

This Guide Gear receiver hitch deer hoist was launched in 2010. Since then, it is popular among the hunting community. The total weight of this game hoist is 35 lb which is easy to pick and drop into your UTV or truck. There are various other brands in the market but this costs just $110, which makes the difference. However, the price is low due to tubular steel manufacturing which is considered comparatively lower quality than stainless steel. Still, this hoist is getting a huge response in the market. If you are looking for a good quality game hoist at a low budget price then this is recommended for you.


4. MaxxHaul Hydraulic Receiver Hitch Mounted Crane (Versatile Use)

MaxxHaul Hydraulic Receiver Hitch Mounted Crane

Key Features

  • Lift range:- You are allowed to lift a game or an object at 30 inches to 84 inches max. It is stable at every angle and height you give to your game.
  • Lifting capacity:- It has 3 boom lifting capacity 500, 750, and 1000 pounds that help you to load onto truck and trailer both.
  • Durability:- It is a heavy-duty steel construction so it is no doubt long-lasting and durable. The powder-coated steel finish makes it resistant to weather, corrosion, and chemicals. Moreover, the crane has a steel-made heavy chain that holds a 1000 lb object in the air.
  • Installation:- This does not require permanent installation or drilling. Quick pins are provided for easy installation and removal.
  • Crane Swivel:- It has a 360-degree swivel that not only lifts but also allows you to move the object in any direction you want.

🔧 Main Specifications

  • Material:- Steel
  • Maximum Capacity:- 1,000 lbs
  • Height Adjustment:- 30 – 84 Inch
  • Weight:- 140 lbs

Here we have a MaxxHaul hitch-mounted crane with 1000 lb capacity. I saved it for the last because I wanted to surprise you with this best and multipurpose hoist system. This one is adjustable in the field, back of your truck, or any other place you desire. Moreover, It is both affordable and the best trailer hitch deer hoist. It is recommended to move heavy generators, pressure washers, barrels, and any other commodity including your game. Well, the price of this receiver hitch-mounted crane is $260. If you have a good budget and want to lift more than a game, this is recommended for you.


2 Best Tree Deer Hoist

1. Moultrie Feeder Hanging Deer Hoist (Premium Quality)

Moultrie Feeder Hanging Deer Hoist

Key Features

  • Winch:- The Moultrie feeder has a steel-made manual winch that lifts a game up to 300 lb at the height of 8 feet(recommended). It has an elongated ratchet that only works when you lift the game. It’s a little tricky to lower but manageable.
  • Gambrel:- This doesn’t come with a gambrel, you have to buy one separately. Don’t buy a magnum gambrel as it may be thick to fit in the hook.Moultrie Feeder Hanging Deer Hoist Gambrel
  • Durability:- The hoist frame is built with high-quality metal to give it a long life. The chain is manufactured with steel and sturdy enough to hold a 300 lb game in the air for a long while.
  • Bracket:- The bracket is made with good quality metal that does not allow it to bend. This is a bit heavy so you need a ladder to fix in the tree. A strong chain around the bracket holds the maximum weight of the game. Most importantly select a tree as per the size of this chain.

This receiver hitch deer hoist plan is at the first position under the title of best tree deer hoist after beating Viking Solutions VS-VHK001. I chose this because of its sturdy manual winch and long cable. However it is slightly more expensive than VS-VH001, but it is worth paying and having good customer reviews and ratings on Amazon. However, if you have a low budget, you are suggested to go with VS-VHK001 as it is worth just $60.  I am recommending this because it is fairly easy to assemble and has a good metal hanger. You are allowed to bring this anywhere on the land you hunt to field dress and skin game. It is worth every penny you pay. 


2. Guide Gear Tree Mounted Deer Hoist (Cheap & Premium)

Guide Gear Tree Mounted Deer Hoist

Key Features

  • Winch:- It has a good quality hand winch with a steel handle. The winch has the capability to lift up to 300 lb. Winch is made with good quality metal that lasts longer. 
  • Gambrel:- This doesn’t come with a gambrel. 
  • Durability:- Tubular steel manufacturing makes this hoist last longer. The cable is 24 feet long and made up of high-quality steel that makes it rust-free and gives long life. Moreover, a 58 inches long steel chain holds the hoist with a tree and keeps it stable.
  • Bracket:- The broad size of the bracket allows installation on a big tree as well. It is 3 feet long and aligns with the tree. A 1.5 inches ratchet strap holds the bracket tightly on the tree. It gives proper stability while you perform the cleaning work.

Moreover,  the fit and finish are excellent that eases the skinning work. It is the best tree hoist under a $100 budget. It breaks down into parts for easy transport and assembling. The total weight of the hoist is 32 lb, so feel free to attach it to a tree without taking the help of another person. Overall it’s a good deal for lone hunters and game stalkers.


By David Grey

David Grey is born & raised in Bozeman Montana, USA. He has been hunting & fishing since 2009. And used most of the outdoor gear during his 12 years of hunting experience. He likes to spend most of the time in the woods, on the trail, or by the water. He taught us about his outdoor journey and equipment experience.

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