6 Best Deer Decoys 2022: Maximize Your Hunting Kills

Deer hunting takes a lot of effort and patience. While talking about deer hunting, how can we skip taking quality deer decoys and tree stands in the count that changes a dull hunting atmosphere into more professional and convenient surroundings for hunters?

According to a report, there are more than 10 million hunters in the USA, and there are more than 30 million deers in the country, which most experienced hunters avail optimally. The chances of your success get double if you plan and trap the game using a life-like deer decoy.

Best Deer Decoys

In this article, I am comparing and listing some of the best deer decoys based on the motion in the field, ease of carrying, material quality, and body gesture. All these listed deer decoys are field-tested, and you can make the most out of each.

List Of 6 Best Deer Decoys


1. Primos Scarface Decoy (Recommended To Buy)

Primos Scarface Decoy




Key Features

  • Position:- The outward ear is the lowest form of threat between mature and young bucks. A scar on the face makes the situation more real. The stern look and ear position conveys a sense of danger and makes the buck come to inspect. A buck uses this posture continuously in all deer seasons.Primos Scarface
  • Lifelike Tail:- The head and tail naturally move with the slightest breeze that attracts the buck’s attention. However, the tail is a little heavy to move in the wind, but it looks life-like and comes in motion in the right wind conditions.Primos Scarface Decoy Lifelike Tail
  • Durability:- The material is undisclosed but feels like polymer, durable and perfect to work in the most challenging situations. It has a soft body cavity that easily fits with removable legs, head, and antlers. A substantial stake with three points sharp ends ground effortlessly and keep it standing in heavy wind.

Launched in 2009, the Primos Scarface Decoy is first on the list, because it is field-tested and molded for all category hunters. It can attract the deer’s attention from 200 yards away and compel him to come in your shooting range. The body and rack size are not big enough to intimidate a mature buck, but the size is optimum to get the right kind of attention. You can also attach Primos Waggin’ whitetail, which is a remote control and adds realism.

However, the assembling takes time until you repeat it several times and get comfortable. It is recommended not to leave any scant on your decoy, you can use rubber gloves or use a good quality scant eliminating spray to help you get some extra kills. Overall, it is a quality deer decoy and costs you around $200, which I think is worth paying for your game.

2. MONTANA Whitetail Deer Decoy (Under Budget)

MONTANA Whitetail Deer Decoy




Key Features

  • Position:- The semi-alert position is perfect for attracting rutting bucks and creating a distraction in food sources. The attentive ear forward means listening intently and facing the upcoming threat. It helps bring deer a bit closer or make them pause for a moment for a shot.
  • Movement:- The head moves side-by-side with the little breeze and appears realistic to deer around the area. To add more realism, you can attach a life-like tail as it will keep in motion even in low wind conditions and draw the attention of passing bucks and does.
  • Durability:- The manufacturing is a nylon material that is great to stand with rain and a humid climate. It comes with easy-to-fold stakes that are easy to set up and carry. However, it is not made to absorb gunshots, so don’t shoot pallets for more extended usage.

It is an easy-to-set-up 2D broadside whitetail doe, a perfect combination to use with Playmate feeding doe or even solely. The print and rich color texture make it look original from close as well as far distance. It has dimensions of 37 “x40” unfolded and 13 “x16” while you fold up. The size will bring a buck near to your spot from more than 200 yards.

The best part, you can use it multiple times and leave it on the field without being worried about tears or rips. However, you may face challenges to fold this decoy, you have to repeat the process multiple times to get comfortable. Overall, impressively great for hunting and trapping a buck or deer. To have great success, put it out at the right time when you are targeting bucks.

3. Flambeau’s Boss Babe Decoy (Best 3D Decoy)

Flambeau's Boss Babe Decoy




Key Features

  • Position:- This comes with two sets of ears that feature an alert and submissive position. The upward ears describe an alert poster, which is very common when a deer hears any sound. In comparison, the submissive one is great for attracting a young buck.
  • Movement:- It is steady and does not make any movement in the air. However, you can create that motion by adding a tailor cutting a plastic bag, and attaching it over the tail area it does work.
  • Durability:- Made with good quality plastic, this deer decoy is sturdy, durable, and works in opposite weather conditions. You can quickly assemble and disassemble it and put all the parts inside the belly. However, while carrying it makes much noise, which is quite inconvenient.Flambeau's Boss Babe Decoy setup

The Boss Babe deer decoy is carved considering winning sculptor Chris Schiller. The ultra-realistic and anatomically correct posture makes it the deer magnet to help you succeed on deer hunting fields. To provide more stability, each leg has a lug where you can attach a stake. The limb breaks down legs quickly and easily using a single hand.

Its size from nose to tail is 41″ and 32″ from shoulder to ground, which is large enough to draw deer’s attention. Overall, this is very easy to take in and take out of the wood, however, there is no carry bag or stake included. Also, It’s better to use the relaxed submissive ears, as the alert ear may scare off many deer and avoid coming closer.

4. Flambeau Deer Decoy (For Open Fields)

Flambeau Deer Decoy

Key Features

  • Position:- This is a grazing doe in a very relaxed position that creates a comfortable surrounding for deer hunting. It will help if you spread some corn or soybeans around this decoy to make the scenario more realistic and bring deer closer to your target.
  • Movement:- You can remove the head and hang it with a small groove that joints the body and head. It helps to provide direction to the head with even a slight breeze. The hair detail is good but not real and doesn’t make any motion, so It is better to add a real-like tail.
  • Durability:- It is made with a good quality rigid polymer, which is much lighter and resistant to water or moisture. The removable leg design allows the legs to fit perfectly in the body cavity for easy carry and storage. However, it is not recommended to take a pallet shot for longer use.

Founded in 1947, Flambeau is a brand that features great products for hunting and shooting, and grazing doe is one among them. It has a sturdy construction and a realistic paint scheme that can easily attract a lurking trophy buck.  And other deer to come closer and move in to investigate the situation. The shoulder to ground measures 33″, and the body width at the widest point is 11″ gives it a real look.

The legs are easy to stake in heavy winds with the help of lugs in each leg. However, it doesn’t come with stakes and a carry bag, which is quite inconvenient. Overall, the decoy is non-fading and no-degradable, works perfectly to call a hungry deer or herd even from far enough. It is suggested to set this up in the field with 5965MS Boss Buck to entice whitetail buck.

5. Freshman Whitetail Buck Decoy (Cheapest One)

Freshman Whitetail Buck Decoy




Key Features

  • Position:- The back ears position challenges the big buck and constrains him to take the challenge. This is designed considering a two-year-old buck with a smaller frame and no hump on the back, making it life-like.
  • Movement:- This is lightweight, so it’s natural to come in motion with even a small gust of wind. However, the motion takes place side by side, making it a 2D deer decoy real from a specific direction.
  • Durability:- The decoy is made with double-layered thicker fabric, easy to wash, air dry, and store anywhere. It is durable, compact while folded and works well in any climate. This comes with a pair or stake that are sharpened enough to ground.Freshman Whitetail Buck Decoy Steps to fold

This freshman Deer decoy is field-proven and printed with the help of HD photography to provide ultra-realism. If there are any mature bucks around, it keeps him engaged with a challenging posture. It can effortlessly draw the attention of any buck in 120 to 150 yards.

Also, it cost you around $80, which is comparatively cheaper and better for cardboard deer decoys. It weighs merely around 35 ounces with leg poles. It is better than other bulky and heavy decoys that take many efforts to carry on the field—highly recommended if you hunt alone. Just keep it scent-free before setting up on the ground to defeat the buck’s sense of smell.

6. Montana’s Estrus Betty (For Mating Season)

Montana's Estrus Betty




Key Features

  • Position:- This is a peeing decoy that works to attract deer long after the rut has passed. The squatting pose compels those bucks cruising the woods seeking a doe for the meeting. The Legs placement seems the decoy is in place for easy movement in the field.
  • Movement:- The peeing position doesn’t require much movement however, the tail and ears make enough motion to captivate a young buck and inspect closely.
  • Durability:- Estrus Betty is made with a high-quality fabric that is washable and air dry. Also, good print quality doesn’t fade for a longer period. It easily folds up and fits in your backpack. The stakes are substantial, the ground quickly, and fold up nicely-only one advice to no shoot for longer use.

This decoy is manufactured considering the real-life photos and body postures of a doe in estrus. Extremely lightweight and easy to set up, the deer decoy creates a sense of jealous rage among a pair of bucks. Thus, they compete and come closer to the purpose of the meeting and inspecting the scent.

To add more realism, use a clothespin and add a strip of white cloth to a deer decoy’s tail while setting up. This costs you $130, which is pocket-friendly and worth paying. Overall, this is the best folding deer decoy to attract buck, but it can freak out the doe and won’t grab the same reaction as from the bucks.


By David Grey

David Grey is born & raised in Bozeman Montana, USA. He has been hunting & fishing since 2009. And used most of the outdoor gear during his 12 years of hunting experience. He likes to spend most of the time in the woods, on the trail, or by the water. He taught us about his outdoor journey and equipment experience.

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