6 Best Deer Attractants 2022: Lure Deer To Your Property

Deer attractant is the most effective way to track white-tailed deers’ these use a sense of smell to attract and are easy to use. You can also trick the biggest bucks of the season which is a deer attractant. For me, luring a deer seems an excellent solution but how will you know the right type of product to use when there are loads out there? That’s why I made this post!

Best Deer Attractants

Over the years, I have tried a lot of them as a whitetail is said to have more than 290 million olfactory receptors. So deer can detect the human smell enabling them to avoid human contact. There are a few things you need to consider when buying a deer attractant which includes the scent of your clothing, wind direction, deployment methods, and others as well.

With the best deer attractant scent, you can rest assured in a comfortable position to wait for them to come to you. The products I have listed here are highly efficient and can make hunting so much easier. Most of these have strong odors to allure deer and flavors they can’t resist. These are also available throughout the year and designed for long games as well.

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List Of 6 Best Deer Attractants 2022

1. Conquest Deer Attractant Scents (Best of All)

Conquest Deer Attractant Scents

Why You Choose This

  • Can be used on branches and trees to attract deer
  • Contains high testosterone scent gathered from mature bucks
  • Easy to apply deodorant–style applicator, no spills or leaks
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Has a calming effect on deer
  • Works great to attract and also acts as a cover-up scent

This works and is a bit different than the others on this list. This deer attraction is not linked with sex, attitude, or season. I take these for hunting and one of the best deer attractants during the rut. The conquest scent is a recipe for all-day deer scents. Normal deer smells and bedding areas’ scents and mixed to create the smell of a deer herd. This can conceal the human scent which results in the walkthrough of your wind. This product can save your hunt!

The Conquest Scent stick is not an estrous scent and can be used at all times during the season. I am still using these in my entire hunt. Based on my experience, I did not have any issues with the product so far. The product looks like an underarm deodorant stick and I was not sure whether it will work when I purchased it. But I was surprised when I took the package off. If you are an experienced hunter then you know the smell of the deer. I don’t know how they captured the smell in this small stick!

I went hunting with this and made sure I am wearing scent-free clothes and I didn’t use any other products that have a strong scent as I wanted to test this product and to be as real as possible. I applied this on my hunting boots and also applied a bit here and there on my way to my spot. Once I get there, I applied more to the trees and waited to see what might happen to my stand.

Being patient is very important and I was waiting for more than an hour on the spot. I was then able to see a small buck that came all the way smelling the scent from here and there and soon was able to see more than 6 in front of me. They all were within a range of 10 years and I was not alarmed. I was also able to clear shots from my stand and had an exciting evening.

The product is priced at $11.90 and the original price is $22.20 and it’s not evaluated by the FDA and is not allowed to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any kind of health condition or disease.

2. Code Blue Deer Attractant (Powerful)

Code Blue Deer Attractant 

Why You Choose This

  • 100% pure doe urine
  • In a gel foam
  • Amber Glass bottle packaging to seal the potency and freshness
  • Certified by an independent organization
  • Suitable for all–season
  • Works both as a cover scent and doe attractant

Deer have very sensitive noses but with the code blue, you can trick even the sharpest deer. These are the top-rated and selling product and contain the urine of a single doe in heat from maximum attractant power. If you are looking for pure estrous urine then this is what I suggest you try. The brand has made the process so unique by collecting the urine in a form of a bottle.

This attractant does the job well and you will never believe how powerful it is. If you haven’t used a deer urine product before then this stuff can kick you more bucks. I was able to get one a week with this product over the last couple of months. I poured this into a tree to attract deer and I was able to spot them after 12 hours but this will give you more success rate.

I must also mention here that if you are not an experienced hunter and haven’t used a deer urine-based product then you go to get used to this. For many, this dint work, and patience and consistency are what very essential when you hunt for a deer. Some of my friends have been using this product and did not make much difference. They were able to spot a buck but those dints come near.

The product will be stinky and be careful while handling these as they can never go off even after washing it for uncountable times. The bottle comes marked with the deer’s registration number in case you have any complaints. The scent comes in a gel form and the only drawback is that the quantity is low. You will have to carry a couple of bottles if required.

The Code Red is also a great choice, if in case you are looking for a blend of deer in one bottle. You can also use these on the soles of your shoes and they can be used in the mid and late season. This is priced for $12.99 and the Code Blue is priced for $9.95

3. Whitetail Institute Deer Attractant (Spread Attractant)

Whitetail Institute Deer Attractant

Why You Choose This

  • Designed for deer 
  • Includes only clover variety which attracts deer
  • Nutrient-rich
  • Promotes antler, muscle, and bone growth 
  • Thrives in extreme cold, dry and warm climate
  • Effective throughout North America

If you are looking for a spread attractant, then the Imperial Clover deer attractant and growth supplement from the Whitetail Institute is what I suggest to my fellow readers to give a try. This product is tested and rated #1 by the Whitetail Institute of North America, Inc. It is available in 4 pounds, 2 lb, and 18 pounds packages. The price of each varies and can last up to 5 years from a single planting. 

Spread attractants have many benefits which also enhance the durability and the health of a deer herd. Just like the benefits it also includes disadvantages like immobility. How this works as a deer attractant is that I was plotting this when I started with this and I didn’t know that this will take some time to get used to it. 

I learned to use these in the fall with the expectation of getting that full plot but believe me this will get more bucks and it took about three weeks to get a great start. 

After clover starts to spread the deer will go nuts! I have also set up a cam on the field and several days a day I can see bucks grazing on the plot. I suggest you plant these shallow and never use a drag after seeding as you might not get lush growth instead patches. After so much trial and error I have ordered a few more bags and waiting for the hunting season!

The 30 – 60 mineral and vitamin supplement from the whitetail institute is also an excellent choice to attract deer. It contains macro and trace minerals like vitamins, E, A, and D with added protein. This helps in deer growth, scent, and flavor. All you have to do is just located a spot near a trail from the bedding area and clear of a circle of dirt 2 – 3 feet in diameter mix part of the supplement with soul and put the rest on top. 

4. Tinks Doe-in-Rut Deer Attractant (Affordable)

Tinks Doe-in-Rut Deer Attractant

Why You Choose This

  • 100% Natural doe estrous urine
  • Attracts bucks easily
  • Collected from live whitetails during the estrous cycle
  • Have been around for more than 45 years
  • Costs under $5

If you don’t use any kind of scents or lures while hunting for a whitetail, then you got to try this. I got a free sample by subscribing to a hunting magazine. But I have been busy using the regular one to lure and didn’t get a chance to try its effectiveness. I applied them on the stand that I use regularly and when the wind blows the scents are blown directly into a doe bedding area. I was able to get a herd of deer in a day and was satisfied with the product. 

This is 100% natural doe estrous urine that was taken from a whitetail. Like other lures, this also comes in a form of a gel and does not go away easily when water touches it. As the brand says that this is the #1 selling original formula and it’s been trusted by hunters for more than 40 years. This is definitely what it claims, but if you are not an experienced hunter then you must get used to this. 

After trying this out, I ordered a dozen of these priced for $9.35 but I got these on a deal for $8.50 from Amazon. I also like the Tink’s Estrous Gel which comes in a form of a spray bottle and can shoot for up to a 10-foot stream. They can be used during pre-rut and rut seasons as well. The brand has used advanced technology that allows for longevity in the stand. 

There will be no contamination and it’s just 100% pure attractive. It can be transported easily and is easy to use as well. What I love the most is that this product does not dry out in the wind. I have dealt with other gel lures which tend to dry out failing in attracting whitetail. But this does its job well. Priced at $5.79 and comes with an attractive spray bottle. 

5. Outdoor Hunting Lab Deer Attractant (Effective)

Outdoor Hunting Lab Deer Attractant

Why You Choose This

  • Collected from real deer urine 
  • Conceals human scent perfectly
  • Allows you to make various scent drag and scrapes
  • Can hold deer’s interest for than 4 times longer 
  • Proven Formal and money-back guarantee

The brand will send you a couple of bottles in a single order. You will get 2 certified Hot Doe Estrus plus an atomizer spray as well. I have used this product a couple of times throughout the entire rut season. This is the best deer attractant ever made guaranteed. Unlike other products, this cannot be used during non-rut seasons. This is the best deer attractant scent that is collected from a hot doe that were in peak heart and each spray has a high level of Estrogen which offers you an excellent chance to get trophy bucks throughout the season. 

What I adore the most is that the brand has taken a step further by including 30 picograms of estrogen per mm which means you will get a powerful peak with the product. The brand also guides you on how to use the product in their manual. You need to make a scent drag to your stand I usually soak a wick or a cloth in it and tie it to the string and drag it near the stand. Do this every 80 yards and make two new mock scrapes in 20 yards on each side. 

You need to spray this from the tress stand so that the deer don’t smell human while hunting. As mentioned the product is trusted by experienced hunters and they are said to be the best. The reason why I have listed this in the 5th place is that many have faced issues with the sprayer. The brand could have made it without that as it was not that useful to make it work when you need them swiftly. You can also vape it all over the blind if you are used to vaping. 

The brand is also offering 100% risk-free money back guaranteed and if you think that the product doesn’t work then they will refund you as well.

6.Wildgame Innovations Deer Attractant (Improvised Ingredients)

Wildgame Innovations Deer Attractant

Why You Choose This

  • 5-pound bag for under $10
  • Contains a real Acorn mixture
  • Environmental friendly
  • Improves deer health
  • Contains both fat and protein
  • Best deer attractant to mix with corn

Wildgame innovations are not just good for the deer but also for the environment the acorn range comes in a 5lb bag and costs $10.47. The mix contains 12% fat with 18% protein and the acorn is crushed and blended with a special oil that is enriched with roasted soybean meal. This improved the deer’s health and also includes chestnuts with proteins and minerals. I have used this product a couple of times and wasn’t that satisfied with the results. A friend of mine said that it worked for him and to make the deer come through his yard, this worked like a charm. 

You can also try the Wildgame Innovations Persimmon Crush which is infused with Airborne extreme scent with 600% more these are made from real persimmons and can be used for late season. They have high-fat content with up to 16% and they felt this better than the acorn version. This has worked for me better than the acorn bag. 

Orange color persimmons were visible and fragrant for the deer and offered the right amount of carbs and protein to the deer that intake them. But remember that these products will never conceal the human scent. So be aware of that but I usually have a mix of the luring product and these spread to make chances double

Frequently Ask Question

1. What are the various types of deer attractants?

The various types of deer attraction are spread attractants which include persimmons, cloves, deer canes, etc, scrape attractants and Urine attracts. You can use these in various ways and each has its benefits and disadvantages as well. Make sure to read reviews and take suggestions from peers before using them. 

2. What kind of urine attracts deer?

Doe urine is said to be the top one available to attract dear. They can be used during hunting season and these products can attract bucks and does which buck urine is said to attract bucks. These can also cover human scent as when you walk through the woods. 

3. What sort of mineral can attract deer the most?

Phosphorous and Calcium are the most common minerals and they are said to help with antler growth. 

4. Will a salt lick lure deer?

Salt is favored a lot by mammals so the licks made with it can lure deer. Licks with added nutrients and minerals are available and can be used in places where you suspect deer footprints. 

5. How to attract deer to my place?

Provide minerals, add water and try to create a staging area. Then add shrubs and vines, plant oaks, and offer them fruit. This way you can attract deer to your place. Also, try using luring properties after making all these above-mentioned tips. Also, make sure that your property is rich in natural minerals to attract a wide range of deer.


By David Grey

David Grey is born & raised in Bozeman Montana, USA. He has been hunting & fishing since 2009. And used most of the outdoor gear during his 12 years of hunting experience. He likes to spend most of the time in the woods, on the trail, or by the water. He taught us about his outdoor journey and equipment experience.

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