6 Best Compound Bow For Hunting 2022: Fastest Compound Bow

Choosing the right compound bow for the bucks out of loads of options available today can be confusing and overwhelming. Archery is so much fun! But the only problem that new archers find is choosing the right bow-and specifically, compound bows. I am aware of that face, so decided to do a blog post on the same to make things simpler. 

Best Compound Bow

Whether you are a beginner, a professional archer you will greatly benefit from this guide. I have categorized it according to its quality, speed, ingenuity, and comfort. I think that the quality of the product is the most essential factor to consider. And I firmly believe in quality. As you know compound bows are super cheap. Which is fine. 

But if you are going to invest in something so expensive and the material or the quality is cheap, then it is an utter waste of money. While there are plenty of manufacturers that provide superior and quality compound bows and I have listed the top ones based on the customer reviews. 

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List Of 6 Best Compound Bow For Hunting

1. Sanlida Archery Compound Bow (Best Overall)

Sanlida Archery Compound Bow





Key Features

  • Material:- Aluminum bow riser and the string is BCY-X import from BCY USA. The Limbs are made of Gordon and the riser is made of die-casting aluminum. 
  • Compound Bow Cams:- 100% CNC machined cams with the 6061 T6 aluminum and die casting mental modules.Sanlida Archery Compound Bow With CNC Cams
  • Adjustable Draw Lengths:- The compound bow with a large range of easy-to-adjust draw weights and draw lengths without needing a bow press. 
  • Package Includes:- Comes with everything you need to begin shooting! A 5-pin sight, stabilizer and arrow rest, and a bow wrist. Sanlida Archery Compound Bow Package Includes
  • Warranty:- Limited lifetime warranty on specific parts after the registration within thirty days of purchase.

 Main Specifications

  • Material:- Aluminum
  • Axle-To-Axle:- 30”
  • Brace Height:- 6.6″
  • Draw Weight:- 0-70 LBS 
  • Draw Length:- 18”-31”, (Each 0.5” Adjustment)
  • IBO Speed:- 310 FPS
  • Net Weight:- 3.8 LBS 
  • Let-Off:- 70-80% 
  • String Length:- 58.13” 
  • Cable Length:- 32.23”

One of their stereotypes breaking model and is priced at an entry-level range. This is far above the entry-level in its overall finish and quality. The Sanlida comes with an aluminum riser which is said to be Gordon Glass Limbs. The cams are computer numerical control machined aluminum with a rotating module system that enables draw length adjustments without the requirement for a bow press. 

Short and compact at 30 inches axle to axle, this model is easy to carry and maneuver making it a perfect ideal hunting or 3D bow. With the help of a rotating module system, the draw length adjustment ranges from 18 to 31 inches. With a draw weight from 10 to 60 pounds, it is suitable for all levels of shooting and almost any age. 

I could assure you that the bow is a league when compared to the other ones of the same price range. This bow is available in black or Vista camo finishes, like other bows this also comes with a flawless finish with matching hardware. The machining and casting are super clean and flawless. I did not find any paint defects and the grip is super comfortable and has the right thickness. 

Out of the box, the Sanlida includes a peep and d loop installed. It also includes a basic 5 pin hunting sight, wrist sling, and hunting damper. And not to forget the whisker biscuit rest. Setup is also simple as bolting on the rest and sights. Like other hunting compounds, this one also includes only 1 stabilizer mount. The bow is smooth and easy to draw. Even when you bend in the 60 lbs, the draw cycle feels light and smooth. 

Overall, the bow is excellent for what it was designed to do. Short-distance shooting and high velocity for hunting. 

2. Bear Archery Compound Bow (Simple Design)

Bear Archery Compound Bow

Key Features

  • Limbs:- The limbs are crafted for maximum adjustability and can be adjusted from 5 to 70 pounds of draw weights. The dual cams of the bow can shoot up to 315 FPS. Bear Archery Compound Bow WIth Limbs And Cams
  • Material:- Machined aluminum and a perfect bow to handle when you want. The versatility of the bow is engineered for all skill levels and ages. 
  • Grip:- The advanced grip design provides enhanced accuracy and eliminates hand torque. You can easily hold off for the shot.Bear Archery Compound Bow With Advance Grip
  • Package Includes:- It includes sight, stabilizer, nock loop, peep sight, and whisker biscuit.

 Main Specifications

  • Material:- Aluminum
  • Axle-To-Axle:- 30”
  • Brace Height:- 6.05″
  • Draw Weight:- 5-70 LBS 
  • Draw Length:- 12”-30”, (Each 0.5” Adjustment)
  • IBO Speed:- 315 FPS
  • Net Weight:- 3 LBS 
  • Let-Off:- 70-80% 
  • String Length:- 58.13” 
  • Cable Length:- 32.23”

A solid bow that provides a range of adjustability! The Bear Archery Cruzer is not just for hunting big game animals but also for beginners learning the archery basics. With a limited lifetime warranty, these are an excellent investment for a bow hunter and an average archer. It comes with an adjustable bow with a silky draw, also they have enough performance for serious outdoorsmen.

The machined aluminum risers do have some variability. Each of these models has a wide range of waffling, but the design varies. I also compared the Bear Royal Youth, both having the same features I liked the Cruzer G2 which looks more traditional. Also, the G2 is more aggressive and has a different approach. This enables removing more mass from the riser and lessens the overall weight. 

Each of the G2 grips shares the same simple design. The brand has integrated the grip seamlessly into the riser and placed the logo nameplates on the sides. The benefit here is that a wide range of shooters will be able to easily hold the bow for the shot. It is also worth noting the slim pattern of the grip. 

The dual cams of the G2 models are the point to note down. These cams are part of the bow’s MV cam design and are crafted designed to enable easy adjustability. The cams are not designed aggressively which offers them have a smooth draw but lessens the top end speed. Although the bow has the right speed for hunting, none will break any land speed records. 

The cams are designed for a wide range of shooters and the back wall is a bit sloppy. While these bows are not a high performer, they are top-end in terms of adjustability. Each model can be adjusted with a single Allen wrench and without the use of a bow press. This is great for all shooters, but especially those who want to change the draw length frequently. 

You can also rotate the module on the cam to the length you want. There is a viewing window in the module so you can see the draw length as you rotate. The quad limbs are another highlight. These are designed for maximum adjustability. You can adjust it from 5 to 70 pounds by turning the limb bolts. This is not just for beginners any shooter can access the weights. 

3. Diamond Compound Bow (Best Right Hand Bow)

Binary Cam System

Key Features

  • Binary Cam System:- Comes with 2 symmetrical cams that offer flawless nock travel and tuning.Diamond Compound Bow With Binary Cam System
  • Adjustability:- These bows are extremely adjustable and ready to meet you just where you are at. Forgiving and durable, these bows are crafted to succeed every step of the way.
  • EZ Adjust Pocket:- With the limb bolt, you can easily adjust from max to min poundage or anywhere in better. It also comes with easy-to-read marks.Diamond Compound Bow EZ Adjust Pocket
  • Riser:- The riser is built with solid aluminum and includes cutouts for extra strength and weighs 3.2 pounds. It also includes a limb pocket, limb bolt, and extra mounting holes.

 Main Specifications

  • Material:- Aluminum
  • Axle-To-Axle:- 31.5”
  • Brace Height:- 7″
  • Draw Weight:- 5-70 LBS 
  • Draw Length:- 13”-31”, (Each 0.5” Adjustment)
  • IBO Speed:- 310 FPS
  • Net Weight:- 3.2 LBS 
  • Let-Off:- 70-80% 
  • String Length:- 58.13” 
  • Cable Length:- 32.23”

A well-known brand for creating incredibly versatile compound bows. They have made so many upgrades to make the Infinite Edge Pro. These three finishes are available BlackOps, Mossy Oak Country, and Pink blaze. The riser comes with two-color strings also include extra room for customizability in the looks. 

The riser is built with solid, machined, and aluminum. It includes a dozen of cutouts which allows extra strength retention and a weight of 3.2 pounds to enable you to add extra weight when required. As a factory standard, the riser also includes a long limb bolt, limb pocket, and extra mounting holes. The limbs are the highlight, it comes with a solid limb with anodized pockets for maintaining limb stability.

Apart from the small components and limb spacers, the grip is just a plastic piece. It is sufficient in terms of fit and comfortability, but the plastic is tacky for the ones who handle higher-end materials. There is also a molded grip on the riser shelf to offer a lip and to quiet any stray arrows that might disturb the shelf before hitting. I liked this feature though. 

The dual-cam system offers excellent features that will be appreciated by any archer. The machined aluminum cams are designed well both for adjustability and shoot–ability. It also includes large cutouts to reduce weights and to enable a higher rotating velocity.

For most bows, there will be either a small range of fixed draw length with weight adjustments. This is to help in an efficient draw cycle and for the bow to transfer the energy into the arrow. Diamond infinite Edge Pro does a decent job in transferring some of the speed into a wide range of adjustments. It also maintains an excellent draw cycle. 

4. Creative XP Compound Bow (Top Quality)

Creative XP Compound Bow

Key Features

  • Material:- Comes with 100% aluminum rotating cams and modules. 
  • Package Include:- The package include with 4 Carbon Arrows, 5-Pin Sight, String Stopper, String Wax, Release Aid, Rubber Stabilizer, Paper Targets, Step-By-Step User Manual and a Premium Quiver.Creative XP Compound Bow Package Includes
  • Limbs:- The limbs are made by Gordon Composites Inc and offer unmatched power, strength, and performance.Creative XP Compound Bow With Aluminum Limbs And Cams
  • Grip:- Also includes a rubber panel grip with no slipping or sliding. With premium vibration dumping system. 

 Main Specifications

  • Material:- Aluminum
  • Axle-To-Axle:- 30”
  • Brace Height:- 7.4″
  • Draw Weight:- 30-70 LBS 
  • Draw Length:- 23.5”-30.5”, (Each 0.5” Adjustment)
  • IBO Speed:- 320 FPS
  • Net Weight:- 3.6 LBS 
  • Let-Off:- 75% 
  • String Length:- 58.13” 
  • Cable Length:- 32.23”

Designed for hunting, target archery, and bow fishing. This compound bow can be tuned and adjusted without a bow press. It is one of the top-performing bows that maintains accuracy and comes with a durable string and cam. The cams and modules are super strong and safe as they are made with 100% aluminum. It also does not contain plastic while the high–quality strings make sure of the high-speed shot. 

The right-handed top bow includes an axle-to-axle length of thirty inches brace length. You can also see the 5 pin sights, a strong stopper, string wax, paper targets, 4 carbon arrows, a quiver, and a rubber stabilizer. 

The limbs are made by Gordon composite Inc. and have offered unmatched predictable performance and unmatched strength for archers and bowhunters. With the lightweight design, 30-70 LBS draw weight, 24.5-31” draw length, 75% let-off and with a speed of 320 FPS, the bow can be adjusted for users over 100LBS. 

5. Southland Archery Compound Bow (Super Compact)

Southland Archery Compound Bow

Key Features

  • Material & Design:- Solid and durable body with a waffled look and compressed ABS Limbs. With an axle to axle, the length is just 28 inches.
  • Cam System:- Also suitable for beginners with a draw weight of 30-55 pounds while the length range is 19-29 inches. Southland Archery Compound Bow With Limbs And Cams
  • Let Off:- The let-off is 68% which is preferred for comfortable shooting.
  • Brace Height:- It has a normal brace height which is around 7.5 inches and weighs less with all accessories.

 Main Specifications

  • Material:- Aluminum
  • Axle-To-Axle:- 28”
  • Brace Height:- 7.50″
  • Draw Weight:- 30-55 LBS 
  • Draw Length:- 19”-29”, (Each 0.5” Adjustment)
  • IBO Speed:- 260 FPS
  • Net Weight:- 3.3 LBS 
  • Let-Off:- 68% 
  • String Length:- 58.13”  

This bow does not need maneuvering in small tree stands and ground blinds as it’s super compact. SAS Scorpii is also suitable for teens and adults and meant for right-hand shooters only. Its maximum settings are 29 inches in draw length and come with a draw weight of 55 lbs. If you are looking for an affordable compound bow then this will be the right option. 

The SAS Scorpii has a durable and solid body. It comes with extraordinary features like the composite riser, waffled look, and compressed ABS limbs with a split design. The axle-to-axle length is just 28 inches and so it’s a short and compact one that enables hunting in ground blinds. You cannot exceed the draw length of 29 inches. The brace height is normal which is around 7.5 inches and it weighs just 4 pounds with all accessories. 

The pack comes with an arrow rest, stabilizer, and bow sight. The Cam is flawless and suitable for beginners. You can show with repeatable accuracy and a draw weight can be set between 30-55 pounds while the range is between 19-29 inches. 

As the bow is suitable for hunting it has a downrange of 260 FPS. As this is just a rough estimation, this speed is super impressive for a 55-pound model. The kinetic energy is not given but it’s enough to hunt a deer. 

6. XGeek Aluminum Compound Bow (Best For Beginners)

XGeek Aluminum Compound Bow

Key Features

  • Material:- Made of aluminum-magnesium alloy which is super strong and weighs light. 
  • Limbs, Cam & Modules:- The limbs are made in the USA (Gordon) which offers unmatched power and consistency for all skill range. The modules are made of 100% aluminum with no plastic. XGeek Aluminum Compound Bow With Aluminum Limbs And Cams
  • Bowstring Splitter:- lessens bowstring entanglement for longer range.
  • Bow Sight:- Comes with an adjustable 5-pin optical bow sight with a built-in lighting system. XGeek Aluminum Compound Bow With Attached Bow Sight
  • Rubber Stabilizer:- Damping module reduces the bow vibration after release.

 Main Specifications

  • Material:- Aluminum
  • Axle-To-Axle:- 30”
  • Brace Height:- 8″
  • Draw Weight:- 20-70 LBS 
  • Draw Length:- 17”-29”, (Each 0.5” Adjustment)
  • IBO Speed:- 320 FPS
  • Net Weight:- 3.61 LBS 
  • Let-Off:- 75% 

Features an aluminum riser, durable limbs, and CNC milling. This model has a draw weight of 15-70 pounds making it user-friendly for users. You can also adjust the draw length of 19-30 inches which enables adjustability. The pack includes everything for beginners with adjustability. The material is super durable and strong and the bow can shoot perfectly from a distance. 

Overall, the price can be higher but it is worth the quality you get and this kit is perfect for all new and experienced archers. The kit also includes a wide range of accessories and the bow is also adjustable to fit the capabilities and preferences of the users. If you are looking for a draw length with 19-31”, then check out this from the XGeek. 

Some of the tips can screw off easily, so ensure you have the tool to properly secure them. This bow is easy to assemble and built from an aluminum limb with a lightweight and sturdy body. The brush arrow rest reduces the friction which allows faster and accurate flight trajectory.  

Frequently Ask Question:-

1. How to tell which bow is right for you?

Choose a bow that suits your dominant eye. To find that close your right eye and point the object. If you find the reverse is true then you are left eye dominant. 

2. Which is a better compound or recurve bow?

A powerful compound bow is a hassle-free to handle than a recurve as the string forces at a full draw are reduced due to let–off. The recurve is easier to maintain and its cheaper and it’s also suitable for beginners. 

3. How will a compound bow last?

With the right care and maintenance, this can last for up to 25-30 years. 

4. Do compound bows break quickly?

The compound bows’ limbs are made with durable layers of fiberglass which are less liable to break than other limbs. But, if there are not made well or over-stressed, then the limbs can be the first thing to break on this bow. 

5. Can a bowstring snap?

Yes, it can snap due to lack of proper shooting form, lack of knowledge of how to wield the bow and bow torque. 

6. Why do bow limbs break?

If you draw the bow too far and stress the limbs, it can make the limbs break. 


By David Grey

David Grey is born & raised in Bozeman Montana, USA. He has been hunting & fishing since 2009. And used most of the outdoor gear during his 12 years of hunting experience. He likes to spend most of the time in the woods, on the trail, or by the water. He taught us about his outdoor journey and equipment experience.

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