6 Best Crossbow Broadheads 2022: Mechanical & Fixed Blade Broadheads

A hunter’s gear list is endless as there are a lot of new inventions every other day. To make your hunting trip unforgettable and one issue or lingering issue is the fact that the market is loaded with low-quality products which might harm any hunting trip. One essential item that you need any hunter’s gear for hunting prey is a broadhead. 

And when you choose the best crossbow broadheads for deer hunting there are specific things to consider such as reliability, dependability, and durability of the broadhead. There are two types of broadheads available in the market today. They are fixed and mechanical broadheads. They both are reliable and best for hunting.

best crossbow broadheads

 If you are a veteran hunter, then you know the deal! Some change them out of frustration. I do it to experience the best because I’m a gear freak and like to compare brands. To me, there is nothing like a new shiny, razor-sharp arrow tip, and I have lined up the top ones available. The guide includes the best-fixed blade broadheads and mechanical broadheads. I have shot every style available from the giant to fixed blades.

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6 Best Crossbow Broadheads

1. Sinbadteck Crossbow Broadheads (Sharp Blades)

Sinbadteck Hunting Broadheads

Key Features

  • Easy to Install:- Each broadhead comes with 100 grains of extremely sharp fixed blades. The standard screw-in insert thread is also compatible with all traditional and compound bows. Sinbadteck Hunting Broadheads Easy to install
  • Precision:- The blades are crafted to field hunting game and field practice, with exclusive hybrid tips. 
  • Sharp & Durable:-These are made using anodized aluminum and the tip uses hard stainless steel. The tips are durable, fast, sharp, and suitable for hunting and shooting games. Sinbadteck Hunting Broadheads Build With Anodized Aluminum
  • Tested:- The tips of the arrow are spin tested, strength and sharpness tested. The packages include 12 pcs of Archery broadheads 
  • Lifetime service:- The manufacturer also offers lifetime technical support for their users.

These hunting broadheads come with three extremely sharp fixed blades. They are compatible and screw–in with both compound and crossbow bows. The dimensions are 7.11 cm long and 2.63 cm wide. They are super durable and come with 3-blade designs to increase the accuracy and strength of every shot. These are some of the best broadheads for hunting turkeys as well. 

They are super-fast. Sharp and convenient for hunting. They also include a grabbing hook to prevent losing the arrow when it is released. The nuts and shaft are both made using anodized aluminum and the tip is made of stainless steel. What is like the most in these arrows is the price. They are affordable, considering their durability and strength. 

While these can offer excellent precision and piercing power, they can sometimes get damaged upon impact. The screw-in tips make for ‘foolproof’ installation. It is essential to note that no hunting shaft is included with these broadheads. These can fit all size fiberglass and carbon fiber arrows in 14” 16” 20” 28” 30” and 31” etc. The tightening grips on the bottom are easy to install and remove with or without tools. 

The pack includes 12 pcs of broadheads and they are tested for strength and sharpness tested. Also available in various colors. The manual also suggests a few tricks to fly straight to ensure that every broadhead is in alignment with each of the vanes on arrows for true consistency. These arrows are also suitable for small game hunting and field practice. 

2. RAGE Hypodermic Crossbow Broadheads (Fail-Safe Design)

RAGE Hypodermic Hunting Broadheads

Key Features

  • Technology:- Rage broadheads include improved high-energy shock collar technology with proper blade retention.RAGE Hypodermic Hunting Broadheads With Collar
  • Patented Retention:- These mechanical broadheads are equipped with a fail-safe design with a patented shock collar and NC technologies. 
  • Slipcam Deployment:- Upon impact, the broadheads can deploy from the read. They don’t lose power immediately. Provides unerring accuracy and arrow speed of the field trip, you also get the full deadly force of a fixed-blade broadhead.
  • Aerodynamics:- This aerodynamic design is super tough and offers in-depth penetration. The solid steel ferrule sports a hybrid tip design that offers accuracy and bone-crushing performance. RAGE Hypodermic Hunting Broadheads With Aerodynamic Design
  • Unmatched Accuracy:- The blades are also available in two, three, and four-blade designs with a cutting diameter of 2.3 inches.  
  • Pack Includes:- Pack includes three 100 grain broadheads and they can provide speed and accuracy.

The most preferred broadheads for many hunters. The blades are sharp and durable with a thickness of .035 inches. The brand is known for its tough and deadly accuracy. Their wound channels are legendary. These best mechanical broadheads are fail-safe by design and their retention system comes with a patented shock collar and NO collar technologies. Which can hold the blades in place well while not in use.

The Rage shock collars can prevent its blades from premature deploys. The slip cam initiated the blades to deploy from the rear. Unlike standard broadheads that might lose power immediately upon impact, these can provide you with the streamlined speed with accuracy. It also provides the deadly force with the fixed blade broadhead. 

The aerodynamic and compact design is also super tough and provides more penetration than any other broadhead. The solid steel ferrule sports (hybrid tip) design allows the hypodermic to have the accuracy and aerodynamics of a leading-edge blade. It offers bone-crushing performance with its chisel top. 

For its unmated accuracy, Rage is considered the top choice for professionals. They are also available in 2, 3, and 4 blade patterns with cutting diameters of 2.3 inches. These broadheads can offer huge entry holes, deeper penetration, gaping would channel, and better blood trails. 

This variation from the RAGE Hypodermic is also a popular broadhead with 0.35″ stainless steel blades with a 2 cutting diameter. With more or less common features, I liked the Patent retention one the most.

3. Swhacker Crossbow Broadheads (Lightweight)

Swhacker Hunting Broadheads

Key Features

  • Durable Ferrule:- Made of aluminum and anodized. Comes with a light and durable body and is rust-free. The ferrule increases the durability of the broadhead eventually. 
  • Two-Cutting Edges:- Come with 2-separate edges for cutting. The first edge is called a wing blade which is used to cut the beams and the hide. The second ends are called chief blades. Swhacker Hunting Broadheads With 2 Cutting Edges
  • Expandable Blade:- It has stretchable 2-blade broadheads. You can expand and constrict when you want and works well whatever you cast at it. 
  • Sharp Blade:- The 0.32″ thick blade assure you ultimate speed and accurate piercing target. The blades are made up of stainless steel which ensures long life and quality making it corrosion-free and sturdy.  
  • Lightweight:- It weighs 1.6 ounces in real, so you can carry it with ease. Moreover, you can fix the target by taking more time with an eye blinking speed.

Swhacker features two separate edges for cutting. The first edge is called the wing blades which are used to cut the major set of beams and the hide. The edges can expose the broadhead as they come in a smaller size than the key blades. The product comes with an aluminum body with a carbon steel trocar tip. These can also be replaced. 

These broadheads are super affordable than other broadheads available in the market. It has a proven record of tearing thin-skinned game like deer. It can perform well in this role. It is also suitable for beginners who are getting into using the expandable ones. These can mess up a bit when assembling or sharpening. The trocar tip is easy to manage and sharpen. Also, there is no shock collar or loading mechanism to fret about engaging.

The blade comes with a thickness of 0.32″ stainless steel, one inch wide closed and two inches wide open. The pointer of any broadhead is made with carbon steel and touches the target’s body accurately. It makes the pointer lighter, durable & enduring. I liked the color combination of these interesting broadheads with black pointer, silver blades, and green body. 

4. OTW Crossbow Broadheads (Affordable)

OTW Hunting Broadheads

Key Features

  • Material:- High-quality aluminum screw-in tips with hardened steel offers maximum penetration and superior flight stability. 
  • Blades:- Three stainless steel 0.02 blades with 100 grains deliver a true and perfect fly and ensure sharpshooting. 
  • Blade Thickness:- Black 1 with a thickness of 0.02″ and the black 2 with a thickness of 0.8mm/0.003. OTW Hunting Broadheads With 2 Blade
  • The Package Includes: 6 broadheads in an easy-to-carry case. Portable to carry and protect your products well.

If you are looking for top-class performance delivering broadheads, then the OTW with powerful and reliable fixed blades is an excellent choice. Comes with three blades in one and it’s suitable for both shooting training and hunting. This fixed blade broadhead design is combined with top accuracy and makes a stand out from other products. It also has a deep and high penetration power along with great strength which ensures it can take down the target once it hits the prey. 

Equipped with hardened steel and top-performing blade. This might look like it’s expensive at a first glance. But it is one of the most affordable ones. With its enhanced flight stability, which means once it’s shot, it will not deviate from its trajectory and can land perfectly on the target. Also, the 100- grain design delivers a diameter of 1.25 inches. The stainless steel will offer greater accuracy every time. 

This broadhead comes with screw-in tips made with top-quality aluminum. This ensures a reliable and hardened core. Overall, this is a super affordable broadhead that incorporates things like a hardened tip with a small diameter that adds to its appeal. What makes the product stand out is its affordability and the package comes with a separate portable box for transporting products. 

5. G5 Outdoors Crossbow Broadheads (High Quality)

G5 Outdoors Hunting Broadheads

Key Features

  • Blades:- Strong tapered blade design and angle allow the Montec to be re-shaped hassle-free. Made from 100% steel with a cut-on-contact design.
  • Design:-The blades are tested for spin, strength, and sharpness and utilized LUTZ and diamond cut blades. 
  • Compatible:- The board heads are compatible with highspeed crossbows with 100 and 125 grains. 
  • Accuracy:- The blade angle is crafted to enable repeated maximum devastation and penetration.

Crossbow users looking for a design that can be used for both fast and large bows then choose G5 broadheads. It is super accurate and fast and hence it is suitable for a crossbow. Hunter chooses G5 broadheads for their durability and strength. Features a foolproof design combining-piece, all-steel-body with 100% spine tested accuracy. Just screw on to shoot, no assemble required.  

The one-piece metal injection construction is molded to perfection and ensures simplicity. This simple and elegant feature delivers large cuts when coming in contact with its target. It also boasts an innovative ANIX system which makes sure that it has razor-sharp blades that are held well in place in cases of deep and severe impacts. It is also advisable to choose between 100 grains and 125 grains broadhead. 

The strength of the broadheads is also texted through the guillotine strength test. It is also developed to simulate various kinetic energy required to penetrate the flesh and crush bone. The G5 utilizes LUTZ and diamond-cut blades to offer you a devastating would channel through immediate, clean, and ethical kills. 

6. Muzzy Trocar Crossbow Broadheads (Accuracy)

Muzzy Trocar Hunting Broadheads

Key Features

  • Blade:- 4 blade design features razor-sharp stainless-steel blades with an anodized aluminum ferrule for extra strength. Aerodynamics 0.35″ blades with right-helix design reduce arrow stabilization delivering accurate shots at long ranges. Muzzy Trocar Hunting Broadheads With 0.35 Inch blade
  • Accuracy:- As the product comes with a hardened trocar steep tip, it ensures accuracy and deep penetration. It can obliterate anything that comes in its way.
  • Design:- The short design, boasts enhance accuracy & consistency with an increased cutting diameter that enables larger entry and exit holes.

Hard-hitting and smooth flying broadhead suitable for excellent on the game. The broadhead comes with a 4-blade design and provides a devastating 3-dimensional wound channel. It can close on thick-skinned animals like bears and this is also one of the best products with a trocar hybrid tip. 

But not a cut-on contact blade, but the tip is easy to sharpen and comes with a superior well-penetrating design, making this an award-winning hunting product. The blades are extremely effective and expandable. This is because it happens immediately when the product gets deep in the wound channel. The overall construction and stainless-steel shank make the product go through various prey. Then, you just need to clean or re-sharped it. It can open up to over 2.5 inches reliably

Fits the bill and gets the job done with its chisel tip. It also assures bone-crushing penetration making it one of the top-rated products. They are tough and reliable and come with a 1-year warranty. 

Frequently Ask Question:-

1. What should broadheads be suitable for?

Regardless of type, the broadheads are sharp, durable, and suit your equipment and the size of the game being hunted. You need to sharpen the blades after every practice and before going for hunting or practice. 

2. Can you shoot mechanical broadheads into a target?

A mechanical broadhead shooter will not shoot a broadhead into a target. One common reason why hunters prefer field tips is that they don’t damage the archery target much. 

3. Can I reuse the mechanical broadhead?

The ferril of most mechanical and fixed board heads is made to be reused. If it hits rocks or dirt, you can replace the blades anytime you want.


By David Grey

David Grey is born & raised in Bozeman Montana, USA. He has been hunting & fishing since 2009. And used most of the outdoor gear during his 12 years of hunting experience. He likes to spend most of the time in the woods, on the trail, or by the water. He taught us about his outdoor journey and equipment experience.


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