6 Best Bow Sights 2022: Bow Sights For Hassle Free Aiming

The bow sight is a device that comes with a pin set in a calibrated frame attached to the compound bow to make it hassle-free in aiming for distance. Usually, they come in circles, in which you put your eyes there to look further. When it comes to hunting, it includes so many skills and practicing if you wish to be productive and successful. But you will need a bow sight for support.

Best Bow Sight

They can take your hunting experience to the next level and as effective as you want. If you wish to choose a bow sight, there are many essential things to consider. The most essential one is probably the pin quality with a few notes: choose the material of the pin, the number of the pin and a round pin guard to enable you to center inside the peephole.

There are quite a lot of bow sights available. However, they can be segmented into various types: single adjustable pins and multiple fixed pins. The fixed pin will work better when you shoot while hunting, the other is expected to be used when flying. I have also put various considerations in mind like the number of pins as it is one of the essential factors that determine the accuracy.

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List Of 6 Best Bow Sight

1. Trophy Ridge Bow Sight (Versatile)

Trophy Ridge Bow Sight

Key Features

  • Fiber Optic Pin:- It is equipped with 5 ultra-bright .019” medium horizontal fiber optic pins which help invisibility.Trophy Ridge Bow Sight With Ultra Light Fiber Optic
  • Windage & Elevation:- The Trophy also comes with laser-etched windage, elevation, and pin adjustment markings.
  • Vibration Reduction:- Soft-touch ballistic coating delivers extra vibration reduction. And it’s super lightweight up to 25%.
  • Sleek & Versatile:- The offset mounting holes are available for ultimate flexibility the reversible mount design can be used for right and left-hand bows.
  • Rheostat Light:- They work to offer remarkable visibility no matter the lighting conditions. There is a rheostat light that comes with full brightness control.Trophy Ridge Bow Sight With Rheostat Light
  • Quick Sight:- The green hood accent enables quicker sight acquisition. And the build quality is also good.

The Trophy Ridge Fix 5-pin sight comes with the same precision as other models in the series and is coated with a shadow finish that is typical of the brand. Apart from the 5 micro-adjustable pins which provide excellent precision, this provides second axis adjustments which help in enhancing the accuracy even in long distances. If you are looking for a right-handed sight, then this will be your choice. It is equipped with ultra-bright 0.019 horizontal fiber optic pins.

They work to offer remarkable visibility no matter the lighting conditions. There is a rheostat light that comes with full brightness control. Also, it is equipped with an on-board adjustment tool that enables you to accurately control the elevation and windage without the need for any extra accessories. The same component is used to change individual pins and 2nd axis leveling.

This bow sight is also an excellent choice for hunting and offers the users a solid performance. Also, it is super affordable and easy to use for newbies, so it will guide you a lot. The bow sight is also lightweight, you must think about whether it can hold up. The build quality is not something to brag about. It is decent if you are being generous other than that, the built is brittle. When you look at the benefits, there are quite a lot of them.

For example, the trophy ridge volt is super easy to use and it is perfect for new hunters to get into using sights. Each purchase of this bow sight comes with batteries to power the rheostatic light, the mounting hardware, onboard pin adjustment tool which accommodates a total of four mounting positions. Don’t forget that you need to ensure that you have some top broadheads to help with getting the trophy buck.

The only disadvantage of this bow sight is that there is no left-hand version of it. At this price point, you will be more than happy with the features. With any degree of competency, it does take some practice to get used to it and there is also an option for it. If you prefer not to make use of these features, you still have a completely – loaded, top-notch, fixed sight for an affordable price tag.   

2. Trophy Ridge Joker Bow Sight (Modern)

Trophy Ridge Joker Bow Sight

Key Features

  • Fiber Optic Lens:- The 4 Pins are 0.19” fiber optic pins that are super light and bright in daylight. The pins are adjustable with an Allen Wrench.Trophy Ridge Joker Bow Sight With Ultra Brigth
  • Windage & Elevation Adjustment:- The Trophy Ridge Joker also comes with laser-etched windage, elevation, and pin adjustment marking.
  • Rheostat Light:- There is also a rheostat light included for low light conditions that happen most at dawn or dusk.Trophy Ridge Joker Bow Sight With Rheostat Light
  • Mounting:- The mounting bracket is made of aluminum and it provides various mounting holes that can fit most modern compound bows.
  • Sleek and Versatile:- Like other Trophy bow sights, the Joker is also coming with a reversible mount design that can be used with both right and left-hand bows.

Suitable for beginners as you just have to do simple manual adjustments to use it. Effective and simple. This bow sight is an excellent tool so if you are starting your compound bow shooting then I would suggest you the Trophy Ridge Joker. This is a four-pin bow sight that is suitable for both left and right-handed compound bows.

All you have to do, Just flip you are done. The only cautious thing is that the bubble level might end up on top of the left-handed compound bow archers. Also, it is glued tightly, so you cannot get it off the sight housing. The Trophy Ridge Joker is super light and durable. It is machined carefully, which means it has excellent craftsmanship. The plastic hood comes with a green accent.

And the sight acquisition, which is a glowing ring on the front which helps to make aiming more accurate and faster. The durable bracketry for mounting is built with aluminum and the sight housing comes with a built-in clean bubble level. There are various mounting holes to ensure that the model will suit a lot of modern compound bows.

The four pins are 0.19” fiber optic pins. They utilize the fiber optic cable and pick up light well and are bright in daylight. On the vertical axis, the pins can be adjusted with an Allen Wrench. Single pins can also be removed but if you prefer to do so, you must be very careful, or else the pins can break quickly. There is also a rheostat light for using on low light situations that happen usually at dawn or dusk.

It is also hard to aim during rainy days without the pins being illuminated by the extra light sometimes so that is a great addition. You cannot expect to use this at night, as this is not made for this. You have to twist the light to turn it on, as quickly as the pins start to glow. There is a ring on the front of the housing, which makes aiming so much easier.

3. TRUGLO Storm Bow Sight (Durable)

TRUGLO Storm Bow Sight

Key Features

  • Pro Brite Pin Design:- The TRUGLO bow sight is available in 3 and 5 pin options. It also features a unique PRO BRITE design.
  • Mounting Bracket:- The latest TRUGLO G2 comes with enhancing features that have aircraft-grade aluminum and composite construction.
  • Pin Design:- Comes with 0.19” increased brightness and durability and comes with an LED sight light.TRUGLO Storm Bow Sight With Unique Pin Design
  • Left-Hand Convertible:- Compact and lightweight bow sight offer a great choice for archers and it is also adjustable for right and left-handed shooters.
  • Enlarged Circular Field of View:- The TRUGLO also features an enlarged circular field of view and glow-in-the-dark shooter ring.

The newly upgraded TRUGLO strong G2 line improves the design while maintaining the price tag affordable for archers who demand quality bow sight at a superior performance-to-cost ratio. This bow sight comes with a new aluminum mounting bracket to make sure maximum durability for all hunting conditions. This bow sight has a rugged pin housing to retain the compact and lightweight design.

There is a vibration dampening disc sealed insider the mounting bracket to reduce overall vibration. This bow is also suitable for a large field view and glow-in-the-dark ring with its 2-inch diameter aperture. This helps peep alignment even in low-light situations. The G2 includes a new air-craft grade aluminum mounting bracket that makes sure maximum durability for all hunting conditions.

It is also available in a 3 pin model for a simplified sight picture and a five-pin model suitable for stretching shooting distance. No matter what the mode is it still utilizes. 019-inch diameter fiber-optic pins and comes with LED sight light that is ergonomically mounted to the aperture ring. The bow sight is super compact and lightweight and has an enlarged circular field of view. It is also equipped with durable, bright fiber-wrapped pins.

Also adjustable for right and left-handed shooters. The pin field is also easy to read and comes with a standard windage and elevation adjustment. If you are looking for strong and modern bow sight, then this will be your choice. This has enhanced styling and maintains the simplicity that is attractive to various beginner and intermediate archers.

4. CBE Tactic Bow Sight (Maximum Brightness)

CBE Tactic Bow Sight

Key Features

  • Blade Style Pins:- This feature offers maximum exposed fiber for brightness and there is also a fluorescent peep alignment ring.CBE Tactic Bow Sight With Blade Pin Design
  • Elevation & Windage:- The tool-less elevation with and windage comes with visual laser engraved markings.
  • Smart Mount:- This bow sight comes with patented multi-position mounting holes to enable you to mount the sight in the optimal position, to begin with.
  • Suitable for Left-Handers:- This design allows the housing to be easily filled for left-hand users.
  • Peep Alignment Ring:- The Fluorescent peep alignment ring enables you to focus the shoot easily.

CBE has a solid reputation for quality and affordable offerings. The 3-pin sight weighs a shade under 10oz and has an excellent design and smart mount multi–positioning mounting holes. You also get visual laser engraved markings enabling ease – in setup with both elevation and windage. The fiber management system, not just makes bright pins but also protects them from the toughness of the hunt.

The blade-style pins offer more expose fiber for maximum brightness and there is a fluorescent peep alignment ring. This bow sight is also suitable for left-handed archers. The pins are “Blade style” which means they can curve outward towards the target before coming back to point at your eye. The design helps in making the fiber optic so much easier to see and brighter.

The windage and elevation adjustments are toolless, which comes in handy for adjusting on the fly. Though it does not come with a light, it’s compatible and the pin housing is not made of the same material as the mount. I felt like holding a durable plastic. Overall, it is a decent sight that can handle a little rigor if it comes and the tool doesn’t give a lot of confidence.

5. Southland Archery Bow Sight (Affordable)

Southland Archery Bow Sight

Key Features

  • Pins:- 5 pin 0.29 fiber optics; fiber optic color: red, green, and yellow. Comes in minimalist design, this product stands out.Southland Archery Bow Sight With 5 Pin Design
  • Durable:- Made of CNC machined aluminum, you can be assured that is super tough to handle the conditions that you put it through.
  • A Wide Line of Sight:- Offer a bigger range of view and comes with a thin design pin, it will not cover the line of bow sight while aiming the arrow.
  • Tool-less Adjustments:- Comes with tool-less adjustments and offers better value for the money.

I have listed the SAS 5-pin for one reason. It’s incredibly affordable! You are getting tons of features with this basic bow sight. The pins are close together, which makes it hard to see. It is nice that the light is detachable, so if you are in a state where lights on bow sights are not allowed. You will not run into any issues. The SAS 5-pin has two color options to choose from. And they are suitable for left-hand archers too.

Made of CNC machined aluminum, you can be assured that this product is durable enough to handle the conditions and bowhunting will put it through. It is tough enough that it will not easily break from the adjustments you will make on the mounting from the vibration of the bow. It is not flimsy and will not fall apart from regular use, as it went through the shake test.

As mentioned, this bow sight has a rather minimalist pattern. Unlike the other listed above, this does not have a scope hood and it doesn’t have its fiber optics including the while of the scope. This is pretty thin and also has windows. As a result, it offers a bigger range of views. And combined with a thin pattern of the pins, it might not cover the line of the product when aiming the arrow.

Despite the affordability, you will also get tool-less adjustments from the product. This offers better value for the money as many of these come with adjustment knobs that are in high-end points.

6. IQ Define Pro Bow Sight (Accurate)

IQ Define Pro Bow Sight

Key Features

  • Adjustable Pins:- Equipped with Retina lock and feature micro-adjustable pins. A precision bubble level, toolless adjustment, and an integrated sight light with five brightness levels.IQ Define Pro Bow Sight With Adjustable Pins
  • Battery Powered:- The IQ Define is a battery-powered range finding unit and comes with a 0.19 pin.
  • OLED Display:- Features 3 digits OLED display with yellow battery indicator and blue yardage.

The IQ Define comes with a blue OLED display that is built into the sight window. You can see through the peep all the information you required: Pins, distance reading, and target. It also comes with a red–dot laser. This collimate the range finder with the pin. The range finder should be aligned with where you are aiming the 20-yard pin to get the right reading on the target you want to get the distance for.

Once it is set, the laser can be removed easily. A feature that is not removable is the integrated sight light with five brightness settings with an “Off” function. Also, the tool has second and third axis adjustments, elevation dials, micro adjusts windage, tool-free locking knobs, and removable pins.

The product is loaded to the max, and it going to tack on some weight to the bow to be exact. But it does not seem to bother archers. Even though the IQ is a brand – new optic, it has created a buzz already in the market for its price point, ease of use, combined range finder. I also like the Axcel 5 Pin bow sight which comes with a windage knob with 20 clicks per resolution adjustment

Frequently Ask Questions:-

1. Should I invest in a bow sight?

It depends on your personal needs and what you are in search of. With that said, just because this tool is expensive it doesn’t mean that comes with better quality. Various well-made, durable, and feature-loaded sights are priced decently and are also better quality than costly models.

2. What type of bow sight should I choose?

If you are a beginner, then it is best to go for a fixed pin sight until you get used to it. 

3. Can I use a single-pin sight for deer hunting?

While a single-pin bow sight is great for deer hunting, you need to check if it is adjustable or non-adjustable. The latter style will be accurate from a single distance so you will not be able to use them at longer distances.


By David Grey

David Grey is born & raised in Bozeman Montana, USA. He has been hunting & fishing since 2009. And used most of the outdoor gear during his 12 years of hunting experience. He likes to spend most of the time in the woods, on the trail, or by the water. He taught us about his outdoor journey and equipment experience.

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