6 Best Bow Release 2022: Get Accuracy For Trigger Release

When it comes to modern archery, a typical shooter will come with so many accessories and shooting aids than archers of those times. Such accessories can be a bow sight, a bow release, and an armguard. Of all of the items, an archer has their disposal, but the most essential thing is the accuracy of the trigger release.

Best Bow Release

Over the years I have used various types of bow release aids. But the most impactful were the ones that gave me more control. A perfect bow release mechanism must be easy to use and splendid while adjusting the inclination for lessening torque and fine-tuning the trigger pressure. Using the right archery release offer you precision on the bow and enhances your performance just as well.

It took a lot of practice to shoot with a bow accurately with your fingers. If you want to make sure you always get a clear shot, you must consider using the right bow release. I have compiled the top ones available based on true experience. Whether you are bow hunting for elk, deer, or hogs, consider these before shopping for one. Hope this helps in your buying decision!

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List Of 6 Best Bow Release

1. TruFire Patriot Bow Release (Best Choice)

TruFire Patriot Bow Release




Key Features

  • Easy to Use:- This bow release comes with a padded nylon strap Velcro closure system. It also provides a comfortable fit quickly enabling you to make an adjustment when required.
  • Durable & Smooth:- The double steel triggers provide a seamless release and are built to last. It is super durable and functions the same no matter whether it’s your first or thousandth shot.
  • Adjustable Trigger:- Smooth and adjustable trigger makes the gear travel friendly. It’s easy on/off the design is perfect for beginners and experienced archers.
  • Ambidextrous Design:- As the trigger can rotate a full 360-degrees making it suitable for both right and left-handed archers.
  • Heavy-Duty:- All of the brand’s gears can handle excessive amounts of weight and years of use. This is suitable for archers from all disciplines.


  • Amazing reliability, accuracy, and functionality 
  • Convenient wrist strap 
  • No finger pain
  • Solid construction



  • Not for bigger hands
  • Strap doesn’t have a buckle 

TruFire is preferred by a wide range of professional staff, all of whom embody the adventurous life. They make stand-out bow releases and it’s just a basic model and a great choice for new archers. The gear is safe to use and this specific model is just one of their lineup in their catalog. I think that they except at wrist releases which is why I have picked out the Patriot model for special mention.

Not just an excellent choice for beginners but also more than a basic model. It is also sensitive if you need it to be so, it offers the advanced shooters a more dynamic feel. It is like choosing your preferred level of sensitivity, wrapping it around your wrist, firing, and drawing. With adjustable Velcro, you can secure it safely but it might be a long-lasting secure. Also, the Patriot is super flexible and adaptable.

You might struggle to replicate a similar level of tightness, but as you get used, this will offer you more room for improvement. You can also adjust the trigger fully with sensitivity control. The gear offers you an ambidextrous design that rotates through a full 360-degree. This means it is suitable both for right and left-handed operation. The TruFire Patriot wrist release is proudly made in the USA and it is economic as well

You get a padded nylon strap that has been crafted with a V-style strap and is comfortable as well as secure. This also provides a dual caliper design which makes it far more precise and accurate. The Brand is well known for vigorous testing and can handle an excessive amount of weight. Whether it is your first shot or an expert, this bow release is engineered and designed to last.

If you are looking for a TruFire Patriot for juniors or young hunters who prefer to enhance their shooting skills with an actual release. The Tru-Fire PT-JR Patriot can come in handy.

2. Scott Archery Quick Bow Release (Best Tech)

Scott Archery Quick Bow Release




Key Features

  • Single-Jaw Caliper:- The Scott Archery Quick Shot Release comes with a single jaw caliper release with a Scott signature roller sear pattern which helps with an ultra-crisp trigger activation.
  • Support:- The gear grasps well and comes with a leather bucket strap and rope connector which can be adjusted as well.
  • Compact Design:- As the design is compact, it can wrap around your wrist and will never interfere with your hunting jackets.
  • Noise-Free Buckle:- The noise-free buckle helps you to make quick on-the-go adjustments and it weighs less.Scott Archery Quick Bow Release With Noise Free Buckle
  • Durable Design:- Made of nylon and the thin design makes the gear compatible with all bulkiest hunting wear.


  • Infinite adjustability system
  • Sharp release 
  • Wrist strap is made out of sturdy leather
  • Comfortable interior felt material



  • Creaks while drawing
  • Uncomfortable wrist strap 

The Scott Archery offers unmatched reliability and accuracy in an affordable design. This Quick-Shot release comes with a single-jaw caliper release which comes with a Scott signature roller sear pattern for ultra-crisp trigger activation. This specific model from Scott Archery comes standard with a leather buckle strap and a rope connector that can be adjusted to fit all-size archers.

The brand is well-known for its quality and dependability. With new technologies and innovations, they come with unique gears. Whether you consider a gear for a tournament or hunting. Scott Archery is an excellent choice for you. Made of tough nylon, which means it can withstand any harsh environment possible and will never degrade over time. This is an excellent feature if you are looking for something that you don’t have to replace any time soon.

Another exciting feature of this gear is how compact it is. It wraps well around your wrist and is small enough to not disturb most hunting jackets, no matter how large they are. This is also a great benefit, especially if you are one of those hunters that expect maximum comfort to stay focused on the hunt. Speaking of the size, this one comes with various settings with adjustments.

So you are sure to find the right one no matter what. Also, the buckle design is noise-free, which helps you to make quick-on-the-go adjustments before taking a shot. It also weighs less when compared to other models. The trigger is very crisp and solid. I will never recommend the Scott Archery Quick shot for entry youth. It does not spring closed and if you prefer spring closed then this will never be your choice. Check out the Wildcat model from Scott Archery if you are looking for a costlier version.

3. TRUGLO Detonator Bow Release (Great Value)

TRUGLO Detonator Bow Release




Key Features

  • Adjustable Trigger:- The product is equipped with a smooth and adjustable trigger pull with a crisp feel. The forward trigger position helps faster arrow speeds.
  • Release Strap:- The premium release strap hook open away from the shooter and provides long-lasting comfort.
  • Rotating Head:- The 360-degree rotating head eliminates string torque; finger position and ergonomic hand position.
  • Firing:- The Stainless steel firing mechanism helps for enhanced durability and repeatability; streamlined open-hook single jaw pattern for easy and quick loading-suitable for string loops.TRUGLO Detonator Bow Release With Stainless Steel Firing Mechanism
  • Silent Operation:- This is one of the most silent fast and accurate bow releases that also comes with a solid ergonomic design.


  • Extremely quiet and smooth trigger
  • Quick reload and easy firing
  • The forward-positioned trigger is very fast
  • Easily adjustable



  • Release flies apart on firing
  • The nylon materials wear out after some time 

This is another well-made archery release that helps in incorporating strong materials like stainless steel, nylon, and leather. The TRUGLO is a reliable product and the trigger is set in a forward position. This position helps you to increase your firing speed. The jaw is also made of hard stainless steel, which means that it can stay for decades.

The jaw feature is straightforward, which means that you can fire and reload in mere seconds. When it comes to design, this is a hook release aid gear. The hook is crafted to reset after every use. Also, when it comes to comfort, this product can be used all day without causing much discomfort. Thanks to the solid ergonomic design!

The TRUGLO Detonator is fast, calm, and accurate. The streamlined hook single jaw design helps for easy and fast loading. This is perfect for string D-Loops. The hook opens away from the shooter and the smooth and adjustable trigger pull offers you a crisp feel. The stainless steel wear-free jaw helps in increased repeatability and durability.

The bow release offers a forward trigger position enabling faster arrow speeds. The ergonomic finger and hand position helps with the 360-degree rotating head and eliminates string torque with a premium release strap that offers long-lasting comfort.

4. Spot Hogg Bow Release (Affordable)

Spot Hogg Bow Release




Key Features

  • Fold Back Onto The Wrist:- The fold-back function enables you to take the release machinery-that is the whole thing from the hook to where it attaches to the wrist. It can get folded back so that it’s no longer dangling around when it is attached to the wrist. 
  • Trigger: A light trigger that can help you to aim far-off-targets-when you find that millisecond where your bow pin sight hovers where you want. Spot Hogg Bow Release With Light Trigger
  • Length Adjustability:- You can move the head of the release-the part that grasps the hook forward and backward. 
  • Velcro Fasten:- The Wiseguy comes with Velcro and it can fasten it to your wrist securely. Which is a great option.


  • Easy tightening and release of the Boa strap
  • Solid construction
  • Adjustable release length
  • The product matches the description



  • Replacement of the wrist strap is not easily available
  • Not ideal for hunting 

The WiseGuy can meet all your expectations you have for a high-end bow release. It comes with a fold-back option that enables you to use the draw hand in your hunting environment without the release getting in your way. There are various adjustability options with this and you can tweak it as per your need. The open-hook design allows you to clasp the D-loop on the drawstring without taking off your eyes from the quarry. The Spot Hogg comes with a super light trigger and is designed to lose arrows in just a touch.

The adjustability length can save you a lot of time if you ever wish to change your D-Loop. There are some “deluxe” upgrades, but this specific model offers your so much, in my opinion, and gets a thumbs up. The foldable wrist feature makes the gear unique, but there is a lot of fabulous wrist release that doesn’t have this feature.

The fold-back function enables you to take the release machinery-that is, the complete thing, from the hook to where it attaches the wrist strap. It also folds back so that it is no longer dangling around when it is attached to the wrist but not attached to the D-loop. This can save so much grief when you are moving around a hunting environment.  

The Wiseguy comes with a Velcro, it can fasten it to your wrist. This is liked by many users but I would suggest you make some kind of separation on the strap so that you are fastening it the same way all the time. If you are not, your draw length can be different each time you shoot.

5. Tru Fire Hardcore Bow Release (Suitable For Beginners)

Tru Fire Hardcore Bow Release

Key Features

  • Adjustable:- The TruFire Hardcore is equipped with fully adjustable trigger travel. It also guarantees non-slips-off loops.Tru Fire Hardcore Bow Release With fully adjustable trigger
  • Single Hook Release:- Boasts a single hook release that can self-close to make sure precision for shooting.Tru Fire Hardcore Bow Release With Single Hook Release
  • Pivoting Head:- Only Wrist release that has a pivoting head and can move a full 20-degree left or right to bring down torque to a full draw. Which ensures that the arrow can fly quickly and true to the target.


  • Easy hook positioning
  • Extra padding delivers ultimate comfort
  • Auto loading 
  • Customizable trigger and length



  • Inconvenient for people who’re used to claw style
  • Poor release ergonomics 

This also boasts a single hook release that can self-close to make sure precision for shooting. This component is made in the USA, ensuring you top-notch craftsmanship and dependable performance. The Tru Fire Hardcore is the only product-type archery release that has a pivoting head and moves to leave or right at a full twenty degrees to bring down the torque at full draw effectively. This ensures that the arrow flies quickly and true to the target.

The TruFire Hardcore is equipped with a legendary evolution buckle strap, which is considered the simplest and most comfortable to use. You can also adjust the trigger which makes it travel-friendly. The length separating the strap from the head can be adjusted with a help of an easy turn clockwise or counter-close wise of the head.  

This gear is also suitable for beginners; it comes with a self-centering knuckle situated behind the body which removes side-to-side torque which is a major design flaw with other kinds of same releases. The body can pivot left or right for a total of 20 degrees to compensate for the varying anchor point positions. 

As the product weighs just 4 ounces, it is suitable for minimal travel and trigger pressure. This is also the ultimate product for hardcore hunters and serious tournament archers.

6. Tru-Ball Bow Release (Silent Operation)

Tru-Ball Bow Release

Key Features

  • Silent Operation:- The Truball will stay up your alley, which offers you a silent operation. This means that you will be able to make use of it while hunting.Tru-Ball Bow Release With Slient Operation
  • 360-Degree Swivelling:- The head comes with 360-degree swiveling, providing you the right amount of leeway to adjust it.
  • Adjustments:- It is equipped with a quick lock connection system that offers easy adjustment for any anchor point.


  • Locks on its own
  • Natural and smoother draw
  • Length is adjustable
  • Can easily fit into the tiny hands



  • The color of the product doesn’t match the picture
  • Difficult to adjust the flex cord 

If you are in search of a sturdy product that will offer you both durability and performance. Then the TruBall will be right up your alley. This offers you a silent operation, which means that you will be able to use it while hunting. When fixing it to the bow, you will face no issues whatsoever. The jaws are easy to open and close, and it must be noted that the jaws and head are smaller on this model than in the other ones of the same line.

For you which means that you can get more draw length and your arrows can travel farther. You just need to activate the trigger to open the jaws and allow it to close quickly and securely. They are also available in various color combinations like green, blue, purple, and red. Each has its unique price tag but the features are the same.

The two major selling points for this release are ease of use and convenience, but there are specific things you must learn about it. For example, it comes with an adjustable screw that is also customizable. Also, the head is capable of swiveling 360 degrees offers you the right amount of leeway to adjust it as you see fit, and get the right out of its performance.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. Is a bow release essential?

If you are planning on shooting a modern recurve bow, then you will want to use a bow release. If you wish to shoot a compound bow with your finger, then you need to buy a newer bow that is crafted for it or shoot a vintage bow that is designed for shooting with your fingers.

2. How tight must your release be?

Slightly increase your finger tightness in your release hand as you tighten your holding-side back muscle. Now tighten your fingers slightly, not just your thumb or your index finger.

3. Can you use a bow release on a traditional bow?

Yes, you can use it on your recurve bow safely. There are no technical aspects of the bow, which make it impossible to shoot with the release aid. You just have to replace the nocking points with the D-loop to do so.


By David Gray

David Gray is born & raised in Bozeman Montana, USA. He has been hunting & fishing since 2009. And used most of the outdoor gear during his 22 years of hunting experience. He likes to spend most of the time in the woods, on the trail, or by the water. He taught us about his outdoor journey and equipment experience.

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