6 Best Biometric Gun Safe 2021: Fingerprint Scanner Vaults

Biometric gun safes are also known as fingerprint gun safe. They are small and compact safes, that come in compact sizes to hold your handguns and valuables. These safes come with a biometric lock and if it had any other kind of lock then it’s called a gun safe. The reason these are called biometric gun safe is that they include fingerprint access to unlock with a fingerprint stored in its memory.

If you are a gun owner, then a biometric gun safe is a must-have. They are handy essential that ensures they don’t go into the wrong hands. Whether you wish to have them out of reach of kids or from burglars a biometric gun safe could only be a solution to your storage needs. The vaults are equipped with fingerprint scanners offering you immediate access to your guns.

Best Biometric Gun Safe

All you have to do is just swipe your finger and the safe opens. Storing the fingerprint is super easy and fast. It also varies by manufacturer and is equipped with backup access as well. To help navigate you towards the best ones available on the market, I have made a buyer’s guide with some frequently asked questions related to biometric gun safe ownership.

Note:- For all the biometric gun safes I have mentioned here, the manual suggests using high-quality alkaline AA batteries with an expiry date of 1 year for optimal performance.

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List Of 6 Best Biometric Gun Safe


1. awesafe Biometric Gun Safe (Budget-Friendly)

awesafe Biometric Gun Safe



Key Features

  • Lock Type:- Combination, electronic. Fingerprint access includes the most advanced locking system enabling you to access your gun with just a swipe of your finger. awesafe Biometric Gun Safe Comes With 3 Lock Type
  • Single-handed Access:- With the help of a digital keypad, you can set your combination which also comes with an easy backup feature 
  • Increases Visibility:- The LED lighting offers you increase visibility so that you can swiftly access the guns.awesafe Biometric Gun Safe Wit LED Lighting
  • Material:- Build with strong solid steel and pry-resistant door. Made of alloy
  • Portable:- You can easily fit this in your drawer or nooks. It is super compact and can also be carried while traveling.

Adjustable wrench free icon Main Specifications

  • Material:- Alloy Steel
  • Alarm:- Anti Theft
  • Biometric Lock:- Yes
  • Warranty:- 1 year
  • Inner Dimensions(HxWxD):- 2.2 x 9.7 x 6.7 Inches
  • Outer Dimensions(HxWxD):- 3.2 x 12.1 x 9.9 Inches

The awesafe gun safe is super compact and comes with a user-friendly fingerprint identification design. If you are looking for a budget-friendly biometric gun safe then you will love this. It includes an interior light and an excellent option for a bedside gun safe. The small dimensions of this make it ideal for storing anywhere be it a car sear or your wardrobe stash. It also includes storage for two handguns and one large pistol and ammunition. 

Although it might look tiny, the brand has used the limited space intelligently. Features manual access to key and digital keypad, making the option highly versatile with the entry methods. For this price point, you get a solid steel body and pry-resistant door for strength. Also includes LED interior lighting, which allows you to swiftly and quietly open the case with one hand. 

The brand also offers you an easy mounting option with pre-drilled holes to secure this safely in a place you want discretely. This way no one will locate it. The package includes a quick access manual and four AA alkaline batteries. The gas strut helps in opening the door automatically quietly and swiftly. 

2. RPNB Biometric Gun Safe (Great Value)

RPNB Biometric Gun Safe



Key Features

  • 3 Points Entry:- Comes with an upgraded smart biometric scanner which allows access with rapid-fire backlit keypad and manual keys. You can also store your documents, cash, and other valuable things in this safe.RPNB Biometric Gun Safe Comes 3 Lock Type 
  • Anti-theft Protection:- Provides firearm safe for handguns. 
  • Spacious:- This safe can hold multiple handguns or a full-sized pistol 
  • Material:- Made of durable layer steel housing and pry-resistant door. The alloy steel is welded seamlessly for the ultimate prevention against break-in. 
  • Fingerprint Feature:- Semiconductor biometric fingerprint sensor which works quickly in less than 1 second for extra fast entry. With 500 DPI it can store up to twenty fingerprints.RPNB Biometric Gun Safe With Fast Fingerprint Access
  • Automatic Door:- Includes a 90-degree opening automatic door and crate foam bed.

Adjustable wrench free icon Main Specifications

  • Material:- Alloy Steel
  • Alarm:- Anti Theft
  • Biometric Lock:- Yes
  • Warranty:- 1 year
  • Inner Dimensions(HxWxD):- 2.5 x 10.7 x 7.6 Inches
  • Outer Dimensions(HxWxD):- 3.0 x 11.8 x 9.9 Inches

Another excellent budget biometric gun safe. There are various models from the same brand but I liked this one specifically. As it also delivers the most value for the bucks. If you wish to store multiple handguns or a full-size pistol, then the RPNB gun safe (RP190001f) will be a brilliant option. Also, this model fits most handgun sizes, if not you can also try their other product from the same range. 

I also reviewed their single pistol safe but I liked the RP19001F, as it is super spacious and comes with auto open lid safety. Which I felt is the most convenient feature required in a gun safe. The package comes with a fire safety device, manual keys, owner’s manual, and anchor bolts for mounting. The safe works in battery and it requires 4 AA alkaline batteries which will not be included in the box. The keyholes are positioned on the front of the case, rather than on the face which is also a plus. 

Apart from the biometric fingerprint option, you can also open the safe with the manual keys provided or with the digital keypad. Like other gun safes, this also includes mounting screws so that you can mount them in a safe and out-of-reach children’s place. The foam bed provides scratch protection for the case as well as the gun. This safe is also approved by the California Department of Justice. 

3. SentrySafe Biometric Gun Safe (Durable)

SentrySafe Biometric Gun Safe



Key Features

  • Biometric Sensor:- Can store up to 10 fingerprints and opens in less than a second. Its improved accuracy is compared to QAP1BE and no 3rd party application is needed. SentrySafe Biometric Gun Safe With Fingerprint Access
  • LED Interior:- It also has a LED interior lights for enhanced visibility and the lights can be enabled for 10 seconds.SentrySafe Biometric Gun Safe With 10 Seconds Lighting
  • Gas Strut:- The improved gas strut can open door to 79 degrees so that you can access the case single-handed. SentrySafe Biometric Gun Safe With 1 Gas Strut
  • Material:- Build with solid steel and a pry-resistant door for durability 
  • Security:- The safe is secured with a digital keypad, override key for back entry, and a California DOJ certificate

Adjustable wrench free icon Main Specifications

  • Material:- Alloy Steel
  • Alarm:- Anti Theft
  • Biometric Lock:- Yes
  • Warranty:- 1 year
  • Inner Dimensions(HxWxD):- 2.2 x 9.7 x 6.7 Inches
  • Outer Dimensions(HxWxD):- 3.2 x 12.1 x 9.9 Inches

One of the most well-known brands, Sentrysafe also offers affordable and reliable handgun safes. This specific one is a classy and neat piece of technology. You can easily open it one-handed with the help of a compression gas strut. The opening of the door is so calm and holds itself so that you can take the pistol out with just one hand. 

One of the main features of this safe is that is affordable and comes with a hefty 12 -gauge. Also certified by the California DOJ

The chamber width is 9.7 inches and 12 pounds, spacious for a single handgun. This handgun safe is smaller than the others mentioned in this guide – the storage here is just for your firearm only. 

Also runs on AA batteries but comes in an interior light which makes things so much easier if you want to access your gun without extra lighting. This rugged security safe offers long-lasting strength with durable steel and interior protection with a foam padded bed. For maximum security, securing an object bolting down your handgun case is highly recommended. This can prevent the safe from being removed from the place. 

4. ONNAIS Biometric Gun Safe (Premium Quality)

ONNAIS Biometric Gun Safe



Key Features

  • Fingerprint Option:- Quick access gun safe is perfectly essential for your family. This can protect your guns from kids or just want to keep them inaccessible. Onnais gun safe allows you to access the handgun safely and quickly when required. ONNAIS Biometric Gun Safe With Fingerprint Access
  • Biometric Technology:- The gun safes for handguns are equipped with advanced biometric fingerprint technology which is a proven method that is secure and precise than your traditional ones with a keypad lock. This also includes firearm devices. With the fingerprint lock, you can easily store up to 30 user fingerprints for access by various users. 
  • 3-Way Access:- With a portable design, you can keep them safe in the desired place. It has three-way access apart from the fingerprint option, you can also make use of the keypad locks and 2 backup override keys which allows you to access the guns.ONNAIS Biometric Gun Safe With 3 Ways Quick Access
  • Spacious:- Comes with a solid steel body and anti-corrosion for enhanced durability and utmost protection. The lid of the gun safe is pry-resistant and runs by 4 AA batteries. you can also place 2 standard-size pistols.

Adjustable wrench free icon Main Specifications

  • Material:- Stainless Steel
  • Alarm:- Anti Theft
  • Biometric Lock:- Yes
  • Warranty:- 1 year
  • Inner Dimensions(HxWxD):- 2.9 x 10.6 x 6.7 Inches
  • Outer Dimensions(HxWxD):- 3.0 x 11.5 x 9.2 Inches

If you want to be sure that no one else wants to access your personal belongings or your gun except for the ones that you trust. Then I highly suggest you invest in a biometric gun safe. The Onnais gun safe with a fingerprint scanner ensures that anyone who is not authorized does not use it. The advanced biometric technology provides you immediate access to all your valuables when you need them. 

You are allowed to store up to 30 user fingerprints to access the gun safe. You require only four new AA alkaline batteries which are not included with the package. The safe is super spacious and can hold up to two standard-size pistols. You can also put this into a drawer, luggage, and cabinet. The solid steel body is highly durable and the foam interior doesn’t scratch your valuables. 

Unlike other handguns safe, this comes with a low–battery warning feature which allows users to see the current battery condition. This will allow you to replace them when needed. The 5-digit keypad comes with a fingerprint scanner, includes passcode and fingerprint, backup keyholes, delete option and clear all data. 

5. VAULTEK Biometric Gun Safe (Easy Mountable)

VAULTEK Biometric Gun Safe



Key Features

  • Biometric Scanner:- A quick high-resolution scanner can store up to 20 fingerprint IDs and includes a private identity system. It also comes with backup keys with a hardcover grip, dual-sided keys, and a concealed key slot. VAULTEK Biometric Gun Safe With fingerprint Access
  • Batteries:- Like other safes, this also runs on lithium-ion batteries which can be used for over 4 months on a single charge. You will also get a charging kit with the package. 
  • On–the–go Protection:- This safe is travel friendly and includes TSA complaints with steel security cable and mounting hardware.
  • Keypad:- The illuminated keypad has a built-in proximity sensor that can detect your finger to illuminate. Also includes over 40,000 keypad combinations with hotkey shortcuts.VAULTEK Biometric Gun Safe With 5 digit Keypad Combination
  • Capacity:- You can easily store a single full-size gun along with Mag (s). 
  • Smart Safe Technology:- offers you an interactive experience from your mobile device to manage and operate the safe. 
  • Anti-theft Protection:- Powerful anti-theft features like anti-pry reinforcement bars, unibody design without welds, interior mounted hinges, and dual anti-impact latches are included also it comes with a quick-release cable, steel security cable, and mounting hardware is also included. VAULTEK Biometric Gun Safe With Anti Theft Protection
  • LED Lighting:- With the built-in proximity sensor, you can open the safe at night without any extra lighting. 
  • Body:- Comes with a 16 gauge carbon steel body with a durable powder coat finish to prevent corrosion.


Adjustable wrench free icon Main Specifications

  • Material:- Alloy Steel
  • Alarm:- Anti Theft
  • Biometric Lock:- Yes
  • Warranty:- 1 year
  • Inner Dimensions(HxWxD):- 2.0 x 11 x 5.7 Inches
  • Outer Dimensions(HxWxD):- 2.6 x 11.5 x 9 Inches

The Vaultex is a portable and slim handgun safe that can fit anywhere you wish. This compact biometric handgun safe provides space to store a single full–size pistol and ammo mag (s), depending on the model. Also comes with a limitless option and one of the best fingerprint gun-safe bedside, it is easy to install as well. 

If you want to access it quickly for an emergency, then this safe will be the right option for you. The spring-loaded door, LED light, backlit keypad, fingerprint sensor, and pre-drilled holes with mounting hardware are some of its features. Also, this safe features an application with Bluetooth which allows you to customize the setting on your phone. 

Various security features like the dual anti-impact latches, anti-pry bars, and covered keyholes make this safe unique from the rest. Overall, I liked this specific model from the brand as it’s the most versatile and compact. You can also easily transition the safe to the places you want which also includes a security cable with a quick-release cable mount

6. BILLCONCH Biometric Gun Safe (Improved Features)

BILLCONCH Biometric Gun Safe



Key Features

  • Biometric Access:- The safe comes with biometric access and with PIN access. It is perfect for storing pistols and other documents. The Bluetooth feature and biometric chips bring high-level security and the access control system makes the safe versatile and safe. BILLCONCH Biometric Gun Safe With Biometric Access
  • Spacious:- The compact design is super spacious which allows you to keep jewelry as well. You can also place them in your desired place and the best fingerprint gun safe bedside. You can also carry it conveniently.
  • Smartphone Control:- The safe has an extra feature that allows you to connect through your smartphone. You can unlock, change passwords and view unlocking records with the app. BILLCONCH Biometric Gun Safe With Smart Phone Controle
  • Durability:- The outer case of the gun is made of top-quality carbon steel and built-in strong spring steel. The coating is also made of metal paint which does not wear off easily. 
  • USB Charge:- You can also use the USB cable to charge
  • Low Battery Reminder:- Comes with a low battery reminder which flashes red when the battery is below twenty percent. 
  • LED Light:- Includes a built–LED light which allows you to reach the gun in the dark also it is not too bright as well. 
  • LED Keypad:- Includes a LED numeric keypad that enables you to use a combination password or use a spare key.

Adjustable wrench free icon Main Specifications

  • Material:- Alloy Steel
  • Alarm:- Anti Theft
  • Biometric Lock:- Yes
  • Warranty:- 1 year
  • Inner Dimensions(HxWxD):- 2.4 x 11.4 x 7.5 Inches
  • Outer Dimensions(HxWxD):- 3.1 x 11.8 x 9.8 Inches

Get immediate access to your handgun with this safe that comes with an automated opening lid. It also includes built-in elastic spring steel. This safe feature with a smart black solid body with a 16-gauge carbon steel material with a durable powder–coat finish. The 4-ways quick access also allows you to connect with a smartphone to unlock with fingerprint biometric unlock password and key lock. 

The fingerprint recognition allows you to unlock the safe quickly and doesn’t require a key to access it. The smartphone control is also convenient and easy to unlock and manage the safe from your smartphone. The case runs on a rechargeable battery and can be unlocated quicker after being completely charged. Also includes a low battery reminder and includes anti-cut rope. 

The package includes a gun safe with a 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a micro-USB charging cable, a safety cable kit, and a backup key. You will also get a safety cable kit, screwdriver, and a user manual. The safe is large enough to hold two small pistols and the padded mats can protect your pistols and valuable. The anti-cut wire rope can be used in the car if needed. 


Frequently Ask Question:-

1. Are biometric guns safe worthy?

They are highly worth its cost as it offers an excellent layer of protection and immediate access to your valuables and pistol if it is required. You might not always remember your safe key so a biometric gun safe is a must. 

2. What happens if biometric security does not work?

You will often get a key with your biometric gun safes. It must be clear that this requires to be kept in a very discrete place to prevent unauthorized access. 

3. Are all gun safes the same?

No, all gun safes are not the same. They come in various sizes and shapes with features as well. However, before buying, you must consider the model and its protection against fire and burglary. Also, check for the door organization, capacity, and bolts needed. 


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