6 Best Beginner Compound Bow 2022: Entry Level Models

If you are new to bowhunting and you get into an archery shop you will get shocked by the severe case of rate tags. Top-end compound bow brands will start at around $1000 and can also hike. And that is for a bare bow with no accessories included. Manufacturers have done an excellent job making bows that are accurate, tunable, smoothness and just a flat job to shoot.

Best Beginner Compound Bow

Relax! If you are looking for the best beginner compound bow then check out the products I have listed. They are entry-level and intermediate models that can fling accurate arrows and kill all the big game you need to hunt for a fraction of the cost. Even better there are specific ones that come fully equipped and ready to take shots.

The main benefit of compound bow for beginner model is the enhanced adjustability. These provide you with a wide range of draw lengths and weights that can be changed swiftly. As the shooter grows physically or needs a little speed as your muscles strengthen. Also getting a compound bow for beginners is not an easier task as you will be needing to consider a lot of stuff. But if you want a strong interest in archery and focus it is not a difficult job.

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List Of 6 Best Beginner Compound Bow


1. PANDARUS Beginner Compound Bow (Innovative)

PANDARUS Beginners Compound Bow




Key Features

  • Material:- Although the material is just engineering plastic (PA66), the bows are super durable and offer an accurate shot.PANDARUS Beginners Compound Bow With PA66 Plastic Material
  • Hand Orientation:- Suitable for both right and left-handed. And the best compound bow for youth and beginners.
  • Advanced Construction:- Adjustable draw weight and draw length without bow press make the product suitable for beginners and youth.
  • The Package Includes:- Pandarus comes with an arrow rest, bow sight, arrow quiver, brenches, and arm guard.PANDARUS Beginners Compound Bow With Accessiores
  • Shaft:- The shaft is made of fiberglass for maximum strength.

 Main Specifications

  • Material:- Plastic PA66
  • Axle-To-Axle:- 27-3/4″
  • Brace Height:- 6.6″
  • Draw Weight:- 15-29 LBS 
  • Draw Length:- 19”-28”, (Each 0.5” Adjustment)
  • IBO Speed:- 260 FPS
  • Net Weight:- 2.5 LBS 
  • Let-Off:- 65% 
  • String Length:- 56” 
  • Cable Length:- 28”

If you are looking for a piece of professional archery equipment that offers excellent archery experience then PANDARUS is my recommendation. It’s built with a 19-28 draw length and 15-29 draw weight, tailored for both right- and left-handed users. These are also available in various colors like pink, green, red, blue, and black.

It uses high straightness of fiberglass shaft and high strength, which can be used with a slingshot, composite bow, and traditional bow for shooting and hunting. Also, you can replace the other arrows to meet your needs. The bow has a D-loop made already and the peephole to make it easier to handle for beginners. The PANDARUS bow is crafted for performing well in many categories, with a decent draw cycle and solid back wall.

These bows are perfect, accurate, fast, and innovative. It gets first in the top compound bow archery list and has a great speed. I liked the fact that you don’t require a bow press to use this. The package comes with an arrow rest, bow sight, brenches, arrow quiver, arm guard, and target paper. I also suggest you read the manual before using it. Never dry fire as it can damage the bow and also be dangerous for people around you.

Apart from the basic features, this compound bow is affordable and suits beginners. Hence listing it on the first.

2. Barnett Vortex Beginner Compound Bow (Versatile)

Barnett Vortex Beginners Compound Bow




Key Features

  • Design:- Made like an adult bow but a bit smaller. It is great for right-handed users and offers an excellent grip.
  • Adjustable Sights:- Users can increase the bow sight to 1 inch. The bow is suitable for youth and beginners as they can introduce sight and use patterns with it. Users can learn to install as well.
  • 3 Arrows To Practice:- This bow comes with a set of 3 arrows with bow arrow holders. It is helpful for users to begin their practice at the field point.
  • ARA/AMO Standards:- The product is also suitable for professional hunters and the body is made of ATA/AMO standards. It is durable and strong enough for animal hunting.
  • Draw Modules:- You can also adjust the draw module for changing weight easily without a bow press.

 Main Specifications

  • Material:- Aluminum
  • Axle-To-Axle:- 26”
  • Brace Height:- 6.6″
  • Draw Weight:- 18-29 LBS 
  • Draw Length:- 21”-27”, (Each 0.5” Adjustment)
  • IBO Speed:- 180 FPS
  • Net Weight:- 2.5 LBS 
  • Let-Off:- 60-70% 
  • String Length:- 55” 
  • Cable Length:- 29”

This USA-made bow is an excellent choice for beginners and juniors who are willing to develop their shooting skills at the field point. It is also suggested for professionals and adults who require it for their seasonal events. The Barnett comes with a unique bow for the shooters. The compound bow is powerful and great for hunting and sports.

The bow weighs 0.80 ounces hence it does not suit archers who have long arms and are extremely tall. It is ideal for the build of an average size 6th grade. But the Barnett is an excellent target bow and great to use for narrow tree stands or small ground blinds. Well-made and accurate to 60 yards with quality accessories. What makes the product unique is the pre-drilled holes which make including a standard bow fishing reel easier.

The poundage is enough to penetrate the water to hit fish. The package comes in a case that is easy to carry with a handle. It includes a bow, a few Allen wrenches, arrow rest, arrowheads, and modules to adjust the draw weight. You need to press the tabs on the case to take the bow out. There are 3 variations of the bow, the light version, the hunter, and the junior version. The light version weighs just 19-45 pounds, the hunter version for 45 to 60 pounds, and the junior version for 16-19 pounds.

The weight of the junior now can be adjusted from 19 pounds and the sight or instinct is accurate. Without the need of pressing the bow the weight of the bow can be changed with the adjustable draw modules. Also, the limbs don’t bend back and are quiet when shooting. It can penetrate about 1 ½ inch on the thick cardboard target.

3. Sanlida Archery Intermediate Compound Bow (Best Overall)

Sanlida Archery Compound Bow





Key Features

  • Material:- Aluminum bow riser and the string is BCY-X import from BCY USA. The Limbs are made of Gordon and the riser is made of die-casting aluminum. 
  • Compound Bow Cams:- 100% CNC machined cams with the 6061 T6 aluminum and die casting mental modules.Sanlida Archery Compound Bow With CNC Cams
  • Adjustable Draw Lengths:- The compound bow with a large range of easy-to-adjust draw weights and draw lengths without needing a bow press. 
  • Package Includes:- Comes with everything you need to begin shooting! A 5-pin sight, stabilizer and arrow rest, and a bow wrist. Sanlida Archery Compound Bow Package Includes
  • Warranty:- Limited lifetime warranty on specific parts after the registration within thirty days of purchase.

 Main Specifications

  • Material:- Aluminum
  • Axle-To-Axle:- 30”
  • Brace Height:- 6.6″
  • Draw Weight:- 0-70 LBS 
  • Draw Length:- 18”-31”, (Each 0.5” Adjustment)
  • IBO Speed:- 310 FPS
  • Net Weight:- 3.8 LBS 
  • Let-Off:- 70-80% 
  • String Length:- 58.13” 
  • Cable Length:- 32.23”

One of their stereotypes breaking model and is priced at an entry-level range. This is far above the entry-level in its overall finish and quality. The Sanlida comes with an aluminum riser which is said to be Gordon Glass Limbs. The cams are computer numerical control machined aluminum with a rotating module system that enables draw length adjustments without the requirement for a bow press. 

Short and compact at 30 inches axle to axle, this model is easy to carry and maneuver making it a perfect ideal hunting or 3D bow. With the help of a rotating module system, the draw length adjustment ranges from 18 to 31 inches. With a draw weight from 10 to 60 pounds, it is suitable for all levels of shooting and almost any age. 

I could assure you that the bow is a league when compared to the other ones of the same price range. This bow is available in black or Vista camo finishes, like other bows this also comes with a flawless finish with matching hardware. The machining and casting are super clean and flawless. I did not find any paint defects and the grip is super comfortable and has the right thickness. 

Out of the box, the Sanlida includes a peep and d loop installed. It also includes a basic 5 pin hunting sight, wrist sling, and hunting damper. And not to forget the whisker biscuit rest. Setup is also simple as bolting on the rest and sights. Like other hunting compounds, this one also includes only 1 stabilizer mount. The bow is smooth and easy to draw. Even when you bend in the 60 lbs, the draw cycle feels light and smooth. 

Overall, the bow is excellent for what it was designed to do. Short-distance shooting and high velocity for hunting. 

4. Topoint Compound Bow For Beginner (Affordable)

Topoint Compound Bow For Beginners




Key Features

  • Material:- The bow riser is made of aluminum and CNC milling bow cam.
  • Bow Limbs:- The limbs are made of Gordon composites in the USA.Topoint Compound Bow For Beginners With Strenghten Bow Limbs
  • Arrows:- The pack comes with 5 arrows and safety equipment is also included with a detachable stabilizer.
  • Package Includes:- 1 compound bow, 3 pin bow sight, brush arrow rest, arrow quiver, peep sight assembly, Allen key, Fiberglas arrows, and target paper.Topoint Compound Bow For Beginners With Accessories
  • Other Features:- Like other compound bows these also include an upper cam, peep sight, D loop, stabilizer, braided bow slings, and bottom cam.

 Main Specifications

  • Material:- Aluminum
  • Axle-To-Axle:- 25”
  • Brace Height:- 6.8″
  • Draw Weight:- 10-40 LBS 
  • Draw Length:- 17”-27”, (Each 0.5” Adjustment)
  • IBO Speed:- 290 FPS
  • Net Weight:- 2.5 LBS 
  • Let-Off:- 75% 
  • String Length:- 49.13” 
  • Cable Length:- 28”

The Topoint M2 compound bow set is a great choice for entry-level archers. You can easily adjust the bows and do not need many accessories. You will get a complete set of advanced shooting with this product. This lightweight design includes an aluminum bow riser and grip. It also weighs less than three pounds.

The draw length is 17-27 inches and comes with a drawback weight of 10-40 pounds. Even if you are a beginner or a non-professional hunter, this provides a 290 FPS IBO rate. Also, the bow can be adjusted and does not need a bow press. You also get some required accessories with the package. You get 5 arrows with the product and it’s highly affordable and versatile. This is also suitable for all kinds of archers with the TOPOINT archery M2 junior compound bow.

These are also available in various patterns and color combinations like a muddy girl, Black, blue, forest CAMO, Green, Pink, and Purple. The bow limbs are made of Gordon Composites and finished with powder-coated camo. With an IBO rate of 290 fps, the bow makes an excellent option for beginners and kids as well.

5. Creative XP Intermediate Compound Bow (Top Quality)

Creative XP Compound Bow

Key Features

  • Material:- Comes with 100% aluminum rotating cams and modules. 
  • Package Include:- The package include with 4 Carbon Arrows, 5-Pin Sight, String Stopper, String Wax, Release Aid, Rubber Stabilizer, Paper Targets, Step-By-Step User Manual and a Premium Quiver.Creative XP Compound Bow Package Includes
  • Limbs:- The limbs are made by Gordon Composites Inc and offer unmatched power, strength, and performance.Creative XP Compound Bow With Aluminum Limbs And Cams
  • Grip:- Also includes a rubber panel grip with no slipping or sliding. With premium vibration dumping system. 

 Main Specifications

  • Material:- Aluminum
  • Axle-To-Axle:- 30”
  • Brace Height:- 7.4″
  • Draw Weight:- 30-70 LBS 
  • Draw Length:- 23.5”-30.5”, (Each 0.5” Adjustment)
  • IBO Speed:- 320 FPS
  • Net Weight:- 3.6 LBS 
  • Let-Off:- 75% 
  • String Length:- 58.13” 
  • Cable Length:- 32.23”

Designed for hunting, target archery, and bow fishing. This compound bow can be tuned and adjusted without a bow press. It is one of the top-performing bows that maintains accuracy and comes with a durable string and cam. The cams and modules are super strong and safe as they are made with 100% aluminum. It also does not contain plastic while the high–quality strings make sure of a high-speed shot. 

The right-handed top bow includes an axle-to-axle length of thirty inches brace length. You can also see the 5 pin sights, a strong stopper, string wax, paper targets, 4 carbon arrows, a quiver, and a rubber stabilizer. 

The limbs are made by Gordon composite Inc. and have offered unmatched predictable performance and unmatched strength for archers and bowhunters. With the lightweight design, 30-70 LBS draw weight, 24.5-31” draw length, 75% let-off, and a speed of 320 FPS, the bow can be adjusted for users over 100LBS. 

6. Raptor Beginner Compound Bow (Robust)

Raptor Beginners Compound Bow

Key Features

  • Material:- Riser and cams are made of aluminum and the libs are made of fiberglass. This product is currently available only for right-hand users.
  • Cams & Modules:- The cams and modules are completely machined aluminum and have no plastic involved. Provides 75% let-off and has a split yoke tuning system offering accurate adjustment for right arrow flight.Raptor Beginners Compound Bow With Cams Limbs
  • Adjustable:- Comes with an Axle-to-axle length of 30″ also you don’t require a bow press.
  • The Package:- The package comes with a 5-pin fiber optic sight which also includes a light, TruGLO EZ brush rest, stabilizer, 4 arrow quiver, and string stop. Paper target, d loop, and peep sight with Allen wrench.Raptor Beginners Compound Bow With Accessories
  • Platform:- This bow is highly versatile for adults, youth, and hunters. This is also an excellent choice for beginner archers.

 Main Specifications

  • Material:- Aluminum
  • Axle-To-Axle:- 30”
  • Brace Height:- 7.5″
  • Draw Weight:- 30-70 LBS 
  • Draw Length:- 24.5”-31”, (Each 0.5” Adjustment)
  • IBO Speed:- 320 FPS
  • Net Weight:- 3.8 LBS 
  • Let-Off:- 75% 
  • String Length:- 58.13” 
  • Cable Length:- 32.”

Also, the best compound bow for professional hunters and beginners. It has superior quality and features. It is designed to provide 75% weight. The arrow pulling is risk-free and comes with a trophy ridge arrow rest for set arrow pulling and placement easier. The Raptor also includes an adjustable bow sight light.

Each pin has a different purpose. As the pins are lighted, you can easily measure in dark. The arrow rest and stabilizers provide maximum accuracy. The bow also includes a whisker biscuit arrow rest which provides known for its ease of use and reliability. The arrows are held well with the help of the whiskers and are perfect for sharping shooters.

The included stabilizers lessen vibration, and rotation, and kick off the bow. These are also a must-have for a compound bow archer. With the lowest draw weight of 30 LBS, this is also an excellent bow for advanced archers. The maximum weight of this is 70 LBS and has a let-off of 75%. This means that when you are in a full draw, you just need to grasp 75% of the original weight.

With a maximum speed of 315 FPS, the Raptor is one of the fastest bows available. The bow is perfect for hunting in any weather condition. Riser and cams are made of aluminum and the libs are made of fiberglass. These make the product flexible and strong.

Frequently Ask Questions:-

1. What to consider before buying a compound bow?

Look for the sight, stabilizer, arrow rest, and wrist strap before buying a compound bow. You need to check for the that is forgiving and easy to shoot if you are a beginner.

2. What makes a compound bow better?

The accuracy of the bow when other things are removed that influence the bow makes a compound bow better. For instance, consider the archer’s skill and the wind.

3. Is a compound bow more powerful than a recurve?

A compound bow is easier to aim than a recurve bow. As with a recurve bow the strim aims at full draw and reduce due to letting-off. Compound bows are affordable, easy to maintain, and also stylish.

4. How accurate are compound bows?

When it comes to accuracy consider the overall range. An average compound bow must have a range of up to a hundred yards and can effectively range between 30-60 yards. And it depends on the archer.

5. Why is dry firing a bow bad?

Dry firing is dangerous! 

The energy that is released on the bow can get into the archer’s muscles. Which can lead to bruises and pains. It can also injure or blind an eye if the string snaps or break off the bow. So, you will have to be very careful and not try dry firing. Every product includes a manual telling you the seriousness of dry firing.

6. How long does a compound last?

Compound bows are easier to use and they are durable as well. With proper maintenance and care, these can stay strong for more than 25 years. If there are replacement parts available for the same. But manufacturers suggest retiring your bow earlier.


By David Grey

David Grey is born & raised in Bozeman Montana, USA. He has been hunting & fishing since 2009. And used most of the outdoor gear during his 12 years of hunting experience. He likes to spend most of the time in the woods, on the trail, or by the water. He taught us about his outdoor journey and equipment experience.

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