5 Best 2-Man Ladder Tree Stand 2022: Comfortable 2 Person Stand

The ladder treestand has always been the first choice of hunters. It provides them a wide-area view for hunting while keeping their safety a priority. Sometimes hunters like to hunt in pairs, or they want to take their children on a tree hunting trip, which is impossible without a 2 man ladder stand

It allows two hunters to sit together and have a great hunting experience while being in comfort.  In this article, we will discuss some of the top-rated and best 2 man ladder stands available in the market

Best 2 Man Ladder Tree Stand

All these are well researched considering their construction material, occupancy, ergonomics, and portability. We will suggest you go through the complete article and select the best 2 man ladder stand that fits your needs as well as your budget

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List Of 5 Best 2-Man Ladder Tree Stand


1. BIG GAME Two-Person Ladder Tree Stand (Recommended To Buy)

BIG GAME Two-Person Ladder Treestand

Key Features

  • Capacity:- The 6.5″ wide x 12.5″ deep foot platform provides plenty of space for two people and easily holds up to 500 lbs. Also, you can make a space for your gun or bow by adjusting the padded, flip-back shooting rail.
  • Ergonomic:- The tree stand has a 38″ wide x 12″ deep flex-teak bench-style seat which is comfortable for hours of sitting. You can adjust the seat height for up to 17” which is so convenient to fit all sized bodies. 
  • Safety Harness:- The 4-pt full-body harnesses along with this ladder tree stand are TMA-Certified. It ensures your safety by meeting all the testing standards
  • Ladder Section:-  3 single rail ladder sections let you set this stand at 18′ height. However, setting up the ladder is time taking. The ladder makes a clank-up sound from the joints when you climb.BIG GAME Two-Person Ladder Treestand 18' ladder height
  • Portability:- This ladder tree stands weighed around 53 lbs which is very light as compared to its size. You can break down all the parts and put them behind your truck for transportation. However, it is still heavy to set up repeatedly.
  • Durability:- The quality steel construction makes it a sturdy and durable tree stand. The stitching quality of the seat didn’t impress me a lot, however, it does have a fine fabric. Moreover, Big Game provides a 12-month warranty on this ladder tree stands from the date of purchase.


  • The structure is strong enough to hold the heavyweight
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to assemble 
  • It weighs only 53 lbs which allow easy maneuvering 
  • Being TMA certified implies that it has met all testing standards



  • The stitching quality isn’t good  

The Two-Person big game ladder tree stand ranks first in our list because of being deer hunters’ choice. This is ideal for 2 hunters while leaving enough space for your hunting accessories. The flex-tec bench-style seat design ensures maximum comfort during long sitting hours. 

Also, the padded shooting rail supports your hands and gun for a stable shot or you can flip it up for a clean shot. You can adjust this tree stand with a minimum 9” diameter tree. The package also includes one 1” ratchet strap and two 1” stabilizer straps which are great applications for independent securement. 

This Guardian XLT is the best two-man ladder stand. In case you want a ladder tree stand for one person then check out BIG GAME Hunter HD 1.5 Treestand, it is perfect for one hunter. Overall, the LS4860 Big Game ladder stand costs you around $200, which is worth spending for the material quality and comfortable structure

2. Rivers Edge 2-Man Ladder Tree Stand (Maximum Capacity)

Rivers Edge 2-Man Ladder Treestand

Key Features

  • Capacity:- This ladder tree stand can hold 2 people that weigh 500 lbs combined and still leave space for a gun or bow. The 36″ x 12. 5″ curved foot platform provides some extra room for your legs to adjust appropriately. Rivers Edge East To Adjust 2-Man Ladder Treestand
  • Ergonomic:- It has a 38″ x 12″ padded seat which is comfortable for 2 people. It has a seat height of 17″ from the foot platform which suits almost all people’s heights. Moreover, the 2-way adjustable shooting rail keeps your hands in a comfortable position.
  • Safety Harness:- This tree stand comes with 2 quality safety harnesses. Also, you get a ratchet strap and criss-cross stability strap that ensure your safety in all situations while you are 18’ above the ground.
  • Ladder section:- You get 3 ladder sections, each sized 56″, allowing you to set up the tree stand at 18’ height. The ladder stance is 13″ which lets a single person climb at once. However, the ladder feels not much wider when you climb to the stand.Rivers Edge 2-Man Ladder Treestand 18' Ladder Height
  • Portability:- You can separate all the parts of this ladder treestand for easy transportation. However, it weighs 63 lbs, which makes carrying it easy and takes less amount of effort. Setting this up takes 30 to 40 minutes when you are doing it for the first time.
  • Durability:- This tree stand is steel-built that lasts longer and works in all weather conditions. Also, it is field-tested by Rivers Edge to ensure years of reliable use. For a specific warranty on this ladder treestand, you need to complete the warranty registration process at Rivers Edge.


  • Very spacious 
  • Clear instructions which enable easy assembly
  • Pocket-friendly 
  • Steel material ensures sturdy construction
  • It comes with a safety harness 



  • Not so comfortable 
  • Small gun rest bar 

The Rivers Edge RE649 2-man ladder stand was launched in 2017 for hunters and wildlife viewers. This trustable tree stand lets you focus more on your surroundings. It is best suitable for two hunters or a solo hunter who wants some extra elbow room along with a bow and some other hunting accessory.

Assembling the system takes less effort than other ladder tree stands in the market. Also, you get a user manual with easy-to-understand instructions that explain all the assembling processes. The shooting rails are adjustable for more depth and height. You can remove it all the way to hunt using a bow or to get more space in order to take a cleaner shot

I also liked the Rivers Edge LD200 ladder tree stand for one person that has a backrest with more comfortable seating. However, it costs you $250 which is out of budget for some hunters. On the other hand, RE649 costs you around $160, which is super affordable. Overall, this is one of the best 2-man ladder stands and is highly recommended to someone who wants to take along a second hunting partner. 

3. The Jayhawk 2-Man Ladder Tree Stand (Widest Platform)

The Jayhawk Ladder Tree Stand

Key Features

  • Capacity:- This ladder tree stand is made for 2 people and can hold up to 500 to 600 lbs weight. It has a 42″ wide x 34″ deep foot platform which provides enough space to carry your bow or gun. Also, there is a foot rail that helps to keep your legs and body posture in a desirable position.
  • Ergonomic:-  The 39″ wide x 17″ deep seat with comfort-FleX seat cushion keeps you comfortable and cozy. It has two separate seating to keep a person in his own place. Moreover, the 39″ wide x 19″ tall backrest offers some relief from back and neck pain
  • Ladder section:- 3 equal ladder sections attach to each other using a silent snap pin system. It avoids any noise or clanking sound while you climb up. The ladder stance is broader and easy to grip with help of helix tubing.
  • Jaw Safety system:-  The jaw safety system locks it very tightly on the tree. It also eliminates the chances of swaying or twisting that may lead to an injury when you are 20’ above from ground.The Jayhawk Ladder Tree Stand With Jaw safety system
  • Safety Harness:- It comes along with two 4-pt. full-body harness that distributes all force safely across your body. Also, it provides ultimate protection against any mishap during your hunting expedition.The Jayhawk Ladder Tree Stand With safety system
  • Portability:- This tree stand weighs 122 lbs which is too heavy to carry and needs two people for transportation. You can disassemble the platform, seat, and ladders to take it on the hunting field.
  • Durability:- It is a heavy steel construction that is robust and durable in all weather conditions. Also, X-Stand provides defects in material and workmanship warranty for a period of 12 months from the purchase date.


  • The most innovative and lightest stand ever produce
  • Padded armrest and flipping footrest 
  • Coated with Weather Defender, it eliminates sound
  • Comes equipped with five different components



  • Poor packaging

The Jayhawk 20′ two-man ladder stand features an impressive safety system to hunt in any condition. It makes sure your stand is secure before you leave the ground. I like the comfort-fleX mesh seat that flips up and out of the way and makes an extra space to fully utilize the platform. It has padded armrests for comfort and a footrest that flips back when required.

Moreover, an adjustable padded shooting rail can flip back or be removed for bow hunters. Also, the stealth silencers and self-lubricating nylon washers avoid metal-on-metal contact so you set this up without informing your arrival to your game. The Jayhawk has HeliX oval tubing which ensures extreme strength and sturdiness. 

Overall, this is premium quality and the best 20 ft. ladder stand that costs you $380 which is out of budget for many. However, I will recommend it to those looking for a tree stand that will last for years. If you want a tree stand with the same features for a single person, The Duke 20′ Ladder Treestand will fit well your requirements.

4. Guide Gear 2-Man Ladder Tree Stand (Affordable)

Guide Gear 2-Man Ladder Tree Stand

Key Features

  • Capacity:- This 2-man ladder tree stand can take 500 lbs weight smoothly. The 38″ x 12″ foot platform has a simple and sleek design with no footrest rail. It feels narrow to take a standing shot. However, a flip-up shooting rail gives you extra elbow room.
  • Ergonomic:- It has a 38″ x 12″ padded seat along with a broad padded backrest that feels comfortable to sit on. The shooting rail and armrests are also padded so your hands won’t get tired of holding a gun or bow.
  • Ladder section:- It comes with 3 ladder sections of equal size that help in setting it at a height of 16.5’. The ladder stance is impressively broad with square tubing that allows you to climb to the tree and stand flawlessly.
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    Guide Gear 2-Man Ladder Tree Stand Easy To Assemble

  • Portability:- This tree stand weighs 76 lbs that can be carried by an individual. You can separate all the fragments for transportation and set up. However, setting this up may take from half to an hour depending on how many times you have been through the setting up process.
  • Durability:- The powder-coated steel construction makes it corrosion-resistant and durable. I like the padded seat mesh which is soft and performs well in all weathers. Also, the product is covered with a lifetime guarantee for any defect in material or workmanship.


  • Comes with a solid metal seat 
  • Climbing becomes easy with a long ladder
  • Easy installation 
  • Highly durable and corrosion resistance



  • The armrest is too high
  • No feet bar to put your feet to rest 

The Gear Guide 2-Man Ladder Tree Stand is an affordable hunting solution that offers comfort and stability to its best. This durable treestand has broad seating which is suitable for 2 hunters. It has a flip-up shooting rail to help steady the shakes and ensure extra space for bow hunters. 

The sidebars along with the armrest feel safer to sit and support your body from the side. It has a sturdy foot platform but it feels short for two people and doesn’t allow a hunter to make much movement in all directions. The best thing is the ladder stance that is broader and joined with silent snap pins to avoid noise. 

Moreover, the square tubing construction gives a good grip while you climb up or down. Overall, it costs $160 which is cheap. if you want an under-budget 2-man ladder stand. I will highly recommend it to both bow and gun hunters. Also, as it is affordable, a solo hunter who needs extra space will surely love it.

5. Muddy Two-Man Ladder Tree Stand (Premium Construction)

Muddy Two-Man Ladder Tree Stand

Key Features

  • Capacity:- It is made to hold up to 500 lbs weight. The 45” wide and 30” deep foot platforms allow your legs some movement if you are sitting alone. While occupied with 2 people you won’t get much space for free leg movements.
  • Ergonomic:- The comfortable 21” W x 17” D x 27” T Flex-tek flip-back seat is bent down from the thigh part which is so relaxing. The padded armrest and shooting rail make your arms feel soft and relaxed while you are waiting for your prey.
  • Ladder Section:- It has 3 ladder sections that are easy to attach using soundless washers and nut bolts. The ladder stance is wide and gives you sufficient movement to climb freely. 
  • Safety Harness:- You get two premium quality full-body harnesses along with the tree stand. Additional parts like ratchet strap, stabilizer strap, and support bar rope add more safety for any adverse situation.
  • Portability:- The 101 lbs tree stand breaks down into various parts for transportation. As it is a 2-man ladder stand, two people can conveniently carry it. Setting this up is a bit time taking until you get familiar with all the assembling processes.
  • Durability:- It is built with quality steel material and has a powder coating finish that makes it highly durable. The DTX oval tubing gives extra sturdiness and grip to hold from anywhere. Also, Muddy covers it with a warranty of 12 months for any manufacturing defects.


  • Super comfortable stand  
  • Guided instructions for easy installation
  • Adjustable seats 
  • Comes equipped with five different components



  • Very unstable 
  • No footrest  

Muddy MLS2800 two-man ladder tree stand was first launched in October 2018 and designed considering the issues a pair face during tree hunting. The 17’ ladder stand has peach skin fabric at the shooting rail and armrests, which keep it completely silent during use. I like the flex tek seat which is as comfortable as silent

Also, it is well suitable to hunt with your buddy or take your kids hunting. A lot of bigger guys will love to sit on it. However, the foot platform feels congested if two big people sit on it. An instruction manual makes setting up easier for beginners. I also encountered Muddy’s NEXUS XTL 2-man ladder tree stand which has Hercules cross grip safety system. 

However, MLS2800 is lighter than it and comes under the same price range. It costs you $450 which is out of budget for many but pays off the value by not compromising your safety.  Overall, it is a high-quality tree stand that fits well with minimum tree size ranging from 9’’ diameter and so on.  



The 2 man ladder stands are usually heavy and need extra effort in transportation and set up. However, they are the safest among all tree stand types. As we have mentioned tree stands in this article for every budget, we will recommend you to decide your budget price and go for it. Let us know which one you bought. Also, you can share your hunting experience using the 2 man tree stand in the comment section. We will surely appreciate that.


By David Gray

David Gray is born & raised in Bozeman Montana, USA. He has been hunting & fishing since 2009. And used most of the outdoor gear during his 22 years of hunting experience. He likes to spend most of the time in the woods, on the trail, or by the water. He taught us about his outdoor journey and equipment experience.

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